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Xaspian's characters

The Pigeon

Race: Rock Dove/ Rock Pigeon

Appearence: Pigeon-like. A small greyish bird. Has a pair oof floaty glasslike hands.

Stuff Owned: A Translator Bracelet, worn around his neck.

Backstory: A pigeon. Born from an egg, grew up in and around town. Has led an uneventful life.

Alignment - Neutral-ish Good

Additional notes:
Can do everything an ordinary pigeon can. And not much else.
Has a pair of floaty glasslike hands.
Pigeons can see about 3-4 times faster than humans - so a blur to a human might be visible as normal.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sir Kimberley DeFlora

Race - Human

Backstory -
Kimberley was born and raised in the depths of a forest, in his family's ancestral home. His father died in a hunting accident when Kim was 6 years old, and the young boy inherited the title and lands. He was tutored as a child by a cynical ex-druid named Huendril, who taught him of the forest, as well as politics and how to manage the estate, while Kim's uncle, Edward DeFlora, taught him combat and tactics, how to fight and command on battlefields and in duels.
As he grew up, the young Kim felt a growing affinity with plants and flowers. When he held a simple daffodil in his hands, he could feel the raw power of nature calling out to him. After a few attempts he managed to draw upon this power, and accidentally burnt down one of the gardener's' sheds. The fire was put down to an accident, but in the commotion, Huendril found the young Kim clutching a withered flower in his hands.
The child continued to play with flowers, and learnt how to use the strength within each one. He learnt to hear the tree's songs, and bend it to his will. At all times, he carried a chain of daisies around his wrist. But as he used nature's powers, he soon realised that he was killing the plants he loved. As he drew their magical power out, he was stealing their very lifeforce. He hated to destroy the plants, but continued to train himself in the magic.
A few years later, when he was 13, Huendril disappeared. Kim had no idea why, or where he had gone, but he continued his studies in the hope that he tutor might return, but eventually he lost hope. When he came of age, he assumed full control of the estate.
About 5 years later, news of an invading army reached Sir Kimberley's ears. The army advanced, and eventually reached the forested land surrounding the castle. Despairing, Sir Kim fell into panic, and drew upon his powers to destroy completely the invaders. When his head cleared, he looked out upon a scene of devestation. In his fear he had murdered tens of thousands of attackers, but he had also drained the life from the woodlands for miles around. Trees lay with withered leaves, and dead, already rotting wood. In shame, he fled from the castle, and wandered the lands wherever the road took him. Eventually, he arrived in the Town.

Alignment - Probably Lawful Neutral

Common Knowledge:
- Often visits the park and woods, and sometimes seen picking flowers.
- Holds a title, but no-one really knows where from, or why.

Possessions -
- Quite a bit of money
- His family's sword, with the DeFlora emblem on the hilt
- Several pockets for holding flowers, attatched to his clothing in a way that doesn't hinder movement.
- An organic wooden sword, a gift from Aharon, as pictured above by Sophistemon


Race: Human
Appearance: Young, male. Shortish dark brown hair. few distinguishing features. Pure Black eyes (a result of magic, not cliché or evilitude)
Stuff owned: Standard clothes. A few small pouches with a variety of crystals, dusts and junk in. Not much money, and almost none in the local currency. Sapphire-Dragon-Enchanted Weapon (changes shape - normally crossbow or staff).

Left his homeland in another realm to escape a mage war. He had been involved with both sides of the conflict, and is now hunted by the two largest magical organisations, so ran away.
He has a dozen or so souls inside him. He accidentally killed his master, the previous host for the souls. Well, I say accidentally. The master intended to get killed, and as Pelgof now bears all the souls from the master, he kind of did intend it. But not at the time.
He still feels guilty about killing Drokma (the master). He knows it's stupid, as he is Drokma now, but he can't help it. In a way, he killed himself.
The spirits within him form a kind of council, who together control the body. It is very rare, but occaisionally, one of them will sieze control, but normally, he exists by consensus of those within him.
It's kind of complicated. I don't think even he knows how it works.

He is experienced in several schools of magic, but specialises in Ratinas. A mixture of illusory magic, and manipulation of shadows and darkness.

- Teleports around randomly, and makes bad puns, along with Castaras, a fellow mage.
- Is very bored
- Has re-re-joined Artemis' Thieves' Guild,
- Is currently investigating the happenings in Sylviest, on behalf of the TG.
- Has decided to turn evil, and offered his services to Regina in her take-over attempt of Town.

A rather grumpy elf. Pointy ears, long-ish dark grey hair. Completely black eyes.

Big Sword.

Plots/status updates:
- After helping Tereal and Shadowbow 'liberate' the kingdom of Sylviest, crown prince Tereal named Icetwig king in his stead.
- Sylviest is engaging in diplomatic relations with Town
- Sylviest is currently under attack from unknown assailants. Several political figures have been killed, and there have been a number of explosions.
- Has been awakened to magic accidentally during Xand's re-forming ritual.
- Abandoned Sylviest, returning to Town. Magical block re-formed.
- Sought and gained employment at the Temple of Merant Herraldr
- Sent by the Temple to help Jonah and Jamin rescue their kidnapped mother

Normally immune to magic and unable to cast spells. If the spell is powerful enough, it can break through making Icetwig (or any of his sub-race of elves that this occurs to) an extremely powerful mage.
Naturally distrusts magic, and most mages. Also, organised religion, large guilds, anyone too cheerful or helpful. And just about anyone else, really. He's not a very happy or trusting person.
Friends with Moxie and Xyx, of the Smithery.

Mycroft Chime
Proprietor of Chime's Door Emporium.

This elderly gentleman is quite knowledgeable on a variety of subjects, but seems to specialise in clockworks, and magical portals. He doesn't let others know much about him, although he's usually happy to chat on most other subjects. His colourful clothes make him stand out in a crowd, although not so much in Town, where very few people don't stand out.

- After some travelling with Who and Cactra, and a run-in with his evil twin (Maxwell), he has become dislodged in time somehow.

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