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WoD--A vampire in New York

I am looking for interest in playing a world of darkness campaign.

And, would you rather play:

I don't do the after Gehenna stuff, though we may play after Gehenna, it will be different from the White Wolf version.

You can play a character in one of these settings that's from a different setting if you give a good reason why.

IE, a vampire with the blush of health (believe that's what it's called) merit could play with a werewolf. Some humans have a slight taint of the Wyrm but can be friends with garou (werewolves). You might just pass yourself off as human.

Or, a werewolf could have been a bodyguard to a Prince instead of the usual Brujah, thusfor earning their right of trust in the vampire community.

The hunter...*think* could be a human with the gifts that hunters gain that has learned that not all vampires and werewolves are bad. might be a mix, but I need to know what people are most interested in.

I'm in, though I'd rather not play hunter.

Namely cuz I know nothing about them.

Hunter. I would love to play the antagonist, who is impartial to whether his prey is good or bad.
Fax Celestis

See my other thread. I may be interested in Wraith.

Alright, guys, here's how it goes down:

I got a vote for each, plus a silent request...and a request for something I didn't even say I'd be we're going with vampire. Remember that, yes, you can play a hunter or a werewolf...anything that I know anything about. From what I hear, wraith is more broken than either.

The Setting: New York
The year: 2010

The masquerade is still in effect. You do not have to be from New York, but I would like you to give a reason your character is there if you're not from there.

Basic character sheet plus 10 freebie points. I will give extra freebie points as I see fit for good background stories.

THERE WILL BE A LOT OF PMING! Remember to check your PMs regularly when you join the game.

Anyone that still wants to play should post by the end of the week.

I want to play.

Okay, let me rephrase: anyone that hasn't got me a character sheet yet.

I want to play. ive got my Ravnos almost ready.

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