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Synraii Bloodstone

Age: 23
Alignment: Good
Class: Archer
Synraii Bloodstone was born to a blacksmith family, but only through dark magic. He was born sick, he was dying quickly. In an attempt to save him, his mother made a pact with Satan: To spare his life in exchange for her own soul. Satan accepted, Synraii lived. He trained with his father to become a fine weaponsmith, but his life began to take a turn for the worse, his mother died when he was twenty. his father, knowing that she would be forever tormented in the pits of hell, changed. He turned to alcohol and began to gamble, over the next three years he turned into a completely differant man, debts amounted and they were eventually paid for with his life. His lenders cut his throat in his sleep and set the blacksmiths alight. Synraii barely escaped with his life. All he was left with was the clothes on his back, his weapons and a few silver coins. There was nothing left for him, so he ran. He left his hometown as little more than a beggar, finally he arrived in the town, perhaps his new home.

Clothing: The clothes synraii wears are designed for comfort rather than defence, leather tunic, leather boots and cotton slacks. He does however, wear a pair of vambraces he crafted himself when he was seventeen, steel plates over boiled leather, which are suprisingly light, testament to his skill as a smith.

Weapons: Synraii carries a bow he laboured over with his father for years, made from the Ash tree in the village square, stretching and seasoning the wood untill it was finally crafted into a longbow, designed specifically for him, Synraii trained with this bow every day for six years, now with a tailwind, he can shoot over 350 metres. He also carries a knife given to him by his father when he came of age, a single piece of worked silver, a marvel of craftsmenship. it is his greatest reminder of the man his father once was and is his most treasured possesion.

Synraii sustained a burn during the fire which has left a scar running down his left arm, which he is very concious about around those he doesn't trust.

Synraii writes in Dark Blue

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