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James Warrick

Age: 22

Appearance: James is about 6'3" with matted brown hair on the top of his head like permanent bed-head. His eyes are a bright green are always alert, unless he's sleeping. James is of a fairly muscular build, and if you were to get a glimpse under his clothes, you'd find he's unaturally hairy. He wears blue jeans, a brown T-shirt, a black sports jacket, and black boots.

Background: James was a normal kid going through school. He made decent grades, and, in highschool, he played on the football team. But one night everything went wrong. It was his junior year of college and he was out on a date with his current girlfriend down by the lake. They were just about to get intimate when something growled in the bushes nearby. James, wanting to be brave for his girlfriend, got out of the car and went to check out the source of the noise. That was when a werewolf jumped out of the underbrush and attacked James. James stood no chance against the werewolf, who bit him and passed on the curse before going over to the girlfriend and eating her whole. James dropped out of college immediately, to everyone's surprise, and left to wander alone and keep himself from hurting others. It's been just over a year since the attack now and he's gotten better at controling his werewolf side.

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