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Name: Jonlas IV
Race: Shapeshifter
Age: 6 Months
Height:6’1” (Preferred Humanoid Form)
Weight: 174 (Preferred Humanoid Form)
Alignment: Neutral



MageWeave Clothing (capable of changing form with him,) a wizard's wand of unknown power, a history book on The Town, and his Assassin's Dagger (concealed.)



Jonlas IV was the artificial creation of the wizard Jonlas Lankhannen. He was the fourth incarnation, but the first to be given sentience. He was formed from the combination of both corpses of various magical and mundane creatures and specially-mixed alchemical components. With the ability to shift his form into any living creature that he has seen, the wizard Lankhannen used him to spy on his enemies and assassinate those who caused him trouble.

After performing an assassination on a rival wizard, Jonlas happened upon the woman’s library. This target had been different. This woman had not wronged his master. Up until that point he had been sent against those who had somehow worked to draw his master's ire. This time he had been told to kill the woman and retrieve her wand, for the master desired its power.

Curiosity, naivety, and the confusion overcame his directive from Lankhannen, and he opened a tome about a place called “The Town.” After spending hours perusing the dead wizard’s library, Jonlas decided to find this place called “Town.” Taking a single wand from his target’s study, and the book on The Town’s history, Jonlas headed out on foot. The journey was long… and harsh, but Jonlas eventually arrived in Town, nearly collapsing in the streets from hunger and exhaustion.

Common Knowledge:


In his typical form, he resembles a younger version of his former master. He is tall, of slender build, and quite handsome with long, shaggy brown hair that occasionally hangs over a pair of brown eyes. However, he can assume many different forms, though he will only occasionally do this. Every form of his has a tell-tale sign in the form of a mark on his back in the shape of an assassin's dagger.
He has a natural talent with fighting with various forms of blades and sneaking, having extensive assassination training from his master. He is still incredibly ill-informed of the outside world and is thus extremely open to suggestion. He has no knowledge of good and evil, knowing only orders. He has grown aspirations of becoming his own master, one day. But this will largely depend on if his internal growth is properly guided.
He speaks in


Name: Ian Duncan
Race: Human
DoB:  May 12, 1976
Weight: 185

Ian carries his 12-gauge shotgun slung over his back, and his trusty machete hanging from his hip. The machete has been specially forged with a silvered-edge, which aids him in fighting many supernatural beasts.
He wears his old army jacket and blue jeans.

Brief History:
Ian Duncan joined the army right out of high school, and worked his way up to a Sergeant's rank before being honorably discharged. He spent the next few years of his life working construction, quickly becoming a site foreman for his company.

Then, when the Fears attacked, he led a group of survivors into the local mansion intent on finding the solution to the cause of the eternal night. He got seperated from the group, and presumed dead. However, he was able to escape the Fears. Ashamed of not helping find the solution, Ian fled. He wandered for almost a year, before finding a new town on the horizon.

He has been scarred by his experiences with the Fears, and he is not so cheerful as he once was, taking on a more grim demeanor. He is looking for work, and stability though, and trying to piece some of his old life back together.

After a few long years, mostly doing mercenary work, Ian has changed. He has a more grim demeanor, and a long scar down his right cheek. His eyes don't have the same luster they once had. his movements are slower, more deliberate, like someone who has shouldered a heavy burden for a long time. There are already a few gray streaks in his brown hair.[img][/img]

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