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Kyta's Characters

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 01, 2009 4:36 pm    Post subject: Kyta's Characters  Reply with quote

Note: This is one of my character bio's taken straight from the main site I go on, so... yeah. May not be in a format/style you guys are used to.

The curly line thing's called a tilda, by the way. You learn something new every day.

Name: Nathan Boone (Nickname: Nate/Hell Angel)
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Soulless Human (explained in the history)

Appearance: Nathan looks like this:

As shown in the picture, he has piercing brown eyes, and white and black hair, the white-ness probably originating from the pact he made (history, people =_=). Nathan prefers wearing dark clothes, and always wears his grey overcoat whether it's hot or cold. He keeps his three swords in different places on his body, rationalising that even if something befell one side, the other two would still be safe and sound. He keeps Caladbolg on his left side, Durindana on his right, and has Masamune on his back. Nathan is about 5ft 11" tall, and quite slim. Nathan is often seen smoking with a cigarette in his mouth.

Personality: Nathan has quite a bitter personality, laughing at everyone else, putting himself slightly above others. He doesn't make friends easily, thinking that he doesn't need any allies and that he's fine on his own. Still, he can be sort of nice sometimes when he's in a particularily good mood and is passionate about things he likes, such as fighting, swords, and more fighting. Nathan is quite cheerful and likes to poke fun at his opponents in battle, being almost overly confident in his skills with his swords, although he does have very good reason to.

Weapon: Nathan has a very strange way of fighting: He holds two of his sword, Caladbolg and Durindana in his two hands, and wields his thrid sword, Masamune, with his telekinetic powers (see history for the swords' and the power's history).
Caladbolg is about 39 inches long, and has a gold hilt and distinctive light blue blade. There is writing on the blade, probably of Celtic origin, but Nathan hasn't ever really bothered to get it translated.
Durindana is roughly 36 inches long, and has a brown handle, and a metalic-blade, like a normal sword would, but it also has writing down it in a long forgotten language.
Masamune, Nathan's final and third sword, the one he wields with his telekinetic powers, is almost exactly 42 inches long, and has a very, very sharp blade, capable of slicing a tree clean in half with a single blow if handled properly. It has a black handle, with a golden symbol on the hilt, and a circular black hilt-guard that goes around the hilt at the place where the place where the hilt and blade meet. The blade is bright and radiant, seeming to possess it's own slight light coming from within the blade, the light being not that bright but noticable in the dark. All the way up the blade on both sides there are words in another ancient unknown language. The edge of the blade is red, making the blade look sinister.

Armor: Nathan has no need for armour and so wears none, but instead, sometimes when he's in danger he creates a wall of telekinetic power around him which pushes back on any force trying to reach him. This protects him from most dangers, except from things such as fire or other things that don't really have a physical form, as you can't push them back.

History: Nathan grew up in a small market village tucked away in the countryside and led a normal life for the first fifteen years of his life. But, on the night before his fifteenth birthday, he was woken up byt he screams of his family. He raced downstairs to a monstrous sight: a demon, back to Nathan, bent over the corpses of his parents and his little sister, ripping them apart like a young child with presents tearing off the wrapper. Nathan screamed, and rushed the demon, a knife in hand from his bedroom, and leapt onto the demon, stabbing it's head over and over again. It screamed, and flailed around, grabbing unsuccessfully at Nathan, roaring, out of his mind with rage. The demon, in a final attempt to get rid of Nathan, opened up a portal to the realm it had come from originally. But, Nathan was still on the demon, and was sucked in with the demon...

Nathan opened his eyes, and sat up slowly, blinking, and rubbing his eyes. "This..." he said, quietly, in disbelief. "What...?"
"Welcome, little boy," a voice behind him said. Nathan whipped around, scrambling up, and saw in front of him a demon. "Nice place, isn't it?" Nathan stood quietly, the black abyss around him echoing with the screams of the poor souls unlucky enough to be brought back into the realm by the demons.
"So... it wasn't a dream?" Nathan said, quietly, staring at the ground, fists clenched. "My parents, and my sister... they...?"
"Yeah, they're dead," the demon said, putting his twisted and deformed hands behind his back, and pacing back and forth in fron tof Nathan. "But you know... you're quite something." Nathan looked up to see the demon, closer now, peering at Nathan, eyes narrowed. the demon continued, saying, "Most people would have run away, but you leapt onto that other demon and mutilated his head. You're one interesting human, indeed... and that's why I have a proposal to make." Nathan raised an eyebrow, and merely said, arms folded,
"Go on, then."
"Well," the demon said, grinning at Nathan. "I could give you unimaginable power, but in return you'd lose your soul and have to work for me. Whaddya think?" Nathan barely hesitated, unfolding his arms and looking the demon straight in the eye.
"Yeah, all right," he said. The demon roared with laughter, and then said, clapping Nathan on the shoulder,
"I like you, kid. Okay, so, here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna remove your soul. We call this, 'Soul Extraction.' It heightens the power of the individual quite a bit, and gives them their true form." Nathan said nothing. "It is by this process that you'll obtain power."
"Just hurry up already," Nathan muttered, folding his arms and tapping his foot. the demon grinned, although this time it wasn't a pleasant grin.
"Okay, okay... but I gotta warn you..." the demon said, moving towards Nathan, other demons moving towards him as well. "It's very... very... painful."

"There! All done!" Nathan was lying in a pool of his own blood, panting heavily, almost unimaginable pain coursing through his body. "From now on, you have no soul. Also, you work for me, obeying my every command. Yeah?" Nathan didn't answer, partly in shock because of the pain. "So, right now, I have your soul in the palm of my hands," the demon said, coming into Nathan's view. Nathan managed to move his eyes to look at the thing the demon was holding, but couldn't see anything. "O' course, you can't see it, being only human," the demon went on. "Right, so... to fully gain your power, I'm gonna release your soul. It'll go back to you, and then materialise in it's true form: a weapon of some kind." Without further adue, the demon opened his hands, and there was a pause. "Huh...? Why's it going up, not down?" the demon said, a look of puzzlement on his face. After a few seconds, there was a whirring noise. The demon grinned, and announced, "Okay, here it comes!" Nathan tried to look above, but saw nothing but black. Suddenly, something shiny came into view, and zoomed towards Nathan. Nathan closed his eyes, waiting for it tostrike him, but it didn't. He heard a thud, and opened his eyes, managing to move his body slightly due to the pain subsiding. The object, a golden and blue sword, had plunged into the ground to his left. He heard another whirring noise, and a sword with a metallic blade and brown handle sunk into the ground on his right side. It wasn't over yet, as a third whirring noise came, and a third sword spun into view, the blade shining, the hilt black, and the edge blood red. It hit the ground right above Nathan's head, and Nathan cringed as it did so.
"Three?" the demon said, it's eyebrows raised in surprise. "Wow. Three swords..." The demon composed himself, and said to Nathan, "Thore three swords are your soul, Nathan. You should already know their names. Take good care of them." Nathan sat up, and then managed to stand up, turning to his swords.
"Caladbolg... Durindana... and Masamune," Nathan said quietly.
"Excellent!" the demon said, clapping Nathan on the shoulder once again. "Very good, Nathan. You'll also have a power, but it's probably too early to tell what it is yet. Now, first things first, we'll start right away. Firstly, I'll be needing you t-"
"We?" Nathan said, stepping forwards into the triangle created by his soul swords. "There is no we." The demon blinked and said,
"I played you, demon," Natha replied, smirking, and drawing Caladbolg, and then Durindana out of the ground. "Did you really think that I would go along with you and do whatever you said, right after your breathren slaughtered my family!?" The demon was speechless for a second, and then bared his teeth. "Bastard!" it roared, racing towards Nathan, claws shining in the unholy light. Nathan smirked once more, and then rushed to meet the demon.

Not much is known about what happened after that, but what is certain is this: Nathan survived. The demons didn't.

After all of this had happened and Nathan had managed to get a demon to transport him back to the human realm (before promptly beheading it, of course), Nathan left his village with out so much as a word of goodbye, going into secretion to train his newfound abilities. Five years later, he emerged, a powerful warrior, wielding three weapons, and a devastating power: Telekinesis. With his soul in hand, he went across the land for four years, hunting down and killing any demons he could find. He earnt a nickname among demons, due to his powers being demon in origin: the Hell Angel. He now wanders the earth, with one goal in mind: to become the greatest swordsman alive, and to rid the world of demons for good.

Theme: Downfall - Trust Company


More to come soon!



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