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St. Patrick

What's your Sign?

Due to the website we're creating for holidays, we'd like to know the sign of members.  Chinese Zodiac sign, that is.

Don't forget to mention your birthdate as well, so I can add that on the birthdays page.  (I know we have a birthday thread, but this will help me organize everything.

What I'd like to know from you:

Your birthday
Your western Zodiac
Your eastern (Chinese) Zodiac

If we can think of anything else, we'll be sure to ask.
Thanks for your support!

My birthday is 17 May

Western Zodiac - Taurus the bull

Chinese Zodiac - The Boar (on another one the Pig)
    The month - May - The Snake

hm, interesting, both are animals that get irritable easily...

I got it from here.  It could be right?  It could be wrong?

Birthday: January 21st
Western Zodiac: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac: The Dragon

Birthday: (aw crap, I didn't want to share so close...) December 28th
Western: Capricorn
Chinese: The Dog

Birthday: July 16th
Western Zodiac: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac: The Dragon

Birthday: 21st February
Western Zodiac: Pisces
Chinese Zodiac: The Monkey

Birthday: March 16th
Western rubbish: Pisces
Eastern rubbish: (Yang Steel) horse

Birthday: March 4th
Western Zodiac: Pisces
Eastern Zodiac: Rooster

I'm January 27th

I'm an aquarius
and I don't know what animal I am.
You're a llama.
Hush, they didn't ask about fursonas.  Its a figure based on the year i was born.
Did you tell them you were born in 1982.  That may be helpful and I'm not a fursona.  

No, you're an idealized standard of what I wish I was, but that's beside the point and I do need to get back to work.  

Fine, but tonight I'm writing a letter to Santa or else.  I want a new collar.

VV WOOF!  Thanks, Wu.  
That seems kinda creepy, given that collar mentioned earlier.
But it explains so much.

The 13th of may.. On a friday even.

Western: Taurus
Eastern: (Yang Earth) Dragon.

Llama llama's a dog, just like me...but I'll double check since you're near the new year line..

It was Jan 25th, so you are, in fact, a dog.

June 1st 1987
Western: Gemini
Chinese: Rabbit

87 would be the rabbit.  Fire rabbit, to be exact ^.^
The Chilli God

14th July:
West: Cancer.
East: Snake.

And, dangit, I just gave away my entire personality.

B-Day: March 11

West: Pisces

East: Goat (not a sheep. >_>)

actually, the reason it is destinguished as a sheep in western culture is we already have a goat in the western zodiac (capricorn.)

But it is not only the west that distinguishes it as such.  In the popular Japanime Furuba (Fruits Basket), the boy that changes into that form does indeed transform into a sheep.

November 21
Western: Scorpio (barely)
Eastern: Sheep

June 8th
West: Gemini
East: Monkey

December 13th
Chinese: Horse
Western: Sagitarius

November 1st
Western: Scorpio
Eastern: Horse

January 8th
Western: Capricorn
Eastern: Ox

November 28

West: Sagittarius.

East: Goat, Ram, Sheep, whatever.

October 13, 1990



Edited to correct Chinese Zodiac figure.

Blah, I hate horses.

Birthday: August 31st

Western: Virgo

Eastern: Monkey

B-day: September 7th
Western: Virgo
Eastern: Dragon

Draken Frosthand

Birthday: 21 April 1989
Western: Taurus
Eastern: Snake

Western: Scorpio
Chinese: Rat
Hindu: Swati

Birthday: October 6th
Western sign: Libra (without counting Ophicus)
Chinese sign: Dragon (Yang Earth, if i'm not mistaken)

*claps* I'm impressed that you know about Ophiucus.  Though I like the name Serpentarius better.

Wukei wrote:
*claps* I'm impressed that you know about Ophiucus.  Though I like the name Serpentarius better.

i took a cosmology course on my 2nd term of General Studies at College, mostly 'cause biology was booked up. Interesting but a little difficult on the exams, i was lucky that the practice classes were worth the same as the Final term exam. Razz

Awesome.  I plan on taking a double major of Theology and Mythology.

as far as i remember, we don't have a Mythology major here...

but, well we're derailing the topic. Let's focus people. Razz

hey, it still has a basis in chinese myth, thank you very much.  like, did you know that each of the elements has one of the four gods as it's guardian?

i don't know much about the chinese mythology, i may learn some of it is i get the chance.

Birthday: Nov 23
Western Zodiac: Sagittarius - The Archer (just barely missed being Scorpio)
Chinese Zodiac: Water dog

Hmm... a water dog...
The Herald

Birthday: April 20th, 1988.
Western Zodiac: Aries-Taurus cusp. Not one or the other, but both. Gr.
Chinese Zodiac: Year of the Dragon, Month of the Dragon, Hour of the Rabbit, according to Wikipedia.
Shadow of the Sun

Birthdate: December the 6th, 1991
Western Sign: Sagittarius
Eastern Sign: Year of the Sheep, month of the Pig, hour of the Dragon, also according to Wikipedia.

July 21st
Western: Cancer, the crab =D
Eastern: Snake

....Grumpy Valdi

December 21st 1989
Western: Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp (Sagittarius' last day)
Eastern: Snake; I think.

July 17th, 1991
Western: Cancer (Sample Cancer horiscope: "You will lose everyone you love and die alone.")
Eastern (Element/Animal): Metal Sheep (Do I produce steel wool?)

Birthday: May 23
Western: Gemini
Chinese: Rooster

Birthday: April 10
Western: Aries (baaaaa)
Eastern: Rat (2008 is my year!  First 'cos we cheated...)
Obsidian Blade

Birthday: 13th September. Yes, I defy the American way of dates.
Western Sign: Virgo
Eastern Sign: Rooster... I think...

I found out that my sister wasn't the rat after all.  She was born Jan 30, was to be the year of the rat...but not til Feb 2.  She's a boar, and the last of the 60 yr cycle before this one.  She would have been the first of the cycle if she was a rat.
Ms Elaneous

Birthday: December 14th
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Native American Zodiac Sign: Owl

July 23rd, I'm a boar, I think I'm a metal one as well as being Cancer (if you read the Daily Mail) or Leo (if you read the Scum, sorry, the Sun)
Destro Yersul

Oct 14
Zodiac: Libra
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon

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