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Town - A 2D fighter game?

I actually imagined this back at the April Fool's day bombing and it was discussed fairly recently in Necro's art thread. What if we could make a Street Fighter-esque video/computer game for the Town. Well I just came across the MUGEN engine a relatively simple 2D fighter game engine. This would be a project much to big to undertake alone so I'm checking if anyone would be willing and/or able to help as well as allow their PCs to be in the game.

There was a big discussion of this in the NecroPaladin's Art thread, of all places...I'd dedicate all of my characters, if need be. Perhaps even design sprites.

Re: Town - A 2D fighter game?

Darkblade wrote:
I actually imagined this back at the April Fool's day bombing and it was discussed fairly recently in Necro's art thread.

Thank you Necro, I was hoping to be able to make State.

Whoops, was just skimming. Didn't notice that you mentioned that.

We should all go over the sprites, if only to keep the style fairly streamlined.

I was hoping to see if there is anyone else interested and have a set list of characters before getting into too many sprite details.
Ms Elaneous

Mine are always up for grabs. ^.^

And it'd be great.

I'd help any way that I can, but I'm not a programmer and I do have insane amounts of homeworks... which will get worse. Shocked

But see what you need that I might be able to do and I'll tell you if I can do it.

I can't draw, design, or generally help, but if you want to use Atreyu the llama you may. He'd specialize in projectile attacks or maybe he'd be an ANIMAL-ITY!
J. Muller

You can of course put Mereor in there. I can't program, though.
Destro Yersul

Go ahead and use Destro for this.

Make sure to give him a stupidly large number of magic attacks Very Happy

You realize that, if this ever ever came to fruition, there'd be more characters in it than soldiers in the Persian army?

Even though, all my characters can be used, if you want.

Use the Pigeon for a joke-character, if you want. Or a random arena event. 1 damage if the excrement hits you...
The Herald

Any of the characters from my character thread can be used (my banner is a link).

I've no problem permitting my PCs (all two or three of them) being used in the game.

However, my coding skills aren't.

Helgraf I expect would have a lot of moves that visually tear holes in the battlefield (warps, teleports, monster/energy from elsewhere summons, that sort of thing)

Aerich would be a much more straightforward combination of conventional martial arts style and perhaps some disturbing medically themed attacks.

Well, if you feel you'd want to, feel free to use Nightstar and Snowraven. Snowraven's a swordy type mage and Nightstar'd be a ninja type with shadow magic.

Many thanks too all donating your PCs to the project but what I really need are programers and spriters. I can do most of the programinng but no spriting and I don't think Necro is willing to them all himself especially since he said some.

mmm...maybe I'll do some spriting...but I can only see Wu maybe as some backup for know, a nice shot from one of her awesome flintlocks or her blunderbuss...

Ekrath could be in. I'd allow Alzair, but he'd be way too powerful. Unfortunantly I have the drawing skills of a cat. A cat with bad depth perception. Anyway if you want Ekrath, I could show you his original picture and help with attacks and such.

All of my characters can be used, I think Czar is the best suited for a fighting game though.

Any characters of mine can be used.

Although most of mine will be more roleplaying than fighting really...
Orange Zergling

You can use Raverak or Oskar if you like.

Sadly, I suck at sprites. Especially the big ones you see in fighting games. And programming.

I was bored a few months ago, so I began designing a Town adventure game. It has been put on standby.

I just figured this was a good thread to bring it up. >_>

Oh, and use any of mine that you want.

Any characters of mine can be used if you'd like.

Man, it's totally out of our league, but just imagine this as a Marvel vs. Capcom (best fighting game ever) style tag-team game where there's all those customized combo moves...

Obviously not every PC is making the final cut...but without more spriters this will be quite difficult.

Maybe just 1 PC per forumite?

Somehow I don't think this project is going to ever be completed... we barely even managed a comic (and using the word "we" is stretching it), much less a video game.

Anyway, you can use Rell if you so desire.

I support the idea of 1 character per forumite, but I do realize that for some of us it may be hard to choose just one.

Attention everyone if I don't get at least one more spriter by the end of the month consider Town the Fighter game cancelled.

I honestly know nothing of spriting...

Well this doesn't look good.

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