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Town Meet-Up

Well, I've been requested to try this, so here we go:

How many of you would like to meet up?  I'd like possible dates that people would like to meet.

Also, I'd like to put this in about the center of our 'community' here in the US, so if you could give your city, state I can try to make a center meeting place for everyone.

I would also like to suggest it be a cosplay meetup.  Something fun, y'know?  I would love to dress up as character Wukei, of course.  Maybe even Hel (putting on black make up is fun, after all.)

Anyone needing costumes made, I can do some.  I know there's a couple of other people who know how to sew that might volunteer.  All you have to do is buy the cloth (I don't have money to buy you outfits, after all.)

Anyway, any suggestions toward how we can do this would be great.  We'd have to find a hotel or other place that would basically allow a convention to go on.
Destro Yersul

I'd love to go to something like that, but unfortunately I have very little money with which to get there and I don't know when would be a good time for me. At least Destro would be easy to dress up as.

*sigh* I need a new job...

For the record, I live near Vancouver, B.C. If we had it anywhere near there I might be able to make it for a day  Razz

A town meet-up would be very fun, and though I've already gone to the Tennessee meetup and GenCon to see GitP folks, I'd definitely make an effort...
Though I am scratching my head over where we would meet.

Athens, Georgia would be my location. However, as I would likely be flying (due to my car being a metal box that only pretends to be a car and sometimes realizes the reality), my location probably shouldn't factor in too much unless we do it relatively nearby me.

I'd want to come.

...But I wouldn't be able to get there from Britain. Sad

Oh well. Not that many of you will remember me, in any event. =P

I live on the East Coast, in Maryland near the bay. I would love to go to a get-together, but money and college might impede my efforts.

I'm thinking either Thanksgiving vacation or sometime in December.  In either case, I'd be happier nearer the South.  I've never been more north than Amarillo in the winter, and I disliked being even that far North.

I'm down here in Florida, and while I do have access to a car, money and timing might be a problem, for I too am a poor college student. Also, I'd have to convince my parents to let me go traipsing across the country to see people I've met over the internet.


Hmm... Maybe you all want to come to Disney World or something? Or, depending on when we do this, I might be more independent. My parents do trust me, and have let me travel on my own before. I just have to make sure I call them this time and that the first word out of my mouth aren't "I got lost"

All that said, I'd love to come, should things fall into place.

Well that's why you tell them "I'm going to a convention" not "I'm going to meet friends from the internet."

I would like to meet more Townies.  My schedule is partially dictated by the availability of other people at work and Military requirements.  I need at least 2 months warning to arrange for vacation time.

I live near St Louis, IL

I'd come, but between the upcoming school year, my lack of money, and my lack of a car to lug me to whatever state this is going to be in, I probably won't be showing up.

Well, This sounds like something that is quite fun... I'm in the north-eastern corner of Oklahoma.... Buuuut... Alas.. I have collage student syndrome as well...

As more talk crops up, I might be able to do it but otherwise.. I might not... Really depends on what I have offhand at the time.

So, pretty much, we need to schedule for either December or summer, thanks to colleges...or spring break.
Draken Frosthand

I would like to go as well, but alas, I have both Artemis' problem and Cassies (sort of).

I am moneyless student.

I am on another country continent.

A fitting time would probably be in december, and I would pinch in a vote for disneyworld or something like that. I would still be kind of bound to whichever travel destination the "paying people" wanted, and a place with some kind of turistic attraction would be the only option.

That does sound fun, but yeah, location is rough. I think the wisest thing would be to shoot for summer.  The problem with December is that many people feel the money crunch for presetns for friends and family and also family tend to want to spend lots of time with each other.
Destro Yersul

Summer is good. Too bad it's over  Razz

I'll have to save up for this, if I want to go, which I do. Probably won't be able to drive anywhere though, unless the US accepts Canadian Driver's Licenses as valid, even if it's an N.

For those who don't know, N means you can drive by yourself or with one passenger. It's a step below a full license, and a step above the one where you need a supervisor to drive.

I doubt my parents will let me come by myself, or at any time other than summer.  But for any locations that it might affect, Dayton, Ohio, home of the Wright Borthers.

I'd like summer too... Location matters little if I can even go, because I doubt it'll be within driving distance.

I would and everything, buuuuuuuut Wales is an expensive way from the states... And my parents would go psyco... ah well.

We could always do a UK meet-up, too, if others of you are up for it.

that would be cool... but my parents would go psyco...

I'd be more likely to come to the UK than the US, and I'd have to vote for summer too. Doubt I'd have time or money for it otherwise.

UK meetup...There was being set up on the Giantitp forum, which I'm definitely going to be doing my best to go to.

Just a thought. =)

*goes to bump the thread and get a link*

edit: Linky

I would like to offer an alternative to a full US meet up. The US is large, and many people wouldn't be able to travel far to have a meet up.

So, maybe a meet up for each state? Or maybe region. Something smaller.

Example: I'm in Detroit. So, a meet up in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, or even Ontario would probably be feasible for me.

I refuse to come to the UK Meetup dressed as a cat.  Razz

The problem is there's so few people to begin with.  Some person may be the only person in their state.  So they have a state town meet-up each day ^.~

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