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Wingrae's character

Name: Westlanna
Age: 20's
Height: 5'4"
Eyes: Blueish green

Speaking of eyes... Westlanna's eye color is exactly the same as this picture of one of the world's largest pieces of pure aquamarine: check it out here

Hair: Brown, long and curly
Race: normal every-day human
Westlanna speaks in olive

Westlanna spends her time wandering about. Her family moved constantly when she was young and now she can't stand staying in one place for too long. She is intelligent and a self-taught expert in a few subjects her best skill by far: marksmanship. She carries a mis-matched set of handguns hidden under her jacket. She started carrying them for protection after she started her journey. Most often she is content to be a quiet observer, but she's prone to mood swings and can be a trigger-happy loudmouth. It all depends on the day. †


Westlanna does have a rather long and complicated backstory, but I've intentionally not written about it here. So if your character is wondering how she knows something, just ask her. She's pretty talkative.

*Edit: Westlanna now has a pet. It is named Rusty, it is an American Kestrel and thanks to a particular crow that has befriended Westlanna her pet can speak to her. To everybody else the speach sounds like bird noises, unless of course they can understand birds for some reason. Rusty speaks in brown

Westlanna has a magic charm that allows her to grow wings.

Here is a pic of Westlanna with her wings:

Tiny dragon, cute and annoying :-D

Iíve had this cute little guy flying around in my head for about a week now. It is time to turn him into a character.

Edit* I didn't make this very clear: This is not actually a dragon, it just prefers to take the form of a dragon so most people think its a dragon. It's actually a sentient substance that can take any form it desires and it takes the form of a minature dragon about 90% of the time.

A tiny, white dragon. About the size of a housecat. His neck and tail are both longer than the main part of his body, giving him a slightly snake-ish look.

He does not talk, but he does understand human speech and will squeak in response. He also spits fireballs that look precisely like a red cotton ball.

He can change forms. I mean literally change into anything imaginable. He can become a fur hat, then a tree branch, then a sword, then a spatula, then a poodle puppy. Anything. The only limitation is size. He canít change into anything significantly more massive then himself.

And the little guy is indestructible. Yup, no matter what you throw at him it wonít hurt him. That goes for all of the forms he takes.

He has no fighting skills to speak of. He can scratch, about like a cat that youíre trying to bathe, (thinks back to years spent cat-babysitting for neighbors) um, that means he can scratch A LOT, and he can bite too. A heavy pair of leather gloves is all you need to keep his teeth off your fingers. His fiery little puffs are dragonfire so they can melt anything, but given that he only puffs cotton-ball sized fireballsÖwell he canít melt anything big. †

Here are some pictures I drew of him:

See? Adorably cute and spits little cotton-ball sized fire balls and squeaks when he's happy or cranky.

He will need a name, but it is up to the townspeople what they want to call their newest resident nuisance.

Yay! I figured out how to get the pictures in the post instead of just links. No, I'm not stupid. The first 20 times I tried using the [img] thing it just didn't work. I found out it was because there was some extra nonsense in the address thing for the photo. Once I figured that out I just deleted the extra nonsense and the pictures actually showed up in the post. Yay!

Well, I have a picture of Lesawe now:

Yes, she looks a little bored in that picture.

And look! A plushie by Wukei of one of Lesawe's mongooses!


 It's Westlanna and Atok's daughter. Atok just ran into her unexpectedly in Modern.

She was at the mall with some friends. They were all trying on dresses because one of her friends has a dance to attend soon.

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