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Synraii Bloodstone

Synraii Bloodstone was born into a small family blacksmith. At the age of Seven, he began to train as one, as such, he was academically uneducated, cannot read or write, however his spoken english is excellent. Although Synraii trained to be a weaponsmith, as a young man, he travelled great distances, and returned with several curious artefacts, his finely crafted steel and leather gauntlets, (though they are speculated to be of his own design) and his mithril belt buckle and sword. On Synraii's 23rd birthday, he took over the family business from his father, who in grief of his dead wife, (Six months peviously, natural causes) turned to alcohol and became a gambler. Little over a hundred days passed, and his father accumilated such a debt, that became marked for death as payment, and he was murdered in his sleep, the blacksmith's was burned to the ground.
Synraii escaped only with the clothes on his back, his sword, and a handfull of silvers. Homeless and desperate, he used the last of his money to board a ferry to a distant land, finally arriving in the town. His only connection to his past life, is the yin pendant around his neck, the pendant was split in two, and the yang is buried with his mother. Synraii is not a vengeful man, he only seeks a clean start, and a new life.


Age: 24
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good, and forgiving to those deserving of redemption
Height: Six feet, One Inch
Weight: 11 Stones
Hair: Light brown, shoulder length, covers left side of face - burns from the fire. No facial hair
Eye Colour: Hazel
Clothing: Black sleeveless cotton shirt. Black cotton slacks, relativly loose. Leather belt, mithril belt buckle, holds pouch for money and scabbard. Tough, brown leather boots.
Armour: Steel and leather gauntlets. boiled leather wristgaurd covered by interlocking steel strips. main body of gauntlet ends at upper forearm, however, one steel strip continues to spiral up his arm, ending just past the elbow.
Weapons: Four foot long short sword, tip to pommel. Hilt, Guard, Pommel, Tang and Blade are refined mithril. The hilt is wrapped in boiled crimson leather, and a stone of Onyx is set in the hilt. The only artistry on the blade is the gard, as it follows allon the blade for several inches, in the shape of a shoot in the late spring. The blade glows crimson when close to an evil heart.

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