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Shadow of the Sun

What are you afraid of?

I have to say, I've got no real good reason for this thread. Consider it one of my random whims.

For me, my greatest fear is that one day, I will have woken up and stopped caring to the point that I'm willing to kill people. I know I make the jokes, but I am honestly afraid that, deep down, I'm a killer. I know these claims are probably pretentious, but I'm really afraid that I'll lose control and kill someone.

What am I afraid of? Well it seems at times that most of the people I care about end up being suicidal on some level; my girlfriend, my best friend, my little sister and even some of the best people I have met online. I'm afraid that one day they will stop being able to hold themselves back and take their own lives. I guess what I'm most afraid of is other people's suicide....oh and heights I'm scared beyond belief of heights.

>.> <.< >.>

I will never tell!  

*runs away*
The Bushranger

The one thing that I'm truly afraid of is that I will drive away a friend through my actions. That I'll say something or do something that hurts or offends them, and that instead of talking it over/out with me, they just...go. And I don't hear from them again, and I'm left wondering what went wrong.

That's what scares me.
Destro Yersul

Hmm.. I.. well, I don't know, really. I guess one of the things I'm afraid of is death. Seems kind of silly, maybe. But there's so much left that I want to do, and life is so amazingly fragile. Could be walking home one night, not see a car.. bam!

Other than that, I'm not sure. I'd have to think about it.

Losing friends
Losing family members
Taking risks
Food that's gone bad
Obsidian Blade

I'm honestly not afraid of my own death. I'll live life as much as I can, and if I die, I die. I want to see what happens afterwards, anyways.

What really scares me is the thought of my family and close friends dying. I have nightmares every time on of them steps on a plane, or a boat, or go to a rough section of town. Or threatens suicide. I start shaking every time someone I care about mentions it, even offhandedly.

My other big fear is of comas. I don't know why - there's something about not having any control whatsoever over your body that creeps me out.

Spiders, heights, dark waters (where I can't clearly see the bottom), rings (the ones you put on fingers), bowling balls, ties and anything else that goes around the neck. Probably other things I've never subjected myself to much before, and thus don't know about.

I'm really not afraid of death, I think it'll be the greatest experience of all. I'm afraid of dying, especially too early or slowly with a lot of pain and fear, generally the normal concerns of the living... but death itself will have no equal, I'm sure.

I'm also terrified of causing pain, harm or sorrow to those I love and care about, intentionally or not. That's probably my greatest fear.
The Chilli God

Fear of...

High Jumps.
Public transport, I think. Not quite sure.
Other people having a negative impression of me.
Failure in something that I worked hard to try and achieve.
All my friends online not knowing that I am dead, if I do die.

Death itself is okay, so long as there isn't any excruciating pain.

I am afraid of what I cannot see.
Orange Zergling

I can't really tell what my mortal fears are, but for some reason I am scared I will post something here or on gitp in my sleep that either be incredibly stupid and/or will be incredibly offensive. I have a long history of sleepwalking, although I haven't fried bacon or anything in my sleep...


Some medical stuff makes me faint
Butterflies and moths unnerve me <.< >.>
Losing someone I love

Permanent illnesses that will eat my body and stay with me until they kill me somehow. Particularly diabetes, because a lesser fear of mine is shots and I think I'm mentally incapable of giving myself a shot.

Public speaking and performance.

Becoming as stupid as the people I've despised for their stupidity. Basically, losing my brain.

Power tools.

Interacting with complete strangers.

Water in my ears.

People realizing I'm an incredibly unpleasant person and acting accordingly.

The Chilli God wrote:

All my friends online not knowing that I am dead, if I do die.

Kinda silly, but I'm afraid of this, too.

Being trapped in the dark, all alone would be a big one, I suppose....
Toss tight spaces into it and you've got a terrified DeBunny.

Dying and not being noticed is a fear as well.

Darkness (only if I'm alone)
Utter silence
Early death/Unnoticed death
Loss of loved ones

Erk, how could I forget injections?
Horrible things make me pass out. >.<

1. I'm not afraid of heights or of falling, it's the abrupt stop at the bottom that's got me on my knees begging "please, please don't make me try rappelling!" or saying "rock climbing? Not in this or any other version of reality."

2. Failing. Especially if someone else is relying on me. The thought of letting them down or betraying their trust scares me stiff. This should be #1 on the list actually.

Dying. I don't want to die.

Heights. This also includes flying on aeroplanes.

Losing loved ones... losing friends.

Being rejected.

I've gotten over my pedophobia (fear of children.  Thus my character's hatred of them.) and acrophobia.

However, I'm still agoraphobic.  This doesn't include the fear of open places.  It is the fear of large groups that unsettles me.  During my grandfather's 70th birthday I was curled up in a corner drinking wine (they didn't have anything stronger, and unfortunately it was aunts suck at choice of drink.)

You know, I actually prefer a lot of things that Uber's scared of?  Love the darkness.  I can sit in silence for hours just staring at the wall (that's where I get most of my storylines from.)  And I'm not afraid of death, necessarily.  I'm afraid of the pain that may happen during death.
Draken Frosthand

Dogs (any dog ><)
Blood (only while it is dripping from large cuts and pierces, it turns my stomach)

There are some things I just can't endure when blood related, any glass cuts that bleed I am most likely to faint, and I would never watch a surgery, my stomach would disagree with the entire scene.

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