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Webcomic Proposal - Writer Looking For Artist.

I have a concept for a comic based on that novella I posted out here awhile back (most common criticism was that it would be better suited for a comic). Basically it would be a mostly action/drama story driven comic. Although to run this I would need an artist to do the art as I am severely artistically challenged.

Mostly I'm looking for interest from anyone willing/able to work with me as an artist and any possible readers.

Basic Premises:

Stereotypical comic book style badly managed disposal of nuclear waste leaves a High School of Students and teachers mutated with various ďpowersĒ. Most of the early story will focus on the characters learning to use their powers. Yeah it is a pretty clichť storyline.

The story will split the focus between the two groups. It wonít be clear for the first while (unless you read the character spoilers) which group is supposed to be the protagonists and which it supposed to be the antagonists.

Reoccurring themes would be coming of age and loss of innocence, loss of humanity from the sources of their powers, moral dilemmas about whether what they are doing is right or wrong, various romance sub-plots, betrayal as it isnít clear who is on whose side early on, standard teenage problems and dealing with opposing groups of students and teachers with powers.


James Conner

James Connor is the main lead character or the primary group of protagonists. James is basically a normal guy. He isnít the smartest, strongest, best looking. Heís about average in most respects if a bit of a geek but he is protective of his friends. Kelvin Cutbush is his best friend for most of the series except when their relationship is strained due to other influences. James doesnít have any powers being a completely normal human until his Grandfather dies (which happens fairly early in the show) and he inherits a sword his Grandfather had hid in secret. The sword has the soul of Romeo Montague (Yes from the Shakespeare play) trapped in it. To gain Romeoís combat prowess James promises to Romeo that he wonít ever be with the woman he loves (Erin Kelly). James canít ever be with Erin despite how much loves her because of that deal. Romeo can talk to James mentally whenever he wants, which sometimes makes it seem to the other characters that James is talking to himself. James is also Katherine Connorís older brother.

Kelvin Cutbush

Kelvin Cutbush is the secondary lead character of the main group of protagonists. Kelvin is James Connorís best friend although their relationship is strained at times as required by the plot. He has some romantic tension with Shelby Wright early on in the series this is mostly one sided but depending on the series run it might go further. Kelvin has some trust issues with Erin Kelly because he was one of the targets of her Girl Scout squad before she left, (see Erin Kellyís entry for more details. Trust me it will later make sense.) In fact he was supposed to be her first target. Kelvin is bi-polar and to a degree manic/depressive. His mental state is related to how much control he has over his powers as such his powers sometimes get the best of him leading him to do things he regrets. Kelvin does value his friends, even if he sometimes seems quite hostile towards them. Kelvinís power is the ability to manipulate shadows in a variety of offensive, defensive and non-combative ways.

Shelby Wright

Shelby Wright is a tertiary lead character of the main group of protagonists. Shelby is Erin Kellyís best friend and the one who convinced Erin to leave the Girl Scouts. Their friendship is so strong it has developed with their powers into a telepathic bond between them. Shelby is aware of Kelvinís feelings towards her but does not reciprocate them at least not initially. Easily the friendliest of the main cast the only protagonist she really has any problems with is Lindsay Platter because of her vampiric nature and her ties to demons she sometimes gets annoyed by Nathan Tuck but overall she trusts her friends almost to a fault. Shelbyís power in addition to the above-mentioned bond with Erin is the ability to manipulate fire in a variety of ways mostly related to combat though as well, fire burns things. The fire powers are connected to her emotional state she is able to maintain control better then Kelvin does over his shadow though.

Erin Kelly

Erin Kelly is a tertiary lead character of the main group of protagonists. As mentioned above she is Shelbyís best friend and she has trust issues between her and Kelvin. She also is aware that James Connor has feelings for her but this is one sided and that shall not change no matter how long the show runs. Erin used to belong to a Girl Scout troop, this Girl Scout troop was in reality a cover for an organization of assassins run by the government to remove individuals that might be a threat to the government while they are still young. As such she is a trained killer and has combat experience second only to Lindsay among the main cast. Unlike most of the cast who fight only using their powers Erin wields a pair of daggers which she was trained to use by the Girl Scouts. Erinís powers are telekinesis and limited telepathy mostly it is limited to animals. She keeps a pack of wolves as allies. Unlike Shelby and Kelvin, Erin fully masters her powers quickly due to her discipline from Girl Scout Training.

Lindsay Platter

Lindsay Platter is a tertiary lead character of a secondary group of antagonists initially but joins the protagonists later on. For the first while in the series she appears powerless and is in a relationship with Zach Goodman. After awhile it will be revealed that she is really a vampire and is bound to Zach (who is really a Demon; see his entry for more details). She is then freed by Nathan Tuck, which leads into a relationship between those two. Lindsay has the standard vampire powers and weaknesses with the exception of not being able to walk around in the sunlight (itíd be hard to go to High School if you canít walk around in Sun Light). Lindsay is aware that Romeo is trapped in Jamesís sword.

Nathan Tuck

Nathan Tuck is yet another tertiary lead character of the main group of protagonists. Nathan is laid back, fun loving if a bit crude in his humour. Generally well liked by the guys he draws some animosity from the girls on his side. Nathan has strong feelings for Lindsay which he mostly keeps to himself until it is revealed that she isnít actually dating Zach at which point he makes it quite clear how he feels by wagering his soul to free her. Nathan has powers that basically enhance his hand to hand combat abilities through minor super-strength and super-speed although when they physically changed his body making him look reptilian all the time.

Romeo Montague

Romeo is a secondary antagonist that only really interacts with James Connor due to being the spirit in his sword. Romeo dislikes Lindsay because it was a vampire than sealed him into the sword and intends to kill Erin to make sure James can never go back on his word. He considers James too weak to wield his sword and plans to instead take a stronger host as soon as one is available.

Katherine Connor

Katherine Connor is a tertiary antagonist. Katherine is Jamesís little sister. She was trained as a Girl Scout assassin with Erin. She also quit the Girl Scouts but because she believed that the Girl Scouts were too lenient in their choice of targets and decided to strike out on her own. Like her brother she doesnít have any innate powers of her own and set out to learn magic from shaman on the native reserve near her home to be able to combat those who have gained powers. Katherine has a strong sense of detest for her brother because he associates with targets of the Girl Scouts and the traitor Erin.

Stephen Sadlon

Stephen Sadlon is the main antagonist. Stephen was moderately popular in school but he saw an opportunity to take over the county in which the story takes place when people started to manifest powers. Creating a small army of power students and teachers and lead them to try and take over the county. Stephenís powers arenít obvious to most people as they donít leave any visual signs. His power is that his intelligence is increased greatly to the point of super-genius levels. He has made a variety of hi-tech devices which prove to be surprisingly reliable.

Mr. (Kevin) Darlington

Mr. (Kevin) Darlington is a side protagonist character. Mr. Darlington was the English teacher of the school where most of the series takes place. When he started to develop powers he was driven insane and was locked up in a specialized hospital for the newly appearing mutants. He was rendered unable to speak in anything but quotes from the High School level he was teaching. Despite his insanity he is easily the most powerful of the characters with his ability to change any form of matter into any other form i.e. change object A into object B. For the purposes of his powers air counts as matter, yes he can make things out of thin air.

Zach Goodman

Zach Goodman is a secondary antagonist character. He is really a demon that has been posing as a teenager in order to create chaos when the people started mutating and gaining powers. He brought along his servant the vampire Lindsay Platter to aid in this. He is soon defeated by Nathan Tuck and temporarily sent back to hell. He occasionally comes back to make deals and tempt the other characters.

Kyler Rybe

Kyler is a secondary antagonist character. Kyler was a normal kid until the radiation bombarded the school. Instead of becoming super-powered or not being affected Kylerís mutations made him heavily unstable. Kyler would have died very shortly upon his mutation if not for the experimental cybernetic surgery developed by Stephen Sadlon. The Surgery installed heavy cybernetics into his body to keep him alive and make him useful as a minion to Stephen.

Jennifer Martin

Jennifer is a minor protagonist/antagonist. Jennifer was Lindsayís best friend before she appeared to side with Zach over her friends leaving her abandoned in the middle of a fight. Jennifer swore revenge on Lindsay and left the main group when she returned. Jennifer has powers based around creating and manipulating ice in addition to being in better physical shape than most of the other characters because of her athletic nature before she got her powers.

Derek Mallory

Derek is a minor antagonist. Derek was a friend of the main group but betrayed them to Sadlon. When Jennifer was hurt by Lindsayís betrayal he reached out to help her. She resisted until Lindsay tried to rejoin them at which point she left and joined Derek. Derek doesnít care much about who he hurts to obtain his goals or those of Sadlon unless it means hurting Jennifer who he cares for deeply. Far deeper then even she realizes.


Awww...did you have to put which sides in the spoilers? I wants to read them...but I don't wants to know...


Hah, good luck getting an artist.  Me and Soph have tried for years and he didn't even get a reliable one.

Wukei wrote:
Hah, good luck getting an artist. †Me and Soph have tried for years and he didn't even get a reliable one.

I am aware that is isn't going to be easy to find an artist but its going to be alot easier if I'm actually trying to look.

Update: I have found an artist who is willing to do this comic with me druminor.

Right now we're setting a bit of a comic buffer up and I'm trying to decide on where to host it. Any suggestions in that department would be appreciated.

I have some webspace left (quite a bit, actually), but if you require more dedicated hosting, there's a few options. (DrunkDuck and Comic Genesis are the prime examples)

Thank you for the offer Genzia but I think I'll go with Comic Genesis.

I'd also like to ask the townies for one more thing while Druminor and I work on setting up a buffer of strips before I start uploading.

I need a list of books/plays/short stories that you had to read for High School English classes. I have a very good reason for this...It is in the spoilers in the first post.

Stuff studied for English? Let's see...

Educating Rita, Of Mice and Men, The Tempest, A Midsummer Night's dream, and maybe another Shakespeare.

I can't remember anything else, although other classes in my year-group (who didn't have a crazy teacher) might have studied some of these...
The Caretaker, Abigail's Party, The Woman in White, An Inspector Calls.

I think.
Oh, and bear in mind that these English classes were for English students, rather than Americans, so they might not be so suitable, depending on what you want them for. I hope it helps.
Destro Yersul

MacBeth (not in a theater so it doesn't count. No curse for me!)
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Outsiders
All Quiet on the Western Front

Those are the only ones I can remember, and I'm pretty sure they were mostly from different years. MacBeth and All Quiet might have been the same year...

Romeo and Juliet.
The princes bride.

For some reason I still keep everything from back then. Comes in handy when somone asks questions like that Smile Here's a short list of some of the things we read the last year. We read a lot of other stuff, like a million poems and even more non-fiction. This is just what I could find with a quick search

Of Mice and Men

Excerpts from Romeo and Juliet
Excerpt from Looking Glass Land by Lewis Carrol
Excerpt from A Rumor of War by Philip Caputo
Excerpt from In Cold Blood by Truman Capote
Excerpts from The Grapes of Wrath

The Black Cat by Poe
The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs
Popsy by Stephen King
Troll Bridge by Terry Pratchett
The Empire Writes Back by Pico Iyer
Snapshots of a Wedding by Bessie Head
The Gentlemen of the Jungle by Jomo Kenyatta
Sunshine by Anne Billson
The Red Line by Charles Higson

The Philadelphia (play) by David Ives
Shadow of the Sun

King Lear
The God of Small Things
The Great Gatsby.

Behold my comic idea has finally come to fruitition! Its ALIVE!

Should update every Saturday from now on until either me or my artist decides to quit.

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