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Dr.Faustus' Characters

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Joined: 02 Aug 2009
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, 2009 8:22 pm    Post subject: Dr.Faustus' Characters  Reply with quote

So, I'm new, and thought this place looked interesting. Here's my first Town character: a sorcerer with an unusual power-source, and a fanatical love of the animate objects spell.

Townsend Keller
Race: Human… mostly. He spent some time on the positive energy plane before anyone was aware he was getting ready to exist, and the pre-natal bombardment by pure life energy has left its mark. He uses the term “Plusling” (“+” “ling”) to describe himself and those like him (if there are, in fact, any others like him).

Class: Sorcerer

Age: 19 (though he looks more like 23)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Ability Scores: Strength 12, Dexterity 14, Constitution 12, Intelligence 14, Wisdom 16, Charisma 20

Spells: It seems a waste of time to list all Townsend’s spells-known here, so I’ll just sketch out his favorite ones.
• “Cure” Spells up to Cure Critical Wounds, as well as Heal; arcane casters don’t normally have access to these spells, but Keller’s strong connection to the positive energy plane has given him the ability to cast them.
• Spells which evoke bright light, from the basic “Light” spell, to “Flare” All the way down to a word which fills the target’s mind with the roiling white omnipresent glow of the positive energy plane (as “Power Word Blind”).
• Fly, and Levitate, as well as dimension door and teleport.
• Bull’s Strength and Bear’s Endurance, as well as enlarge person, mass enlarge person, and haste.
• And, of course, his very favorite: Animate Objects. He likes this spell so much, in fact, that he’ll often go out of his way to find a place that has objects to animate, before turning to actually fight an attacker. He can animate up to 8000 cubic feet (that’s a cube 20 feet on each side, for those who don’t like math [or a Gargantuan-size creature, for those who like D&D terminology]) of inanimate, nonmagical material at a time with one casting of the spell. The material does not necessarily need to be all in one object. Sheet-like objects under the effects of the spell can fly (though not well) and any object animated gains a degree of flexibility; enough for the legs of a wooden table to walk, or the arms of a stone statue to swing a sword. Objects without any viable means of assisted locomotion (legs, wheels, etcetera) will bounce, jostle, hop or slither across the floor in order to reach their target. Note that there is nothing to stop him from animating your clothes, armor, cloak or other preferred clothing arrangement if you haven’t had the good sense to enchant it. Note also that I imagine you’d have trouble keeping your pants on if they were alive and trying to walk away.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it’s the stuff he uses most often. Power Word Blind is the most potent spell he can currently cast, so that’s the most dangerous thing you have to worry about.

Apart from his spells, Townsend is a mediocre combatant. He *can* fight, a little, but he’s more used to reliance on his spellcasting and hasn’t had much practice with anything else. He carries a crossbow anyway, on the reasoning that a crossbow was specifically designed so a weapons idiot could shoot it with reasonable odds of hitting something he’d be reasonably happy hitting. When forced into melee combat, he improves his odds by using haste, bull’s strength and bear’s endurance. Otherwise, he’s content to watch his opponent get whaled on by a swarm of bedside tables.

Physical Description: Townsend Keller is tall and lean, with brown eyes and a shock of snow white hair. His skin doesn’t glow, exactly, but it does seem to reflect and disperse light more than skin should, giving him the appearance of a faint nimbus whenever he’s directly illuminated. Though his eyes are a perfectly ordinary shade of brown, most people find something about them subtly off. It usually takes a while for them to realize what it is: his corneas have absolutely no capillaries in them—they are completely and solidly white.

Personality: Keller has a cheerful, upbeat and, one might say, positive disposition. Depression is almost as foreign to him as reality is to an Uvudaam (that is, he knows what it is and can recognize it when he sees it, but he wants nothing to do with it himself, and tends to warp it out of existence with his presence). He rarely worries about things he can’t change and consequently rarely gets anything done, which isn’t to say he’s *lazy* just that he has trouble keeping himself applied to any one thing for long enough to actually finish. Anything he does commit to completing, however, he tends to attack with a focused enthusiasm that most people have spread out over everything in their lives. He has a warm sense of humor, which some people wish he didn’t have (I did mention he can animate clothing, right?), and is generally friendly and outgoing.

Background: Townsend’s mother was an adventurer who was accidentally exposed to the raw life-energy of the Positive Energy Plane while she was carrying Townsend. This prebirth exposure left an arcane fingerprint on his developing soul similar to the one that appears on some of the descendants of dragons. He came to term more quickly than was expected, never seemed to get sick, and aged marginally faster than was normal for humans. He also began developing strange powers around puberty, proving able to heal minor cuts and scrapes and occasionally causing furniture to move around in his sleep. As these powers developed and he learned to control them he became interested in their origin, learning what little his small town could offer on the subject of interplanar science. He, like many sorcerers, eventually left home as an adventurer, seeking to develop his talents and learn more about the multiverse that made him what he is.

Townsend speaks in orange.
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Joined: 02 Aug 2009
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 03, 2009 10:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

...So, while I am aware I haven't actually started playing with the above character yet, I have been known to suffer from Alt-Itis and have, therefore, made another one. A group of them, actually.

I figure someone needs to be writing the Town News, so I've decided to make a Paper, and the people who staff it. Not necessarily the *only* paper mind you, but one of them. At least some of the posts in the Town News were written by its NPC reporters (who I wont detail, precisely because I want them to remain vague). Currently, it staffs reporters and editors primarily from the Diskworld and Eberron and is located in a fairly small, two-story building near Trog’s.

The Paper is called “The Town Crier.” The presses are based on a combination of good ‘ol fashioned Disk-dwarf engineering and Eberron Mark of Scribing enchantments, and can spit out several thousand papers (with limited, simple color pictures) an hour, each. There are two of them, in the basement, allowing a new edition to be released every other day. The presses require a Gnome with the Mark of Scribing to operate the enchantments at full efficiency, and very few people besides the dwarves know entirely how the mechanical parts of them function, so the presses continue to be staffed by dwarves and gnomes exclusively. There are six press-operators currently, five permanent reporters, two editors, and the editor-in-chief who currently owns both the building and the business.

So, without further general exposition, here are the major players:

Tailon Webster, Editor in Chief

Very little is known about Mr. Webster. He seems to have traveled between the various worlds, collecting the various sorts of characters he would require to start the Crier; all the current staff members are from either the Disk, Eberron or Greyhawk. He has a very light touch with the paper itself, spending most of his effort on gaining advertisement contracts, keeping the books, and making sure the business runs smoothly, rather than directly meddling with his reporters jobs. He is never seen leaving the building, and yet never seems to be in his office unless someone needs him for something…

He also seems to be able to read and understand just about any language he encounters. It’s all very mysterious.

Tailon appears to be an ordinary human with brown eyes and black hair, and dresses in a white long-sleeved shirt and suspenders (because it’s a contractual obligation for all Chief Editors in the multiverse).

He speaks in Black

Chrit d’Sivis, Head Editor/ Occasional Reporter

A Gnome from Eberron, Chrit was born both with the Mark of Scribing and a peculiar obsession with making sure things are written down. His office is cluttered with piles of paper, piles of notebooks and piles of historical nonfiction, at least 80% of which he wrote himself. It is, however, all stringently organized, and he can find what he needs at a moment’s notice. Or at least know where it is at a moment’s notice. Chrit is also a Truenamer, an individual who knows the divine language that encompasses all things everywhere, essentially giving him the powers of a wizard. He assists the dwarves with the magical element of the paper’s presses, since his Mark of Scribing gives him an innate understanding of such enchantments. Indeed, he helped weave them in the first place.
He does not generally go out to find the stories himself, but rather makes sure they are translated out of Reporter into a language most of the rest of the world can actually understand…

Chrit dresses in a conservative, old fashioned black tuxedo and wears large circular glasses over his solid black eyes. His hair is a dull orange.

He talks in indigo.

Lang Mei, Head Reporter

Lang (who prefers Ms. Mei, thank you) is a human History Monk from the Diskworld, and as such has the tools and expertise necessary to travel back and forth through time. This, of course, makes her an excellent investigative reporter. She can also “slice” her time into ever smaller segments, which has the effect of speeding he up until the rest of the world seems to stand still, and she knows a single strike from Deja Fu (the feeling that you’ve been kicked in the head like this before) both of which assist her in dealing with the hostility that investigative reporting tends to generate.

She is an outwardly serene woman with a rather sharp temper and a tendency to smile a lot and be extra pleasant when she’s angry.
Lang has straw-colored hair and blue eyes. She dresses in a simple brown robe, and is often seen wearing a backpack sized spindle on her back.

She speaks in brown.

Draugh (Draah, roughly) Wintermute, Press Engineer

A Dwarf from the Disk, he stands roughly four feet tall and is brilliant with mechanisms. Being a diskworld dwarf, it is not entirely clear that he is in fact, male, but it is considered rude to refer to a dwarf as female unless she’s told you she is. Draugh, along with his four fellow dwarves, keep the mechanical aspects of the presses running in good shape, as well as upgrading and improving them just about constantly. They used to make the printing plates, as well, but that function of the presses is now handled by Chrit and his Dragonmark magic.

Draugh has brown hair, a long, braided beard, black eyes, an iron helmet, boots and a toolbelt. And a battleaxe, of course.

He speaks in olive

NPC Employees

The paper, as previously mentioned, employs four dwarven mechanic NPCs, four reporter NPCs (another human, two half elves and a half orc) and an editor NPC (an elf). There are innumerable street urchins, beggars and other streetwise types who buy the papers for a half-copper a piece and sell them for a copper each. There is no set number of these, since just about anyone can stop by to pick up a couple stacks.

There is one current hawker played by a player (though he still insists he’s an NPC). His intro can be found here.

I will continue to update this as new employees get added.

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