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Warpfire's Rockin' Dudes and their Excellent Adventures

An aging man clad in orange robes who has just recently lost his memory.

There will be a more detailed description with this guy. Eventually.

The Ghost
A transluscent, whitish spirit. It is composed of a torso, head, and arms. The waists fades off into whispy white energy. The Ghost has a face as blank as its memory.

Joseph The Vampire Slayer

Name: Joseph of Asholme
Gender: Male
Age: 45

Physical description:
Joseph typically wears a brown trenchcoat over plain black clothing, and a wide-brimmed hat with a small crown of the same dusty brown coloration. A revolver can be seen on each side of his waist. In contrast to these more modern weapons, a number of wooden stakes are strapped across his chest, and a crossbow and two-handed sword are slung over his shoulders. Joseph is fairly muscular, and reaches to a few inches over six feet in height. His face is clean shaven, and his brown hair is cut short. Joseph's eyes are blue and often seem very intense. The first signs of age have crept into Joseph, as a few grey hairs can be seen in his hair.

Personality/Temperment: Joseph is a generally dour fellow, not one prone to much socialization. He often seems to be humorless, though if one hangs out around him long enough they will find he has a fondness for sarcasm and gallows humor. Most of the time, though, he prefers to be alone. Joseph can tend to be a bit judgmental and self-righteous when dealing with necromancers, lycanthropes, the undead, and vampires. With vampires, he starts out with the assumption that they are evil, and it takes a good deal of effort to convince him otherwise. Even then, he remains distrustful. With the others, Joseph is generally a bit suspicous but willing to tolerate them if they do nothing evil.

Equipment: A variety of weapons are wielded by Joseph in his pursuit. Most of them are used to target a specific kind of supernatural threat.

Revolvers: Two guns specially enchanted to shoot much farther than the typical revolver. Can be loaded with a variety of specialized bullets.

Wooden stakes: A variety of wooden stakes, specialized to slay various supernatural threats.

Two-handed sword: This weapon is typically used against undead and devils. It is silvered, and blessed (thereby making it permanently aligned to good). It can turn into mace for when confronted by skeletal creatures. In addition, it can burst into flames when Joseph shouts, "For Asholme!"

Crossbow: Magically enhanced crossbow, used against vampires. Loaded with vampire slayer bolts (transform into silver-tipped wooden stakes upon being fired).

History: To Come Soon.

Jaeger Longshot (Modern)

A description:

Before him stands a man. The fellow is somewhat short, and is rather obviously not very muscular. A cane is held in his right hand, made of malacca wood and with a rounded, grey metal grip. The man is wearing a brown suit, and a fedora of matching color sits atop his head. A sniper rifle is slung over his soulders and hangs down his back.

What stands out most about him is his lacking of the left eye, covered up by a simple black eyepatch. A faded scar pokes out of his right sleeve and onto the back of his hand. No one will notice, but the man bears a strong resemblence to Joseph of Asholme in terms of facial features. His eye is the same blue color.

As the man steps into the room, it becomes apparent that his right leg is somehow disabled. It drags along behind him as he walks.

"I heard there was a position for a vampire hunter open here."

Lucas Wormwood
Race: Vampire (base race: human)
Alignment: EDIT: Changed to True Neutral, because it really just fits him better. Screw the rules, I have money.
Age: Many, many millennia (appears to be in his late twenties)
Height: 6'1
Background: Lucas Wormwood was once a great vampire lord, and is still a powerful vampire. For thousands of years he wandered the multiverse, bringing terror and pain wherever he went. Each time, he would settle in somewhere, only to eventually be dethroned by hunters or adventurers. Somehow, he escaped death every time. After many different places and planes, Lucas became tired of the endless cycle and decided to try and settle in somewhere. This meant giving up the reign of terror, but at this point all he wanted was some peace. So he has come to the Town, where he hears he can buy a steady supply blood without having a horde of adventurers trying to slay him.
Appearance: Lucas is dressed in what probably what was once the noblest of finery, in red and gold colors. By now it has become rather dull and worn, and it's obvious that Lucas doesn't pay much attention to his appearance by the utterly plain brown cloak he usually wears over it. Lucas is bald, and oddly for a vampire has a decent tan.
Equipment: Lucas wears a sentient rapier of great power named Bloodshade The Rampaging Massacre Malevolent, though the weapon much prefers to be called Jim. Also a decent marksman, Lucas has a bow and quiver on his back, usually underneath his cloak. The cloak itself has a number of magical properties, one of which is invisibility at will.

Sci-fi Town

Martin McKay

A man in his late thirties, who tends to wear expensive suits. He is of average height, but his strong facial features stand out. His eyes are of different colors, one is grey while the other is blue. The man's hair is black, and combed to the side.

McKay's bodyguard.

A bulky, jade green human-shaped robot that carries a rifle over its shoulders and a pistol at its side.

More to come.

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