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WyndRyder's Character Profiles


[Stats and Description]

Race Human
Class Warlock10/Wiz3/Eldritch Theurge 10/Archmage 5/Heir of Siberys 3
Alignment Lawful Neutral with strong Good tendencies. He's very orderly and the perfect gentleman. Given most opportunities, he's good to everyone he meets and treats most with respect. He is, however, not afraid in the slightest to justify the ends with the means and sacrifice the good of the few for that of the many.
Age Appears to be roughly 30-40 years old, though he has white streaks in his hair. He is extremely fit, however.
Height Roughly 1.7 meters
Weight 75 kg
Hair Hangs around ears, black with streaks of white and gray. Also has a short-croped neat beard
Eyes Intense, entrancing violet
Weapons "I am a weapon."

After he graduated from the Academy of Rekkenmark in Karrnath (that's on Khorvaire in the world of Eberron; it's the single best military academy within the world) he went on to a remarkable military career. He's a tactical genius, and a master strategist. His warlock powers, inborn, he uses to good effect, and has spent years perfecting his mastery over the eldritch blast he is capable of putting to good use, among a large variety of other powers. Following the development of his inner powers, he proceeded to master the arcane arts, seamlessly blending wizardry and warlock-born strength into a unique whole. After watching the Last War tear his world apart, he decided the people of Khorvaire were incapable of governing themselves and restarted the War. With an army of warforged and like-minded people of Eberron behind him, he one by one took control of every nation on Khorvaire and united them under one government. That, however, was more than 100 years ago, and he has left a replacement behind to govern the land. He's out now, to return to adventuring and travelling as a way of life.

[Common Knowledge]

-The opal ring marks him as an honors graduate from Rekkenmark, for those who recognize it
-Markan is fond of fine wine, strong drink of any sort, and a good show. He has a flair for the dramatic, as well as illusions.
-Markan is surprisingly loyal to friends, suspicious to a point and yet unquestioningly trustful of those he considers friends.

Markan carries an infinite scrollcase at his belt, customized to hold more than 1,000 scrolls of his choosing (as opposed to the normal 50). He therefore has almost any spell he might need on hand in a desperate situation. His rings, armor, and other possessions are all enchanted to serve some purpose or another, and he carries iron bands of bilarro for when a combatant needs to be restrained, as well as several more powerful items obtained from his good friend Gent, of OmniShop fame.

-Markan is a gentleman to the core - he is generally calm to the point of being unnerving and polite to everyone. He speaks in a formal tone at almost all times.

- Markan has an extremely odd case of split-personality disorder. There are four primary personas - the Guardian (LG), the Planner (LN), the Gentleman (LG), and the Killer (LE). They don't vy for dominance, they are just inherently a part of his soul, and he switches between them almost at random most of the time. He is unaware of this problem, and typically, it's not noticeable. Their names pretty much say it all, though the Guardian and Gentleman have a tendency to come out at the same time, as do the remaining two.

[Descriptive Text]

Out of this darkness steps a man dressed in gleaming gold armor inlaid with smoldering runes of fire. A cloak of crimson with gold flames licking up from the golden hem is draped around his shoulders, held in place by two heavy gold shoulder pauldrons. A tight-fitting black hood covers his head, a golden mask with a reflective ruby visor in the shape of a T in its center. he reaches up with a heavy black leather glove, backed by a golden armor plate on the hand and two rings - one a gleaming opal and the other a ruby - and pulls off hood and mask, which are apparently one piece. He seems older than one might expect, with black hair streaked with white and a short-cropped black beard. His eyes are a striking violet, intense and entrancing and containing no small amount of youthful sparkle despite the apparent age of this man. He radiates an aura of calm confidence and carefully controlled power that is almost palpable, but the small friendly smile on his face does a lot to dispel any illusions of evil from him.

[Ongoing Storyline]
-Joined Sauros's Guild of Magic
-Clockwork insects of unspeakable horrors devoured his home plane, and while it was planned to be resolved, it remains unchanged. He seems to have accepted it.
-Planning on reentering the arena battles after being forced to withdraw, in an attempt to stop the sudden uprise of the war that destroyed everything he knew[/b]

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