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Race: Time Lord
Age: 900 allegedly
Profession: Time traveller
Theme Music:This
Backstory: After the destruction of his people at the end of the Last Great Time War, Who travelled far and wide across time and space sometimes alone, other times with companions making many enemies as well as friends in the process. It was during one such foray across the galaxy that his ship ran out of fuel. So he landed in a place called the Town which just so happened to be home to a rift in time that he could use to refuel. By the time his ship had finished refuelling he liked it so much he decided to stay. Met a Cactus, had kids, now he's kinda bored and likely to pop up anywhere. I mean with a time machine he could run away from his family and they'd never know.

Who talks in black


Race: Robot
Age: 4
Profession: Who's assistant
Backstory: Who received K9 as a gift from a scientist after defeating a sentient virus. He has extensive knowledge of hundereds of topics, however he has a tendency to take things quite literaly.

K9 talks in red


Race: Time Lady
Age: 905
Profession: Botanist/Adventuress
Theme Music: She wishes it was this
Backstory: Like the majority of her race Dawn was killed during the Time War. Unlike the rest of her race however, Dawn had the foresight to imprint herself onto a holographic projecter along with a copy of her memories. The projecter in question was recovered recently and she has been set loose upon the Town. In a new development she has been resurrected by Loki and is once more flesh and bone. Not quite sure where she is now, probably on a truely biblical bar crawl.

Dawn talks in italics

More GURPS Stats (Yes I know I've got too much time on my hands)


Race: Human
Age: 20 something
Profession: Barmaid/Binder
Backstory: The holocube left over when Dawn was rezzed by Loki. After a suggestion from Quinn she now calls herself Aurora to try and distance herself from Dawn, who she considers to be her sister. Recently, to gain the senses she was missing as a hologram Aurora now inhabits a swarm of nanobots. Then her boyfriend cheated on her and there was some business with a mob, so she became human and feels a bit useless now. To combat this she became a binder and now spends most of her time with something horrible hitchhiking in her soul.

Aurora talks in italics


Bit characters/Rogues Gallery (More for my benefit than anyone elses)


Race: Sycorax
Profession: Bounty Hunter
Status: Imprisoned
History: After being banished from his tribe for witholding technology Sandrax founded a group of bounty hunters along with two similar outcasts. They were hired by an unknown enemy to capture Who and to this end kidnapped Estran to lure him in, however Who with the help of Maya, Adam and Mr Chime managed to thwart the bounty hunters and save Estran. Sandrax now resides on the prison planet Volag-Knoc.
Sandrax speaks in Dark Red


Race: Mantisfid
Profession: Bounty Hunter
Status: Dead
History: Wanting to be an individual Mantis left her colony and struck out on her own, eventual becoming one of the founding three members of Sandrax's bounty hunters. They were hired by an unknown enemy to capture Who and to this end kidnapped Estran to lure him in, however Who with the help of Maya, Adam and Mr Chime managed to thwart the bounty hunters and save Estran. Mantis was killed in the ensuing scuffle.
Mantis speaks in Olive

As yet unamed bat thingy

Race: Krilitane
Profession: Bounty Hunter
Status: Alive
History: Believing that he could more efficiently harvest the abilities of other creatures on his own the bat thingy struck out alone to fullfill his dream of being the most powerful being in existence. Along the way he met Sandrax and Mantis and became the third founding member of the group. They were hired by an unknown enemy to capture Who and to this end kidnapped Estran to lure him in. With the bat creature lauching an additonal attack on Maya's Gadgets and Gizmos in order to try and find out information about their quarry. However Who with the help of Maya, Adam and Mr Chime managed to thwart the bounty hunters and save Estran. The bat creature managed to escape and is still at large
The bat creature speaks in Orange


Race: Time Lord/God
Profession: Vengeful Maniac
Status: Dead dead
History: One of the founding fathers of Gallifrey, he was thought lost when a star he was experimenting on went supernova and subsequently collapsed into a black hole. In reality, when the star collapsed he became trapped inside the anti-matter dimension whilst back in the prime-matter world millenia passed and his name became nothing more than a legend. That is until he tried to escape, launching an attack on the Time Lords, who he blamed for betraying him. Every time he tried to escape he was thwarted by Who and now with the Time Lords gone Omega has turned his rage on to him.
Evil Schemes
Manipulating Metakirb into bring Who to him, so that he could transfer is conciousness into his body and escape the Anti-matter dimesion.
Converting Cactra into a Time Lady so she could be cloned and become the base of a new race of Time Lords on which to build his empire.
Omega speaks in Gold


Race: Time Lord/Morg
Profession: Laborer
Status: Very much alive
History: Dei is the result of an experiment by Omega to combine the DNA of Who and Cactra to create his first batch of new Time Lords. With Omega dead he follows on his masters work, sort of. And now he's not only a kitty but a she, who saw that coming folks? Yeah, he got better, now he's an ethereal floating slug thing with a penchant for body hopping. He got a body back, somehow. Being gifted with the girl of his dreams he's settled down now and might finally do something without screwing up. Okay maybe that's a bit of a stretch.
Dei speaks in Grey


Well she's not really a hero or a villain, so I figured I'd give her her own section. Behold Elyea!

Race: Human
Age: 16
Profession: Truenamer
Backstory: A body created by Dei for Jeska to inhabit, when she left the body retained life but had no memories. She spends her days playing with blocks, smiling and being totally unaware she lives with a bunch of amoral psychopaths. Then her self imposed mother left her and she was cared for by Nadine. Under her watchful supervision she developed a knack for truespeech and now considers herself pretty much the most awesome thing ever. She hangs with Ary, so this is understandable.

Eylea talks in Violet.

Another neutral character so she gets her own space too, blimey I've got a lot of girls here.

[TekTek in Progress]

Age:22 (sorta)
Backstory:A leftover from Dei's short stint as Kelri's pet. She is now her devoted pet, willing to do anything to make her happy.

Kitty speaks in grey italics

GURPS stats

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