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Tomb of Horrors... Vael Style

So I feel like running a single adventure that essentially has a party run through a very extensive and lethal dungeon. Be warned- this isn't designed for your survival like other DnD games. No, I have set up a large amount of rules for myself in how I can create the dungeon, and now I'm basically trying to work within those rules to kill you all.
Because you know that's what Vael likes to do best. ^-~

This will be a high powered game with little to no roleplaying. It'll most be combat, puzzles, traps, and other assorted deadly things. You want to be paranoid, on your toes, and probably far more powerful than someone of your level is actually supposed to be if you want a chance to survive. I WILL give you a chance to survive, don't get me wrong... but you people know how I like running things. It's going to be evil and tricky. >=D

A few notes for character creation.

1) 36 point buy for abilities.

2) You will not roll for hit points. You instead will take max HP at first level, and 3/4s of your HD from each level after.

3) You will start off at ECL 10 with 45,000 XP. You can use LA, HD, or other such things in the creation of your character.
--3 a) LA buyoff rules are not allowed.
--3 b) Everyone has an XP buffer of 5,000 XP. This essentially means that, before you start, you can use up to 5,000 XP to create magic items, spells, or the like, but once you begin to play the game, your XP will be set to 45,000, no matter how much of that buffer you have used.
If you wish, you can also use your XP buffer to pay for a bloodline.
A minor bloodline costs 1,000 XP.
An intermediate bloodline costs 3,000 XP.
A major bloodline costs 5,000 XP.
If you purchase a bloodline via use of XP, you receive the powers of that bloodline each level without having to follow the normal rules of taking bloodline levels.

4) All books are allowed. However, if you use something that is not from one of the complete series, SRD, or the spell compendium, please make a note of what book it came from on your sheet. This is so I can know what on earth you're doing.

5) You may have two flaws and two traits. Flaws may be taken at levels 1, 5, and 10. Traits must be taken at level 1.

6) I will be using my own version of the Sanity variant. All you need to know is this:
Take your wisdom score. Multiply it by 4. That is your sanity score.
Pray that you never have to think about it again.

7) I will be accepting up to 8 characters for this game.

Cool Starting wealth is 49,000 GP.

Game stuff in general:

1) I will be making a large number of rolls for you without your knowledge. This may include spot checks, listen checks, will saves, and a lot of other things.

2) You're going to want to be able to survive on your own, without other characters. Keep this in mind during character creation.

3) If you die, you do not get to create a new character. You may get resurrected, but only through the intervention of other players. If you go completely insane, you become an NPC under my control until you die, or until another player can cure your insanity.

4) The current situation is that you've been captured. You retain all of your items and everything, but otherwise you can have come from any location, so coming from various settings is no real problem here.


We'll see if I can make a character. No promises. *still feels slightly burnt out.*

Little to no RPing? Awww....

Eh, might as well give this a try. I'm gonna have more time to do these things now so I suppose I should give it a shot...

Now then... What sort of arcanist should I run this time?

*Sigh* Another tempting PbP.

Might join this, probably with that halfling daggerspell mage I'd otherwise planned for Fenric's Ravenloft game. We'll see, if I get the time to make another sheet in between exams.

Eep...I'll regret this, I'm sure sure, but what the hey.

I'll try to have a character ready by the end of today.

Terumitsu wrote:
Little to no RPing? Awww....

Eh, might as well give this a try. I'm gonna have more time to do these things now so I suppose I should give it a shot...

Now then... What sort of arcanist should I run this time?

Well, there might be roleplaying, but in general the focus is running around getting/trying not to get killed.

Look!  A sacrifice character.  Vael, I'm not sure whether the Wisdom boost from the Djinni bloodline counts for sanity, so starting SAN should be either 56 or 52.

Oooh, a slaughterhouse run.  I just may have to take a stab at this.

Racial/Bloodline wisdom bonuses count for sanity.

I still know you'll roll a 99 for the first Sanity check  Razz

Zaed Khazari

Ended up with a Xeph ranger/darkrunner somehow having been tainted with the blood of a Choker. Noone knows how, or wants to think too much about it. Regardless, he's not the best fighter, but he has a few useful skills and abilities. Not sure if anything needs to be tweaked.

Well, if it's not too late, I submit Ulfgar Gorut, Dwarven Deepwarden

Ulfgar is something of an outcast due to his heritage; the blood of demons, long thought expunged his family line, has flared to fresh life in this one.  But though the clan might turn him out, he would not turn on them, and spent many long years defending the clan home from the threats from below, his only long term companion being the large brown bear he freed from a cage in a mind flayer's lair.  Depending on the opening events (and, of course, if I'm accepted), I'll figure out how he got from there to where the adventure will unfold.

No, it's not too late. We're still waiting on Teru at least, methinks.
Or someone else to take his place.
Really, I can take a lot of people. Anyone else interested?

I'm a friend of Helgraf's, and I'm interested.  Just need some time to cobble together a concept.

If I have a character prepared for this exact adventure but being run by a different person, can I join?

Or are there already too many people? >.>

As I stated in the first post, I can take up to eight people.
I have not had eight character sheets submitted- I haven't even had 4.
I don't have too many people.

Remember, you're not in the game until your character sheet is posted.

Interested, will try to make a character soon. Possibly a Factotum, or a Battledacer from the dragon compendium...

I'm interested, I'm making an elan rogue with a 1 level dip in psion (telepath). I'm a complete noob to actually playing so I don't really know how to optimize. I'm just making a character that feels good for me.

Nova (not complete yet).

Yeah... this thread died a long time ago.
I'm going to lock it now.

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