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To Those Playing in the Pokemon Group:

No, it's not just me and Kyrian (and Lykan's gonna jump in soon.)  We invite everyone to play.

I will soon have the plotline fully explained on the website.

I will also have all powers and abilities of every character mentioned.  The only completed pages are the moves and abilities.

Please feel free to join us ^.^
One note:  You must ask me permission to join. (If you're going to be a pokeman...otherwise, have fun doing things yourself.)

We all know how I am with making new characters.....
Especially with interesting concepts.
*is interested*

Townies with Pokemon?

Can a brother get an explanation?

Yes, a bit more explanation might be appreciated.
(Translation for the Valdi; I WANTS TA PLAY!)

If you go to the website, you'll get an explanation.

the what now?

seems curious enough to draw my attention. Let's see if i can understand that website. Razz

I'm working on trying to make it a bit more understandable.

One note:  You must ask me permission to join.

Not just because I'm an ass.  Or that you can't have a normal pokémon character...but if you play an experiment I have to make sure you've created them correctly, understand how to play them, and no one has the same legendary.  Also, I have to make sure what team you're on.

Things have been updated, including adding what legends are taken and the index page has been updated to include websites that may help you find certain pokemon or moves:
Destro Yersul

You have no idea how much this wants me to play as a total jerk who has almost entirely dark types and is constantly being mean to them.

Just because.

Tempting... Oooh Darkrai isn't taken, can i join?

Sure...just make sure you read over the rules (if you're going to play a pokeman) and set up a character.  If you're just going to play a normal person with Darkrai as your legendary, I'll just add him to the list.

I think i'll go with a normal person, thanks.

Updated, including those still available.  Including the ones not even technically available (unless you cheat) in Diamond and Pearl yet.

If all of my players will PM me with characters, their descriptions, and their pokemon, etc, I will update the website, try to find you avatars for the site (and to use, if you like) and get you a drawing of the character, as time allows.

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