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Race: Human/Afflicted Were-rat
Age: Anywhere between 18 and 24
Alignment: Neutral or Neutral Good
Appearance: Scruffy does not even begin to describe Crew. Though I suppose I must write something, don't I?
In human form, he's a short, skinny male with dark brown hair, a light spray of stubble and a head of hair that would make a hedgehog proud. A set of scaled leather armor and a pair of dirty green khakis complete the ensemble, aside of course, for the twin battle axes sitting on his back.
In hybrid form, he looks much the same as he does as a human, though his fur now edges towards black and lightens back again as it moves toward his twitchy little mouse nose. In addition, he sprouts a short skinny tail, and his feet and hands turn into paws.
In rat form, well. He's a giant rat, do I need to explain everything to you people?
Equipment: The clothing on his back, his battle-axes(they talk to him you know), and his tatty armor.
Backstory: Look, you, I and Him don't want to have to deal with a crappy backstory that barely makes any sense, so just imagine something cool here.
No, cooler than that.
But not that cool. Sheesh, you think I can afford that many elephants?

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