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Town Awards Discussion Thread

This is the discussion thread of the Town Awards contest.

Here, you can discuss your nominations, campaign (bribes and banners welcome) for votes, or discuss anything remotely relevant to the contest, as well as munch on waffles.

I've got a million banners...they're all in my art thread...

I have not advertised my or any of my character's candidacy for any of the positions. Seems like too much work for me.

I find it slightly amusing that Al the mutt is up for weakest character. I guess he dies a lot. But that comes from being the police chief and fighting with a lot of powerful people. But he does tear out a lot of throats. So I'd say vote for someone else.

wait...what happened to the 'great and powerful' maph'tey as police chief?

Wukei wrote:
wait...what happened to the 'great and powerful' maph'tey as police chief?

I think he meant when Al was the police chief over on GitP because of Iame's disappearance?

This was awhile ago. When Iames left the forums for awhile and Vera had quit Al was chief for awhile but didn't do much.

VOTE KYRIAN "Most Likely To Get Into A Fight"!!! OR ELSE HE'LL FIGHT YOU!

I'd like to see Raril get voted as Bard. Honestly I didn't even know he'd been nominated.
The Chilli God

Eh, I can't bother myself with making a propaganda siggy like I do with so many XitP contests. They just don't seem right for this forum somehow.

Anyway, as mentioned in the voting thread, I might make a flash movie with all the winners animated GitP-style in it. As mentioned, it will be a very difficult thing for me (I estimate 70 man-hours per minute), so I won't go through with it unless there's going to be at least some support.

I think that'd be pretty cool, Chilli. I can honestly say I never understood Flash Animator. So even if you only did some, I'd be awed.

Meh, the only thing I'm up for is Warrior in the Town. And it looks like Kyrian's gonna win on the front.

Can you vote for your own Characters?

I can't remember =).

Honestly, I think anyone that's gonna vote has..but here's my banners I made a while ago, anyway. Though the Phie/Morbius couple thing never made it to the votes.


Wukei wrote:
Honestly, I think anyone that's gonna vote has...

Ha HA! I didn't! I'm a voting purist!

I will never understand my nomination for Lawful Neutral.

I am certainly not lawful. The neutral part I guess I see.

Vote for the Pigeon!

If you don't, your coats,jackets and hats will never be safe again...

Damn. I wish I'd been around before this contest started. I might have been nominated.
Destro Yersul

I know some stuff about flash, but am unfortunate in the fact that I don't own the program. I think it'd be cool though.

It's not just me saying it! Even those people over in GitP Town agree!

LordVader wrote:
I don't think anyone has a claim to being weaker than the Pigeon.


What about my character Sid, the hyperactive amoeba. I role play him all the time, but because he is so small and noone can interact with him I do it mostly off screen.

Right now he's building a condominium complex in cupboard in Trog's.

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