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Timberwolf's characters

Ok, we'll kick off with the Alexanders I think.


Race - Human
Sex - female
Class - Rogue 17, Barbarian 1, Assassin 8, Shadowdancer 10
Age - 23
Height - 4ft 10 Inches
Weight - 98 lbs
Alignment - Neutral good
Hail colour - bright blue
Eye colour - azure
Equipment - favoured weapons - 2 Wakizashis 1 Cold Iron, the other Silver Alloy, pistol crossbow with 5 darts, wearing Nightstar's armour under blue silk dress. Hidden - who knows ?

Backstory - Poor Nightstar, all she ever wants is a drink in a bar but "thoughtless big apes with muscles for brains" keep making fun of her hair or how small she is and then the barman will want to see her id and then someone will call her cute. That's when it happens, the barbarian will kick in and the tavern will get trashed, Nightstar gets thrown out and banned from yet another pub and will have to resume her planar wandering to find a bar that will serve her. She has even managed to be banned from the Banzai Bar and Grill (see link for typical evening which is quite an achievement. Now she has emerged in the Town in search of a Gin and Tonic or perhaps a nice white wine spritzer and a quiet corner to drink it in.

Nightstar is that rarest of things, a good assassin. After years of happily slaughtering anyone in the name of profit (especially if they called her cute), she accepted a contract on a philanthrophist who was hitting someones profit margins in the slums too hard. Unfortunately for her bank balance, she let him have some last words and found she couldn't kill him. With her reputation as an assassin shot (she wasn't that unhappy, she didn't want to indiscriminately waste people anymore anyway) Nightstar has had to adapt to a life of planar wandering in search of her 1 true love, Gin and Tonic. She is beginning to think that she's been cursed by her former employer to forever wander, unable to find a bar where she can finish her drink without getting barred. She has undergone 2 alignment changes in her life, going from chaotic to neutral and evil to good. This has left her a little frayed around the edges mentally.

To look at, Nightstar is obviously extremely short and delicately built with it. She wears a knee length blue silk dress, no shoes, has 2 Wakizashis slung over her back (she can't manage a full Katana) and a pistol crossbow on her hip. The bright blue hair and the azure eyes (both natural) lend her a distinctive appearance (which is her downfall in bars). Looking at Nightstar closely, you can see that she's actually quite blocky around the torso and legs. This leads you to believe that she may be wearing armour under her dress. And she is. Nightstar's armour is designed to lend a maximum of protection while not sacrificing stealth. It's lightweight and well camoflauged, all in all, excellent assassins armour. If you listen to her move really really carefully in a dead silent environment, you can hear the faint clank that suggests that other metalic objects are hidden somewhere else. She wears a hairgrip with a silver star on it in her hair which is long and falls all the way down her back. Nightstar wears no jewelry aside from her hairgrip which was a gift from her mother.
It can serve as a dagger in a pinch although it is a weapon of last resort.
Common Knowledge -
"Nightstar the destroyer of bars" is known as an honourable, reasonably normal person who pays her bills, means what she says and says what she means. Just don't call her cute. make fun of her hair or insult her mother. Last time someone did that, on their way home from the pub they were waylaid by a mysterious assailant and found swinging from a lamp post, not wearing their trousers and with their backside painted bright blue.

Also, as you can probably guess from her description and stats, Nightstar is a complete lightweight when it comes to drinking. If she gets a second G+T down her, watch out world !

Nightstar and Snowraven, back when they were assassins, got themselves "fixed" by emmiment hypnotists and priests. This means that any attempt to steal their souls or charm / control them is instantly doomed to failure as only those hypnotists and priests have any control over the sisters. The fact that each sister killed the other's hypnotist / priest is, naturally, purely coincidental.

Owing to a particularly spectacular incident, Nightstar has invested in a fireproof dress. This has renered her immune to all fire aside from Aerin Hitomi's soulfire.

Uncommon knowledge.

As they are Clan Warriors, the sisters have been extensively augmented with myomer muscles and have had their joints and bones enhanced to compensate for the increased power. These have made them immune to a lot of disabling spells like hold person and anything that hits their strength and dex. They are slightly vulnerable to EMP now though although nowhere near as much as the vast majority of Clan Enhanced Warriors.

Also, they were also given a particularly unpleasant system that can mimic roughly what a Barbarians rage can do only using drugs. A massive dose of Nuke and a cocktail of other drugs is pumped into the girls systems when they activate it. This massively boosts their strength, dex, aggression but they stay in control of their sanity by a hair's breadth and may have trouble telling friend from foe until the drugs wear off. This is a last resort system of the 1st order. It doesn't tend to leave much standing when it's used and will leave the sisters incapable of anything but sleep once used.

The girls have been through a powerful lot of planes and have left destruction strewn in their wake. Sometimes, this has been destruction at someone elses bidding. This means that the girls are owed a lot of favours by some people who wanted deniability at the time and decided to find an interfering mortal to do the job.

Ongoing storylines - The quest for the G + T, lemon, Lime. lots of ice. Will she get to finish it this time or will someone call her cute ?

Edit G+T's - 1, annoyed demons -1, annoyed tentacle mosters - 1

The mysterious gems. Nightstar has done some science and has worked out that some precisely cut black diamonds and opals will enable her to accomplish something really cool but what is it ? And will it work ?

Yes it did, Nightstar got a bit scorched but now has a really neat thing that the shadows will do for her.

She has now met her sister, Snowraven, after years of dodging assassination attempts from her and they are trying to find a way to deal with Snowraven's dependency on Nuke, a particularly nasty drug from their home plane.

The Clan Wars - After Nightstar killed their former mentor, Nightstar and Snowraven travel widely and were eventually accepted into Clan Ghost Bear. Nightstar and Snowraven are both veterans of the Clan Wars, on the losing side. They were both Clan Mechwarriors and fought the Com Guards on Tukkayid where they distinguished themselves, especially when the Com Guards broke through their lines. After this battle, they were released to spy on the Inner Sphere, where the fateful contract between Nightstar and the Archon of the Lyran Alliance was formed. Nightstar is starting to have nightmares and flashbacks of her time as a Mechwarrior, especially Tukayyid where her lover died in a hail of Com Guard Gauss Rifle and PPC fire. Not only has Nightstar got to deal with this but surely the clanners will be wanting a report soon.....

NB, Nightstar is a shadowweaver, the classes are the closest DnD ones I could come up with for what she can actually do, she has a few abilities (details to follow when I'm not working) which are not analogous with Dnd.

She can create shadow versions of things, borrow other's shadows to use as messengers, have shadows drag people through the floor to their eventual demise in the shadowlands, use shadows offensively - mass animations of shadows that grow 3rd dimensions to become solid, summoning of Shadow dragons (among others) assorted other Shadow Offenses (including Shadow versions of lightning and fireballs and all the good stuff of life).



Age - 25
Race - Human
Class - Rogue 6, Assassin 10, Sorceror 20
Alignment, LE
Hair - white, shoulder length
Eyes - black
Height - 5ft
weight 105 lbs
Weapons - visable - Clan automatic shotgun, Silenced machine pistols, longsword
hidden - unknown but numerous
Clothing - white leather armour, black dress over the top.

Backstory - Snowraven is Nightstar's older sister. They used to operate as a pair until Nightstar went freelance and eventually quit the assassin trade, something that Snowraven has never forgiven her for since her inferior skills could not make up for Nightstar's abscence. Nightstar is by far the more dangerous of the 2, especially in a melee or gunfight but throughout the years of chasing her sister through the planes, Snowraven has developed an enviable skill with arcane magic to counteract the edge that her sisters affinity and relationship with shadows has always given her. She is now in the employ of Nightstar's former employer who was not pleased when Nightstar refused to fulfil a contract and is arriving in the Town to find her sister and bring her severed head back to her employer.

Common knowledge - Snowraven is nowhere near the threat that Nightstar is in a fight normally unless she has managed to prepare with her spells. She doesn't have the emotional issues of Nightstar either, you can call her cute and see how far it gets you and she has no overwhelming compulsion to wreck bars. what she will do, however is gleefully massacre anyone between her and her sisters tiny, pretty, severed little head.

Notes - I'm collating what happens to Snowraven with Nightstars notes, saves me bother. Oh yeah, she's LN now.

Dawnflame Alexander

Race- Human
Alignment- Little Girl - Chaotic Good
Class- Psion - Psychokinetescist, Monk, Psionic Fist
Age- 4
Height- 2ft 6inches
Weight- 30lbs
Eye Color- Deep blue
Hair Color- Blue

Possessions- Blue dress, small dagger that she doesn't know what to do with

Backstory - Dawnflame Alexander is Nightstar Alexander's daughter that she never knew she had. When he mother was given her enhanced body, a lot of genetic material was left behind. This was used, along with another sample from a different source to provide the other DNA needed, to create Dawnflame. Their mother's old friend Andrea Kabrinski came to find her to tell her of an evil clone of her that was wrecking havoc. Nightstar, her sister Snowraven and her fiance Leonel defeated the clone and destroyed the stolen samples used to create it. Andrea then presented Nightstar with a bundle, which contained Dawnflame, saying she had no talent or inclination to follow in her mother's footsteps (assassination - since retired). How wrong she was. Andrea's people had not been looking for Psionic talent which spontaneously manifested itself, much to everyone's surprise, especially when Nightstar got clonked on the head with a wrench. Now Dawnflame is trying to control her new powers and work out what the heck is going on.

(Her classes are a best fit for how I see her going.)

Winterfrost Alexander

Race: Human - Clan Enhanced Warrior
Gender: Female
Class: Cleric 20, Fighter 10, warpriest 5
Age: 26
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Equipment: 2 short swords, Rasalhauge Police Department issue pistol, shotgun. Red dress over police issue body armour
Description: Winterfrost is the sister of Nightstar and Snowraven Alexander. Shes every bit as short as they are, 4 ft 11, falling mid way between the 2 although she looks a little more conventional, with black hair but with bright violet eyes. She's a powerful cleric which is unusual. What is even more unusual is that she's a cleric in the police. She wears a red dress with her badge discreetly pinned where she can get at it. She really does not look like a cleric at all which is useful when she suddenly pulls out a few Slay Livings in a hostage situation.
Backstory: Winterfrost escaped from the orphanage where all 4 Alexander sisters ended up following the death of their mother before she could be found and "adopted" by the person who got Nightstar and Snowraven. She ran into the Rasalhauge countryside and was found by a Cleric who took pity on the sobbing 5 year old and took her back to her cloister and brought her up. A few years later, the Clan invasion ocurred and Winterfrost's foster mother was falsely accused of helping the Clan and was executed. Winterfrost, on the reformation of the Rasalhague police under Clan authority joined it and brought her "mother's" killers to justice, but not before scaring the living daylights out of them and making them wish they'd never been born. While she was with the police department, she learnt many new tricks of how to fight and also how to really make peoples lives hell. She heard that her sisters had hooked back up together and were sending whoever came after them back in pieces. So she has come to town to see what they're up to and put a stop to it if need be.
Common Knowledge: Winterfrost is kind, honest and compassionate. She is also not above dirty tactics and making sure that she wins however neccessary.
Uncommon Knowledge: Like her sisters, she has the Clan enhancements to muscle and skeleton (but without the last resort performance enhancers) but is rather more optimised for police work.

She is also one of the many facets of death. Death himself has many different aspects, each personified by a person who fits that description, eg violent death, quick death, painful death. Winterfrost is Merciful Death, as one would expect from someone with her nature. Being an aspect of Death means she can take on many of Death's talents and skills and also has her own, miniature, version of Death's scythe and sword. As an aspect, she does not have to get involved with the collection side of the industry although she can if she wants to, she just personifies one of Death's features. However, she can take on his features and abilities and, when doing this, is naturally a very deadly opponant. When she's being an Aspect, she adopts a spectrally white robe, a white floor length (but lacy and with a fair bit of bodice) dress. Her hair goes bright white and is usually covered by a white cloak and hood.

Duskblossom Alexander

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Monk 17, Rogue 15, Hexblade 5
Age: 25
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral / Chaotic Crazy
Equipment: Katana, throwing stars. Hidden - who knows and would you look ?
Description: Duskblossom is affectionally known to her saner sisters as "the psycho bitch from hell" She is warped, seriously warped. She's also hard as nails and less predictable than a bag of gunpowder in an oven. She's famously loyal to her sisters, particularly Snowraven, her almost identical twin, but is not inclined to accept any kind of suggestion as to what she could do. She's 5 ft tall with Snowraven's white hair and black eyes except her left eye is the same violet as Winterfrost's, lending her an unbalanced appearance that almost lives up to reality. She wears an olive drab dress with no armour underneath. She doesn't need any. She really, really doesn't.
Backstory: Snowraven Alexander's twin sister, when the girls' mother died, the girls were taken into an orphanage. While Winterfrost, Snowraven and Nightstar were normal children, Duskblossom was always that little bit off centre which only got worse the longer she was in the orphanage. While Winterfrost escaped and the other 2 were taken by their mentor, Duskblossom was living in the psychiatric wing which meant she was ineligable for adoption. There she stayed until she was 12, stuck inside a straightjacket and pumped full of chemicals. Then, someone got the dose wrong. It was a mistake all those who had restrained her would not live to regret. She was able to slip the jacket and kill the next people to come into her room, escaping to wreck her revenge. She evaded the planet wide search net and fled the planet, ending up on the planet of Port Arthur. She was recruited by a secret temple of assassins and trained in their ways. When Clan Smoke Jaguar landed on Port Arthur, she was happily engaged in slaughtering every clanner who got in her way. After the defeat of the Smoke Jaguars and the razing of Port Arthur, she vanished into the Draconis Combine, making hits and leaving a trail of carnage behind her.
Common Knowledge: Do not, repeat never not no how cross her. She is unafraid of death, nothing really hurts her and she will come after you until you're either dead or she is. Currently, no one has ever managed to achieve the latter, despite trying really, really hard.
Uncommon Knowledge: She hasn't had the augmentations her sisters have had. Largely owing to not being present on Rasalhague at the time of the Clan invasion. On the other hand. She doesn't need them.

Mrs A

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Wizard 30 - Diviner, Loremaster 10, Archmage 5
Age: 48
Alignment: CG
Equipment: Robe of ordinariness, pair of half moon spectacles, handbag of holding.

Boyfriends beware ! Mrs Alexander has been busted out of 20 years imprisonment and is looking to make sure that her daughters are treated properly. She shares many of the family traits including shortness, a taste for getting things right the first time (and if that means a sledgehammer to crack a peanut then so be it) and a tendency to show no one she feels isn't worth it any respect whatsoever. And she also shares the family trait of unpredictability. Plus, she knows things, lots of things.

However, she's also a twinkly sort of mad middle aged lady so she's fairly hard to provoke, most of the time.

Loremistress of the Circle of Dusk, she tends to keep out of things until it all looks like it's going pearshaped, on the grounds that there's plenty better at blasting and so on than her. This may be true but when it comes to finding out new ways of blasting or rediscovering ones that were long forgotten, there's no one better than Mrs A.


Ashawe Sharrowdale


Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Cleric, Rogue, Divine Trickster (Props to the Giant !)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Faith: Aryn, Elven god of ice.
Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic
Temperament: Dry humour, bad enemy
Age: 132
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 90lbs
Hair: White, mid back length, favours artistic styles
Skin: Pale
Eyes: violet
Weapons: Full on divine spellcaster. Also has a pair of blessed silver daggers and a pair of blessed silver shortswords and a pair of pistol crossbows
Armour: light, very dark grey in colour
Speech: Dark Orchid


Ashawe is the black sheep of Elune's family. This is not because of her faith, or anything like that. It is because of how she chooses to serve the church and the fact she's gay. Simply put, Ashawe is one of the Temle of Arryn's undercover agents. This has led to friction with her family because she will not settle down with a partner because of the nature of her work. Also, she has not followed the traditional calling of women in the church of becoming a fighter and has, instead, decided to enhance her usefulness as an agent by becoming a healer, traditionally a male role. None of which has especially pleased the more traditional members of the family. While her love for her family is as strong as any other member, she does tend to keep a bit aloof from them because of the terrible rows her choices have started in the past.

Common Knowledge

Ashawe is stealthy and prefers to remain unseen. She eschews the comples, gaudy ornaments and etherealness of most elves and all her possessions are designed to work first and foremost. Simply put, she's all about getting things done and done right. She's not a conventional elf, not by a long way. You won't find her flitting about the trees looking all wispy and beautiful. You will, however, find her flitting about finding things out. She managed to drink herself to death in Trogs when she was feeling very low. She was brought back by Aryn but cursed to never be able to end her life by her own hand. No more suicide attempts and enforced making nice with her sisters. She's less than happy about that because they don't have to nice back.


Dragonflight Stargazer

Race: Afflicted Kender
Gender: Female
Class: Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Temperament: quiet, mournful
Height: 3ft 10
Hair: long, black
Eyes: bright blue
Weapons: daggers
Armour: light, very dark grey in colour
Speech: Pink



Minor and periodic plot related characters


Race - Lycanthrolich - a Lich whos' also a werewolf
Class - Necromancer
Alignment - CE
Backstory. Nightstar and Snowraven's former master, mad, lycanthropic, sadistic, masochistic patent screaming maniac now in town to avenge being killed

Andrea Kabrisky
Race - Human
Alignment - LN
Class - Clan Mechwarrior
Quick Backstory - Nightstar and Snowraven's wingman during the battle of Tukayyid, also the only other person to walk out of an ambush in a certain valley there along with the girls. When the girls left the Clan, she stayed and worked her way up. Now heads Clan Ghost Bear's black ops section with the rank of Star Colonel.

Sci Fi town

Name - Anastasia Tseng
Race - Human
Homeworld - Bearclaw
Occupation - Clan marauder
Size - 5ft 6

More to come later.

Undead Hunter of Kelemvor

A PrC for undead hunting midgets

This is a homebrew PrC to codify and actually write down what the girls get for their sometimes other employment. It isn’t meant for use in a game so don’t whinge at me about balance. On the other hand, who ever heard of Undead hunters playing to lose ?


Race – any
Class – any
Alignment – any
Level - any
Must be member of Kelemvite Church
Must owe Kelemvor personally big time
Must have fought undead at least 5 times and been reduced to negative hp once by them.
Must never have created undead


Level 1 – Hit dice increase – d 10
Anchored Soul – In a job where things such as demi liches are a daily hazard, being able to wave a middle finger at them when they try to steal it is a real useful thing.

Level 2 - Turn undead – Undead hunters need this. The Undead hunter turns undead as per a cleric of the same level, using their wisdom or charisma level, whichever is higher.

Immunity – Level frain

Level 3 - Disruption – Whichever weapon the Undead hunter is holding, if it is to be used against undead, functions as a Disrupting weapon. DC 24

Level 4 - Undeath to Death – The undead hunter gains access to the spell
Freedom of Movement

Level 5 - Reincarnation – If killed by an undead, the Undead hunter will regenerate, along with their equipment piled neatly in a corner in a place of their nomination. This place must be further than 3 miles from the undead that killed them

Clan Enhanced Warrior

A template for Clan midgets

As above, this is codifying what the girls had done to them. It is not intended for use in a game so I don’t want to hear any complaints

As the process involves having the muscles replaced with myomer and the bones by a nanobot process with endo – mithril, damage immunities similar to a golems are present. However, vulnerability to electrical damage or psionics is not affected

The process grants the following

Damage reduction 3/15(electrical) – think that’s right
+6 str, dex, con
immunity to status attacks eg slow, str drain etc
regeneration as per the spell
limited shapeshifting capabilities using the nanobots – eg being able to produce claws and teeth as natural weapons in whatever material you choose

With the replacement of most internal organs with synthetics, childbearing and other things become impossible. On the other hand, presumably you have full access to the Clan eugenics programmes so not a p[roblem there.

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