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Age: She apears to be 15
Eyes: large, whole black/brown
Skin-tone: Olive complection, it looks slightly tanned and dark.
Hair: knee length, dark brown, thick, wavy. Usually tied back with thin braids swinging in her face.
Hieght: 5"1'
Wieght: 90 pnds?
Wears: black belly-button tee that slips off her shoulders. A pair of cargo pants, hanging low on her hips. Owns a gun, and a drumstick at her belt. Yellow sneakers (^^). Black gloves.
Extra: has two large mouse ears, and a grey tail that betrays her emotions.
Relations: none
History: I have used her in many role plays, but her basic history, is that she was invented from aliens on a planet called Quarz. She and 014 (a character, part of her backstory, but he isn't mine), had escaped to earth after being told they were failed. Since then, Mouse has had a family, but was somehow cut off from them, and found herself in town. She owns a gun, and has always inspired to be a cop,
Personality: Determind, stobborn, spontanious, and hates being alone. She can be hyper at times, as well as she can be brave and equally terified.

Long blond hair
Fair complection
Black eyes
Dresses like she's a hippie who only wears white
Will go all out for animal rights
Loves all and everything
Can turn into any white animal
Carries no weapons
Wears no shoes in animal-right protest
I protected by Brandon, after healing him from an uncurable wound

Name: Garth
Age: 19
Eyes: Yellow, but can be brown when he is in a good mood
Hair; Black, oily.
Hight; 6' 2
Build; Rather strong
Wears: uh, jeans, a shirt, boots, a jaket in the coldness.
Race: Snake (is a human, but can turn into a giant snake when either angry, or by command)
History: Was once a warrior to Rascalas (Snake lord of a mountain, in a tottally diferent roleplay) but decided  to quit. Since then, he's been a veriaty of diferent things, including a pirate, a bandit, and a bag-boy. Right now, he's looking for adventure, or anouther job, or at least a hobbie.

Age: 20


Hair; shoulder blade length, light brown, airy and light.

Hight; 5'8

Figure; slim, but has strong and wide hips.

Eyes; vibrant green

Wings; (yes, she has wings) Angelic

Loves to smile, and when she does...she'd take any man's heart away.

History: All of it is very long, but if you want it, you can PM me. The basic facts are that she was once a shapeshifter, she had a best freind who died, passing her two infint children on to her.
Now she is a single mother, traveling as she has always done, throughout wherever she wants.
Was once traveling with her brother William, before he went off into a story of mine. ^^

Weapons: A dagger, needs someone to help protect her and the boys.

Personality: Strong willed, motherly at times, can sink into depression.


Age: 2


Hair; Golden curls atop his little head....

Hight; baby size

Build; chubby

Eyes; glassey grey

History: is one XD has nothing much, but has a power in dreams...something like his father, but no one really knows what's up. Is very close to his brother, and Trilla, his foster mother.


Hair; Golden curls atop his little head....

Hight; baby size

Build; chubby

Eyes; Bright green

History: XD the same as Troy's, but he has a hidden power, still yet untapped.

Jesibelle (jez-i-bell)

Age: 19


Hair; long, silky, black, down to her knees, hardly ever tied back.

Hight; ummm, never really though of this...5'4" Build; (yes build....she has no girly "firgure" she's too tuff for that...) strong, very...and slimly awsome ^^

Eyes; dark brown

Skin: dark brown

Weapons: A large battle axe, that she carries on her back.

Clothes: A white blouse, men's trousers, good traveling boots. Has a jaket for winter.

Iorah (eye-or-ah)

Age: 15 (looks abouttwelve)


Hair: black, waist length, tangled

Eyes: dark  brown

Skin: light chestnut

Hieght: 5 foot

Weapons: ...

Clothes: ragged trousers, and old shirt, barefoot.

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