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Words are Insufficient

The English language has failed me. It has abandoned me. It has fled the freaking room.

I can't... I just can't put it into words. I am so angry that I can't think of a single word to describe how I feel.

Mad? No.

Angry? No.

Enraged? No.

Pissed off? No.

There are no words. If my anger were a flame at this moment it would burn hot enough to consume a thousand worlds and, once it had cooled down a fraction, it would still be able to function as an artificial sun.

So, because there are no words to put my feelings to, I will instead just post what it is that has me so very, very, very angry.


[21:52] Mike: heh brian
[21:52] Sophistemon: Hi.
[21:53] Mike: i not going to lie to you
[21:53] Mike: I just got into an accident
[21:53] Sophistemon: ...
[21:53] Mike: i was going into the neighborhood and i got hit in the side
[21:53] Sophistemon: How bad?
[21:53] Mike: bad
[21:54] Sophistemon: Are you okay?
[21:54] Mike: dad says that your car can't be fixed
[21:54] Mike: im fine
[21:54] Sophistemon: Mike, are you okay?
[21:54] Sophistemon: Okay.
[21:54] Sophistemon: Okay, thank God.
[21:54] Mike: im stiff and my knee hurts...but overall im okay
[21:54] Sophistemon: Okay.
[21:54] Mike: i swear i didn't see him
[21:54] Mike: he flew around two cars infront of him
[21:54] Sophistemon: How's the other guy?
[21:54] Mike: he's okay
[21:54] Sophistemon: Okay.
[21:55] Mike: his car was completely totaled
[21:55] Sophistemon: Shit.
[21:55] Mike: yeah
[21:55] Mike: he was going over 60...i know that
[21:55] Sophistemon: Okay, whose fault was it?
[21:55] Mike: the cop said mine
[21:55] Sophistemon: Yours.
[21:55] Mike: so i owe alot of money
[21:55] Mike: maybe
[21:55] Mike: we don't know yet
[21:56] Sophistemon: Shit.
[21:56] Sophistemon: So I no longer have a car?
[21:56] Mike: right
[21:56] Mike: if dad is right
[21:57] Mike: only the two wheels on the side looked damaged...
[21:57] Mike: so idk
[21:58] Sophistemon: Okay, so my girlfriend is visiting this spring and I don't have a car.
[21:58] Mike: mom and dad will get you one
[21:59] Mike: i just probably won't be able to touch it
[21:59] Sophistemon: You're putting it on them?
[21:59] Mike: i can't pay for it
[21:59] Mike: i have 5$ in my wallet right now
[21:59] Sophistemon: Okay, fine, you can't pay for it.
[21:59] Sophistemon: You're going to pay them back, right?
[21:59] Mike: i am working
[21:59] Mike: im painting the house
[22:00] Mike: inside and out
[22:01] Sophistemon: Painting the house? That's great. I think that it might take more than that.
[22:01] Mike: dur
[22:01] Mike: i can't do much brian
[22:01] Mike: i looked both ways
[22:01] Mike: waited...
[22:01] Mike: and looked again
[22:02] Mike: i never saw him coming
[22:02] Sophistemon: So this was at the first stop sign, then, coming into the neighborhood?
[22:02] Sophistemon: Coming down the hill?
[22:02] Sophistemon: Right at the entrance?
[22:03] Sophistemon: Or was this at the four-way stop sign in the middle of the neighborhood?
[22:03] Mike: coming into the neighborhood
[22:03] Mike: on 260
[22:03] Sophistemon: Okay.
[22:04] Mike: i never saw him
[22:04] Sophistemon: You understand that I'm really, really upset, right?
[22:04] Mike: i know its my fault
[22:04] Mike: yeah i know that
[22:05] Sophistemon: Okay.
[22:05] Sophistemon: Christ. You're okay?
[22:05] Mike: yes
[22:05] Mike: i just can't believe it happened
[22:05] Mike: i looked...
[22:05] Mike: i swear i looked at least 3 times...
[22:05] Mike: and never saw him
[22:06] Sophistemon: Was it dark out?
[22:06] Sophistemon: Was it tonight?
[22:06] Mike: yeah
[22:06] Mike: like an hour ago
[22:07] Sophistemon: Why didn't mom and dad talk to me? Why didn't they give me a call? Or was that your job? Is that why we're talking, because they told you to?
[22:07] Mike: no
[22:07] Mike: they wanted to wait
[22:07] Mike: but you were on so i decided to tell you
[22:08] Sophistemon: I can't... Jesus.
[22:08] Mike: brian
[22:08] Mike: by the time your home...
[22:08] Mike: you should have a car waiting
[22:08] Mike: i just have to work
[22:08] Mike: alot
[22:10] Sophistemon: Oh, I should? Really? That's peachy. You understand that we aren't the most financially stable family, right? You understand that money doesn't just... poof and appear, right? How are you going to make a car appear in a few months, Mike? I don't think that Ledo's Pizza pays that much. And before we can even think about MY car we have to worry about the OTHER GUY's car.
[22:10] Mike: dude...i know
[22:10] Mike: it has all been explained to me
[22:10] Sophistemon: Oh, that's wonderful.
[22:11] Mike: telling you cause you deserve to know
[22:11] Mike: i didn't think it was right to wait
[22:12] Sophistemon: Well isn't that nice. Mike, I don't have a car. The family is, if I understand it, negative two cars. My car, and his car. How are you going to pay that off and keep your grades up?
[22:13] Mike: working hard
[22:14] Mike: im gonna go now...
[22:14] Mike: i need to lay down
[22:14] Sophistemon: Yeah?
[22:14] Sophistemon: Okay.
[22:14] Sophistemon: I... Christ. I'm happy (really, really happy) that you aren't hurt. That's more important than any car.
[22:15] Sophistemon: Okay. Lay down. Tell mom and dad to call me tomorrow.
[22:15] Mike: k
[22:15] Sophistemon: Okay.
[22:15] *** "Mike" signed off at Sat Oct 20 22:15:27 2007.

There are no words.

Jeez...I know this is really hard on you right sister destroys more cars than any five other people...but make sure that he goes to a doctor. I have back problems for the rest of my life for a lesser accident.


I understand what you mean; I can't really even describe exactly what I feel, and that's just from READING this. This is so many levels of what is wrong in people just layered over and over...
The Chilli God

Whoo... Okay. Tack that reason onto the many reasons why I am going to do my best in life without ever owning or driving a car.

You have insurance for the car? -- Wait, no, you don't. You'd be sufficiently less pissed off if you did.

Huh. Well, this is just initial reaction. Maybe whatever court this goes to will settle the matter some other way.

Sad I'm sorry to hear about all of that.

Crying or Very sad

That's rather depressing. Not just the story, either, also just the fact that Soph used completely correct grammar and I don't think his brother used a single capital letter... Not that that's terribly important, it just irks me.

Moozy wrote:
Crying or Very sad

That's rather depressing. Not just the story, either, also just the fact that Soph used completely correct grammar and I don't think his brother used a single capital letter... Not that that's terribly important, it just irks me.

You should see all the conversations I have with my RL friends... Rolling Eyes

You have my sympathy though Soph. At least your brother's okay, even if the car is a write-off.

I want everyone to know that I deeply, deeply care for my little brother. He means the world to me and the fact that he survived the accident with few injuries is a miracle in and of itself, as my family tells me that the other car was, and my brother put it, 'completely totaled'. So I'm happy for that.

Sure, I'm out one car. But I'd rather loose a thousand cars than one brother.

The anger has faded. Relief has set in. I count my blessings where they matter.

Thank you all for your kind words. We'll pull through. We always do.

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