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Town News and Plots

This thread is now open for Town related news and the discussion, planning, and organizing of plots.

Anyone who wants to become involved in the Chimera outbreak, PM me. I want to make sure that everyone fully understands the implication and results of such an agreement. Otherwise your characters will have an immunity to Chimera (and Chimera will have immunity to you, except when discussed over PM)

I'll be prefacing Chimera's hosts with "C", for player benefit

My characters are up for anything, but I too suffer from an internet disease, it is not spontaneous illiteracy but rather spontaneous prolonged outbreaks of REAL LIFE.

REAL LIFE is an awful thing that involves massive amounts of stress, hard work, utter exhaustion and the complete inability to post online. It is chronic, incurable and appears without prior warning. So, if I do not post, do not wait for me. Keep moving and assume my characters are following along somehow.

Ok people, OOC discussion time.

Below is my post so far. Does the wand touch the mirror or not? Tell me which end to put.

Winguardia already had the screwdriver programed and in her hand, as mentioned earlier.

As she watched the changing expressions on Quinn's face over the last rounds of action she held that screwdriver only centimeters from the mirror. She need only touch it and it will pull the Chimera back in.

The instant the faint black streaks appeared on Quinn's skin, she moved to touch it. The solidified coating of darkness closes around her as she strains to make the last micrometer to the mirror's surface. Beneath the mask coating her face she strains, forcing her flesh against the prison until she bruises, until she starts to bleed. She does not seem to care that she is causing herself damage as the wand screwdriver....

It is your call, but I would highly prefer not. I put Dark there intentionally to bust Chimera out and ally with it. If I knew if it would work, I would have prefered just having Dark break the mirror, but since that's Who's territory and Dark doesn't know the result, he'd rather not risk it backfiring.
The Bushranger

I figured Quinn would defeat Chimera, myself. Razz
Unless of course we all have to Epically Quest to defeat him...

I'll let the wand not least not just yet...on the condition that either Darklox drops the darkness or Winguardia's attempt to get out (It involves fire, and fire gives off light, light kinda negates dark) works.

As soon as Dark has the screwdriver, he's letting go.

Ok, I've got my post up.

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