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Trog's Tavern XC

Upon entering the tavern you find it to be rustic, dim, cramped, and smelling of spilled beer. Moving through the crowd, half of which seem to be deadtiming, you spot a fireplace with a banjowood carving on the mantle, you also make out through the haze the curving bar and private booths hidden behind ferns. A side door leading to a bamboo patio outside reveals a hungry looking dumpster mimic sneaking towards an unsuspecting customer.

On the wall is a large, ornate mirror which people seem to step in and out of freely. A winding staircase near the front door leads to rooms for rent upstairs. The backroom is now completely off-limits to all patrons and most of the bar staff, the owner likes her privacy.

Trog's Tavern is no longer enchanted to be indestructible. Attempting to damage it will succeed. Now with Free Sweet, Delicious Wi-Fi.

New: Anyone that is not a bar staff that tries to pilfer drinks out of where they are kept will get a maximised disintegrate to the head. You have been warned.

In Memoriam (hall of former staff): Trog (owner emeritus), El Jaspero (manager emeritus), Hoseki (bouncer), Tempest Stormwing (bouncer), Valthreborn Valthera (bouncer), Vivian (bartender), Alex Shipmaster (bartender), Erdan (bartender), Kantur (bartender), Who (cook), Zee (cook)

Current Staff:
Owner and Proprietor: Melantha
Manager: Now hiring
Bartenders: Aurora
Bouncers: Now hiring Temp. Bouncer: Aurora
Cook: Now hiring
Entertainment: T.B.A.

NOW HIRING: Bartenders, Cooks, Talented bards, Burly bouncers, etc.
(Hey bards: just take spotlight in the tavern's center and start singing!)

Only the finest NPC servers:

Nina - A feisty and vivacious 18 year old (she's legal). Mean and completely unavailable.
Paige - A sweet and wholesome elf working her way through college here in town.
Cosmo - A quick-witted and oppressed gnome scoundrel.

All will be happy to serve you. Since all are NPCs they are up for communal control. Feel free to say what they do or say to you or any other patron. To a point.


Catoblepas Sauvingnon
Chimera Cabernet - A hearty red with a hits of oak and black cherry.
Kobold Chianti - Tart and tangy! Try it with fava beans!
Merfolk Merlot - Full-bodied with a hint of rose.
Purple Worm Pinot - Earthy aroma.
Funky Llama - A rich fruity wine, available in white or red.
Iames Agonia - This tart, dark red wine will stun you and leave you feeling good for hours.
Xorn Zinfandel - Sweet and fruity!
Cormyrian Fireamber - Imported and very good.
Spoonake Chablis - Straight from the Underdark!
Feline's Fancy - A purplish, swirly mixture that any feline will adore.

Mixed Drinks:
Pina CoLlama - If you're not into yoga and have half a brain.
Swampwater - A Phosphorescent lemon-lime delight.
Jasphattan - Sweet vermouth with bitters and more.
White Russian Wukei - Vodka, Kahlua, and Milk.
Long Island Iced Tea - Tastes better than it will make you feel in the morning.
Mai Tai - Dark and pineapple juice.
Sneak on the Beach - Vodka, Cranberry juice, pineapple juice and Peach Schapps.
Rust Monster - Scotch and Drambuie.
Coffee Martini - Buzzzzz.
Murderita - Wasted away again...
Rampaging Rail Mixer - Mad strong!
Ice Liqueur - Guaranteed to cool you down.
Dwarf Spirits
Aboleth Absinthe
LEVEL UP LIQUER - Need a few extra XP? We gots XP in a bottle!
Dragon's Liver Buster - The strongest drink in the house. Don't say we didn't warn you...
Constitution Crushing Wine - Fort. DC 35 or pass out!
Djinn and Tonic - Whirling ice cubes, fizzy soda, and one drunk genie.
Rum Llamonade Daquiri
Mudslide Daquiri
Chuul Lounge - Bacardi Limon, Aberration, creme de bananes and juices
Ichor Liquor - Made from a fermented mix of various kinds of blood
Black Market Wallbanger
Hydrogelic's 110 proof Firewater
Guild Vodka No. 3
Black Shadow - A strong concoction guaranteed to send a chill down your spine at any temperature.
Haley's Liquer - Named for the redheaded rogue, a sweet creme liquer, excellent over ice.
Wizard Blizzard - Crushed ice and Bourbon. The effect depends on the spell stored in it.
Black Ice - Named after one of the greatest rock bands, this mix of Black Shadow and Ice Liquer is guaranteed to give you a chill
Nut Brew - An herbal mixture combined with whiskey. So sweet, it's like your not even drinking!

Beers & Such:
Grim Brewery brand Ginger - Death-o-licious!
Archon Ale
Guilders Ale
Balthor's Best
Mind Flayer Mead - Mmm... brains!

Other Fine Beverages:
Celestial Soda Pop - Soda specially brewed in Celestia. Tastes divine.
Darknight Coffee - Cream has no effect.
Root Beer
Red Minotaur - Energy Drink
Llamonade - That cool, refreshing drink for quadrupeds.
Dragon's Fire Breath - Cherry Kool-Aid for the kids!
Fox Cola - The choice of the furry generation.
Hot Chocolate - With little marshmallows and stuff.

Hot Spicy Peanuts - Damned Spicy!
Velvet Elfish - Trogtilla chips with hot cheese and meat dip - soooo good.
Fortune Cookies - I got this deal with a local factory see...
Bamhacon - Where ham meets bacon.
Salads - Spring Greens, Caesar, and Italian Pasta
Who's Surprise

Dwarven Cigars - From our axe-hewn humidor
Coffin Nail™ Cigarettes - Get Nailed!
Halfling Pipeweed - Bogart™ brand

If you don't see it, ask for it!

Susan laughs.
That's cute bravery.  Can we keep her?

"Oh no, that wouldn't be fair. I think we should put her down..." Ba'al clicks her fingers, creating a small dome of fire all around Aurora. "See, this is why I was a good bouncer. I wasn't afraid of anything. Now, Aurora, I'm not going to let you out until you promise to let us stay here."

Aurora collapses into a blob.

"I can't."

"Look, Aurora, to be honest I quite like you. You're a nice person. But if you're actually going to act on Mel's orders then I can't just let you do that. We're not going to cause any trouble, and besides, Mel was doing a lot worse in here than simply dragging someone around. I don't see you trying to throw her out..." Deadtime again...

"If I don't I'll get fired."

As Ba'al deadtimes a small red portal appears beneath Aurora and drops her out side the flame.

Melantha turns around and talks to Paige. After a few minutes of discussion Melantha then turns to the drinks cabinet. She closes her eyes and the shadows in the area of the tavern that she is in grow more prominent.

She breathes a sigh of relief.

"Thank you."

Al waves from a booth.
No problem.

"Can I get you anything?"


"Coming right up."

It gets served nice and quick, what with the gratitude and all.

He smiles as it arrives.
So how've things been here?  Any major changes?

"Ba'al got the sack, that's about it."

He sips his drink.
Damn.  What'd he do?


That's a shame.  He seemed like a decent bloke.

She chuckles slightly as deadtime hits.

Melantha steps back and turns around to face the tavern. She nods at Aurora "If you want to give up the bouncers job, I can find someone to do it. Those people were giving you a hard time."

((...and I've just missed him))

Al perks up his ears at that but decides not to speak up.

Melantha turns to him "Can I help you with anything?"

Susan notices Al at his booth and waves.

Melantha nods at Al "Sure hun, what was it?"

Ba'al pops out of deadtime again and gives the foul stuff and damn good thrashing...

Maybe it'll actually leave her alone this time.

Susan flounces over to his booth.
And I'll take a DLB.

Melantha pours out an Absinthe and takes it over to Al, out of courtesy. That done she turns and heads back to the bar to avoid Susan.

Al signals his thanks and tosses a gold to the bar.

Melantha, without looking back, reaches up a hand and catches the gold as it passes her. She walks the rest of the way back to the bar and deposits it in the till.

Melantha grabs the mic in boredom and sings, although in it she changes the words slightly from the normal version.

Here I am, born to be Queen
I'm the princess of the universe
Here I belong, fighting to survive
In a world with the darkest powers

And here I am
I'm the princess of the universe
Here I belong, fighting for survival
I've come to be the ruler of you all

I am immortal
I have inside me blood of kings (Yeah, yeah!)
I have no rival
No man can be my equal
Take me to the future of you all

Born to be kings, princess of the universe
Fighting and free, got your world in my hand
I'm here for your love and I'll make my stand
I was born to be the princess of the universe
No man could understand
My power is in my own hands

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
People talk about you
People say you've had your day
I'm a man that will go far
Fly the moon and reach for the stars
With my sword and head held high
Got to pass the test first time, yeah
I know that people talk about me
I hear it every day
But I can prove them wrong 'cause I'm right first time
Yeah yeah

Alright, let's go, let's go
Haha! this man fly
Bring on the girls
C'mon C'mon C'mon!

Here I am (here I am)
Born to be Queen, I'm the princess of the universe
Here will I belong

Born to be Queen, princess of the universe
Fighting and free, got your world in my hand
I'm here for your love and I'll make my stand
I was born to be the princess of the universe.

"Not bad, Mel, though your version sounds a little more...arrogant," Ba'al applauds anyway. At least the song still sounds good, not like those frequent remakes that inevitably ruin what was once a timeless classic.

She sniffs "It's my place in the universe."

"Princess of the universe? I'm fairly sure most gods out there would object to any mortal claiming to be anything anywhere near as important as that."

"Hah! Let them try. Although I said Queen, that is, I think, ruler appointed by God in the old days."

"A lot of royalty used to make divine claims, it's all rubbish really."

"It's my destiny. It's written in the stars, in the earth, in the light and in the shadows."

"Destiny is a funny old thing though, isn't it? People's destinies never quite seem to be as certain as you'd think. It'll be a damn shame when I destroy this universe then, one ruled by you would be quite interesting. What makes you so sure it's your destiny though?"

"It's in my blood. It is meant to be. All who have opposed me, fought back against me, and the few in the past that have used me will all bow down before me."

"Well that tells me exactly...nothing. For all I know you could be making this up on the spot. Destinies, prophecies, I dunno I'm always reluctant to trust things based on word of mouth."

"Perhaps when you start being a proper god you'll be able to send down word whether it's true or not."

"Yeah, but that would involve talking with other gods, and, you know, giving a damn about things. Most gods are horribly boring, there's no way I'd want to get to know them...especially since it doesn't actually matter if you become Queen of the universe."

"I know what I think about my destiny, you think what you think. I don't care what you think, to my eyes your judgement is flawed, tainted."

"Not really, I just lack whatever information it is that you possess that has led you to believe you will become Queen. However I know for certain that one day I will be called on to destroy this universe, hence making everything sort of pointless."

"Pfft, whatever. I shall treat that with the same respect that you told me. After all;" she then speaks in a voice that sounds similar to Ba'al's "For all I know you could be making this up on the spot. Destinies, prophecies, I dunno I'm always reluctant to trust things based on word of mouth." she then turns and begins cleaning the bar.

"Well, without the ability to pass on any reliable information, how can you expect others to believe you?"

Melantha scowls slightly "The same question to you. I'm through talking to you now, go back to that irritant that you seem so attached to."

"I never said I had any more reason to expect you to believe me. Bear in mind that I at least have not dismissed your claims as nonsense. Many people would instantly label you as a nutcase. I'd just need to know more to believe you."

She tosses the rag that she's using down on the bar and properly scowls "Trust me or not, it matters little to me. I. Don't. Care what you think or believe in."

Susan slips out  of deadtime.
The Bushranger

Aleksandra undeadtimes, and yawns.

Melantha waves at Alex, grinning.
The Bushranger

Alex waves back smiling. Long time no see.

Melantha chuckles "Even more so for not seeing you, pet." she takes amusment in leaving Quinn in her flat, quite unable to move, and potentially seducing another person.
The Bushranger

Twisted Evil

Yeah. I got busy with a business for awhile, then got kinda stuck in NPC-dom for a bit. But I'm back now. Alex smiles more. Can I get a Black Shadow?

((back soon))

"Sure, pet." she begins making the drink "So what have you been doing before now?"

Aurora shakes off her deadtime and takes a look about.

Ba'al comes out of deadtime and sighs. She walks over to Aurora, "I, ah, are you okay? I went too far yesterday..."

"I'm fine."

She does not sound happy.

Melantha looks at Aurora "You okay, hun?"

"I'm fine."

Her voice is ever so slightly different.

Melantha slowly walks over to her "You sure?"

Ba'al just walks away. Clearly Aurora is not fine...

"I'm fine, 100% fine."

" don't sound 100% alright."

"That? Just ignore that. I won't have the same problem again."

Melantha smiles, slightly worriedly "Ok hun." she goes back to the bar, completes Alex's drink and passes it along the bar to her for when her player gets back. She then watches Aurora out of a corner of an eye in case she does anything weird.

She's just cleaning tables, bar the voice, she's not going to do anything until someone needs to be kicked out, but then....

A rune on Al's coat starts flashing.
That's going to be a problem... Later.
He calls to Melantha.

Melantha looks over and nods "Coming right up, hun." she makes up the drink and delivers it to Al

Deadtime for the perfectly fine Aurora


"No problem, sweetie." she picks up a bar towel and begins rubbing down the counter.

He slides out of the booth and floats to the bar.
So how've things been for the queen of the town bar scene?

She yawns "Generally boring. But a few high points every here and there. Then again, there has been several irritating people around so I suppose it balances out."

"Good grief. I get curious about your apparent destiny and I'm suddenly irritating?"

So a nice even keel than?
He smiles.

Melantha snaps her head in Ba'al's direction "You're so vain you think everything I say is about you."

She turns back to Al and shrugs "About so, yes."

Good song.  Heard it was about Dave Coulier.
He laughs.

"Not at all! But your tendency to snap at me every time I speak does kinda suggest you find me irritating. Funny how you hate anyone who disagrees with you at all, most people can be at least a little forgiving."

Melantha tilts her head "'s funny how your speech is affected by various things."

She turns to Ba'al "I can be forgiving, to people that deserve it."

Al checks to make sure he's not between Ba'al and Melantha.
How so?

"And I'm clearly undeserving for wondering how you got such a destiny? Harsh..."

"What I said back there, would I have put it that way if I hadn't heard that lyric?"

She sighs and turns to Ba'al "Just go away, will you?"

Susan undeadtimes back at the booth but hangs back to watch.
It seems possible but a lot less likely.  Probably explains why I keep accidentally booking trips to Kokomo.

"I don't see why I should. Just because you can't put with people who don't do exactly as you say doesn't mean I'm going to bugger off."

Melantha frowns "I've vaguely heard that lyric, but that's a very obscure and much less well known song."

Ba'al yawns and heads back to her table, grinning at Susan as she sits down. "How long have you been out of deadtime for?"

Really?  I'd say they're about equal.
He does a little hula dance and hums the tune to himself.
The Bushranger

Hawkeye wrote:
"So what have you been doing before now?"

Alex accepts the drink with a smile, and sips it. Not too much. The tea shop only gets NPCs so I decided to wander out some. How about you?

Melantha chuckles to herself "I wonder how long I should leave her tied up..."

She turns to Alex and shrugs "Been fairly quiet on al fronts mostly. Had a few brief spats with people but other than that nothing much." she smirks "Apart from taking over this place of course."
The Bushranger


Oh, you did? I've been out of circulation for longer than I thought. Congratulations! Alex smiles broadly. Somehow I never thought you for the entreprenur type...

Melantha shrugs "I usually am not, but this place was about rock bottom so someone had to try and get it running again." she looks around "It picked up at the start, but it's sadly gradually starting to slip back down."
The Bushranger

Maybe I could help? Alex offers, smiling as she drinks some more.

She hasn't had a drink in awhile, her tolerance is a little down...

Melantha smiles "Sure, what can you do?"
The Bushranger

Well, I'm a pretty good musician, and I can mix drinks. Maybe some other entertainment might be good, too...can I have another one, please?

"Hmm...maybe I can get her smashed and then bring her back to the apartment..." she smiles at Alex "We've not got an entertainer here yet, we operate very much on an open mic night. If you're up for that job you'll have to provide something a little...extra than just singing karaoke." she makes up the drink and passes it over, adding in a little extra alcohol and an extra little chill down the spine.
The Bushranger

Well, I play guitar. But I'd be willing to consider something else, if you had something in mind that would be more entertaining? She smiles, and takes a sip of her drink, shivering at the chill. Ooh, this is the best one I've ever had here.

"I suppose I could set up the stage for you on some nights of the week, if you've got sufficient material to cover it." she giggles "Or I could always set up a metal pole and you can do lap dances."
The Bushranger

I've got plenty of material, just nobody to play for. Alex blushes, and giggles. Or I could do that, yeah. It might attract more people than just being on the guitar...

She takes another deep, shivering drink.

Melantha hops up onto the bar and sits down on it, swinging her legs over to the other side "Well I'd be first up for one of those."

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