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Welcome to Enupnion

It has come to my attention (or rather, I realized and thought of it myself >>) that we don't exactly have an area for new members (infrequent as they may come) to introduce themselves and meet the people who are already here, (not to mention ask questions about the forum).
So here is a thread for it. Hey people. =)

*generic cheers*

Hi all! *waves*

Heya everybody! *waves*

Hey! I'm here.

I think.

No, you're not here Exy.

Whereas I am. Hey everyone.

*blows something up*

'Ello peoples.

Hi there, I finally arrived.

I TOTALLY didn't forget to invite you.
Renegade Paladin

Amiria! I was wondering where you were around here. Mr. Green

I have a question.

Does ENUPNION mean something or stand for something? And how do you pronounce it?

Enupnion is a greek word that means "dream."

In greek, it would probably be spelled (listing each letter since I don't have the greek symbols readily available:) epsilon, nu, upsilon, pi, nu iota omicron nu.

it would therefore be pronounced:


I will have this confirmed later today.

As an update, I got my Greek teacher to tell me the pronunciation, and apparently transliterating Enupnion to english got it a bit messed up.

While I got it mostly correct, the first E is actually an upsilon with a rough breathing mark in Greek. Which means that instead of being eh-newp-knee-on, it is instead:


Yeah. There is an H.
J. Muller

...I've been and will most likely continue to be pronouncing it "E-nup-nee-on".

I say it:

Although Now I look at it, there's an N i've missed.

Orange Zergling

I say it Ee-Noop-Nee-Onn. And still will, even though it's incorrect.

Because I'm stubborn like that. =/


I'll have to try and get the new pronunciation correct...I'm crap at pronouncing things correctly...

Hew-newp-knee-on. Right.

Hello to umm....that Flie person.

Hia, peoples. Gez has arrived.


Heya Gez.

I've been here for a while, and I'm just now saying hello...

Well, with the invitations, I have joined here. I shall be making a character tomorrow.
Lord Vader

I also joined because of the recent invite. I plan on making some new characters, my Old Town ones will stay there. I just find it easier that way.

Anyways, just saying hi. Smile

Now we have lured you in with our promises of 'peace', we can eat your brains or other thinking-organs without fear! Muahaha!

No, seriously, it's good to see you guys. Hi!
Lord Vader


*pulls out shotgun*

Now all I need to do is figure out what kind of character to make... Razz
wxdruid many choices to make......
Lord Vader

Actually, I have no ideas. Mainly because I want something original. I would pull in a character based from Warhammer Fantasy or something, but I want something original.

*enters quietly in the thread*

Hello all, just checking in for the time beign...

not much else to say...

except for that clown doing rude hand gestures at me from that corner...if you excuse me...

*leaves off camera, chainsaw in one arm, and a Splinter caparace on the other*

Presidential Announcement #1: I Am Here

Contrary to popular opinion, I do actually exist. Google is not so smart that they have made an ultra-bot that can imitate an anti-social human, so that should allay some of your fears. I just have not had enough time to post anything. So, on to buisness.
       This post is mostly just to tell you a bit about myself and my playing style. First off, I want to give a little shout out to Uber for inviting me to this forum.

*general golf-clapping spreads through the crowd*

And now, for the interesting stuff.

Unlike some people who join forums like this, I actually have a history of playing games like this. About two years ago and for six or seven years previously, my friends and I played a little game that closely resembled the Town scenarios. Of course, that was a lot less structured. After We stopped playing that at lunch, I started a similar thing with one of my friends in my first-period gym class, pitting his DaD/WoW-oid world against the world of the "Abhorsen Trilogy". As a side note, anyone familiar the names from that series is probably going to be tempted to report me for perjury. Please refrain from doing so, because I am totally inept at coming up with names, but Mr. Nix is so talented, so I'm just going to take from him. As you reading this can probably tell, I am very, very wordy. So my character background stories are going to be positively monstrous. Therefore I recommend that you guarantee yourself at least 2-10 minutes for each of my articles. Finally, should any of you be foolhardy enough to attack any of my characters, I will give you a little advice. Yeah, I know, giving your prospective opponents can be cosidered counterintuitive, but this is more of a challenge. All of my characters have a designated "weak point". This does not always mean a point on the body, it could be a mental trait, a temptation they can't resist etc. etc. I can guarantee that, if you look hard enough, you will be able to find there weakness in their profile. I will not, however give it to straight, I.e.: "If you stab so-and-such in the heart, then chant the sacred mantra of stupidity, then pour a third of a vial of toad-blood in the wound, he will die!" (Also, none of their weaknesses will ever be that complex). After all of these years of making characters, I have learned how to make people work for my weaknesses. Holy crap. See what I mean about wordy? Ok I'll stop now. Talk to me!

P.S. I can't draw for beans, so if someone could draw me some avatars? That'd be great. Thanks in advance!

Hiya. Welcome.
Assorted phrases like that.

Roleplay.  Be merry.
Or I'll eat you.




I got nothin'.

Well, you could always wave to our newest.
Always polite and welcoming.
*points to thread name*
And this is a welcome thread. =P

Ah... You've made it. Excellent. Let the soul-snaring begin! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Welcome to Town.

Welcome to Town. Enjoy your stay. Please allow us to fit you for a nice straight jacket. You see, we're all a little crazy here.

*strugles in the jacket* I told you I wasn't. I'm perfectly sane. I was only trying to kill that guy because he turned into dragon and made fun of my mother! I swear! HEEHEEHEEEE!! *gets tranquilized by big guys in white uniforms*
Nighty night, crazy guy...

Welcome To Enupnion, Fresh Meat!

Hey there, and welcome to Town, Mr. and/or Mrs. and/or Ms. Green! At long last, I now have someone newer than me to ... well, to something! Anyways, please see what the others have said to me when I was the freshest meat in town! Hooray! I am now slightly putrid!

*Awkward Silence ensues*

*cough* ok, bad metaphor.

So yeah, Wilkommen!

Um, yeah! Welcome to all those people who I haven't welcomed yet. Have fun!

Okay, Seeing a few of you from the old Giants land, I feel obligated to welcome you all..

And we have the men in white coats wating to take you to your permanent residence waiting just out that door. We even have custom fitting uniforms for you! JOIN NOW AND HAVE YOUR SOUL-*Thip!*-Erk!...
*Thip, thip, ThipThipThipThipThipThipThipThipThipThipThipThipThipThip!*
*Falls over riddled with tranquilizers*
D'ya think you over did it, mate?
*A tall figure in a white cloak drags body away.*
You saw nothing. Move along.
A Rainy Knight

Hello, everyone.  I'm guessing that most of you recognize me from the GiantITP forums, so, yeah.  I'm not sure how much I'm going to actually be on this page, but I'll be sure to check in now and then.  This looks like a pretty fun place!

We are, of course, glad to have your soul you.

Shh they aren't supposed to know about the soul stealing until they try to leave.

Heya Rainy. Welcome. =)

Darkblade wrote:
Shh they aren't supposed to know about the soul stealing until they try to leave.

I have my soul very well hidden, thank you. you'd only take a lousy, artificial substitute that tastes like plasic cutlerfish.

and not, it's not hidden under my pillow. I'm not risking a Soul Fairy visit...


*loads enchanted cerberus, just in case*

Wow, would you look at all the names I actually recognize!  Well, might as well look around. (I'm here now, there's no getting rid of me.)

I think I have seen you a few times also.. Can't say where.. But welcome! We have plenty of... Rooming... For everyone.

Jacklu used to Town on a regular basis during the First Age of Town.  He played a large part during the second age, as well.

Hello everyone.

*listens to groans*

Oh, come on!  I'm not that bad, am I? Razz tired of that empty void in my life where the town used to be...and all you guys leaving made the GitP town into some kind of empty soulless husk.  Sooooo.  I decided to join up here to get my fix of RPing.

So.  To all the people who know me: hi.

To all the people who don't: I am so sorry that your life has not yet been enriched by the wonderful goodness of Me.

Oh, and hi. Razz

We finally got that guy who always reminded me of muffins for some reason!  I think it was his hair....

HI SNEAK![/spastic]

Yep, my hair is decidedly muffiny. Razz

Anyway, hi.



Holy $#@? It's Sneak???



Holy $#@.  It IS me! Razz

Lo everyone.

ITs not Sneak.  Its an Alt.  Probably of Iames or Vael.  

If you poke it with a stick it doesn't make a Sneak noise.

Oh, it's a person! Who I recognise... kinda... ish...

No honestly, you do look familiar. I just haven't posted on the old GiantITP boards for such a long time.

Anywho, welcome to our humble little community thingie.

So.  You've found me out, Llama.

But which one am I?  YOU SHALL NEVER KNOW!  Dun dun duuuun! Razz

Oh, and hi Baeleck.  Can't say I recognize you either, so nice to meetcha. Very Happy

Hehe, it's Sneak-tastic!

Glad you're on board old-timer.

Welcome Sneak, hope you have fun....

Sneak returns!  Cool!

er... or posts here for the first time...  close enough...

Evening, folks. I thought I'd bob on in...though I freely admit to being a tad lost.

Atreyu's in bondage, Sneak's back...

Time to hide the wolf, I think.

(Happy New Year, guys.  Sneak, CT, awesome to see you both again Smile)
The Bushranger


Hey, everybody...

Hey BR. Nice to see you over here at Enupnion.

@v Oh bleddy hell. *Changes*

Wink Kinky typo Bae. =P ^.^

Heya BR. *hugs*

@^ kinkyness gone. =( Oh well.
The Bushranger

Hey Bae.

And hey there, sis.  Smile *hugs back*

That can't really be BR its not a ghost.
The Bushranger

Hardy har har. Razz

Figured since I was here for Townishness, I'd use Orion instead of my usual ghostly self. Wink

Shocked Blasphemy!
The Bushranger

However, like the Cylons, I have...a plan.



Hello all. I'm looking to get a little RPing done, so I figured this would be the place to go.

Welcome to Enupnion! Very Happy

If you've got any questions, feel free to ask. Welcome and enjoy.

Not necessarily about Enupnion itself, but at the bottom of the page it says that there are 144 registered users, but that the most users online at one time was 243. Any clue as to what causes this?

Guests and bots, though not registered, counts towards users. If there was a massive influx of three hundred people from the playground all at once, despite the fact that only a handful might've registered, then, yeah, you could have a very small Reg. Users compared towards Most users.

It could also be a glitch.

There was a time when there were something like 200ish bots on at a time. Or so it said. *shrugs*
The Bushranger

Just as long as they aren't Google Spiders...


(Hiya, Cassie!)
Arren Ro'Zrin

Hello, world! I am rather new-ish (the first thing I dis was create a failing thread) and wish to get a better feel for Enupnion.

So... yeah. Smile

Well, if you need any explanations or advice, feel free to PM me or any of the other moderators/admins. =)


No, no. We're not crazy here. Just deliciously mad. Welcome. *sips tea*

Your Avatar is Atrus!

<.< >.>

Hello all!


I knew I recognized that guy from somewhere!

Woo! MYST!

Holy cow! It is! *Didn't notice...*

Myst! Myst! Myst!

Also, welcome. The nice men with white coats will help you if you need anything. We will keep your secret identity safe as you go about your daily business.

Well, it looks like I'm the new kid on the block. So I guess I should start by saying hi.


Hi! Welcome to Enupnion. Smile

If you have any questions at all, feel free to send a PM to me or any of the other Mods.


Ah! Fresh blood!

Er... I mean... Welcome. Have fun. And don't expect to keep your soul.
Someone get him a straightjacket, too. We can't risk letting someone run around without one.

Thanks, Artemis. By the way, is your name after the Greek goddess? 'Cause she's awesome!

And Uberblah, what do you mean by, "don't expect to keep your soul"? Shocked

Hehe. Don't worry about it, Wolf. You may find out in time. Or you may not. I don't know. *shrugs*

I am the Godess of the Hunt, yes. Very Happy

And this can be kind of addicting...

Art... You were supposed to let him/her find out on his/her own... Way to take the "F" right out of "fun", Art. Crying or Very sad

I agree Art, you don't know how many time times I just woke up in the middle of the night, shaking, just jonesing for a hit of Enupnion.

Edit: Or was that speed? You know, I can never tell the difference...

Ah, thanks for the warning, Artemis.

And Uberblah, I'm a guy. Razz

That's funny Moxie. Very Happy
Shadow of the Sun

*sharpens flensing knife*

HI! I'm the local mind-breaker. I hope to become, good, good friends with you.


Also, wolf, if you feel that the boards are interfering with your personal life or (if your in school) your school life, feel free to take a break.  About a month ago I got back from a two month break, and it really helped my grades.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have good news!

I've been asking around at school, and giving some kids a way to find the site. As such, I expect this site to have alot of newcomers over the next few days.

Similar news here.  Two of my friends might be joining.  I don't know what their screennames will be, but one has never layed an RPG in his life, and is a big joker and sports guy.  The other is a pretty big gamer, but tends to be a little cocky.  Okay, pretty cocky.

...Well, at last count, there was like 9 potential new members. One's already joined. People, I'd like you to welcome Chris, my good friend. He's into DnD, and intends to help me playtest Dustworld. He's one of the many people who was concerned over the lack of on-foot combat rules, and tools for First Aid and mechanics skills. He's the new guy 'dragon lord.'

Is that dragon lord or Prince of Darkness?

dragon lord. Trust me, this kid knows what he's doing when it comes to DnD. Give him a good old Town-style welcome. He was lurking last night.

You mean punch him in the face and steal his wallet?

Just don't break his nose; it would be painful to look at.

No, Mox, the other one.  Where 27 women sleep with him in 12 days or less.

That seems to happen alot now. I should open a curtin shop....any way, I got Renom to join. that makes me Speical, Right?

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