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[Stats and Description]
Name: Gwen Deschain the wxdruid or Lady Gwenivere of Echo Lake
Race: Elven (Qualinesti)
Class: Druid 15/Stormlady 10
Alignment and Temperment: NG, even-tempered and patient
Age: 150
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair colour and length: red hair down to her ankles, kept in a braid most of the time
Eye colour: green
Weapons: Staff, Scimitar

Rain the tiger
Weight: 350lbs
Alignment and Temperment: NG and playful
Weapons: teeth, claws and she can exhale lightning bolts

[Common Knowledge]
Her house has large gardens that are deadly if you try to enter uninvited.  Alexander and Gwen got married on 26 Sept 2007.  Gwen and Alexander had a baby girl the morning of 3 January 2008 at Inari's Temple with the help of Myobi.  Her name is Skye Deschain, she's very tiny, weighing 6lbs, 5oz.  She has brown fuzz on the top of her head, light brown skin and her eyes are definitely from Alexander, they are that same startling color of blue.  She is half elf, half human and has no special powers or abilities.  The name Skye means eternal life, strength, love and beauty.  

Baby present from El J:dragon-turtle bone baby rattle.   It's been carefully scrimshawed with the image of a wild thunderstorm rolling across a raging sea; far below, nearly lost in the boiling wind and water, is a tiny image of the Liza Jane.

El J grins.  "Here's my favorite part."   He gives it a shake, and the clouds and waves roll and toss for a while, bouncing the ship across the waves.  An inked lightning bolt or two darts across the surface, before the image finally settles down again.

You can usually find Rain with Aramir. Rain and Aramir have two children-Bolt and Jesion.


Name: Tehanu
Race: Human
Class: Wizard 5/Blood Mage 10/Cleric 5/Soul Knife 5/Cleric of Iames 1 (domains, Destruction and Passion)
Alignment and Temprament: NE-N, completely out for her own gain and of course she likes to twist men around her little pinkie finger
Age: 25
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Weight: 130 lbs
Eye color: green
Hair Color: red
Weapons: Daggers of life stealing

Arha was traveling and was set upon by bugbears. A group of do gooders came along and rescued her. She traveled with them for a while for safety and aided them in their quest so long as her life was not endangered. She found that they were traveling to defeat the Black King, she thought that concept was interesting so stayed with them. After one of their battles she animated a hill giant and several other monsters to do her bidding. They entered the Black King's demesne and defeated the undead surrounding the castle, the Black King came out. She saw just how evil he was and desired to join him and started to attack the druid in her party. The other members of the party attacked the Black King. Eventually Arha was killed by the druid and the Black King was killed by Grundar (1/2 orc sorcerer).

Arha corrupted Kyrian, convinced him to kill people for her, including Lyrak. She left him once he was caught, soon after that the Town Police captured her as well. She served her time, and has since fallen in love with Lyrak. She gave up her True Necromancer class for the Soul Knife class and has gained a level of Cleric (Diety-Iames). She lived at the Temple of Iames with him until they both died. They were killed by Lyrak's undead father and they both ended up in Iames' Planar Realm. They were given a house and Tehanu promptly took him inside and they haven't been seen since. The door is locked and the curtains are all closed.

Iames returned them to life and Tehanu paid for the rebuilding of the Temple of Iames. Lyrak asked her to marry him and she didn't respond for several days. She finally responded with a "yes, just for you." They were married by Lord Iames on the 18th of May 2007.


Name: Alena
Angel Hold: Cedar Hills
Race: Angel
Class: Bard/Shadowcaster/Noctumancer
Alignment and Temperment: N to NG
Height: 5'7"
Hair color: red
Wings: dark grey almost black with dark red tips
Eye colour: dark blue
Instrument: Concert Harp

[Common Knowledge]

She walked into an Oracle's cave and ended up here. She doesn't know where here is and she has no idea how to get home to Cedar Hills Angel Hold. She's lost and confused, Jovah will not respond to her songs and the people in Town are one minute nice, the next minute completely confusing.

Currently she is very much in love with Alex Shipmaster and is living with him at the Eyrie. They got married on 7 July 2007 in a small ceremony on the beach.

Dom Kyriell

Name: Dom Kyriell
Race: Deryni
Class: Cleric/Egoist
Alignment: NG, Temperment: He is patient, dedicated to his calling and very slow to anger.
Age: late 40's
Height: 5'7"
Hair color: Brown going to grey
Eye Color: Brown

Other: He does have the classic Deryni abilities of truth reading, the ability to create handfire, ability to banish fatigue, block physical pain, induce sleep in himself and others and he has a set of ward cubes.

[Back Story]

He is a member of the Order of Saint Gabriel during King Imre's reign.  He focused on mastering his body and mind.  The Order of Saint Gabriel has one abbey in the Lendour Mtns called Saint Neot's Abbey.  They are well known for their healers and their monastic traditions.  He is a well accomplished healer.  After Camber of Culdi and his associates killed King Imre and brought the old Haldane line back to Gwynedd he lived quite happily in the Monastery until Rhun the Ruthless sacked the Monastery in 917.  He barely managed to escape through a transfer portal and for an unknown reason ended up here.

All Gabrielites have a 4 stranded braid called a g'dula.  When they officially join the order they start their braid and don't cut their hair unless absolutely necessary.

The badge of the Order is a circled cross with flared ends, usually white or pale blue.  Healers of the order displayed a badge of a couped right hand, vert pierced in the palm by a white star of VIII points, being the reverse of the standard secular Healer's badge.

Saint Gabriel's Information


Also called 'The Herald,' he is one of the archangel protectors called upon to ward a magical circle in certain ceremonies, his quarter being the West and his sign being a white crescent.  His element is water.

Other archangels


Saint Uriel-'The Angel of Death,' his quarter is the North and his sign a golden square, his element is earth.
Saint Raphael-'The Healer,' his quarter is the East and his sign is a black circle, his element is air.
Saint Michael-'who is like God,' or 'The Defender,' his quarter is the South and his sign a red glowing triangle, his element is fire.

Adsum Domine, the hymn of the Gabrielite healers


Here am I, Lord:
Thou hast granted me the grace to heal men's bodies.
Here am I, Lord:
Thou hast blessed me with the Sight to See men's souls.
Here am I, Lord:
Thou hast given me the might to bend the will of others.
O Lord, grant strength and wisdom to wield all these gifts
only as Thy will wouldst have me serve...

The Lord of Light said unto me, Behold:
Thou art My chosen child, My gift to man.
Before the daystar, long before thou wast in mother-womb,
thy soul was sealed to Me for all time out of mind.
Thou art My Healing hand upon this world.
Mine instrument of life and Healing might.
To thee I give the breath of Healing power,
the awesome, darkling secrets of the wood adn vale and earth.
I give thee all these gifts that thou mayst know my love:
Use all in service of the ease of man and beast.
Be cleansing fire to purify corruption,
a pool of sleep to bring surcease from pain.
Keep close within thy heart all secrets given,
as safe as said in shriving, and as sacred.
Nor shall thy Sight be used for revelation,
unless the other's mind be freely offered.
With consecrated hands, make whole the broken.
With consecrated soul, reach out and give My peace...

Here am I, Lord:
All my talents at Thy feet I lay.
Here am I, Lord:
Thou art the One Creator of all things.
Thou art the Omnipartite One Who ruleth Light and Shade,
Giver of Life and Gift of Life Thyself.
Here am I, Lord:
All my being bound unto Thy will.
Here am I, Lord:
Sealed unto Thy service, girt with strength to save or slay.
Guide and guard Thy servant, Lord, from all temptation,
that honor may be spotless and my Gift unstained...

Ward cubes



CG Human Female
6'1" 195 lb.
Rogue 5/Cleric 20 (Fortuna)
Domains: Charm, Fertility

Rosan's life story is an interesting one. She began life as the child of a prostitute whose contraceive spell failed and grew up on the streets, helping her mother through pick-pocketing, begging, even the occasional robbery. Then one day Fortuna granted her spells on a whim, and Rosan found a new purpose in life. Eventually, she received divine urging and took up a life of adventuring, joining the group known as Fortuna's Hands. When she retired from adventuring, she opened up a brothel in Enkidu City. This brothel is connected to Town by a portal.

She is kind and compassionate towards almost everyone, but she isn't one to form lasting intimate relationships. She has friends in plenty and takes lovers on a whim, but if one of her lovers complains about the fact that she'll happily sleep with anyone who pays enough, he'll find that money will be the only way he'll ever be returning to her bed.

And since I want somewhere to put my own weather spells (where I can find them again....)

Supercell Thunderstorm

Evocation [Weather]
Level: Druid 9
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 1 round
Range: Long (400ft + 40ft/level)
Effect: 5 mile radius storm cloud, 1000 ft above the ground
Duration: 10 rounds
Saving Throw: none
Spell Resistance: none

You extend both hands towards the sky and chant the spell. In one hand you sprinkle fresh spring water into the air, in the other hand you free a captive cloud from a vial. The dark storm clouds gather and the wind picks up.

First round: The gust front forms and produces 55mph winds, blowing away small creatures and poorly constructed structures.
Second round: The rain shaft forms and visibility under the storm is reduced to 0 miles and movement speed is reduced by half. Lightning strikes deal 1d6 electricity damage per caster level (max 10d6). Lightning strikes start this round and occur in each following round.
Third round: The hail shaft forms in the center of the storm, producing 3” hailstones that pound the ground and anyone underneath is dealt 5d6 points of cold damage.
Fourth round: The wall cloud forms in the right rear quadrant of the supercell.
Fifth round: The tornado forms from the wall cloud and descends to the ground. It is an F-1 tornado, producing winds of 73-112mph. Inside the tornado ranged attacks are almost impossible (attack modifier -Cool. Medium or smaller creatures are blown away, roll 1d4x10ft and take 1d4 nonlethal damage per 10 ft. Large creatures are knocked over. Huge creatures are slowed to half speed.
Sixth round: The tornado’s strength increases to F-3 with winds of 158-206 mph. Ranged attacks are impossible. All Large or smaller creatures are blown away, Huge creatures are knocked down and larger creatures are slowed to half speed. Trees uprooted and well constructed buildings are damaged.
Seventh round: The caster gains the ability to control the path of the tornado, he or she can guide it up to 15ft from side to side and speed it up to 30mph.
Eighth round: All the prior effects continue, the caster has the option to guide the storm itself at 5mph in any direction or start the dissipation of the supercell. All effects will automatically continue until the 10th round unless dissipated by the caster.

extra: if the caster has the prestige class of Stormlord, she can fly and move normally through the storm

Freezing Rain
Evocation [Weather]
Level: Druid 7
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Medium (100ft + 10ft/level)
Effect: Ray
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: ½ Reflex, see text
Spell Resistance: none

You cast small shards of glass into the air and point your finger at your target, while chanting the spell. Ice starts to form around your target, impeding movement. Reflex save for ½ speed. The ice builds in layers each round and a reflex save is required for each round it is actively growing new layers. On the first round that the target fails the reflex save the target is immobilized and cannot move until the ice is melted off. For each additional round the target is immobilized, take 1d4 CON damage until the ice is removed. CON will be restored after 24 hrs or by the appropriate spell. If the target is immune to the cold, they will be able to resist the CON damage.

If a flyer is affected by this spell, she must make the reflex save or plummet to the ground, taking damage as she hits the ground. (take standard falling damage).

Swimmers will not be affected if the water temp is above 35F or if they are in swiftly running water. However if the swimmer is in calm water below 32F there is a 25% chance that ice will start to form and remain on them.

Ways to melt the ice: Target them with a warming spell of some type, or if they can heat themselves from the inside. Otherwise the ice will remain for 5 rounds.

Mini-Tornado: for stirring chocolate chips into your hot chocolate.

Evocation [Weather]
Level: Druid 0 Wiz/Sor 0
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Close (25ft + 5ft/level)
Effect: stirs chocolate chips into your hot chocolate
Duration: 1 round

After putting the chocolate chips in the hot chocolate, move your hand in a circular motion over your cup while chanting the spell.

A mini-tornado forms in your cup and stirs the chocolate chips in and heats your hot chocolate to the perfect temperature.

Frost (in the works)

Evocation [Weather]
Casting Time:
Range: Close

Killer Frost (in the works)

Evocation [Weather]
Casting Time:
Range: Close

Isolated Rainshower

Evocation [Weather]
Level: Drd 1
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Close (25 ft + 5 ft/2 levels)
Area: Cylinder (5 ft radius/level, rain cloud is centered 5 ft over object/creature)
Target: One object or creature
Duration: 1 round/level, or if the druid is above 10th level he/she can set it on autotimer, specifying a time for the shower to start and end.
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

Casting this spell aids a gardener in keeping crops/plants watered. The spell can also be set on an auto-timer, dependent on the level of the Druid/Weather caster.

This spell can also be cast over one creature and the creature can easily move out from under it. The rainshower is stationary.

Wall of Weather (in the works)

Evocation [Weather]
Level: 9
Components: V, S, M/DF
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Medium (100 ft + 10 ft/level)
Effect: Wall up to 10 ft/level long and 5 ft/level high
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: see text
Spell Resistance: Yes


Effects: Everyone feels a different effect as they encounter the wall

roll a d20 to determine effect

1-rain (RA) - Rain comes in two forms. the first is in the form of drops larger than 0.02 inch. The second can have smaller drops, but unlike drizzle, they are widely separated.
2-small whirlwind (PO) - An ensemble of particles of dust or sand, sometimes accompanied by small pieces of litter, that is raised from the ground and takes the form of a whirling column with varying height, small diameter and an approx vertical axis.
3-small hail (GS) - Small hail is defined as white, opaque grains of ice. Diameters range from about 0.08 to 0.2 inches.
4-lightning (LTG)
5-sleet (PL) - Ice pellets are transparent or translucent pellets of ice, which are round or irregular, rarely conical and which have a diameter of 0.2 inches or less. The pellets usually rebound when striking hard ground and make a sound on impact.
6-freezing rain (FZRA) - Rain that falls in liquid form but freezes upon impact to form a coating of glaze ice upon the ground and on exposed objects.
7-freezing drizzle (FZDZ) - Drizzle that falls in liquid form but freezes upon impact to form a coating of glaze ice upon the ground and on exposed objects.
8-snow (SN) - This type of precip contains crystals, most of which are branched in the form of six-pointed stars.
9-drizzle (DZ) - Drizzle is a fairly uniform type of precip that is composed of fine drops with diameters of less than 0.02 inch that are very close together. Drizzle appears to float while following air currents. Unlike fog droplets, drizzle does fall to the ground.
10-large hail (GR) - Small balls or other pieces of ice falling separately or frozen together in irregular lumps.
11-Ice crystals (IC) - (Diamond Dust). Precip that falls as unbranched ice crystals in the form of needles, columns or plates.
12-mist (BR) - A visible aggregate of minute water particles suspended in the atmosphere that reduces visibility to less than 7 SM but greater than or equal to 5/8 SM.
13-fog (FG) - A visible aggregate of minute water particles that are based at the earth's surface and reduces the horizontal visibility to less than 5/8 SM. It does not fall to the ground like drizzle
14-dust (DU) - Fine particles of earth or other matter raised or suspended in the air by the wind.
15-smoke (FU) - small particles produced by combustion that are suspended in the air.
16-sand (SA) - Particles of sand raised to a sufficient height that reduces visibility.
17-volcanic ash (VA) - fine particles of rock powder that have erupted from a volcano and remain suspended in the atmosphere for longs periods of time.
18-haze (HZ) - A suspension in the air of extremely small, dry particles invisible to the naked eye and sufficiently numerous to give it an opalescent appearance.
19-freezing fog (FZFG) - When fog is present and the temp is below 0 degrees C.
20-a nice sunny pleasant day - winds variable at 5 knots, unrestricted visibility, temperature of 75F/24C.

Name: Thecla
Race: Hound Archon
Class: Cleric 10/Contemplative 3
Alignment and Temprament: LN and enjoys wiping out evil by smashing their faces in
Age: 23
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye colour: green
Weapons: Mace called the Holy Devastator

Thecla was human, she was killed by an assassin in the town of Cauldron and was reincarnated as a hound archon. She is deeply religious and has a close relationship with St Cuthbert. She strives to find the good in the world and destroy the evil. She is stayed at the Temple of Remus learning more about her wolf form. She also enjoys visiting the tavern and meeting new people by laying on their feet.

They were away from Town experiencing new and exciting adventures with Mik. They have since come back. They are now married.

Barnabas-Insanely Low stats, except for his INT.

Barnabas is a well-kept German Sheppard of average height.

Destruction was one of the Endless (Death, Dream, Despair, Desire, Destiny, Delirium, Destruction [read Neil Gaiman's the Sandman]). One day he decided he was tired of causing pain and destruction so he lay down his warhammer and retired, leaving behind his family. In his travels he met Barnabas a lovable talking dog, and the two hit it off immediately. Ever since they have been travelling the lands looking for places to stay for a while, before they move on to another town.

[Common Knowledge]
Des is VERY powerful, and older than most gods. Barnabas...loves Steak!

Des has long since left Town, he left Barnabas with Gwen, now he stays at her house and he has made friends with Alexander.

Name: Vysada
Race: looks human
Class: unknown
Alignment and Temprament: unknown
Age: somewhere between 18-30
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye color: green
Hair color: red
Weapons: teeth, fingernails and feet

Common Knowledge:
Vysada is vulnerable to any attack and she can permanently die (but she can also be rezzed)

Her collar is gone, Gent removed it.  Her power manifested since the collar held it in.  She can power all manner of things and feed power to other people, psionic or magical.


Name: Star
Race: elven
Class: druid/psion
Alignment and Temprament: unknown
Age: appears about 20'ish in human years.
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye color: black
Hair color: black
Weapons: you'll have to find out

She has long black hair, black eyes, tan and weathered skin. There seems to be something hiding in her hair with it's tail coming around the side of her neck and down her front. It's beady little eyes peer out from the other side of her neck, through her hair. The woman is completely free and natural and looks to be about 20 years old.

Killed in a fight in the Tavern round about 24 Nov 2007

Phèdre nó Delauney de Montrève

Name: Phèdre nó Delauney de Montrève
Race: human/vampire
Class: rogue/vampire/lurker/
Alignment and Temprament: evil
Age: She's forgotten how long she's been a vampire
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Weight: 135 lbs
Skin: pale and looks like alabaster
Eye color: black
Hair color: black with deep purple highlights

Phédre wears black, a black skirt that is almost to short and definitely shows to much leg.  Her top is daringly low, she knows she has the perfect body and knows what her effect is.  She wears a long black silk scarf and when she's in public it's usually covering her mouth, covering those pointed little canines she has.

The marks
The first lets me know where you are and lets other vampires know you're mine.  The second lets you know where I am and gives us telepathy between the two of us.  The third allows us to share almost anything.  Meaning if I am hurt, you are, if you are, I am.  You will have access to my abilities and I to some of yours.

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