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Where are your characters from?

What was the inspiration for any of your characters?

The most recent for me was Garret, because it was a strange logic chain. The idea for the Elemental Rift came from my desire to have a variant on humans that could generate an electrical charge so that a bard could have an electric guitar.

Then, while I was working over the summer, I came up with the idea of Iolostan, The Land of the Eternal Storm. Honestly, I got Iolostan first, then there was a big storm gathering (the fourth in a week), so I decided it meant Land of the Eternal Storm. An island nation has to have a powerful navy (look at England historically), and the idea of Iolostan only really worked with an island, where the rift was in the center.

Then I wanted to make a dread pirate, so I made Garret, and I decided he was from Iolostan, and then wrote his backstory from there.

So, Garret, the Dread Pirate and Scourage of Iolostan, cam from my desire to get an electric guitar into the hands of one of my DnD characters.

Metakirb has, as far as I remember, just kindof always been, I don't remember thinking him up, I don't remember how I thought him up, as Far as I remember he just was, which i always find wierd.

Otherwise A bunch of my characters, Estran, the corolox and a few more, were the result of a kind of fire emblem inspired story i decided to write when I got bored in english GCSE lessons a few years back. I think I can still find them somewhere. Most my other characters have stemmed from these central ones.


Metakirb came about as a combination of two earlier online names I had, Meta Dragon, and Cutter Kirby. I think I came across an online game where both of those were taken, so i put them together and: Metakirb.

From there his character just developed.

Kelfi, my latest addition, actually grew out of the Matrix Cord, which is a weapon I've been experimenting with that has a pretty funny real life model. If you've seen a ceiling fan with the beaded pull cords, it started as one of those.
My family owns an apratment complex, and we had to buy a new one. Thing is that they sell them in 6' lengths, so we bought one, opened it, and decided to reuse an old one instead. Which left me with a 6 foot cord to play with.
I noticed that if you spun it, it would bend at two points along the cord, and it formed a contained area. Then, when I started considering combat techniques for it, I noticed that in that spin, it gained a lot of momentum. I dubbed that the matrix, and matris combat evolved from there.

So yeah, it came from a ceiling fan pull cord.

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