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Town Cleanup and Revitalization Act part II

Enupnion needs some serious help by now, so lets get something constructive done. Please participate, even if you don't think you can offer much. Even a bit of encouragement for the idea is helpful. If noone posts here then nothing gets done, so post even if it's just to say you support or don't support something. And just to make sure it's still clear from last thread:

This is NOT meant to spark a discussion on what is wrong with Town or Enupnion in general! Such discussions invariably run in circles and rarely prove constructive. More often than not they just cause tension and displeasure. What this is meant for is suggesting constructive ways to make Town run smoothly for everyone. Please refrain from extensive and excruciating discussions that do not give new suggestions or further suggestions already given. Keep things orderly and with a positive tone.

1. Inactivity and defection
I think it is undeniable that activity around here has dropped to extreme lows by now. Do I even need to tell anyone this? I think it's clear enough to everyone who are still around to see it. I think it's really, really sad to see Town like this. I don't know about everyone else, but I almost cry when I log on in the morning and find practically no new posts at all, or when I sit and wait for hours for someone - anyone - to get on and post. That's why I returned, because I missed Town and to help get some life back here.

GitP has apparently solved its annoying server problems, and there are some of the old people playing over there now. I don't know if there's any link between the server problems going away and people leaving here for there, but it could be. Town over there really isn't the same, though, it's practically overshadowed by the so called ACRONYMS and other new settings. It's a fun enough place and sure has a lot more activity than here, so I guess I can see why someone might find it more interesting to play there than here right now. But personally I prefer Enupnion for playing in Town. It's just not the same over there.

It's a vicious circle. The inactivity feeds on itself. When people see how little is going on here, they leave. We lose people that way, and we don't gain a lot of new people either and those new people who do come here probably soon drop out again. The fact that most of the threads still going here are more or less private doesn't help. Thankfully Trog's is still not completely dead, but it really isn't enough. We need to do something to draw people back here, wether old or new.

I would try to contact some of the old people, try to nudge them back here, but I get the feeling that they would just leave soon again. We need to first do something to keep them. It's the same thing as before, all of us (the few of us left) must be as active as we can in Trog's and other public threads, and if we see someone new we need to make them feel welcome and not let them sit and wait for someone to come and play with them.

But we probably need more. Something exciting and new to spark some new interest and draw people in.

2. Organisations
Judging from GitP and general experience, people really like organisations. Maybe Town could use some new opposed organisations that people can join and use to stir up fun. Organisations are particularly good because they are by nature not private and invites everyone to join up and participate. They also affect all of Town, not just their own thread. We've had a few organisations in Town over the years, some more successful than others. Maybe we can try to resurrect some of them? Or come up with something new?

I always liked the assassins and police, but maybe that's getting old? Or can classics really get old? What about reinstating the town counsil, as an IC organisation? Maybe have a mayor again? I always liked having a mayor, and an emperor, it was sort of fun.

3. New players initiation
I also figured that maybe we could have some sort of IC "initiation rite", something new players must go through. This way they have somewhere specific to go for their first posting in Town, and a place where we can better get them properly introduced to Town. It may even tie in with the organisations, so that all characters ideally should be affiliated with at least one organisation. Of course, forcing stuff like that has never been a good idea, but maybe it can be worked out so it's not extremely forced or an actual rule. Just throwing out an idea here.

4. Forum cleanup
Lets clean up the forum and make it look simple and inviting. New people should find it easy to figure out what's what and to find things. Let's keep the focus on Town itself, as that's what Enupnion is all about, really. Lets cut down on all the clutter.

I say we merge the Art, Homebrew and Webcomics forums into one called 'Arts and Crafts', and merge The Games and Looking For Players into one as well. I think Vael already planned this, not sure why it never happened.

Should we keep the Modern and Sci-Fi Towns? They never seemed the greatest of successes, although certainly more than Hamlet was Sad Town itself has always been a place where anything can exist, even modern and sci-fi stuff, so maybe they're not really needed. And removing them may simplify things and keep things concentrated in Town. With the low activity we need to do all we can to concentrate activity in Town itself, I think.

The 'Town Calendar' sticky hasn't seen much use in a long time. Maybe it should be unstickied.

5. Welcome to Enupnion
I suggest that we merge the 'Welcome to Enupnion' and 'TIAP' threads with the 'Forum Rules' and 'Rules of Play' announcements, and make it into one global announcement thread called 'Welcome to Enupnion'. It would contain all the rules and guidelines and advice on playing, as well as be a general place for new players to say hello or ask for help. Making it global makes it more visible and obvious.

In the same process I once again suggest we simplify the rules and rewrite the whole thing. If it is to be merged it'd need some tidying up, I think.

Deadly this is I great idea. I want to be able to help out as much as possible. This may be very little this week considering I'm going to be gone for more than half of it. However I already have some ideas for organizations and initiation.

1. Initiation: Maybe it could be the place where Town and all the other worlds exist. Something like the in between space or the Gate to Town. In essence it would be a place for people to start there characters and basically be a tutorial. Thoughts?

2. Organizations: I totally agree that there should be a Town council and Mayor. I also think there should be other organizations out there as well. Maybe the Town council could be made up of leaders of different organizations. It'd be kinda like how guilds and royalty work. Each legitimate organization would have a representative that could vote and push for Town laws and what not. When I say legitimate I mean like the police or bounty hunters not the organizations trying to destroy/rule the town, unless they put up a front. Again thoughts?

Lastly I like the idea of the Welcome to Enupnion suggestion.

Thanks Smile

As for organisations, I'm currently working on having Alias (mirror Ilias) take over Trog's Tavern as owner in Trog's absence, preferably in a big spectacle. From there he plans to build a giant business with influences all across Town. A kind of Mafia meets big, global corporation. I don't have any specific plans, but I'll start with Trog's Wink

I have Al whose gone crazy evil( that's crazy and evil ) and has it out for a lot of the heroes. Though he has gone kinda underground right now. I remember there being A.N.G.E.L that was doing police work but it seems to have kinda died.

Police organisations don't work when there's no real organised crime. That's why Town needs something like the mafia or assassins guild, an effective and highly active one at that.

Alright so lets get these crime organizations up and a running.

You know I think the fall of Town is self perpetuating. You see first off people start dropping out for one reason or another, Town getting boring, trying to focus on stuff in RL, etc. This then starts, or rather stops, posts, new threads, new characters, and plots. This then starts getting people to leave and so on and so forth.

I know we try and revitalize this place but... it's kinda like whats happening at Giantitp. There's not enough people interested/available in town anymore.  There's maybe 4-6 regulars when there used to be around 12 or so and even more before that. It seems like we need interesting things going on as well as getting people to join or re-join. I dunno but what do you guys think?

I agree, I myself have something in the works if I can drum up some support. But I'll do whatever I can.

While I'm here anyway, might as well give a thought or two of my own.

I think you're right, but I also think there's more to it. Town can survive and perhaps even thrive with only a few people, provided those few people are highly active. A different and perhaps much more serious problem is the seeming lack of enthusiasm and activity regarding new plots, ideas and initiatives.

These threads of mine serve as good examples. There has been practically no response to these things, the same with my attempt to renew Trog's menu or my fight with Cosmo, or to name examples not involving my ideas, I saw Morty's character going to the Black Dragon's Den to find goblins recently but getting no response. These things may be small, and I'm not saying people don't care or don't want to do something, but from the outside and particularly in the eyes of prospective new or returning players this place looks completely dead simply because noone seems to play along with any ideas or initiatives. There are people here (still), but I'm sad to say that we don't really seem to be playing at all, aside from sitting around Trog's doing very little.

I think, and that's just my humble opinion, that to get life back in Town, everyone who are still here really need to start showing some enthusiasm and interest in just about every idea, plot and initiative, however minor. Even if you have to fake interest, even if you have nothing to say at all, just post something to at least create an illusion of active and engaged players.

That's how I see it, anyway. There's not nearly enough response to things around here, in general.

*Goes back to being not present*

((For those of you that have "TL:DR" syndrome, I am posting this at the top because I want it to be read. I want for EVERYONE that is active on this forum to read this post. At the very least reply and say that your active. Even if all you do is log on to see how things are going every once in a while. I want Admins to read this. I want Mods to read this. I want PLAYERS to read this. I want random people that troll random forums to read this for crying out loud! Please. I WANT to make a difference. How about you?))

"This message has been brought to you by TIGERSFANG. He's long winded and detailed, sometimes even random. But his heart is in the right place."

Okay. I am gonna bump/poke/wave/smack this thread back into existence. For what ever good it will do.

I have returned to the forum after TWO YEARS!! I didn't realize that I had been away for so long. To me it only seemed a few months at most. I can even still remember what my characters were doing in most of my last posts. For me, life got in the way and I just didn't end up coming back. Not because of the forum though. When I left it was still more or less in good swing. Ever since my return (Thanks again wxdruid! ^_^) I have been more and more disheartened by what I have seen. It just seems like most everything came to a grinding halt six months after I left. I went ahead and posted in my old threads in a vain attempt to satisfy my hopes and memories of yester-year, knowing full well that the people that made those threads come alive have long since left for one reason or another. It makes my heart heavy just to admit that much. Seriously, the depression is almost a physical burden!

And yet there is some hope.....

Despite the current despondency of the situation, there are still some people that arrive at this forum on a daily/semi-daily basis. There are still active threads and adventures! There are STILL some people from the old days that have not given up Enupnion for lost! And by golly, I WILL join the ranks of them!!! Too long have I been gone from Town. Too long have I allowed my characters to be silent. No more. If I have to create an evil set of characters just to have fights with myself in Trog's and in the middle of the Streets, I WILL DO IT!

I did for a while consider trying out the [Nexus] over at Giantitp. But for me it is alien...and I mean in the negative/uncomfortable way. After that I even toyed with the idea of trying to resurrect my old forum database from years ago. Then (Thanks inadvertently to Deadly!) I found this thread. Short, old, and well ignored though it may be; it have me a new sense of hope. I started once again to assess Town and all that made it good and fun! And I came to the conclusion that, yes, it could continue to run with such a low player base as it currently has. It can, and it has! It has not flourished, but it has not died either.

I agree with pretty much this entire thread. No, no. Strike that. The ENTIRE thread!

In no particular order:

1. I like the idea of a new player "tutorial". I think that it would be fun. Some would find it annoying. That said, this is a forum and not a linearly scripted game. So I have absolutely no idea how something like that would be structured other than denying most forum access until the "tutorial" was completed.

2. Organizations! As stated, they do provide a completely open-to-almost-anybody environmental option that players could get themselves involved with. Police, assassins, mafia, freedom fighters, some-inherently evil-person-leading-a-bunch-of-rag-tags-to-try-to-take-over-something-or-other, guardians, paladins, Inarians,.......and the list goes on. The problem with organisations (and I am in no way saying that this is a bad thing) is that they need to have some sort of goal. Police need something to protect people from. Assassins obviously need clients and targets. The Mafia needs to be able to deal in something "shady" while still trying to look like a legal organization. The evil thing...well he(or she!) just needs to be evil and have something evil in mind that is, more likely than not, almost impossible to achieve. My point is that these organizations have certain dependencies that are more often than not provided by the opposing organization. Who are the Mafia gonna hide stuff from if the Police aren't around? Who are the Police gonna hunt if the Assassins aren't around? And who's gonna hire the Assassins if the Mafia isn't around? Generally speaking of course. Wink

3. Clean-up on isle Enupnion! I do agree that there needs to be some clean-up and reorganization. While I agree with the premise of merging Modern and Sci-Fi together with regular Town for the sake of keeping players in the same "sandbox", it would be like cannibalizing the front tires of your car to mend the holes in the rear tires. Those sub-Towns allow for a more defined style of play to exist within the idea of Town. I'm not saying that all time periods can't get along in the same jumbled up era that is Town. We all know that swords, guns, laser pistols, bows, magic, and alchemy have and will continue to abide in the balance of Town. I suppose that I am saying that, in Town...Ye Olde Town...anything can happen, but it tends toward it's own version of fantasy. In Modern, people expect something more approximating today's world. And in Sci-Fi, well...beam me up Scotty! Very Happy And to remove those existences would just be a crying shame. Perhaps, with the intent of moving more activity back into Town, Modern and Sci-Fi could be blocked. Not deleted, not merged, not archived, just denied access to. I wouldn't even suggest actually doing this of course without the support of the people currently active in those areas. Hopefully this could be a community consensus and everyone could agree to shift their main focus to Town proper for a time.

Oh and I do like the idea of redoing the rules and stuff and putting them into one single section. That would make it easier for the new people to know where to go. Wink

4. As far as the Mayor/Emperor/Council idea goes. I like it! It would certainly give the organizations some extra "structural" support as well. The Police, for example, would have a "real" reason to exist. And it would give the Assassins a plethora of high value targets to go after. Not to mention the fact that with a defined leadership, there could easily exist certain illicit goods that the Mafia could then traffic in.....within reason. Wink

5. This one is just a personal feeling that I would like to express, rather than a response to previous comments. Maybe it was me, but prior to me not being active any more, it seemed that DM/GM class people would show up less and less. Fewer "adventure" startups and what not. I had considered starting something up, but at the time I was horribly afraid to; this having been my first RP forum ever. I don't know that at that time it was a detrimental effect on account of the number of people that were active. Cause with so many people, you could walk down the street, step on someone's toes, get into a fight, and then have an epic random encounter show up and distract the combatants from their fight. There was a lot of "Random EncountersTM" back then that kept things interesting. A lot of random character interaction and disregard for the continuity of continuity. It made things fun and interesting. From what little I have been able to gather; it seems like the DMs, GMs, and Big Players that made things tick all shifted over to Giant or just lost interest. And with randomness gone, people in general (having only a limited capacity of creativity on their own) lost interest and considered the forum "boring". Having not been around during "The Collapse" I can't say for certain. This is just my feeling on the matter.

NOW! On the subject of casting a "REVIVE" spell on Enupnion....

I don't know how many people there are left playing, or how many will actually read this, or how many still will want to do anything about it. But I am willing to do what ever I can to help bring this forum back up to snuff. Hell, if I can post two different characters, in four different forums, and monitor and keep pace with 3-5 different chat convos all at once; I can certainly manage to create some "extra" characters. Even if that means creating a "few" accounts to make it look like more people to new players, I can do that. I am even willing to take a stab at running an organization and trying to DM a few adventures. I'll even start throwing Random EncountersTM at people that least expect it. And at Town in general if I have to. Wink

I just wanna know if there is ANY support for this. And personally...I REALLY hope that there is. Because I, for one, miss the "Good Old Days". Back when I could log in after work and find that the whole first PAGE of Town was new posts. I miss the constant RP and adventure. It is possibly one of of the best forms of entertainment that I can think of! And I want it back! Very Happy

Hell, I'm still here and I aint going anywhere. While I don't think we can return it to what it was we've kind of got a good thing going.

Who wrote:
Hell, I'm still here and I aint going anywhere. While I don't think we can return it to what it was we've kind of got a good thing going.

He took what I was going to say.

Pretty much shared opinion here. We're running on... about five or six people now? I don't think we're going to pull that number much higher with any form of ease. But I have no intention of going anywhere.

Wow. It's been so long...

I'm still lurking. Seeing Town like this is so sad I can't help but drop by once in a while, always half expecting it to have disappeared entirely. I've been toying with the idea of making a static copy of all the old threads, just because I fear one day clicking the bookmark and getting a "Forum has been deleted" message. All those old memories, gone. That would break my heart.

Anyway, I digress. I've had an urge to return lately, I really miss this place and all you wacky people. I'm just afraid I'll get hooked once again and neglect everything else in my life. I'm bad at that.

Seeing Enupnion like this almost made me consider Nexus too. It sure has more people and things going on, but as I said above (long ago) it really isn't quite the same. Maybe I could learn to love it like I loved Enupnion, who can tell, but Enupnion is and always will be the real Town, IMO.
The Bushranger

I'm still here, and will continue to be here. Maybe I can even get around to posting more than once a day, too. Razz

I still see occasional posting in Sci-Fi Town, but Modern Town...well, it's been nailed to the perch for years now.  Sad

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