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Valdi's Makin' Plushies!

No, not like Sneak's awesomly cute images of plushies.
I plan on actually sewing plushies of each main character of Town when I get back to my sewing machine in Oklahoma.
Of course, after the first four I already have planned, I'm open for ideas.
Please, main character with a history only..and preferably with OotS styled avatars to look off of (its so much less complicated that way).

Plushies planned:
-Either Iames or Aerin
The Herald

Awww, you mean I can't have both? Well in that case I pick Aerin.

I might do both, depending on time and stuff.
'Specially if noone else seems to want them =P

I can't wait to see how they turn out.  If you want to use one of my characters, feel free.  Jacklu has the most history, but it's all on the original Town.  Crow would probably be my main here.

Ekrath plz. 'Course, like I told you earlier, I might have to steal that Magtok one for all my stress-relieving needs.

*raises hand* ohh, ohh...I want...crap...hard decision...I mean, Wu's my main character, but either Loki or Mhina are my most powerful (and are opposite on the scale of powers [ice and fire]).  And I really like Hel and think she'd be totally awesome.... help?

The best pic of Hel is actually not OotS style, but it rocks (a bit of pride in that statement, but I really like how she turned out):

(The one in all black)

So...I on it?

I'm thinking of doing plushies for LfD...maybe we can work out some sort of arrangement? (And believe it or not, I actually have OotS style avvies for most of the characters...)
Destro Yersul

I can has Destro?

Not a hard choice, he's my only frequently used character. Do him lich-ified though, it'd amuse me more that way.

Don't forget the bunny slippers!

- Aerin (Possibly also Iames depending on time, etc)
-...something for Wukei

Also, as my sewing machine is in Oklahoma, contrustion on these won't begin for some time. However, I am starting to make the patterns and such.
Wukei, I might like to do Hel, just becaue I'm wondering if I could manage the whispy-tendril bits. However, Wukei-character would be fun, as well...
Crow is also too pretty to be passed up, I think...

Yeah... I don't have any OotS-style avvies... But I'd like one, too... Don't know which though... I'll get back to you, but yes, I'd like one.

Don't worry about making me one. I will just be stealing the Kyrian from...well...Kyrian. ^-^

Awww, I'll make you your very own Kyrian one <3

Awww ^-^

But I do have my very own Kryian. Though he does talk, maybe having one that doesn't talk about be nice =P
The Bushranger

*discovers the thread*
*wonders if it's too late to add Orion*
...and maybe Mirage too?

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