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Ancient Crystal Temple
Random Planar Locations II
Trog's Tavern C
Tundral Wastes IV
Thokk's Lands XX
101 Things To Do At the Mall when you're broke
The Absence Thread II
Random Chat III
The Black Guardian's Realm II
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A freeform roleplaying game that started in the Giant in the Playground forums.
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We're getting a bit of spam lately. I delete it whenever I see it, but I admit things are pretty slow. I could look into maybe requiring some kind of activation for new members before they can post. What do you think? How many are even left here who may care? Sad

Otherwise, I want to say that if you see any spam, please send me a PM and I'll come running as soon as I can.
Random Planar Locations II
He nods with some trepidation.

"As near as I can tell."
Trog's Tavern C
"Ow! Aurora, are you OK?"
Quinn gives Alex a dirty look before looking to Aurora with concern!
Ancient Crystal Temple
Ary laughs some more.

The duo will find that other than the crystal, the temple is relatively boring and empty.
Free-form Roleplaying
Structured Roleplaying
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101 Things To Do At the Mall when you're broke
The Absence Thread II
The Happiness Thread
Random Chat III
Citadel of the Demon Prince
Docks II
Kelri's Lair VIII
1000 Things to do when you're really bored
Thokk's Lands XIX

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