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Wingy's Sketchbook

Alrighty, I thought it time to lay out some of my pencilings *crackilates knuckles, and sets up scanner*

Pictures From Sketch Book 1:




A sene from a story so long ago

Trilla, Carlos, and Troy

Sketch Book 2, Page UNKNOWN, Goldentail

Sketch Book 2, Page UNKNOWN, Xhirah (zeer-ah)

Sketch Book 2, Page UNKNOWN, Rassalas and Karrissa,

Sketch Book 2, page UNKNOWN, Jen

Sketch Book 2, page UNKNOWN, Some random girl I was drawing for awhile. I only wish I didn't rub.

Sketch Book 2, Page UNKNOWN, Issac (same regrets as previous)

Sketch Book 2, Page UNKNOWN, A Last Happy Moment (Uka and Xhirah)

Sketch Book 3, Page 1, Finished, Ballarina

Sketch Book 3, Page 12, Finished, First picture of real person, my sister Sally with added elf ears Wink

Sketch Book 3, Page 15, Finished, Mark kissing August Razz

Sketch Book 3, Page 25, Practice Page, Featuring Mouse, Goldentail, Punk Man, Cat-claws and other such doodles

Sketch Book 3, Page 30, Finished, WOLFIEH!

Sketch Book 3, Page 32, Finished, Allan

Sketch Book 3, Page 33, Practice page

Sketch Book 3, Page 39, Finished, Trinity

Sketch Book 3, Page 40, Finished, Mouse

Sketch Book 3, Page 59, Finished, Mouse

Sketch Book 3, Page 60, Finished, Trilla

Sketch Book 3, Page 72, Finished, Jenette

Sketch Book 3, Page 73, Finished, Happy Picture

Sketch Book 3, Page 78, Finished (backround very off), Mouse

Sketch Book 3, Page 91, Mostly Finished, Some Character I waas drawing

Sketch book 4, Page 1, Unfinished I can't find what else it needs. XP

Sketch Book 4, Page 8, Finished, but unerving about a few little...*eyes twitch* things....Jenette

Sketch Book 4, Page 17, Finished, Mouse

Sketch Book 4, Page 20, Practice sketch, featuring Andrew and the head of an ant dragon O.O

Sketch Book 4, Page 23, Finished, Heron Still

I am quite full to the brim with jealousy. I must make off with your talent >>

Wow... That's a lot of sketches... But they're all awesome... Wolfieh is definitely my favorite out of them though.

Thankies, Thankies.
Wolfieh is one of my best freinds, ^^ Thought I'd draw her!

You know a wolf-creature?!
*must meet this wolf-creature...**twitch*

Hello, hello.
Wingy good job. *winks* You know you have some serious talent. I am so envious of everything you do!!! *huggles*

AAAAAAAAAA! *huggles Icey*  ^^ thankies, and Uber, Wolfie is just her nick-name XD sorry
Ms Elaneous

My favorite was the first one!  All very good, though. Looking forward to seeing more. ^.^

As soon as I decide to sleap tonight, sure. ^^

Mouse is so cute in the first picture!

I haven't posted anything in awhile, so I'll dig out some photobucket pics now...but I wont have any numbered pages...=/ I sorry.

First, some paintings from sketch book #4

And a couple of sketches from book 4:
Karrissa Razz

Khann ^^

all for now. ^^
Hopw you enjoy it...and yes, I just started painting, and I'm trying to get better at it. *nods*

Not bad... Not bad at all. I like the paintings. Especially that first one.

^^ goods.
Everyone loves the first one XD

That guy looks like James dean!

((Here is a better pic of his face

Wow. This page took a long time to load, but it was worth the wait.
It's all amazing. Do you take requests?

Yesh, I take requests. =P

Sorry no new ones latley x.x
I got a new sketch book, and filled my last one, but it will take a little while to load. *nods*
Ms Elaneous

I think one reason we like the first one better is because the second seems so sad.  The first shows a girl with a promising, gentle look.  While the second gives me the feel of kicked puppy syndrome.  Really nicely done, though.  I enjoy your work as always. Smile

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