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Weird Dreams

So...anyone got any wierd dreams?
Shadow of the Sun

Define 'dream'.

Because if you mean 'hallucination during a temporary comatose period', no.

If you mean 'life goal',


Sometimes it's people I used to know... friends from school, or college... in different situations, completely unexpected. Those dreams usually make me sad, because it makes me remember the people who I failed to stay in contact with.

Sometimes it's obviously inspired by whatever game or TV show I've just been playing or watching. I'm usually a minor character, or I've been written into it. Not much interesting happens, although it's often wierd. Last night I remember something about making lego helicopters with some of the people from Heroes...

I also remember, a long time ago, having a dream about some kind of Lord of the Rings and Pokémon crossover
"You Shall Not Pass - Pikachu, Go!"
Team Rocket were riding Film-style Wargs towards Rivendell, which was a bunglow shockingly similar to my old house, with a Pigeot on the roof... And I think there was some link between Legendary Birds and Elven Rings... We couldn't find Articuno...

Woah. Ah, well.
Obsidian Blade

My dreams are a mish-mash of bright colours, strange monsters, characters from my stories, complicated labyrinths, and a strange rhythmic music that's really irritating. I'm also usually tasked with finding some item of importance, and the plot gets so complicated that I don't even bother trying to remember what it was about.

My sleep isn't very peaceful.

Also - Wierd, Weird?


Yes, I had a dream that blackout learned how to log back onto MSN.

...and posted more than 6 words in the beginning of a weird dream thread...

I had a dream I had died.

I had to go down 5 steps in a dark dark cave. The first 4 steps turned red, the last green. When I got to the bottom, there was a booming voice... 'Coll, you go to hell!'
And I fell through the floor to the lobby of a post restaurant. I could see the kitchens, the firey pits of hell.
Today's special was fried chicken.

All my dreams are weird.
I have only ever had one dream.

Hmm. Define weird.

Because technically, all my dreams are weird. =P

Lets see, while I was having a fever I had some odd ones.

First off there was a hismatch of pipes all interconcted in a jumble. This was only made odder by the fact that stuff was wrapped around the pipe. Pizza, people, bricks. Anything. That was about it for the dream part. But then I woke up and had an out of body experiance, and there were 4 of me floating above my body spinning in circles. Then I woke up again.

Then there are my non fever dreams. It started out with me and my brother parking our yellow submarine in the basement and going inside to find our house was being beseiged by pirates. So in an effort to distract them we sent our knife fighting monkey to fight their knife fighting monkey. As this was happening we mad a break for it. Then batman started chasing us in the batmobile. So we hide in the Hotel 8 that appeared to be near my house.
Ms Elaneous


There isn't enough room for me to even begin to describe this.

Although, many of my characters are dream born. Mneme/the Archon are. Namely the Archon. He was stealing a memory of mine, gosh darn his hide! Ah, well. At least he was polite. He let me choose which memory to give up. Can't seem to remember what I chose...

And Dante is dream born as well. Only, imagine him pretending to be a courtesan, then her face suddenly splitting apart jaggedly before she wolfs someone down in a burst of flames. Yeah, that one was weird.

Heck Ms. E, almost all my characters are dream born.

<.< I get loads of character ideas from dreams...Just never use them...>.>

Jack being a "town hopper" was the idea given by a dream, come to think of it...can't remember much from that dream...
Ms Elaneous

Does anyone ever dream of themselves being a different gender or age?

I don't do it often, but I have been a man with a family in my dreams. Then the whole house got cursed, I pulled a Rip Van Winkle, and when I woke up, everyone else was dead and I was a walking skeleton.

The most recent dream I remember is the attack on America where my Dad was drafted and Mom and I were fleeing to someplace very cold for safety. I had half an hour to pack and most of it was coats. Most of the town where I live was on fire or in crumbled pieces.

Had dreams when I'm a different age. Never been a boy in my dreams though...
Obsidian Blade

Sometimes I dream that I'm very old and can't move because I'm so weak, but I never have a family in those dreams. Hopefully that's not an omen...

As for gender, I can happily say that I've never been a guy in my dreams. But in one dream there were all the animated characters from Mulan, and they were the opposite gender and dancing. It was kind of creepy..

Wow. I rarely ever have or remember dreams.
Maybe that's why I sleep so well...

The one dream I can remember was fever induced. I was looking for my toothbrush. It was in the bathroom, but the bathroom was missing. But somehow, the toothbrush was also in the concrete floor of the bathroom.

Myself, i rarely remember dreams...and when i do, they make perfect sense to me...

this week is "The-one-before-finals"...i'm bound to have at least one nightmare...>_<
The Chilli God

I often have dreams where I'm telekinetic and I have to use my powers to save the world from being blown up.
You know, Marvel Heroes style.

And, by often, I mean comparatively often. I don't recall very many dreams. Fitful Sleeping FTW! *High Five*

Hmm, I guess I've only had one weird. dream.

It starts off with me on top of a skyscraper looking over the side at the city below, and everything is a strange red colour. Then I turn around and there's this huge spider approaching me.

Before it reaches me though, the building...Explodes or something, I'm never quite sure what happens, but I get thrown off the building and fall to the ground.

However, I never hit the ground, at that moment I wake up and the whole room seems to be spinning around me, while the bed feels like it's trying to throw me off...
Orange Zergling

All the frickin' time, except I can't remember a lot of them, just that they were unpleasant or strange. I do remember a few, though.

Like, the first night after I got my alarm clock:

I was wandering a massive skyscraper (empty of people or objects) with white-and-grey tiled floors, white walls, white ceilings, no windows, and elevators that were a pale red inside. I kept going from floor to floor, trying to get out, yet never running. In the background, I hear an odd beeping noise. Then I wake up and find my alarm clock started to go off 15 minutes ago.

EDIT: Or, the one I had a few years ago, during which time my ear hurt and we had scheduled a doctor appointment to get it looked at. Turns out it was having problems draining, and was on the path to infection.

I was stuck in a big brown cave, everything is lit perfectly equally, from every direction, and there are no lights. There's a battle being fought by invisible machinery (that I could see, but I knew they were invisible... I think they were cannons), explosions wrack the place, always missing me. I kept trying to find my way out, but everywhere I went there was no exit.

It's related if you think about it.

I have several weird dreams.

Some are actually of the Town. Some aren't allowed to be talked about on these forums.

Some are a combination of the two. =P

When I was younger, I used to have dreams that I would have to drive all the time.
Like, my mom would somehow leave me at the store, and walk home...which was far too far for a six year old or whatever.
Anyways, these dreams would always end tragically.
This may say something about my mother, who left me when I was seven and never came back and was abusive while she was there (I dream of her frequently, actually) or it could say something about my fear of learning how to drive...

Also, I actually have dreams where I die. Everyone says this is impossible, but it happens to me. I'm always falling, I land on pointy-jagged rock, everything goes black and I die.
Not to say I see the afterlife, because that's when I wake up, but I have this feeling of knowing that I die.

The amount of dreams I've been having over the years has slowly been decreasing....
However, I can say this: almost every dream I have is lucid.
How I love lucid of the most enjoyable experiences I've had the honor of being able to do.

Another however, that fits the thread better: half of them are clearly spawned by some undiagnosed madness, things that would make the Far Realm giggle.
By strange coincidence, I usually have all five senses in these dreams, or very good simulations of them.

A good portion of them find ways to bring me pain, too....
Being impaled on writhing crayons hurts.....

I die all too frequently and sometimes I kill myself because I can't take the freakin' madness my mind is thrusting upon me. It's amazing how simple it is.
Run towards the chasing, oversized velociraptors.
Jump off the cackling cliff.
Thrust yourself onto a torturing croc-man's scalpel.
Sometimes it's the only way out....
My lucid dreams, the weird or horrific ones, offer no alternatives. If I wish to wake, I must die.
I think this means I have mental Doesn't really surprise me.

On a decidedly less grim tone (oooh, note and tone have the same letters. Odd how I just noticed that), my cheerier, weird, lucid dreams all seem to be a connected series, tossing me into a world that is an odd cross of Final Fantasy, Morrowind, and reality.

It started in a gladiatorial arena, where I was one of the guards posted at an entrance.
Very boring job.
Very boring dream.
The next dream in the sequence had me inside the facility, after all the patrons entered, running some errands for the dear old Empress.
She dies two dreams later at the end of spear.

Maybe sometime I'll write out what's happened so far, as I've written it all down in a journal.
Unfortunately my memory is utter uselessness so they're just simple summaries that were hastily written shortly after waking up.

Sleep, on the rare occasion that I actually dream (I've only had one in the past month) is a very peculiar time.

Well, that's very interesting. I've never heard of such a thing, and I too never thought it was possible. Tell me, Sophis, what's the afterlife like?

And on a tangent... Has anyone else ever had a dream where they are hurt or something of the sort and then wake up with the marks on their body? Happens to me all the time. And then there are the dreams where I can feel them as they're happening. It's very strange.

... I don't have a mesure of what is normal for a dream.. But I hear that dreaming in color is supposedly rare... And all my dreams are full color. Most stuff is colored like it should be for half the time and the rest is.. well, think about putting your hand into a hat to pull out the slip of paper only to be eaten by a pinapple. That makes perfect sense in context of dreams but needless to say, highly abstract. Atleast they stay plentiful.

I will say, Lucid dreams are awsome. But so were the falling dreams. They will be the focus as I still think those were my favorites. The first was due to me running and jumping out of a 60 story red brick building window... 43rd floor I think. Now the fun part was, eveything just slowed down. I could see the glass shards yet I wasn't cut or anything. And it was rather amazing how it refracted the light... Like trippy I would say for lack of better terms. Anyway, I was giggling madly the entire time in the dream even as I slowly fell, back first, to the formless streets below, everything blacking out when I passed the final floor...

And the second falling dream was me being thrown off the top of the Eiffle tower... by the tower actualy slingshotting me off. I was face down that time and there was the same blackout when face met pavement.

There are more.. Like the time I was in a twisted house of chutes and slides that was infested by zombies... but for another time... that one was epic..

Ah... Lucid dreaming! That's the term! Couldn't think of it. Thanks Teru.

So, this morning, I don't recall everything from my dream, but I remember it ending with me stuck in a garage full of BIG spider webs every...and BIG spiders (I hate spiders)....

....I literally shuddered myself awake.

It's snakes I'm nervous around...although I've held one. A constricter of some kind, I think...

Had a few dreams where there's nasty snakeses. One of those scared me from playing MM8 for a while, come to think of it...<.<

My friend has an irrational fear of sponges.


I had a dream that we got bombed.
During it I looked out of the window and saw a bomb floating above the ground, flying into the house on the right. I was on a first floor window.

Now, in the morning, I woke (although I didn't think I woke). Thinking that had just happened. Thinking I was awake and there during the time.

Now, the problem is, after, i realised it had to be a dream.
I live in a bungalow.
And There is no house to our right (looking out of a back window).

That reminds me. I dreamt that I heard a massive explosion last night. I woke up the instant I heard the explosion, my heart beating like mad, and I'm sure it took me about a minute to convince myself it wasn't real.

I used to dream often enough, usually weird things without sense but atleast no nightmares. Lately I don't seem to dream very often, instead I just hear sudden, brief noises when I'm right at the edge of sleep... always wakes me up and makes me feel uncomfortable or outright scared

It's odd having dreams without anything visual in them, just sound

I woke up when I dreamed an explosion.

Seems that it was a real explosion though. A while ago in England somewhere, a petrol station(I think) got set on fire.

Yeah. That was loud.

Hmm, current strangest dream involves everyone being a cyclops. The school I go to fusing with a mall. A zombie invasion. Guns Akimbo. And some other oddities.

I dream there for Iam awake

Dreams, a way to let the mind seperate the days input  Nah !!!

past lives Nah!! picking up others brain waves as we sleep, hummm could be.

Well what ever they are , have fun Smile go nuts.

I won't bore you withh all my dreams, so I'll just tell one of tonight.

I'm falling, through a pit, I can't grab the edges of the pit, but I can see I'm moving down, fast. When I look down, I see a huge reddish glow, like fire gives. When I look up, I see nothing but a closed door. I quickly fall and the glow is getting more intense, while the door gets out of reach, eventually becoming invisible. All the while I'm falling, music is played, it's a strange music, more like the scratching of nails on a blackboard put to melody. Every now and then, I hear a scream, cried out in utter agony. Suddenly, it gets hot, and I wake up.

You know.. If I had to say anything about that one.. Somebody's going to hell...

Or something like the fear of deep holes in the earth and being burnt by the mantle..

In actuality, I have no idea but it that I had to say some innane thing. But that is interesting that it would articulate like that. They say dreams are creations of stray memories flitting about in our subconcious... So it makes me wonder what would have triggered that. It is interesting just taking a look at these things.

I just had a dream where my gut was cut open with a scalpel and I had green segmented worms with lamprey mouths for intestines.

Looks like I'm not getting anymore sleep tonight. oO

The last dream I had I saw the end of the earth come.

I have to tell this dream, because I loved it so much.

From what I remember, I was taking a high school course. I don't quite recall why, but I know it had to be a high school course, because I remember asking the teacher if I could leave earlier, and tried to use the excuse "I've had two and a half years of college, I'm older than these other students." It was a fun class, though I don't really remember it was.

I do remember that one day, the "principal" showed up in the class, and we were all lined up along the walls of the room. Oh, and I had a telekinetic power. Very Happy I started moving things across the room towards me, to try to get their attention first, and finally started flying small rings around me.

The weirdest part I thought was suddenly there was a gap in time during the dream? I think. Anyways, I go out of the classroom, into the hallway, where I bump into my fiancee, Kalie. She hands me this slip of paper, with what looked like a building abbreviation and room number (Apparently I was on Purdue's campus?) I asked what it was for and she suddenly yelled "Run!"

I guess I was actually being held against my will, but I tried to escape to the destination on the paper several times actually. But each time it was as if someone had hit the reset button, or loaded a save point. The first time I kicked a guy trying to catch me in the face (and actually kicked out and hit the wall beside me with my knee in real life). The second time I tried to say I would never use my power to kill, then ended up shatter a huge two story set of windows...killing the people outside. The final time, before I just awoke recently, I walked out of the building, and saw that I was being followed by one of the men that had been trying to hold me against my will. As I started speed walking to get away, he'd match my pace and we'd share words back in forth, as I tried to get him to leave me alone. Finally, seeing no choice, I used my power to propel him away from me, and that's when I woke up.

Another thing I loved about this dream, was at one point I actually realized it was a dream. I think I half woke up when my knee hit the wall, but as the rest of the dream progressed, I remember thinking 'I need to post this on Enupnion.'

Ky, "You Know You've Been in Town Too Long"..
=P You're so silly.

Ok so this was a weird one last night, hopefully I can remember most of it.  It started out in a comic like form.  Me and my friend were leaving a grocery store.  He asked me if I had gotten the blank (can't remember what it was) I wanted.  I told him no and then suddenly it feel from the sky into my hands.  I still wasn't sure what it was but it reminded me of a giant peanut.  "Well that is a nice way to convinetly wrap up this plot, if only we had a way to move onto the next one."  I then said in a speech bubble.  Then from a van right behind us with with Taco Contest written on the side came a voice.

At this point we went from webcomic to animated seris in my dream.  The voice asked us if we thought we could eat more tacos then anyone else in this world.  My friend replied "In this world and any other."  The voice then instructed us to get in the back of the van.  So we went to the back of the van and I said something about not taking candy from strangers.  My friend said.  "Don't be silly if we couldn't trust him would this ice cream have France Nevada written on it?"  That is when I noticed the giant man sized ice cream taco with arms and legs in the back of the van.  My friend took a bite of said ice cream taco and climbed in.  Then the van drove away.

This is when my dream turned into a live action dream.  I got in a car and chased the van to my friends house.  Where I got out and started to climb up a hill on a sled by pulling on dandelions.  Then a friend from college came holding a script.  He explained that he had lost his spot and didn't know where we were.  Apparently we had been making a movie.

So yeah, odd.

I finally remembered my dream. It wasn't so much weird as it was... random. But that's just me, I suppose.

Well, the first thing I can remember is making some very nice and big lunch (though I never actually knew the contents of it) and running out of my house and around the neighborhood with it. Maybe I wanted to show it off? I don't know. Anyways, I come across my brother and a neighbor (a neighbor who only existed in my dream) who are also showing off their lunch (but their's wasn't as good as mine). My brother asked me what I was doing there, and I said "well what are YOU doing here" and he said "we're sick" as if that was supposed to explain it.
Not wanting to catch a... whatever they were sick with, I peddled (I must have gotten a bike somewhere) up towards beach. My lunch had mysteriously vanished. When I reached the beach, I noticed it was gone, and in its place was a city that was quickly filling and being destroyed by lava. I got the impression that I wasn't really there, I could just see it and it was nearby. Kind of like a disaster on TV. I wanted to take pictures because it looked very cool, so I ran off to get my camera before realizing my camera was with my laptop, and I had my laptop with me (though, in thinking back in the dream, I hadn't had my laptop before). I took some pictures and then decided I wanted a different angle to get a better one and turned upside down to take it. I looked away for some reason and the next thing I knew, the beach had flickered back.
I instinctively knew that I was looking at the beach wrong, and that if I looked at the correct angle or in the correct way I could see the lava city again, but I couldn't manage it. Next thing I knew, someone was telling me that my normal everyday attire would get my arrested if I wore it while I was on the beach. Odd. However, my dream self agreed with this until they told me I'd have to take off my pants. I wasn't so keen on doing that. I decided to head back to get appropriate wear, but making sure I saved my spot at the beach with some of my gear (because some very nice looking girls had just settled down next to me.)
Unfortunately, when I ran off from the beach I suddenly got into a school... library... church... place (No, seriously, I got the impression that it WAS a combination of all of the three) that was designed to combat dark forces in the world? So I was running around aimlessly, my previous goal of finding my swim wear forgotten. Then I noticed one of the professor's daughters (quite a young girl). She seemed to be lost. Or something. Not sure. She needed my help though, so I carried her off to the library where she started looking at children's books on dragons.
My dream shifted its focus away from her and to two guys a little ways over. One of them was making gold bars somehow. I knew it was something he shouldn't be doing, but it was something no one would tell on him for (you know the feeling, I'm sure). His friend was writing an essay. The teacher came in and asked them what they were doing, and they said "writing essays" even though the one had a stack of gold bars very poorly hidden behind him and no writing nearby at all. The teacher seemed to accept their explanation and I thought he must be a complete dunce.
Until he stood in the middle of the library and announced to his class that he was giving them a surprise check on their essays and that they should turn them in to him. The guy making gold bars said something about "not exactly being a paladin" and then scooted off with his gold. The professor got all mad until the guy came back- except I knew this was a different guy who looked exactly the same. The first guy maybe had been using a disguise? I don't know. Well, the professor started getting all crazy at him until they got to the first guy's last words, at which point the new guy said "no, I'll always be a paladin." I heard his words while I saw his double jump off a roller coaster to kill himself, and then the new guy leaped out of nowhere and caught him and saved him.
Then I woke up.
Obsidian Blade

I've had a dream twice in the last month that scares me for some reason.

I'm wandering through a city made of grungy, abandoned apartment blocks. I'm the youngest person there - some older people are on the streets, but there are no children anywhere. They've just disappeared. I might be looking for them, but mostly I just walk up and down these blocks for hours without really a purpose. Eventually I return to my own apartment. When I swing open the door, there's a woman in a long dress sitting calmly (creepily calmly, actually) in my kitchen. She looks up at me, and the most vivid thing in the dream is her eyes, which are jet black and too big for a normal person. She's holding a long knife in her lap. It's clean, but as soon as I see it I realise that something's wrong - my sister is missing. I run through the house looking for her, but she's disappeared as well. And the woman just smiles through the whole thing.

And then I wake up. Not terribly exciting, but I've severely annoyed my sister by going to check on her in the middle of the night both times I've had the dream.

Ok ladies and gentlemen, this is the wierdest I've had in a long time.

And I have wierd dreams.

Over here, we have a TV programme called Thomas the Tank Engine. It was spawned by a series of kids books that are actually pretty good and I loved them and the TV programme while I was learning to read.. That means I haven't watched it in years.

So, imagine my surprise when I start dreaming that I'm Percy the Small Engine. And I have a Plasma Cannon mounted in my cab. Yeah.

Yay I think, so I drive all round the Island of Sodor blowing shit up, engines, wagons, even the Fat Controllor, Sir Topham Hatt, himself feels my wrath until my cannon overheats and I pull into a siding to let it cool down.

Big mistake. because Toby and Mario, (who doesn't exist, but bears, in my fevered subconcious, a resemblance to an unshaven and piratical looking Donald and Douglas ) corner me and a menu pops up (I was obviously playing a computer game here) which says,

"Who would you like Percy's brain to belong to ?"

Well, I knew that if Toby owned Percy's brain, he'd be made to do boring stuff like shunt trucks about because Toby was always nauseatingly good, so I picked Mario.

I was then treated to stock footage of a grinning Mario holding Percy still while purple electrity played around him, presumably that's how you remove a steam engine's brain., with a message on the top saying "Percy the Ban, what a catch for Mario".

And then I woke up. Damn that was bizarre.

....What did you eat last night T-wolf? O_o

Tank Engine's brain, why do you ask ?

Ok, then...maybe that explains the wacko dream you had. Oh, well.

Thank you, TImber.
That made me laugh =3

Friday: I dreamt that I was at my house waiting for the school bus to come. My mom comes inside and tells me I need to get dressed. When I tell her I'm already dressed, she slashes my back with a bullwhip. I run out the door and turn to see both of her arms have become bullwhips that she is snapping to try and hit me. I run into my room, lock the door, grab my BB gun which in this dream is a real shotgun, open the window, jump out, and run through the streets.

The neighborhood has the same weird layout that it has in many of my dreams. Firstly, it's much bigger than my actual neighborhood is. At the very edge is this block of houses where weird Stepford Wife-esque people live, and if you go down any of the streets, they'll watch you through the windows for awhile and eventually come out and try to pull you into their house. I don't know what happens if they succeed.

Down the road I was running on was the few blocks where there was nothing but houses under construction. The construction workers were weird tentacle monsters of some sort, but they left me alone so it never bothered me much. Behind the block of houses-yet-to-be-built is a block where mostly normal people live, but one house is inhabited by some sort of serial killer, and that house changes every time I have a dream with the neighborhood in it. There's a bunch of manholes around the streets that I think might be home to zombies. Every once in awhile a really loud, tricked-out SUV barrels down the street and tries to run over anyone on the sidewalk.

Finally, to the right of the normal houses is a big factory which is a Colombian drug ring. Guards walk around the perimeter wielding automatic rifles. I'd never gone to this part of the neighborhood in my dreams before but this time it's where I ran.

A guard saw me and opened fire. I took refuge behind a port-a-potty. I tried to tell him that I wasn't doing anything wrong and just trying to get away from my house, but he wouldn't listen. I was forced to shoot him with the shotgun when he got too close. He went down, but by that time other guards had been alerted and were closing in on me.

I pumped the rest of my rounds into anyone who got too close, but there were still a handful of guards after I ran out of ammo. I frantically decided to make a run for it. A stupid move, for as I dashed out of my cover and tried to make it back to the street, about a million bullets hit me. I tumbled to the ground and my vision went black.

I woke up at my house, waiting for the school bus. My mom comes inside and gives me an ice cream sundae for being such a good boy. I eat it. It's good.


Saturday: I was inside my house. There was a new door next to the computer room door that had never been there before. I went inside and realized it was some sort of crazy time machine thing. If you wrote a number on the wall and then locked the door, that's how many years into the future you'd jump. I experimented with it for awhile but nothing really interesting happened. I stole money from my dad's wallet, which was still there 1,000 years into the future.

This was years ago. Interpret it how you wish.

There is a game run by an old woman. To play, you pick up a stick, name a creature that flies, and throw it toward a pond with a few lily pads on it. The farther the stick flies, the closer you are to winning. (You'd think that you could just throw the stick harder to win, but distance in this game is entirely dependent on what flying animal you name. Weird, not that I thought so at the time.)

I watch a few rounds (animals named include 'butterfly' and 'bat') before it is my turn. I announce my animal proudly, feeling clever for thinking of it ('flying tree toad.' What in Heaven's name is a flying tree toad?) and I win! I most likely receive a prize of some sort, but then my dream shifts location and time.

My house was at the top of a hill at the time, and I am now at the bottom of the driveway, but instead of the road, there are train tracks, and on the tracks is a huge train made out of red and gold bamboo. The old woman who ran the game apparently got a lot of money when I won, and is using it to move away. I am very sad because of this (apparently we were close? I don't really know why) but she is saying goodbye to me. She boards the train to go (she has a large brown suitcase) and I wake up.

ValdisRequiem wrote:
Thank you, TImber.
That made me laugh =3

No problem, it made me laugh too, when I recovered.

A day after seeing Cloverfield, I dreamt I was being used as part of a Mythbusters experiment, that involved attacking the Cloverfield monster with a gigantic darning needle wrapped in wire.

Adam and Jamie pushed me off a skyscraper, and sent me at the thing.  I managed to catch it between the eyes, and *POP!*, it turned into a gigantic wicker chair.

Yeah, I have no idea what the hell that was about, either.

I dreamt I was back in Iraq....I know I don't want to go back, yet I was happy to be there.  It was weird

The other day I was watching Mythbusters with Kendra...they had a 50 caliber rifle there and I saw the rounds....I was like, Oh, they were shooting that near my trailer?  Oh My goodness.....I'm glad it missed....

I have never had a dream in which I was capable of true flight. Instead, I dream often of being able to jump re-e-e-a-a-a-ly high and then falling re-e-e-a-a-a-ly slowly, as though I were on the moon.

Also, I dream often of somehow coming into the ownership of some amazing gadget or doodad or what-have-you, and then waking up and being very upset that the real me does not own such devices. It ruins the day when you realize that you cannot take your dreamed-up jetpack out for a leisure ride.

Also (again), I have often dreamed of my own demise, though such dreams are never really focused so much on my death than on what lies beyond it. It's always interesting.

I've kind of dreamt of flying, but it's still not true flight. It works something like Mario's Wing Cap in Mario 64. It's kinda weird, and I always feel like I'm about to fall if I don't keep concentrating. Except that concentrating isn't the right word... It's more like balancing, but on air. Yeah, something like that.

I seem to keep having dreams that lead to Deja vu moments.

Dreams...Currently, I seem to be dreaming about watching things happen, rather than actually being involved. It's weird.

I also dream a lot about people's avatars from Enupnion and Giantitp. And I dream also about posting stuff on the forums. And then get confused when I realise I didn't actually post that/that thread never existed. <.< >.>

Done that, even had visions of posting when I close my eyes and are still awake.

My dreams are obscure, but realistic. Like, I remember having a dream where my Godfather, a shaggy fellow, came to me, with a neat haircut and clean shaven, so I didn't recognize him, and he asked me to hide him. My guess is that my uncle is like a real life Sirius Black...

Another weird dream comes off of that old wives' tale that if you shave it, it grows in twice as much, and I woke up with a unibrow, and had to contemplate shaving it off.

Other dreams are just Deja Vu. And random stuff at that. But I've told people about these completely realistic dreams, if not for the fact that I was doing something I haven't done before, then bam, a few months later, it happens, and I brag about having a sixth sense that helps not in one bit.

I've had several wierd dreams of note. But whenever I talk to people in real life about dreams, they always only talk about recent ones, as if they can't remember ones from a long time ago, like I do. Only the bad ones last that long though...

The one I hada few nights ago was actually a variation on ones I have had in the past. Often I have dreamed about a mystical chain of onion-shaped souvineer (I know I mutilated the spelling of that poor word, and I hope it will forgive me some day) shopson a trail all across Illinois. This latest dream was fever-induced, so naturally it was a bit more elaborate than my usual "mom forgot me at the [insert name of popular store-chain I went to that day here] so I magically access that road and walk happily home, stocking up on sour candy on the way". ((As a side note, the day my dad gave me a little lesson on economics, I started paying for the stuff with inter-planar peso-euro-dollar-spoons)). This one started with a border conflict between Illinois and Indiana. All of the elected people in government were there and battling it out in the new Burj-Dubai, just airlifted from Dubai city for this particular event. However, Indiana brought one too many mayors into the fray, and so it was disqualified. After the dissappointing brawl between a bunch of clean-suited politicians afraid to get their wingtip shoes dirty and for no apparant reason, Arnold Schwarzennaggar who cracked everyone over the head with a picket sign that said "I am not a crook" and with each hit shouting "People are dancing in the streets!", my friend Josh and I were about to go home by way of a solid emerald double-bridge over a lake of oiled glass, when a family shouted "Hey!". We looked over and found that they had a zombie-mummy, so they had right-of-way. Apparantly, wrapping up a dead grandmother with toilet paper and duct tape reincarnated them and made them into a zombie-mummy, which was apparrantly now the highest class of society. So we let them pass. As we crossed the bridge, a giant stone head out of the game "Lost Kingdoms", great game by the way smashed my friend into a pulp, so I was left to go home alone. I went into the onion-shaped shops, but something was different. From the outside, they were all above-ground structures on all sides, but when you went inside them, they were suddenly at least half subterranean. Naturally, being in a dream, I thought nothing of this. But once inside, the only way to get out and continue on with your journey was to break a window with a stone Abraham Lincoln head you could buy there and climb through a small root tunnel. This continued on, until I woke up after a few dream-hours of searching the three-hundred-thirty-fourth shop for the Lincoln head.

Yeah. Post-nasal drip + violent hack-coughing + something happening that night to make all muscles atrophy rather badly and temporarily = strange days and even stranger nights.
The Herald

I had one this morning. I was in the game Mass Effect (or I was playing it, that part's fuzzy). It was the climax of the Noveria mission... and it was wierd. I can't remember how exactly, but it wasn't going the way the game goes.

Then my alarm went off.

My friggin awesome dream last night:

I started out in the back at my place.  *points at Vael* and you were there *points at SotS* and you were there...and my dad.  We were hanging out, having a great time when my home was attacked by a group of four pirates.  I ran in and pulled out a six-inch knife (I won't bore you with details).  I beat them and they ran back to their ship (which is amazingly enough parked in the water that doesn't exist across the road.)

I went outside and got on a black horse, rode across this hill (another thing that doesn't exist), and started shooting arrows at them.  I did pretty damn well, but was shot at and couldn't avoid it except to pull the horse down.  The horse and I fell and as I was losing consciousness I heard the captain state that I'd be a good asset and to take me to the ship.

When I came to I was inside the ship.  Not being the type to want to follow orders, of course, I attempted to fight my way out.  I was doing pretty well, but woke up in the middle of the fight.

My mom had a really weird one about a month ago, after I showed her this:

She thought she was an undead hunter (read:  Paladin) and that the whole world was filled with zombies.  The most important thing was that all of the survivors needed a belt.

Last night i had a dream were I met Andre the giants ghost while I was making a movie...And Bruce Willis was their.

Last night I dreamt I was fighting the Stay Puff marshmallow man from Ghostbusters in a boxing ring. Needless to say, I lost. Oh, and the Master Chief was there as my coach.

I had a weird dream. It was just so strange... I was tossing out trash with my sister and her boyfriend and some pushing aid, for my work and some lady wearing a wig poorly on her different colored hair. I griped about the machine going to fast, so I opted to push the stuff up the hill without using it, although when we got there, they decided to toss away the stuff really slowly, causing me to become eaten alive by mosquitoes.

....Wow. That beats the crap outta my boxing-ring dream. O_o

I think the lady in the cheap red dress with a bleach blond permed wig on top of her black permed hair was just such a nice touch...

I've had quite a few dreams now where all I'm doing is sitting at a table in a plain, white room. Across the table is Draken's Avatar (The human Draken Frosthand) and we just chat. As I don't remember the conversations we have, they turn out to seem rather boring. Though I get the feeling that the conversations weren't that exciting either.

...I think you may be spending just a bit to much tme on the boards.  And Mox, that's weairder than Rex.  In all of his various forms.

So, I'm already losing details of this dream, but I do remember it took place in like a large mall/high school of sorts? And I recall having to watch almost everyone I care about die. Anyways, at one point, it came down to Me, Hawkeye, Wukei, and The Librarian, all holed up in a house (still inside this mall/High school). Next thing I knew, it had all reset. Everything was pretty much like it was in the beginning. Only I remembered everything that happened. And started changing little things, trying to make sure it wouldn't happen a second time.

And then I woke up. And started forgetting all of it. T_T

And I think I'm dreaming really odd things.....or maybe my wish that men could experience childbirth for themselves...

I dreamt I was with a lot of women, all just hanging out.  Suddenly we have a guy in our midst.  A hugely pregnant guy who is about to give birth and someone goes to fetch a doctor and it all seems quite normal.  We make him comfortable and then we find out he's having twins?  Oh my!  I woke up before he actually had the babies.

Okay, here's a really strange dream.

I woke up, and wanted to use my computer, but everything was blurry because I didn't have my glasses on, so when I went to my bed stand, I had found my glasses had replicated, into dozens of vision not at it's best, I couldn't tell which one's the real one.

I think it stems off the fact that I keep several pairs of old glasses there anyways, and a few of them look similar with burgundy or gold frames, like my current ones have. The easiest way, I think now, to find the real one is to find the Red framed glasses, and use those to find my nearly identical current glasses.

I dreamed that I was in a live action Pokemon game. After walking around for a bit, finding a weird treasure system which involved flipping a silver gadget in the ground to unlock the green gadgets of the same type, then I went and found my ultimate rival, again extremely realistic, and tossed out a charizard that looks like it could exist. Then I woke up.

I just had to tell the forum, but I was already late for school, but upon going to school, which had an appearance by GLaDOS, I realized it was useless, and ditched out  before lunch and went home, where I got to my driveway to find cars skewed all over the place to apparently one of my brother's parties. One care was park across the road, blocking access, another was parked on my lawn, which is down a steep hill and kind of hard to get on to by accident. I sighed, went inside and found my brother, where I told him about my amazing dream. He was playing a video game that looked, at first, like Fable: The Lost Chapters ((Yes, because the scene in question was from the Frozen North)), but gradually turned into Morrowind. His friends sitting by him. So I tossed down some blocks that I must've gotten earlier in the dream, and formed a giant cherry, which resulted in all of his friends casting themselves into my family's very convenient Pit of Doom. Then I sat down and talked to my brother, who claimed that he could channel birds and other animals in the game as a werewolf ((Or Balverine)), so I suggested that he go and find people to turn, to which he claimed going into the demon nests was never a good idea. I asked him what he was talking about, he replied that he was referring to the towns. Then I told him that there were other places to find people.

Okay, how's that one for you. A dream about wanting to post a dream here. If I continue to have weird dreams like this, can I get the title "The Dreamer"

Hm, to get a feeling of my dreams: I do dream in color. The blocks that made the cherry kind of remind me of the Gummi Ships in Kingdom Hearts II, if you painted them with the Neon Pink color. I was slightly disappointed in the fact that even the stem was that color, and not neon green. I also tend to skip scenes alot. There's actually no memory of waking up in the dream, rather, I woke up in real life, then fell back asleep to realize I was late for school. Then I was at the period before lunch. Might've been Latin class from the feeling of pale yellow I associate with that section, along with the fact that I was with my friend. I said I was going home, and then like a missing reel I was there, with the vague satisfaction of making it out alive, which made me think of GLaDOS. For the parts where my brother was playing his game, when I was watching, it wasn't like I was watching a TV, it was like I was dreaming of that. Space gets screwed up as I can't remember if it was done in first person or third person; more like a fusion of the two which never actually showed me.

I was in colledge and we were doing this expeiriment and my partner was tom cruise. So, I got to spend a whole week with him. Not really a bad dream, come to think of it.
The Chilli God

It's not often that I can remember the content of my dreams. So, when I remember what happened last night, it must mean something important.

The dream started off in the home of one of my friends, apparently some of his other mates and I were staying the night at his place. I remember desperately wanting to get to sleep, hugging the mattress and such, while everyone else was having a pillow fight. My father walks in to try and calm us down, and at that point I know that we are actually on a train to a nice beachfront resort.
Fast-forwarding, we're at the resort, which looks quite cozy, there are quaint little white fences and plants surrounded by pebbles We check into our rooms and my friends disappear as if they never were.
At some point, I had super powers of psychokinesis and such, and was showing them off to my dad in our house's back yard, using them to levitate the very office chair that I'm sitting on right now, and also duplicate it. My dad tries it out as well, but he's either incapable, or he can't control the power, and ends up creating great big dirt-holes in the back yard. Mum's going to be pissed.
Fast-forward again, and I find myself in a steel room inside a steel longboat that had split in half a few generations ago. I was sent there on a mission to find survivors, and I found them. A whole community living inside air pockets or something inside the ship. They were dying out slowly because they could not reproduce. I get the feeling that I'm inside a Harry Potter story, even though no characters from Harry Potter actually show up and even though nobody casts any spells. Staying for goodness-knows-how-long, I notice a few sources of energy, and point them out to the community. They rejoice, knowing that they can use these energy sources to reproduce. My mission accomplished, I leave the ship (which has now turned itself to wood now that I'm outside), and am swimming up to the surface, knowing that (thanks to a potion or something) I won't run out of air. I notice a scroll and try to reach for it, but it's too far away, so I break the surface of the water and am sped quickly by the currents (no wonder nobody else has been out to that ship) to the nearby shore and that quaint little resort.

Details are sketchy after that, I remember trekking around a great pillar close to the beach with a friend, trying to avoid a crowd, but at some point, I wake up.

This morning, when I was half awake, I had a dream that I as looking over th boards, and, in the town, I found a thread, started by Art, that was something like Arcane Lovers.  It was 8 female arcane casters all from different players, highly sexy, aren't they all, plus Moxie (the character), and possibly Raril.  I didn't read the thread, but I got the impression it was all uncensored, and that the players were good avatarists.  I have no idea here this came from, and it does not mean that I'm saying Art and Mox are perverted.  I seriously had that dream.


Damn that's a good idea...

That's just funny, BB, and probably because I'm like the last person who would make that sort of thread, and Raril's afraid of women casters. Although, if he could get over that, I could imagine he'd of been having the time of his live.

I also had a dream involving some Townies this morning. Well...Magtok was there. I have no idea why, and I've forgotten most of the dream by this point. I think there was treasure hunting involved, and a jungle cruise, and some characters from Family Guy. I really wish I knew what tied all of that together, it was a fairly long dream too. Oh well, with the coming of the sun, all of it evaporated, like so much mist.

Dammit, Bookboy! Never give Moxie what he describes as 'a good idea'!
No imaginary cookies for you!

As for my dreams... I think I've been having a few recently. More that usual.
All I can generally remember, though, is that they're usually something to do with games/Town/TV shows that I recently played/watched.

I remember one in which I was just an observer to the action... There was someone clinging to the roof of a car/van as it was driving along. Eventually the people inside the vehicle gave in, and let him inside. Then there wasn't any floor the the van/minibus, and Rex threw a baby out of the back door to demonstrate that he wasn't as evil as people made him out to be...
I think that later on, we went to Lara Croft's manor (not that I've ever actually played any Tomb Raider games, or know what the manor would look), and there was a big buffet. And someone was messing around with a laptop, or something.

Yeah, it was kinda messed up.

Nah, I found it funny that he mentioned Raril and one of my characters... I already drew a picture like that. Wasn't very good...

Although, you know if Moxie was involved... Probably involve something that degrades her, treats her like a dog.

Not coming from Raril, I wouldn't think so. He has a healthy respect (fear) of women, and her canine traits would only increase that feeling.

*watches topic get derailed and puts on Mod' cap*

But let's go back to talking about Dreams, as this thread was designed for. The rest could probably be moved into Random Chat.

Okay, I had a really weird dream before I woke up this morning. It's the first time I can remember that I didn't realise it was a dream - at the time, I put the weirdness down to some kind of half-asleepness auditory hallucination, or something.

Okay, I was lying in bed, and it was about morning-time. That is, it was light enough to tell by the light through my curtains that it was morning, but I wasn't planning on getting up any time soon.
Then, I hear my bedroom door open. Sometimes, when I don't get up, my parents bring my a drink, and tell me to stop being so lazy. So, I just assume that it's my dad, coming to drag me out of bed (metaphorically). The thing is, I can't see him. I hear him come round the corner, and I'm watching with one eye open (I'm too tired to bother with both), but I can't see him. At first, I thought he was just walking so slowly that he hadn't arrived in my line of view yet, but the sounds moved so that I knew he was in my room. I even heard him tell me to get up, and offer me the drink, which he put on the desk next to my bed, as usual. I couldn't see it, or feel it, but I heard him put it down. Then my (invisible) mum came in, and told him something (I can't remember what), and probably nagged me to get up and tidy my room, before leaving. Then my dad left, too. All without me seeing anything different to what I would normally expect.
Then I felt a large weight resting on top of the quilt, over the right side of my body and arm, pushing down on me. I couldn't see anything there, but the sensation of weight upon me was real. I found it hard to move, or breath, but I knew by this point that whatever it was wasn't real, it was just my body refusing to act because it believed something was there. Eventually, I persuaded my body to move, and sat up.
I would imagine that the reason it was so difficult to get my body to react was because I was still asleep, and waking myself up. I just didn't notice the transition.

Of course, it still being morning, I went back to sleep.

Well, it seemed weird to me.

Hm... there's another weird dream. I was applying eyeshadow and found myself late for work. I really didn't care.

On top of that, my Lady kept falling apart. For those who don't know her,

She began to have pieces fall off, which to me was somewhat disturbing.
Destro Yersul

Just to prove that I too have weird dreams:

So I'm on this rowboat with two other guys who I don't know. It's the middle of the night and foggy, and we have no idea which direction land is. The rowboat has no oars and is sinking. We know there's another boat coming to rescue us, because we saw it once but it started getting further away.

Then we realize that the boat wasn't getting farther away, it was that we were. Our rowboat was being towed by another boat. Also it was no longer sinking. We see something moving on the larger boat, so we climb up the towroap to find out what it is. The fog has gone away by now, and the moon is full so there's plenty of light. The other boat doesn't have a cabin or anything. It's kind of like a barge, except more boat shaped. Anyways, the only thing on this boat is a single trampoline, on which is bouncing a severed head. But it fell off the trampoline when we went closer, so it was now rolling across the deck. I think it got picked up by one of the other guys, but I'm not sure because after that I woke up.

Okay, I can only remember the end...this is one of the few dreams where I was walking instead of flying.  (Well, since I don't do much of either, I guess both would be unusual.)

I was singing Give Me a Happy Ending (from A Pirate Movie [Pirates of Penzance knockoff]) as we walked down the stairs from the very top (I was even doing some of the choreography).  Floor A was on top.  As we reached Y, I turned to the guy leading us and was like "where are we going?"  He looked over at the door and made an oops face.  "Floor B."  In which the rest of us responded "What the hell, man." And we began climbing back up.  That's when I woke up.

I just had the weirdest dream ever.

It was in my school cafeteria, and we were having a Enupnion convention.  Everyone kept mixing up the janitor's closet with the bathroom, and someone has filled the closet with water and then thrown electric appliances in it so anyone walking in got zapped.m  For some reason, the water never just emptied out.  Then one of my friends came out of it at the same time I came out of the bathroom, screaming about how it wa a plot of the fourth graders.

That is REALLY FRICKN' WEIRD, huh?  Especially considering I don't know what half of you people look like.

I had a dream in which Enupnion originated in my 8th grade spanish class. When I woke up I was like "OMG that totally makes sense!" until morning disorientation wore off.

Next dream contains a spoiler.

In another dream I was in the ice hotel I am going to make in Town.


Well, I just found out I talk in my sleep.  Luckily, I didn't wake mom, cuz it was embarrassing.  (This is the short version.)

I dreamed I was in a play with the muppets, playing my character Wukei.  My only line was 'alright, boys, go have a sandwich!' after the band was done. (It was an intro, everyone there had 1 line.  Except for the guy talking about Jesus being a man, not a god...)  Well, my 'line' woke me up, and I'd realized I'd shouted it rather loudly.

I am so glad it didn't wake my mom....

Ah ha, I knew we had a thread for this....

A few nights ago, I dreamt that I was being tried for lion poaching.

I was trying to get a lion called Brian (who wore a top hat and monocle) to stand as a witness but the court wouldn't accept his email address of

*bursts out laughing* man...that's great.  But I know one judge that wouldn't mind that he didn't have an e-mail.  Judge Judy.  She refuses to use the internet.  She has a website, but you know she doesn't approve of it herself.

aha, a thread to help me with art homework as well as work out what was going on in my head a few nights ago.

Two drow were squaring up to each other. They had funky little rapiers and weird armour, and were in black and white, with blocky two-tone shading. They then turn on me. I run, come to a dark cave, and watch an army of Riflemen (from civ 2) march by. A random drow priestess summons demons from Thief I. More running. I'm now in the mountains, in the snow, marching with the riflemen. We come to an abandoned camp, and they disappear. I walk into one of the white tents (looks like something from Might and Magic VIII). Inside, are three well-like structures. I look into the one furthest away, and see a mage's face. Evil magey person with the evil middle-aged beard and hair. A Toxic Cloud spell (might and magic again) shoots at me, I collapse and am dead. But, I can still see this mage person and some other riflemen walking around, laughing. And one of the demons still trying to attack me. It sorta circles, like in the Thief death scene, then the Skull and Crossbones appears, and I wake up.

...That sounds like some freaky video game. Which it is, in a way. Just loads of games mashed together into one strange event.

I always seem to end up dying or dead in dreams. No idea why. Everyone else I speak to don't die, and say dying in your dream means you're dead in real life. I think I'm still alive, but can't say for sure. =P

Castaras wrote:

I always seem to end up dying or dead in dreams. No idea why. Everyone else I speak to don't die, and say dying in your dream means you're dead in real life. I think I'm still alive, but can't say for sure. =P

How does anyone know ?

Brian the Lion never did get to testify. Court was adjourned by my alar clock regrettably.
Obsidian Blade

I dreamed Micheal Corleone from the Godfather had some sort of vendetta against me. I was then shot on his orders by Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly, after some kind of trippy chase sequence that was uncomfortably like those on Scooby Doo.

I think I've been watching too many movies.

I'm not sure sure if i've posted this before, but i once dreamed about a Battle Royale-like battle of some videogame characters (Kratos, Warcraft and Starcraft units, Soul Calibur fighters, along with some characters i had created [an alu-demon Tibbit included :p]) all, in like a big cinematic.

Pretty unusul by itself, considering that rarely remember my dreams, if i have those.
Orange Zergling

The other night I dreamed I got too close to a squirrel guarding a nut, then it started hissing at me, then it pounced on me and mauled me. I woke up as it was scratching at the back of my head with supernatural speed.

Reminds me of Willy Wonka.

My ex-bf is actually deathly afraid of squirrels.  He was attacked by one when he was about 2 in Central Park.  His dad had left him by the tree, and I guess he had food on him or something...
Orange Zergling

I've only been attacked by a neighborhood cat, but I have dreams about being attacked by things all the time. One time it was a huge, invisible hornet the size of an SUV, another by an invisible assailant in my own bed (at which point I awoke thrashing and screaming)...

The angry squirrel was definitely visible though.

Wow, I had a dream where I stupided myself awake, and I was attacked by John Lennon.

I was in my local forth-dimensional breaking mall, and it was a fairly stand dream. I kept coming back to the same place, an internet cafe, several times to post stuff online. At some point, me, and a group of friends, apparently walked by a random backpack full of stuff sitting directly between two parallel lines of a parking space. I inquired about it, and apparently it's the product of John Lennon's newest shennenigans, so I nod and we walk on, walking through the mall, I buy a backpack and somehow obtain a book. I don't remember the title, just that it was about the civil war. We go back to the cafe this time, it's located inside the mall, and it's closed up, never been used. We frown, and decide to go home. When we get to John Lennon's bag, there's already a second bag there. I'm alone or something, so I go over to peak at it, that's when a disheavaled and drunken John Lennon approached me, no, appeared next to me and started yelling at me for leaving this bag here, I appologised several times and tried to ask him politely where I could put my bag. ((It got a rather rude or cryptic response, I'll look into the meaning later)). Soon, a crowd's gathered due to the fuss. John grabs my bag and the book falls out, I offer to give it to him and he takes it.

Fearing the crowds, I head back into the building and go to the cafe, which is now opened once more. I use a computer. I post my findings on it, while evading the scorns of the people inside for my abuse of the local homeless man John Lennon. Some were more vocal than others.

As I exit, there are cops all about the place, blocking me from my way. Could this be as a result of the Lennon incident? I try to merge in with a crowd marching through the Police. The police don't seem to want to stop them. I find a girl that I know. She tells me that she's afraid to do it. I already know what's going to happen. I told her there wasn't anything to fear, a little radiation never hurt anyone in fact, I decide to follow a few of the braver hippies into the reactor myself, only to suddenly have my mind switch, it's a nuclear reactor! That amount of radiation will kill me. I turn to walk out, but they close the door and turn the thing on, I hold my breath. A conveyer belt turns on as the slots in the walls turn vivrant blue and the ground opens up. I don't care, I curl up in the corner, my eyes are closed, I hold my breath. I hate that smell, the smell of ozone and hospital. The smell of the dentis. You know, the smell of X-Rays. Well that smell hits me at full force, and I want it out of there. I continue to hold my breath until I can't hold it anymore.

Because I know if I breath, the gas in this room will kill me. I hold it until my lungs burn, and I instinctively breath in.

That was the point that the smell, the lights, the noise all disapeared, as I was releaved to feel fresh, clean air in my lung, surrounded by the softness of my blankets and pillows thinking to myself about how I must write all this down.

Okay, first: I know that it's from 2 different pantheons, and it drives me nuts, but dreams don't make sense.  (And something tells me I've been roleplaying him too long...)

I started out by dreaming of yelling at my mom for riding the tilt-o-whirl.  (We aren't supposed to ride rides cuz of our back surgery.)  Pretty sure that's because I was talking about the amusement park here yesterday with Hawkeye.

I dreamed that even my cats were going on the rides. (That would probably be because I fussed at the cats all day yesterday for different reasons.)

But on to what was really cool:

As I was walking through the fair grounds, grumbling about mom not listening to me, when I came across King Oberon and Queen Titania.  Something got me and Oberon into it and we started fighting.  I lifted him with one hand and threw him, which made him very confused and shocked.  I think the fact that a girl could beat him just baffled him.  Anyway, he asked "How could you beat me?" and I said, "'Cuz I'm Loki, god of chaos and mischief!"

I went about the rest of the night causing chaos before waking up.

Y'know....I was just complaining about not having seen NCIS in a long time (yesterday, to mom.  Cuz some defendant on one of her court shows was named McGee...and I went on a DiNozzo nickname burst of 'McGoogle" "McGiggles" etc), so my mind made up something for me instead (to those of you that aren't NCIS fans, you may not understand half of what I'm saying):

Gibbs, DiNozzo, some woman (she kinda remained where I couldn't see her the whole time [though something told me Kate was dead, so I'm assuming it was Ziva, who knows: it could have been Shepard.]) and myself were in this house, waiting for something to happen on the street.  I got tired of waiting and went off on my own.  I walked around to the next block and found a group (2 males, 2 female...though like the woman with our group, one of the males I never actually saw but I knew he was there) talking about how they were about to attack the house we were waiting in.  I tried to nonchalantly take my leave; but, of course, they noticed me.  I went running, they started chasing me: with guns.  (I never had one, for some reason.)  I made it back and the NCIS group was outside, of course (anyone can hear shooting a mile away) and I almost made it to them when I was grabbed from behind and had a gun stuck to my head.  

This part was really kinda weird, I could see Gibbs' flashback.  It was about me (when I was younger) and with someone he knew really well (though it's not a face from any NCIS episode), so obviously he and I were close.  He subtly shook his head "no" at me (not in a 'I can't believe she just got caught' way but 'don't you dare try that' way.)  At the same time I brought my arm up I slammed my head back forcefully, probably breaking the guy's nose (though this is the guy I didn't actually see the whole time), and pushing his gun forward--away from me--in the process.

The guy's buddies started shooting and Gibbs raced everyone to the van. I'd gotten shot at some point (in the shoulder) so he was trying to get me away from the fray. We got in the van and sped off.  Gibbs called up McGee on his phone and told him to head toward the house, because we were about to get into a wreck with McGee--so he could have a reasonable reason to get me out of there without the bad guys suspecting him of being one of us.

This huge red SUV came down the road and Gibbs went around him at first before running into his back end.  For some reason there was a box of tiles (probably cuz there's tiles in the other room that I want to move somewhere) in the seat next to me and they came tumbling over onto me--but somehow didn't harm me.  Gibbs got out and came around, opening the door for me.  But the bad guys had caught up, so he, Tony, and the woman went off toward them.  McGee showed up and helped me toward the SUV.

One of the girls from the other team, however, had spotted the ploy and started shooting at McGee and me, so both of us were ducking down, hoping not to get hit.  She got closer and grabbed McGee (big surprise that she was stronger than he was. >.>)  I got up behind her and actually grabbed her head in turn, making her let go of him.

And, of course I woke up just as it was getting good.

I can remember all of the dream, but this part stuck out for some reason (and is the only part worth sharing [okay, well the part where I was working with Batman was pretty awesome, but much much longer]):

I was taking Hawkeye to my favourite restaurant (which had the same name as my favourite restaurant, but it looked different and we were in Dallas for some reason.)  It was taking a while for the waitress to get out to the table, so I was getting up to go check on something in the car and the waitress approached me and said "Angela" (of course, in a more asian accent, as the restaurant we were at is Thai) "you're still staying, right?  I'm sorry, we've had some problems in the kitchen."

Of course, I informed her that I was just going to the car for a moment and that Hawkeye was still at the table.

When I came back, I noticed four larger people just seat themselves even though two people were trying to seat them elsewhere.  The man commented "Well this isn't exactly New York, is it?  You've got plenty of tables."

So I wandered over and tried to explain to them that an eight-top (something that seats 8 people) was a bit too big for them to sit at.  Of course, the family seemed to fill about 2 chairs each.  They refused to move and I said "wait, you said you're from New York, right?  No wonder you're so rude."

Like I said, not really that interesting, but it stuck out in my mind for some reason.

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