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Town Cleanup part III

Edit: Now with a poll to decide our new admin. Please vote, I've set it to last for a week. I've added everyone who's been posting within the last week or so. I hope I didn't miss anyone. Naturally, if you really don't want to be admin, you don't have to.

Time to get this thing going again, for the third time it seems. I'll keep it to-the-point for those with TL:DR syndrome.

1. New Admin
First and most importantly, we really need a new admin. It's hard if not impossible to get any of the things below done without one, so I suggest this be our first order of business.

Nominate and discuss. Let's have an active and engaged admin again.

2. A "Welcome to Enupnion" thread
I once again suggest we write up a "Welcome to Enupnion" thread, combining the Forum Rules, Rules of Play and the current Welcome to Enupnion thread in the Chit-Chat forum. It should be made a global announcement, and also serve as a place for new members to say hi.

I'll even offer to write it up. May take a little while, but I'll get it done, if only we can get an admin to post it for us.

3. Combine Arts and Crafts forums into one
I once again suggest this. I think it was in the plans, but never got done. Once again, needs an admin to do this.

4. Unsticky the Town Calendar post
The one in the Chit-Chat forum. It's not been updated in forever. Either unsticky, or someone needs to revive it.

5. Town Directory, Weather and News
I'll offer to revive and keep these again, if there's interest. Obviously now that we're so few there may not really be a need for them, but I'm offering it just in case.

Should maybe be unstickied if they're not going to be kept.

I think that's all I can think of for now, feel free to suggest other points.

Ok, I've made a poll. I figured that since there are so few of us, there's not really any point in nominations. So let's just vote.

My fellow forum goers, Ask not what your forum can do for you, but what you can do for your forum.

Vote early, vote often, vote Obscure. Cool

Erm, this isn't a popularity contest.

I think it's obvious that Deadly should be an admin at this time, he knows what he wants to do and the need to be an admin in order to do it. If one of us shmucks gets the job he would be endlessly telling us what to do, and that is just stupid.

Thanks, Hawkeye. I don't like to flaunt myself, but I do agree it's not a popularity contest.

In the end, Vael will be the final arbiter, of course. Maybe she'll even decide to return herself (I'm ever the hopeful one Smile)

In all seriousness and respect, Deadly'd probably make the best choice for admin.  I do worry a little about consistency though.  We've had long stretches where Enupnion's basically been a lawless land inhabited by two or three people and I worry about losing another admin.  No offense meant, Deadly.

None taken. I can see why people might not pick someone who's only just returned from a long absence as their first choice.

But if that's the concern, let me assure you that I never simply disappear (well, barring sudden death or something equally terrible), and I'm generally pretty committed. I don't like letting people down.

I've been with Town since almost the start. I've always tried my best to help Town, though I don't claim to have been very successful in the past. And even during my hiatus I still checked in once in a while and would have responded if needed.

IF I was made admin, you can be sure I'd not simply leave (again, barring sudden death).

In that case, I having no problem bowing out of the whole process.  Deadly for Admin.

Well, if others agree.

You got my vote chief.

Ok, poll is closed, and I've talked to Vael. Sadly the poll is inconclusive; BR has three votes in the poll, but I have three in the comments (at least one of Who and Obscurejones changed their vote).

Vael does not feel entitled to cast the deciding vote in this matter, so I think we have two options: Either make a new poll and vote again, or have everyone post who of BR and me they think should be admin.

I suggest the latter and cast my vote for BR, since I don't like voting for myself.

Poll closed. Thanks for your support. I look forward to help keeping Enupnion fresh and alive. Right now I have a bunch of settings and stuff to look through, but I should have it figured out soon so that we can start getting some of the other points mentioned above done.

I'm also writing up a new Welcome to Enupnion thread. If anyone have any suggestions or requests, things you'd like changed or added, please let me know.

1. In the spoiler below is the new Welcome to Enupnion thread. Just want to see if there are any comments or objections to it before I replace the old threads.

2. Unless there are any protests I'll be merging the Art, Homebrew and Webcomics forums into one Arts and Crafts forum.

3. I'd suggest merging Modern and Sci-Fi with the regular Town. There's not really enough going on there to justify having separate forums for them. The threads will still be there, they'll just have to use a [modern] or [sci-fi] tag in their titles to distinguish them from regular Town. Any comments or objections?


Welcome to Enupnion and the Town. If you're new here please read this post to learn who we are, what we do and to get acquainted with the rules. Once you've done so you should feel free to say hi below.

Enupnion and the Town
Enupnion began as an off-shoot from the Giant in the Playground free-form forums, back then otherwise known as The Town. When GitP was having serious and long term server issues many members of Town decided to migrate elsewhere. The server issues at GitP made it virtually impossible to play in Town, and many also desired a place where the players of Town had more power to moderate the boards themselves.

Enupnion was started by Vael, and was initially closed except to those specifically invited. We want to make it clear that this is no longer the case, and hasn't been for a long time; it was realised that perhaps it had been a mistake, and Enupnion was later made open for anyone to join.

The Town itself is a free-form roleplay setting where anything is possible and all are welcome to join the fun. There are few limitations and it has traditionally been known for its crazy plots and bizarre inhabitants. The Town emerged on the Silly Message Board Games section of the Giant in the Playground forums, as an arena match between two members of the forum, Lykan and Mortia. Surrounding that epic battle, various places like Sneak's Milk Bar emerged, growing into what became known as The Town. Ever since, Town has been a cauldron of chaos, silly ideas and free-form roleplay at its best.

What does Enupnion mean and how is it pronounced?
According to Vael, our original overlord admin, the word enupnion is from Ancient Greek and means "dream", with the original Greek spelling ύνυπνιον and pronounced as Hew-newp-knee-on.

The Rules
We try to not get bogged down by rules. Nonetheless, there are a few rules we'd like everyone to follow while posting on Enupnion. These rules are meant to keep Enupnion and the Town a friendly and welcoming place for everyone.

General Forum Rules
These rules apply in general to all of Enupnion, including private messages.

  • Read and follow the FreeForum terms. Since we're using their free service we can not relax these rules.

  • Be respectful towards other members of the board. We run a much tighter ship when it comes to flaming than many other places you might post. We have tried to create a place where people can have discussions about gaming and other topics without the rampant personal attacks prevalent at other RPG boards. Specific things you cannot do on this message board that might be allowed elsewhere:

    • Tell a poster to shut up or to stop posting on the current thread.
      Name calling, including terms obviously meant in a pejorative sense such as "troll" or "fanboy"
    • Use passive-aggressive insults, such as "Anyone who believes that is an idiot," or "I'd call you an idiot, but it's against the rules."
    • Harassment of other posters, such as repeatedly following them from thread to thread to dispute them, personally.
    • Tell a poster that they clearly didn't read what you wrote. Alternately, any statement that implies that the only way someone could disagree with you is because they don't understand you/can't read properly is likewise not allowed.
    • Responding in kind to a poster who has flamed you. Please inform a moderator via PM and wait for the offending post to be scrubbed or deleted. Don't feed the flames.
    • Belittling people who care more about roleplaying than mechanics.
    • Belittling people who care more about mechanics than roleplaying.
    • Putting down or insulting ANY play preference, including (but not explicitly limited to) choice of game system, choice of preferred levels, classes, or races, choice of setting, choice of power level, etc. You cannot call another poster a munchkin or make any other disparaging remarks about how they like to play the game. You can express your own preference, you can express why you don't care for their preference, but you can't put someone down for feeling differently.
    • Belittling or putting down anyone or their opinions based on post count, member rank, or how long they have been a member.
    • Posting insults or slurs based on anyone's race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, or sexual orientation.

    Any post that, in the judgement of the moderators, was made solely or primarily to incite angry responses and/or flames, or attempts to disrupt a thread so that it becomes a flame war, will be edited to remove the offending content and the poster issued a warning. If a thread is judged to have been started for this reason, it will be locked, and the poster issued a warning. In particular, editing a quote of another user's post to make the other user's words appear misleading, inflammatory, or insulting is considered trolling, and any such modified quotes will be removed and a warning issued.

  • No controversial discussions. Despite the FreeForum terms, on Enupnion we do not allow discussion of controversial, political, or religious topics. If ever in doubt it is always best to err on the side of caution and simply not post it.

  • Use correct grammar and spelling. We understand and respect that not everyone are spelling bee champions, or native English speakers, but we ask that everyone try to write legibly so that others don't have to decipher what you're saying.

  • Keep your speech appropriate. We don't have profanity filters, for roleplaying reasons, but don't abuse this freedom. No one finds it interesting or fun to constantly read long streams of profanities.

  • No commercial advertising. Enupnion is not meant as a place for you to advertise, nor is it a job board. If you want to suggest something our forum itself can offer, or make something related to the forum, please talk to one of the administrators.

  • Respect the moderators and administrators. Moderators and admins may issue warnings or nudges, or edit/delete offending posts. In very bad cases the moderators and admins reserve the right to ban a user, temporarily or permanently, from the forum with no prior warning. Four (4) warnings will lead to the moderators and admins discussing and possibly voting on banning the account and/or IP. When a moderator or admin posts in an authoritative fashion within a thread, as opposed to posting as a regular member of the boards, they will write using red text. Always heed the words of a moderator or admin when they post in this fashion. The word of an admin supersedes that of a moderator.
    The current admins are: Deadly, Sophistemon (inactive), Vael (inactive).
    The current moderators are: Wxdruid
    The „Administration“ account is a shared account used by all admins and moderators. If you see someone not mentioned here pretending to be an admin or moderator, please inform one of the moderators or admins mentioned.

  • The rules may change. We reserve the right to change the rules at any time. We will provide warning of any changes in this thread, but it is your own responsibility to stay up to date on the rules at all times. Ignorance is never an excuse.

Town Specific Rules
These are the Town specific rules of play. They are generally few but no less important.

  • No godmodding. This one is one of the most important rules of play. A description of what godmodding is, and how to avoid it, is given below. In short, godmodding involves robbing another player of the freedom to decide what happens to their character. The proper response to godmodding is to politely point it out, or in persistent cases to ignore the offender and alert a moderator or admin. Do not respond to godmodding with more godmodding of your own.

  • There is no such thing as a board sanctioned police force. While a police force may be established by anyone, by the rule against godmodding no member of any such group has the right to force cooperation with their activities upon the characters of any other player.

  • The power of gods and god-like characters are limited. Gods and characters with the power of gods are limited to their planes, temples, or other appropriate areas that do not infringe directly into the workings of Town. To interact with Town, they must use avatars or some other force of demigod status or below.
    As per D&D definitions, those with demigod status have (at most) 40 levels and 0 divine rank. This is the power limit of Town. For those without D&D knowledge or experience, said limit is approximate to an outsider (a demon or angel) who is naturally powerful but of the same level of a god - while also possessing impressive trained talents (such as that of a magician, warrior, or more subtle types) that would put them at heroic levels.
    See further under „Proper Use of Power“ below.

  • The 50 pages rule. For historical reasons dating back to the GitP forums, threads are usually limited to 50 pages (of 25 posts each). After this a new thread can be made and the old one locked by a moderator or admin. Aside from public threads, it is usually polite to let the owner of the thread create any new threads so that they retain control of the first post.

Guidelines and Advice

Godmodding, and how to avoid it
Godmodding involves taking control of someone else's character without their expressive permission. This term applies to any extent of control, especially including any reactions to something you have done.

Using this definition of godmodding condenses our rule ‘Do not Godmod’ to one very simple but inclusive rule: Do not control someone else’s character. This seems a simple enough thing to avoid, but in some situations (such as combat) people take control in a limited way without realizing it.

Still using combat as our example, here are three examples of godmodding. One blatant, one general, and one subtle in successive order:

  • Vael shoots a blast of energy at (PC) and the energy rends (PC) who falls dead with a wail.
  • Vael swings a sword at (PC) and strikes home, leaving a small angry red line of blood.
    The third example is split into two posts by two separate people to show the entire situation:
  • Post (PC) – (PC) draws his weapon and readies himself for combat, going on the defensive.
    Post (Vael) – Vael slashes (NPC), giving him a gaping wound and reverses the attack, striking at (PC)

The first example of godmodding is obvious, I attacked someone and killed them, usurping all of their control over their character, not even allowing them to describe how they died.

The second example is fairly noticeable as well. I attacked and rather than allowing them control over their character, I went ahead and said that they were hit rather than giving them a chance to respond.

The last one is a rather subtle godmod, though it is still there. I did not post a definite reaction for the PC, only saying that I attacked them. I did not kill anyone’s NPC without their permission, only using the NPC with general license. However, what I did do was presume that I hit the NPC. What if (PC), or another person nearby had wanted to prevent me from harming the NPC? I effectively denied them a chance to react to my attack, though my use of the NPC was okay.

Godmodding in non-combat situations is just as bad as doing it within combat. Some examples of non-combat godmodding are as follows:

  • Vael casts Heal and cures (PC)’s wounds.
  • Stealthily Vael picks (PC)’s pocket and steals (something).
  • Vael dodges the bouncer blocking the door and runs outside.

In the first example I did not allow someone the chance to say how grievous their injury was, or even if they had something that would resist healing spells. In short, they lost a chance to react. You would normally assume people like getting healed, but in town people are crazy, so you never know.

Second example. What if the character is sharp-eyed, clever, or simple lucky? Again, try to do something rather than succeed.

Third example. Now this seems okay, and perhaps in responding to someone else’s post it would be. But if someone says “I block the door” and you run past them without letting them respond, it is godmodding. This, perhaps, is not the best example, as it could be either godmodding or a reaction statement that is fine. I include it merely so that you can see that there are different levels to godmodding, and that it is complex to determine whether some things are godmodding are not. If you aren’t sure, don’t act, try to act.

Now that I have defined godmodding and given some examples, the question to answer is: How can I avoid godmodding by accident?
The answer is this: You can try to do anything to someone, but they control what actually happens to themselves. Never deny someone a chance to react, no matter what you do. Before you post, consider what you have written. Do you directly affect someone with it, adversely or positively? Do you block them off from some options that someone would normally have in their situation? If the answer to either question is yes, you probably need to revise your post.

Note, however, that the definition states that this is only godmodding if you do not have someone’s permission. If you obtain someone’s OOC permission to godmod, then feel free to godmod against them within their restraints. However, I recommend that you merely work out someone’s response before time, just in case something unexpected comes up (like another player interfering).

However, just as bad as taking control of someone else's character is making your own never get affected by them. The counter part to an irresistable force is an immovable object. Therefore, you should let people at least achieve SOMETHING when they attempt to affect you. You don't have to all the time, but if your character is continually "immovable" you will be godmodding, and people will be extremely likely to ignore you. So don't just "I dodge" everything, okay? Let people do something to you if they try.

Also note that there is another form of godmodding similar to the above, which will be known as ‘passive godmodding’ (kudos to Iames for the name). Passive godmodding is when a player ignores an entirely legitimate post for little to no reason. If you miss reading a post, that is one thing, but to ignore a post intentionally is very bad form. You are allowed to react to someone’s post in nearly any way you want, but ignoring it really should not be done unless they are godmodding or adversely affecting an ongoing plot without permission.

Proper Use of Power
Neither a character's imagined level or any special powers that she may posses make her inherently better than other characters. The outcome of an engagement is not determined by a character's power level or ability statistics. As Town is a freeform roleplaying environment, the rules and regulations of certain codified roleplaying games do not determine the victor of any battle. Instead, the outcome of a fight should be arrived at via character interaction. If a character has more power, that does not mean that that character automatically wins, or otherwise succeeds, it means that the character will have more tricks up her sleeve. Likewise, a character with a lesser amount of power should not be expected to automatically lose, though it would be reasonable to assume that he has fewer amazing supernatural abilities to fall back on.

Simply because a spell published in some WotC splat-book says it deals obscene damage even if the target saves against it means nothing in Town, because Town is not bound by the rules of Dungeons and Dragons, or of any other established roleplaying game. The level two Fighter can avoid getting killed instantly by Destruction despite the fact that the spell says that it still inflicts significant damage, even if the target saves. The level three Rogue can dodge the extravagantly large swarm of Force Missiles if their player wants them to, because there is no rule that says that she can not.

Playing a higher powered character does not give you more of a right to win. Playing a lower powered character does not mean that you are required to lose.

PC’s and NPC’s: Creation, Development and Interaction
PC Characters are what make this game run, what give it something to actually do. Without characters, there would be nothing.

Character Creation is a very interesting process. Here is what I suggest:

  • Come up with a general idea. Not too general, and perhaps with some certain interesting details, but nothing really set. Give him a decent background explanation, but not a very rigid one. If you are into DnD type stuff, maybe write up some stats for him just so you can get an estimate of what he can do.
  • Post your mostly complete character in the Character Directory forum. This allows people to learn just exactly who they are talking to. I also suggest getting a custom made avatar so that people will see what your character looks like. There are may be someone out there who is willing to make you an avatar, or tell you how to get one otherwise.
  • Send your character into the world. I know, here I am telling you not to totally create your character, and then throw him into the place anyways? What am I thinking, right?
    Well I notice that people tend to get an idea of what their character is, and then when they come in they find themselves wanting to play something different, but they get confined by their character. So what I suggest is having an overview of your character and letting the details fall into place as you go. It gives you a more relaxed character creation, and one that tends to give you a character you like to play.
  • Give your character time to develop and look around. This will be when your character begins to ‘harden’ and gain personality. This may change, but this is when you decide who exactly your character is and where he/she came from, etc.
  • Plot time! Once you do everything else, begin bringing in plots to further develop, reveal, whatever, your character. These can be background plots, random plots, just anything to have fun with.

As for general limits and explanations of how to do step 1:
You can have any race, be from anywhere, and have any background. This place is pretty much a planar crossroads, you can meet ANYTHING here. I do recommend that you stay away from gods/deities/way too powerful characters until you get the hang of things though. Above all, try to have fun.

You can have more than one character, but like the powerful characters, I recommend mastering playing one character before moving on to multiple characters. I also highly recommend that keep yourself to 3-4 characters at max. Let me tell you from personal experience, when it gets beyond that, it can get hectic. Very hectic.

Now NPC’s are the ‘backup characters.’ They are normally not very developed, have one simple task that they perform, and that’s it for them. In all but the rarest cases they are tied to a certain thread, as mentioned in the thread section.

In general, if the creator of an NPC is online, let them use him/her. If they are not, try not to do anything major to the NPC, unless you have permission. Otherwise, feel free to do what you like to them.

As a side note: Character speech is usually given a specific color to distinguish it from descriptive text. It is very helpful for all of us.

Threads: Overview, Creating, Populating and Plotting
The real, main thing to know about threads is this: each one represents a different place in our world. You are only supposed to post (and ‘exist’) in one thread at a time, unless your character can create an avatar or some such, which is entirely possible. When you go somewhere else, post that you are leaving the thread you are in and go to the next place you want to go. Certain places are connected in other ways which are usually specified in the first post.

Also, within certain threads there are ‘subsections’ that allow people to know exactly where within the thread someone is. You must state within the thread when moving between subsections, and normally at the top of your post you should state what subsection you are in. Most partitioned threads make a note of this in the first post.

For the most part, we are relaxed about posting the area at the top of your post, but when someone new enters the thread, or when you are first posting, etc, you should probably state where in the thread you are.
Some types of threads are temporal distortions, and your character can coexist in one or more of these threads while also in a normal thread.
Some threads also contain permanent NPC’s. Normally the first post in a thread gives you a general overview of the NPC’s contained within the thread. While the owner of the thread is not in, feel free to control the NPC’s as you will as long as you do not grievously injure them, steal all of their wealth, etc. Just don’t do anything major to them.

Also, not all threads are IC threads. Threads that are OOC are usually labelled ‘OOC’ in some part of their title. Within an OOC thread you do not need to use brackets, parentheses, etc., since no one will post in them IC at all.

I cannot stress enough just how much you should read the first post in a thread before posting in a thread. Every vital piece of information about a thread is normally listed in that first post. Even if you have been around a while, you never know, something might have been updated or changed.
Restarting a thread is a tradition carried over from the old boards, and a method used to keep down the number of pages in a thread. Once a thread hits 50 pages, we will begin a new thread with another Roman Numeral to the side. In order to restart a thread, the simplest method is this:

  • Quote the first post of the old thread.
  • Copy it, and remove the quote tags.
  • Start a new thread and give it the name with appropriate Roman Numeral.
  • Paste in the old thread’s first post.
  • Create the thread.

Creating a new thread/area is something that anyone can do. You need no permission to create one. I do, however, suggest that you do the following things if you create a thread. Keep in mind that this is for everyone’s convenience.

First, in the first post, give everyone a description of the area, and a little extra depending on what type of place it is. If it is a wilderness location, then a description alone will suffice. If it is a shop or tavern, list what you sell. If it is a temple, give a general description of the deity worshipped there.

Second, list the general personality/description/speech color of any NPC's that reside in the area.

Third, add anything else that seems necessary or just plain interesting or fun.

Populating your created thread is something that gives people a lot of trouble. It’s like trying to get a new business off the ground. However, I have compiled a few things that may help you get started.

  • Start with a BANG. This is a very good way to attract people. When your thread starts, have a sale, throw a party, do something entirely random and attention getting, but just attract people to the thread for that initial creation. The flood may die off, but if you do well enough that first time it could be your rescue from descent into darkness.
  • For pities sake, don’t just make a shop. Shops are nice and everything, but they do not give people a place to interact extensively. Add something onto your shop if it has to be a shop. Give people more reason to come than just buy things, and shout out your specialities.
  • Be unique. Try for something new, or something old with a really unusual flair.
  • Be active within your own thread. Do things to make people come, and when they do come, BE THERE. NPC’s are nice and all, but they don’t attract people to your thread.

Plots and threads are an interesting combination. Sometimes, when people do not want to intrude in the town, they create an entirely new thread for just their plot. This allows them greater freedom with what they do, since they only affect people who desire to be affected, since they would not be in the thread without wanting to get involved in the plot.


Sounds like a plan. I for one welcome our new fairy based overlord.
The Bushranger

Works for me.

All done. Man I wish there was a "mass rename threads" option.

Anyway, I don't have a whole lot of other things planned right now (mostly pondering what to do with the Town Directory and Town News, but that's about it), so if anyone have any suggestions, any at all, don't be silent.

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