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Town TV Tropes Page

~Deletes post with Rules~

Ignore what used to be here. That was wrong of me to try setting rules like that. Anyways this thread is now for the disscussion of the tropes page

Darn, Simu-edited.

Well, I like the page.

Talking is a free actionin Town, a lot of the time. And a version of Webcomic Time applies, too.

Oh, and the link appears to come back to this thread, not the tropes page... Fixed!

Yea, I caught him on that know...after clicking the link five times... >.<

Early morning + links = me get confused.

I've made a slight edit to the 'Gent' reference, which I hope will make things a bit clearer, and everyone a bit happier.

You mean if someone stops deleting te stuff on te Gent...

Well, yes, if everyone is a bit happier, as I hope, then they won't feel the need to delete it, see?

That's not why it was being deleted...

Okay, I would like to call attention a certain edit war between me and Kyrian. Mainly him constantly editing what I enter - including what I say on the discussion page.

Kyrian, please stop it. If you have a disagreement with me about what I enter, please present it to me in a logical manner instead of messing around with what I put in. Thank you kindly.

Anyone who wants to judge this matter for themselves can look at the editing history. My handle is OotS Fan.

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