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El Jaspero

Yar, har, fiddle dee dee, you are a pirate!

Name: Captain El Jaspero, the Dread Pirate King
Race: Pickled Human
Class: Bard/Unfettered/Dread Pirate 10/Drunken Master.  Most levels yet undetermined, but total somewhere in the 22-28 range.
Alignment and Temperament: Easygoing and optimistic; slow to anger, but vicious once that point is reached.  Technically Neutral Good (but showing Lawful tendencies of late), but those sensetive to Tenebrian magic can sense a faint taint of it in El Jaspero.
Age: Unknown, likely mid-30s.
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 168 lbs.
Hair color and length: Sandy brown and straight, starting to show just a few strands of silver if you look closely.  Usually pulled back in a queue and tied under his bandana, but if worn loose it comes well past his shoulders.
Eye color: Brown flecked with gold.
Garb: The Pirate King now wears a fine red coat trimmed with gold and a tricorner hat.  His wedding ring is masterfully cut from a single sapphire, and he often wears a living rose in his lapel that changes color with his mood.
Weaponry: "Mr. Stabby", a flaming cutlass and another yet-unnamed frost sabre.  Often uses improvised weapons as well; he was given an elegant flintlock pistol as a wedding present, and wears it proudly.   Last but certainly not least is his formidably enchanted frigate Liza Jane, scourge of many a seafaring kingdom.

The Dread El Jaspero's origins are a mystery, but he was for many years a pirate know across the seas of the world.  Famed for his mirth, skill in battle, and honor, he preyed particularly on the vessels of tyrants and evil demihuman kingdoms.  His reign came to an end a few years ago when his frigate Liza Jane was captured by the battleship Warsong, commanded by his former apprentice.  El Jaspero somehow escaped and came to The Town to enjoy a quiet retirement as Trog's bardtender, assuming the Navy would never think to look for him here...

[Common Knowledge]
-El Jaspero is involved in an epic The Feud with BlackFox.  Neither manages to gain the upper hand for long.
-After being killed in the destruction of the first Trog's Tavern, he returned as Saint Jaspero, the ineffective patron saint of the Town.  He has since returned to his mortal form.
-Before the settling of the town, El Jaspero once took the name Mauron, Lord of the Hats and engaged the world in the epic Third War of Haberdashery, searching for the powerful artifact known as The One Dashing Straw Boater To Rule Them All.  He wore the Boater as Saint Jaspero, but its present location is unknown.
-It's possible that El Jaspero is fond of drink.
-El Jaspero has demonstrated proficiency in Celestial and Cat, and likely speaks Pirate as well.
-The Pirate King is a Master Herald, capable of creating and granting coats-of-arms to worthy and interested citizens.

-El Jaspero lost his eye in the battle that cost him the Liza Jane.  Its replacement gives him permanent 120' darkvision and allows him to use any detect spell or true seeing once per round, at will.
-The Pirate King is the former apprentice of another of the Town's famed pirates.
-The Unfettered class is from Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved variant PHB.

[Past Storylines]
-El Jaspero, with the help of a band of friends,  recaptured the Liza Jane from a band of goblins; after being repaired and refitted in the harbor, she pursued a course of privateering against the Black Kingdoms under a Letter of Marque from the regional Admiral.   The Letter has since been revoked, so the ship and crew have turned full pirate once again.
-The Pirate King himself, however, seems to be spending most of his energy lately pursuing the plotline simply titled "The Pirate King in Love".   He lives in the gemshop's upstairs with Alarra and they have semi-adopted the elf orphans Ala and Kint.
-El Jaspero and Alarra were married Sept. 23, and their daughter Agneta was born in January.   Somehow Kyrian is also their son.  Get your head around that one.
-His former apprentice Ceika Ceiblayde was once an Admiral in the Navy; their first bloody duel resulted in his being thrown into a wall and knocked out.  A second meeting was even nastier, resulting in Ceika's near-death and a startling revelation for El Jaspero.  Their third meeting, though painful for the pirate, brought them to a reconciliation.  El Jaspero used the plotline-completion XP bonus to pick up Dread Pirate level 10 and the title Pirate King.

[Current Storylines]
-El Jaspero's private war against his foes, particularly King Raust of the Northlands and the independent military organization simply known as The Order, continue.
-The Pirate King has returned from a successful cruise of several months, but something is amiss.   Those who know him, well or not, from before will notice differences in him.   PM me if you'd like more details.

-The Liza Jane is inhabited by various crewmembers, but they are almost never seen in Town.  One is most likely to meet his First Mate Janae or his bo'sun Dovis while ashore.
El Jaspero

Name: Agneta
Race: Human (adorable template)
Class: Baby? Is that a class?
Alignment and Temperament: Some flavor of Good; of course the most brilliant and beautiful child ever born, at least according to her parents.
Age: less than a year
Height: growing fast
Weight: you should know better than to ask a girl a question like that
Hair Color: Her mother's, brilliant gold.
Eye Coloer: Her father's, brown (luckily she has both)
Garb: A soft purple blankie
Weaponry: Overwhelming cuteness

[Common Knowledge]
Agneta is the daughter of El Jaspero and Alarra, and the pride and joy of their lives. Aside from being a typically adorable baby, she was given the gift of prophecy thanks to Trog and a bottle of milk from Indurain's time as a cow. Coming from a baby, her prophecies tend not to make much sense and nobody knows how accurate they are, but Town can be strange like that.

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