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Yes. I have a love for the overdramatic.

Update June 28: All characters aside from Nikolai have been updated.
Still waiting on Marishka.

Hitomi's Visual Reference

Name: Hitomi Airlia Sanoyuki
Age: 17
Race/Species/Whatever: Newly turned vampire, recently awakened succubi powers
Alignment: Neutral Good
Appearance: Anime lime-green hair falling to the middle of her back, sapphire eyes that aren't normally possible in the iris of a human. Skin pale like buttermilk and unblemished, except for a series of rip-like scars all around her neck and two tattoos, a black triangle under her left eye and a swirled design on her right shoulder, both placed there by her mother when she was young. Hitomi only tops out at 5'5", though she is hardly ever seen without what Vael calls her big ass boots, rounding her height out to 5'9". From her shoulders protrude two large leathery black bat wings, and ebony ram horns curl down from over her ears. Clothing choice, aside from her boots, tend more to the girly side, skirts and silky, elegant tops in shades of green, blue, gray, purple, and black.Somehow, the young vampiress manages to keep makeup on most of the time, resulting in molten black rivers, as she frequently gets caught up in emotions and cries
Personality/backstory/etc: Coming from a different world than Town, Hitomi was essentially an average girl. Yes, she had had her share of horrors in her childhood (an insane, abusive mother, an ill father who died shortly after Hitomi hit her teenaged years, and an older, reckless sister who Hitomi frequently had to take care of), and she was often caught up in a strange crowd (her best friend in her adolescent years was the enigmatic Terumitsu, if that tells anyone anything), but other than an ability to overlook strangeness and her odd hair and eye color, Hitomi was a very average girl.
Of course, this didn't last. She wouldn't be in Town otherwise, would she? On a night much like any other, Hitomi had been out purchasing usual teenager foods: ramen, chocolate, kool-aid packets. Exiting the store and beginning her walk home, she was cornered into an alley by a group of odd looking men and women, nearly a dozen of them with hungry eyes and sharp smiles. Begging, pleading, crying, Hitomi found herself vulnerable and desperate to get away, though it was impossible. Somehow, people were passing by the alley, but they didn't hear her pleasing screams. The group took their turns violating her and biting painfully into her neck. She became evero so sluggish, exhausted. Her mind refused to work, and eventually Hitomi ceased caring what happened to her. The pain was nothing; it would end soon, and she would die. And finally, snickering, the group left her and Hitomi fell into a heavy sleep, noting that, oddly, one of her assailants had born a resemblance to a friend from her childhood.

And then the darkness broke and Hitomi awoke in Town. Rather, the front yard of the Rock Estate. Frantic, the girl found she had a constant hunger, and no amount of food could calm it. The sun burned her delicate flesh, and it was hard to sleep at night, even more so than when she had suffered from insomnia as a child. After finally coming to terms with what she was, a vampire, she stumbled, by chance, into Terumitsu. Odd, really, that the two of them should be in the same place that was not home.
Hitomi came to be fond of Town, making a few friends such as Laraek and Sofia, though she was disgusted with herself and her appearance. Her refusal to drink blood (it made her nauseous to think of drinking something that had been...inside another person) made her weak, just as vulnerable as she had been that night.
And then he reappeared. That same friend from childhood that one of her attackers, sires, had born such a resemblance to.
"Carrion.." (Who only shares a name with PC in Town played by Carrion) She greeted him with a tight embrace and sobs. Though his face sparked living nightmares of that night, it was a pleasure, a relief to see someone from home.
However, she fainted from lack of energy. Not drinking blood can do that to a vampire. Again, she awoke to find herself not where she remembered falling asleep. Somewhere in Town, Hitomi laid on a bed with scratchy sheets... Carrion above her. And then, she realized, it had been his glowing crimson eyes over her that night not so long ago, his glinting fangs reflecting the moonlight as she screamed and screamed silently. He pressed himself against her, his lips bruising against hers...
And there was a hot heat, a momentary relief of her constant hunger, and Carrion slumped over dead. The young vampiress shrieked, running from the building with all the energy her exhausted legs could give. It would take her some time to discover the reason for his death; she had latent Succubus blood in her, which normally wouldn't have ever awoken, until she had been turned into a vampire.
So the vampire-succubus, so far from home, and so lonely continued on in her life in Town, speaking occasionally with Terumitsu and Laraek, though not enough to edge away her feelings of abandonment. On one of her occasional idle strolls along the streets of Town (for what else had she to do with herself?), Hitomi stumbled upon Avatar's Barkhouse Bestiary, and, within, found the little negative energy bushbaby, who Hitomi named Nokomis and purchased, thereby ending most of her melancholic loneliness. Hitomi had a little friend who made her feel good emotionally and physically, and yet... she could not bring herself to overcome her feelings of disgust for herself, what she was, and what she needed.
Eventually, Aeon(played by Raistlin) appeared, claiming he had been sent from Hitomi's future self. The two became close quickly, both young and naive and driven by teenage hormones. Most of all, Hitomi was intriqued by the pinprick scars on his neck her older self had caused. It was Aeon who brought Hitomi to a grudging truce with herself and her nature, and she fed from him on occasion. On the day of his father's wedding, Aeon brought Hitomi to HALO (GitP), where she encountered the lover of her future self, only to find HALO/AMEN Hitomi had recently died. Or so they thought.
Through a series of mazes and smoke and mirrors, the future Hitomi killed her lover in cold blood, without any reasonable explanation. Shocked to see what she would become, the Enupnion Hitomi returned to AMEN, sobbing into Aeon, desperate to get away.
Since they have returned, she has not said a word.

Hitomi speaks in lime.

Notes: When I say that the HALO/AMEN Hitomi is the future Hitomi, I don't mean that HALO/AMEN is the future, or that Enupnion and GitP HALO/AMEN even function on the same timeline. Enupnion Hitomi was removed from her plane of existance and time line, and placed in Enupnion.
Hitomi is currently on hiatus untill I feel like playing her again.


Picture of Nikolai
Visual Reference


Name: Nikolai Ruscelli
Age: 18
Race: Human.
Hair: brownish-red, shorter in the back than the front
Eyes: Brown-green hazel, usually with glasses

A necromancer, Nikolai can only use her powers over the undead by kissing them (much like the princes in Disney movies like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty), and, although she has no problems with doing such, she isn't really a necrophiliac in the traditional sense.

Since finding herself in Town, Nikolai has become a priestess of Aesa, though she has previously declared herself militantly agnostic. Her "worship" of Aesa comes more from admiration for the Vala rather than awe of divinity.
Also, Nikolai's zombie companion Lors was slayed by the character Admiral Kelly (played by...Admiral Kelly). After going through two weeks of grief and searching out the advice of her goddess, Nikolai decided that the best course of action would be to seek out revenge, and has decided to follow AK until she finds something of equal value to him as Lors was to her, ruining it for him forever.


Theme (title has a bad word, but the song itself has no vile language)


Name: Evelina. No last name known as of yet
Age: 323
Eyes: Vermilion orange
Hair: Crimson, with slight curls

Once, Evelina was a Siren, deemed the "Eternal Lullaby", seducing sailors to their death with her lovely singing voice. However, one of the men she had meant to drown in sweet ecstasy was too powerful for her, and, having fallen in love with her but enraged by her intentions to kill him, the creature Xatuer cursed Evelina to an eternity of unrequited love, taking away the deadly powers of her lovely voice and forming horns atop her head.
The definitions of the curse are as follows:
The first person Evelina would lay eyes on, she would fall madly in love with, and, following what would surely be rejection (who wouldn't be creeped out by some random woman declaring love for them?) Evelina would become obsessed, ultimately leading to her "love's" death.
Upon seeing what she had done to them, her soul would cry more and more.
She continuously killed the ones she loved, and, even if she knew it wasn't true love... the pain was consuming. Evelina could not remember what it was like to drown men with glee, to watch their bodies twitch as they gave up on life and breathed in the oceanic water...

And then she came to Town, her black hood pulled up over her head. She was just passing through, hoping to find somewhere isolated. Dozens of innocent women and men had died at her hands, and she could bare it no more..
Then, there was Ekrath (played by Raistlin). He called to himself her attention, and there it was. She fell in love...
Oddly enough, though, he didn't reject her, curious by her declarations of love. Soon after, he even returned some interest in her.
Xatuer, still watching closely became jealous and kidnapped Evelina, and Ekrath went and played white knight, and the curse has been lifted.
Even so, Evelina still had incredibly strong feelings for Ekrath.


Theme (LoL Buffy music video)

Name: Romy Maj, though, like traditional asian culture, he prefers to go by his last name until he feels comfortable enough with the person in question
Age: 19
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good
Appearance: Tan skin with dark, moppish brown hair falling into his bright blue eyes. Always clad in tan monk's robes with his red prayer beads usually found in his right hands. Maj is boyish in appearance, making him look to be much younger than he actually is. His height of 5'6" does, of course, help this illusion.
Personality/backstory/etc: Maj is generally a happy person, always smiling, easy to laugh, ready to befriend anyone and share his tea, which is kept, oddly, in a flask hidden in his robes. His temper is virtually non-existant, a trait held valuable by his spirituality. Though Maj is deeply religious, it is rarely overbearing in his speech and he dislikes the thought of forcing his beliefs on anyone. In his mind, as long as one is happy, it does not matter how that happines comes about, so long as noone is hurt in the process.
Little is known of his past except that he was banished from his temple for unknown reasons.
Since coming to Town, Maj has befriended young Svetlana, and the two can often be found at the beach or a small, ancient Shinticca shrine Maj has been restoring.

Maj speaks in Dark green

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