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YouTube Mixes

I got really bored, so I thought I'd share some of my favourites:

Far Longer Than Forever (Swan Princess) -- A Sora and Kairi Tribute (Kingdom Hearts)

This is one of my favourite Kingdom Hearts YouTube mixes:
This is My Idea (Swan Princess) -- A Sora and Riku Tribute

No More Mister Nice Guy (Swan Princess) -- A Robin Tribute (The one where they're kids...don't know it's name)

I walk Alone (not sure who wrote this) -- A Snape Tribute (Harry Potter)

The song on the Snape video is Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Greenday.
It even says so in the description.

I guess I looked it up on another one I was listening to, cuz I didn't find it when I was looking...

Well not exactly mixes but random things I think the whole world should see. Including a video for Oh buddy Roy.

I found another well done one ^.^

Princesses on Parade (Swan Princess) -- Harry Potter mix

This guy is totally my hero.

It's a sort of parody of some Disney song, whose name escapes me, thrown in with an amusing comic.
Does this count? If not, too bad, I'mma posting my hero anyway....


Part of Your World--Little Mermaid

Yes....I knew I heard the tune from somewhere.
Hehe....I love Richard. (that's the guy's name, for those who don't know)

My Richard is not inspired by him, it's just a coincidence.

I'm a Disney-whore. I liked High School Musical (Disney Channel) but #2, like every Disney second, seemed forced...and not very good.

I have noticed that and make a bit of a point to not watch too many of their sequels.
They're usually pretty poor.

But yes, here's another little mix thing that I mostly just like for the music.


Not a video to anything, but I love this one. Watch it and find out. It really works.

Obligitary Kingdom Hearts one

And this one, because it's me and I love mechs.


Chain Lightning - Rush (Kingdom Hearts)

Thousand Miles reminded me of my favourite FF VIII youtube

500 Miles -- Squall and Rinoa

Every week in my final year, my housemates would get drunk and try to remember the words to that.

I can't resist.
Transformers (The New Movie) To Chicks Dig Giant Robots The theme from The cartoon MegasXLR.

Naruto !

Wolfie there is a Naruto video on youtube for almost any song ever. I mean it.

Crazy narutards...

My favorite FFVIII video, for several reasons:

Hold So Dear

I can play it on my guitar for one.
Renegade Paladin

Lex Luthor is evil.

Looky I mae videos.

Samurai Jack - The Road I Must Travel (The Nightwatchman)

The Lord of the Rings - Empty Walls (Serj Tankian)

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