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TigersFang's Unique Personalities

Okay, so as a first post this is just going to be me saying "Hi" to the community.......


No, seriously. Hello. Nice place that you have here and I look forward to being a part of this already rich community.

If I ever get around to having more than one character this post will likely contain a link to the top of each of them. But for now... enjoy the show.

Character list:

Alendor Delmar
Mathias Balic
Charles "Chip" Mason

Alendor Delmar

Alendor Delmar

Name: Alendor Delmar

Race: Elf

Gender: Male

Age: 178

Height: 6' 2"

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Class: Wizard with Necromancy specialization, and Pale Master


Alendor stands about 6' 2" tall, is lean and muscular, and possesses physical colorations not commonly seen on the surface world. He has almost jet black skin with a slightly blue tint and slightly gray tinted pure white hair. Such characteristics are not normally seen outside of the Drow's realms. This unusual appearance has been told by some to be caused by the fact that he was born at the stroke of midnight on a dark moonless night. Others say it is a bad omen to his family. It is more likely however that his appearance can be attributed to his maternal grandfather who was infact a Drow that married into the Delmar clan. The one characteristic that stands out and can be traced back to his ancestral clan is his eyes. They are a deep forest green that tends to shift between shades of that same color based on circumstance and location. Though eye coloration varies among the elves, this singular trait is unique to his clan and it's heritage.

The Delmar Clan has always lived in the forested regions along the border of the Elven Kingdom. They have been protectors of both the kingdom and the forest for many generations. Many of his family are Druids and Rangers, sworn to protect the forest and their kingdom with equal dedication. Having spent so long in the woodlands and wilds, nearly all members of the clan are quite fluent in all languages spoken by natural creatures as well as many magical creatures. This lively hood has also granted them a hightened ability to blend into their surroundings, whatever that may be.

He posesses a keen intelligence and is able to pick up on things quickly. As an Elf he is both agile and strong for his physical build. Contrary to most initial expectations (given his physical appearance), Alendor usually has a pleasant demeanor and a ready smile. He can be quite cheery at times and has been known to coerce his friends out of some VERY sour moods. He is as quick to laugh as he is to defend his friends, he will however usually let justice prevail in the event that his friend is in the wrong. It should be noted, however, that if Alendor falls into a state of melancholy (which does happen) it is best to stay out of his way and generally leave him alone. Some of the statues, that were once men, could attest to the validity of that advice if they could still talk.

Abilities:  (In brief, to be expanded in more detail later)

Wizard with Necromancy Specialization

For the uninformed that means that he has a great deal of spells at his disposal with which to do things and the ability to learn more on-the-fly. It also means that any spells dealing with necromancy, negative energy, death magic, and the like he is quite proficient at using and it is impossible to damage him with them.

Pale Master

Also for the uninformed, this means that he is immune to critical hits, paralizing, holding, and stunning. It also means that he has more health and is able to better shrug off damage that he receives. Thanks to his studies and LOTS of practice he is able to both summon and control the dead. Due to the afore mentioned "LOTS of practice", his eyes have become accustomed to the deep darkness that is usually found in the spooky places in which he practiced. This means that he can see clearly in complete(non magical) darkness. He has, infact, spent so much time in the company of death that it has become a part of him. With only a thought, he can transform is entire body to a skeletal state.


Alendor is able to fluently speak a large number of languages and understand, if not muddle through, many more. Due to his gift for and love of languages he is constantly learning more. His native language is Elvish. Thanks to his heritage and upbringing, he is also able to converse with all natural, and many unnatural, creatures. He is also well versed in common as it is what most of the races use to communicate. His true passion for language however lies in the ancient and forgotten languages of the past, mainly those used by the creator races for this is where his two interests intersect as they were a magical and powerful people before their downfall. In most cases he is also able to read any written form of the languages that he knows. Currently he is conducting a research project into some ancient tomes that he believes to be remnants of the creator race's civilization.

Here is a short listing of the languages with which Alendor is fluent:
All languages spoken by nature and it's creatures (He does come from a clan of Druids after all.)
Draconic (His most recent accomplishment through the help of a friendly dragon.)
Far Speak (Alendor learned this language on an expedition. During a battle he was sent to the Far Realms. The Far has influenced him ever since.)

Here is a short listing of the languages that Alendor understands(by listening or reading), but cannot really speak:

Any other languages he either does not know or is not familiar enough with to understand. If he learns a language in his travels it will be listed here in the appropriate sub-section.


Language has always been a passion of Alendor's but when it was found at age 20 that he was gifted with a strong grasp and curiosity of the arcane, Alendor was encouraged by his parents to take up studies of magic at the Elven Arcane University in Alegaisea. There he learned many wondrous things and acquired a unique interest in the magical energies surrounding life and death. After 50 years of study as an Initiate he graduated and was accepted into an apprenticeship under the well known arcane Grand Master Thorian Salim.

During his 45th year as and apprentice the time came for his 115th birthday. His family had planned a large celebration and had invited Grand Master Thorian to be the guest of honor. As Alendor and his small group neared his home on the eve of this celebration, they saw a pillar of fire and smoke rise up from their destination. This village, his home, was being attacked! They ran as fast as they could, but even with the whole group under the spell of haste they arrived to late to be of any help against the attackers. They turned instead to seek out and help those in need. Through the faith of the clerics no lives were lost to the abyss that night, but one third of the people in the village had been carried off by the invaders. Among those missing were Alendor's family.

Shattered and heartbroken, Alendor stumbled through the following week as they helped rebuild the village. As his little group traveled back to the University in Alegaisea, Alendor resolved withing himself that he would rescue his family and friends. He also vowed that those who attacked the village that night, those who brought such heartache and pain, would pay for their crimes. They would pay, and they would pay dearly for every moment that his family and friends had to suffer.

Five years have passed since that night. Alendor has used his passion and intellect to become a powerful wizard. His drive and curiosity have combined to grant him a great strength in the magics of live and death that even his fellow apprentices fear and respect. He has now become a Specialist Wizard under Grand Master Thorian Salim. He can wait no longer, the memories of his loved ones call him to action. As soon as the ceremonies of his graduation are complete he will set off in search of those lost to him, following a trail of information that his brother has gathered over many years.

Many of the instructors consider him to be young and driven. They view his decision as a brash one made out of desire for justice and vengeance. A select few, mostly close friends and those that traveled with him that day, understand the torment that he has gone through and fully support him in his quest. Even his Grand Master, for Thorian knows the passion that drives Alendor and the power that he commands. Over the years, Grand Master Thorian Salim has come to see the path set before his young pupil. Even prior to the attack on the village he suspected that young Alendor would one day become a truly POWERFUL Wizard and Necromancer.

***Time Passes***

Within a year Alendor succeeded in rescuing his family and friends, as well as bringing the ultimate director of the events involving their capture to.....justice. It has been many years since then. Upon returning home he again took up studying under Grand Master Thorian. Over years he has learned many things about magic and language. His fluency in both has grown significantly. Now, when he is not researching language or magic, he adventures and seeks out that which is lost from history.

Recently in his searches and adventures it has come to his attention that there seems to be an ever increasing number of undead throughout his travels. After a little investigation he found out that it has been happening over a large area of the realm. Once again picking up his sword, Alendor sets out to put an end to this unseemly blight on the land. As his search deepens, he comes to sense that a purely evil, otherworldly presence seems to be directing or influencing the rise of the undead.


This section is dedicated to Aledor Delmar's research and discoveries concerning magic and any spells or improvements of the same. Please note that this section is likely to expand as Alendor continues his research. If he learns any unorthodox spells from his travels they will also be noted here

Healing - Though not a Cleric by any long-shot meaning of the term, Alendor has none the less discovered a way of healing allies of their wounds and some diseases/poisons. During his study of the dead he discovered (as all who have fought or commanded them discover) that a casting of negative energy at an undead will heal them rather than utterly destroy them. This he found most peculiar. When conversing with a cleric friend of his, he was told that his findings were common knowledge among Clerics and Paladins. He was also told that in a pinch a healing spell could be cast on an undead and rather than heal them it would cause them great harm. After hearing this and seeing the Cleric's demonstration of it, he found this to be a most interesting and useful piece of information. A few years later while studying the different types of elementals that have been encountered in the world, it dawned on Alendor that the information relayed to him by his friend applied not only to undead but rather universally to all creatures. Just in different ways. He could, for example, cast an Ice Storm on a Fire Elemental and deal it some rather extreme damage compared to other spells. But, however, if he cast Fireball on it, rather than damage it, the Elemental would just absorb the Fireball and be healed of some of it's damage. Through the years he has confirmed that this seems to hold true for ANY creature so long as one knows which energy to use.

**Note** It should be made apparent that at this time Alendor is not capable of removing ALL poisons and diseases because he is infact NOT a Cleric and does not use divine magic. Therefore he himself is not so much healing the person as much as he is improving the persons capacity to heal themselves. Exponentially of course.

Resurrection - Due to his studies of the magic of life and death as well as his experience in healing allies, Alendor believes that it is entirely possible that he may be able to resurrect fallen allies. This is just a theory on his part, but he believes that with further study (and a bit of practice on his fallen foes) that in time he may be able to do so. Given his current knowledge of healing this should be viewed as a long term possibility but not a thing that can seriously be considered at this time.

**Research Update** During a recent expedition with a party of adventurers, Alendor was able to revive a party member that had a significant amount of their life force drained from them. Put another way, they almost died. The spell he used was experimental and has been found to work quite well. Thus it is a large step toward his goal of being able to fully resurrect fallen friends.

Command the Dead - Most magicians will learn to control some creatures at some point, but Alendor took his research one step further. Through his knowledge of death he has learned how to bend undead creatures to his will for a time. Skeletons are by far the simplest as they are really not "alive" but rather an extension of their master's will. Thus it is relatively simple for Alendor to usurp that connection of control, as many an unfortunate baddie-mage has found out. Other undead can be controlled as well but it involves shifting their allegiance to him rather than to their own will. This can prove difficult at times and varies from creature to creature. With some creatures it appears to be impossible altogether. This may however be able to be remedied through a deeper knowledge of powerful arcane magic.

Turn the Dead - While not as effective as a Cleric's inherent ability, it does get the job done. It is more of a mimic of it really. Alendor discovered that combining fear magic, positive energy, and a little of his experience with commanding the dead granted him the ability to send large amounts of undead fleeing from him, usually injured. It seems that the more experience that he gains commanding the dead, the more of the dead he can turn. While at the same time the more positive energy he can channel into the spell, the greater the damage that he causes. Also of note is that the more powerful fear magic he uses, the larger the area that he can effect with this spell.


During his travels Alendor may encounter creatures that wish to join him in his adventuring or offer there services should he need them at a later date. Such creatures will be listed here.

Malic - Malic is Alendor's familiar. He is a much larger than normal, pure black panther. Specifically? He is slightly larger than a dire wolf. He does not speak, but does have a unique personality all his own.

Kain - In life Kain was a Stone Giant Warrior. His people were mercilessly slaughtered by the ancestors of the people of Woodcrest when they took over the Stone Giant's lands to build the town and mine the limestone. Having died a great while ago, Kain was buried with the rest of his kin under what would become the town cemetery. Kain's Skeleton was encountered while Alendor's party was in the town cemetery exploring a possible plot hook given to one of the party members. Soon after they entered the graveyard they were attacked by skeletons summoned by an unidentified force. Kain was among them and was quickly commanded by Alendor and put to use defending the rest of the party. Afterward Alendor accepted his request that he serve Alendor in his travels rather than returning to the grave. Here is an excerpt of the end of the battle in which Kain joins Alendor:

Having descended from the T-Rex Crow during deadtime, Alendor now finds himself standing in the cemetary. The only thing is that it doesn't look like there was a fight here at all, everything looks as it first did. Everything that is except for the very large storm giant skeleton with only one arm and a giant club standing next to an open mausoleum. It looks over at him and then back into the tomb. As the rest of the party is not here he assumes that they finally found the right place. He strolls over to stand in the doorway.

Alendor looks up at the skeleton. It's eyes no longer glow green, yet seems as though it is still following his orders to look after the party members. Normally commanded skeletons such as this one would disperse when the power that originally summoned them was defeated. Not your average run-of-the-mill spontaneously commanded skeleton. "You have served me well this day and I have released you. What power binds you here?" The skeleton looks him in the eyes, "My soul will not rest." A simple reply, one that brings a slight frown to Alendor's face. Usually if a soul returned it would do so in the form of an incorporeal being or it would form a new body. Most of those that returned would seek vengeance on the living for what ever reason brought them back. And here stood a giant's skeleton armed with a club bigger than your average human. Yet he did not attack any one and in fact seemed to be following the instructions that Alendor gave him during the battle.

"What purpose causes your soul distress? How may I help you to find rest?" Aren't those the kind of concerns a cleric would have? Weird. Anyway.

The skeleton hesitates only for a moment, "In death I was tormented by the slaughter of my people. As those that killed us died and were buried here, my soul grew restless. When I was summoned forth by dark power I was made to answer the will behind it. Until you intervened. You not only freed me from that power but commanded me to do that which my soul longed for. The skeletons that attacked you were the dead of this town. Many of them were the soldiers that slaughtered my people when they took over our land to build here. My soul has been freed from it's eternal agony."

A look of understanding crosses Alendor's face. But that still leaves the ultimate question unanswered. "What task then is left undone to keep you here?" "Honor", comes the reply. "Complete vengeance would have that I destroy this town. It would serve no purpose and not help my soul to rest. The remnants of the souls of my enemies have been destroyed. You have without knowing given me a gift that I wish to return. Your magic is what allows me to be here. And your answer to my question is what will give me final rest. I wish to become your servant that you may call upon me when ever you have need of me. It is the only way for me to repay your actions. What ever you decide I will find peace."

A very stunned Alendor stands before the giant one armed skeleton. What the skeleton was suggesting was definitely something he had not been asked before. "What is your name?" Name? NPC characters such as this don't have meaning full histories and names, do they?

"Kain was my name in life. You may call me what you will.

"None other than your proper name will do. I will accept your offer Kain and I will bind you to myself. Then when I have need of your strength I will call on you. In the interim you will rest. Will this arrangement satisfy your request?"

Kain bows. "Yes, master. It will allow me to repay what you have done."

With a nod Alendor raises his hand and a bolt of negative energy strikes Kain who stiffens momentarily. He looks down to find that the arm he lost has been returned. Looking back up he sees a grinning Alendor. "No sense in being without." With a flurry of movement and a lot of magical energy Alendor binds Kain to himself. Then he looks to the skeleton. "Rest now, you have deserved it for some time." As Kain nods Alendor dismisses him and his form is absorbed into the ground.

Kain currently carries only an enchanted club that Alendor gave him in that first battle.

Kain's speech looks like this.

Reaver - Reaver is more of a description than a name. It is in fact a small bone reaver that tends to take the form of a skeletal wolf from time to time. He also tends to shift around into what ever is needed at a moments notice. (I will eventually remember how he joined Alendor....but for now just know that he is there. Very Happy)

Reaver does not talk. Rather it conveys it's meaning through movement, actions, and gestures. Kinda like Lassie. Wink


All of Alendor's speech is normally Green. He does not raise his voice normally unless he is shouting to get someone's attention or some such logical reason. As mentioned before he is usually quite pleasant, but if his speech comes to look like This, he is seriously pissed off. When this occurs it is better not to be in the general vicinity as something particularly painful is about to happen to someone or something.

Mathias Balic

Name: Mathias Balic (Math-eye-as Bay-lick)

Race: Human/Cyborg

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Height: 6' 6"

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Class: Cybernetic Assassin


At twenty five years old, Mathias is one of the younger members of HEAT. He joined HEAT at nineteen after a Sentinel attack that almost killed his and his friends families. That is when he learned about both the Sentinels and HEAT agents.

In six years he has become very experienced in the art of hunting Sentinels. He has earned the respect of the people in charge of the organization, even though some of the senior agents consider him young and brash. His methods are none the less effective. He joined with considerable training in both marksmanship and close quarters combat, and he has only become better in both. This can lead to his being over confident at times, but it also makes him a large threat to any Sentinel agents. One of his 'special abilities' is his ability to interact with technology, any technology. Prior to working for HEAT he was a secretive programmer/hacker that was contracted by the government for various jobs. As a result of his techno ability, he has modified his twin handguns to different specifications. They tend to be longer range and slightly more accurate than the standard issue HEAT weapons. He has used them to become very adept at city sniping, even with a large crowd present.


After working with a colleague of his he has again modified his weapons with a new firing mode to increase their accuracy, range, and damage while still retaining the original firing mode. The new modifications that he has made allow his guns to use "hydro" rounds. A hydro round is similar to a hollow core bullet that has the core drilled out. The difference is that in the hydro rounds a larger part of the core is removed and it is then filled with liquid mercury and recapped. The result is a long range, high temperature, very explosive, bomb that has proved quite effective against sentinels. For those who don't know, mercury is slightly unstable and a hard rapid impact will cause it to explode violently.


Over the years he has acquired many injuries from his battles with the sentinels. Thanks you technology these injuries have been compensated for. Both of his legs are completely bionic after an incident where he lost his legs trying to save another agent. The left side of his skull is partly bionic as well, this includes his left eye and ear. His skull was crushed when he shielded someone from a Sentinel attack at way-to-close quarters. Lastly, his entire right arm is bionic as well. In one of their efforts to eliminate him, the Sentinels succeeded in cutting his arm off during the battle in order to hamper his shooting. It should be noted that his bionic enhancements are made of a Tungsten-Lumas-Aluminum alloy that is incredibly strong, very flexible, light weight, and extremely heat and damage resistant. Outwardly the average person would not be able to tell that he is partly bionic. His implants are designed externally to be as close to his natural skin as possible. These additions to his body allow him to do things that would not be possible otherwise. He is capable of jumping straight up with his feet clearing over fifty feet. He can jump down from the roof of a six story building and land without injury. His right arm, like his other implants, is almost impossible to damage and he is well capable of crushing or penetrating most material with it(such as when punching, etc). He can penetrate quarter inch plates of Lumas with a full on punch, but any thicker and he is reduced to severely denting it. The unique composition of the alloy in his bionics prevents it from being crushed when impacting Lumas. His left eye can see significantly farther than normal and has zoom capabilities. It also has various view modes such as thermal, night, or electronic(which allows him to 'see' the flow of electrons such as in a light, wire, or circuit) to name a few. When it is linked to the artificial intelligence that was implanted in his brain after his head injury he is capable of many calculations of(among other things) speed, distance, and trajectory that would only be approximate guesses for a human. His left ear is capable of picking up sounds that are way out of a humans or animals range of hearing as well as sounds that would be too faint for a normal human to detect. This can work in conjunction with the AI to form an 'echo location' ability that is displayed on the interface in his left eye. Things such as a cry for help or an explosion can be tracked by him and very accurately found.

Psych Profile:

Mathias is naturally introspective. He does not tend to be largely social and has very few close friends. He can be dark and mysterious as well as moody at times. He hates the Sentinels with a passion for all of the atrocities that they have committed, rather than for the injuries that they have caused him. He writes those off as part of his personal sacrifice to help others. He tends to be secretive, unobtrusive, and sticks to the shadows. One senior member of HEAT once said that if there was ever an assassin against the Sentinels that it was Mathias Balic. Mathias prefers to find his enemies at long range and avoid detection if at all possible. His best record was killing two Sentinels before others realized that he was there. He may be cold and calculating, but he will do everything to protect someone from the Sentinels. His judgment usually follows a very logical path that relies on facts and probabilities but can sometimes become a little skewed if his family or friends are in personal danger. He is willing to put himself in great personal danger to help in the fight against the Sentinels or protect someone from them.


He can normally be found in denim jeans, sneakers, and a cotton tee shirt of some kind. Some times he will be wearing a black leather jacket. He has a close military style hair cut and is known to wear sunglasses. His weapons are concealed on his person through the use of specially designed dissemination fields that render his guns and few knives invisible to the eye and almost all types of sensors. It also tends to act as a limited barrier against contact so that if some one brushed against him they would not feel the weapons there, but rather their hand would slide along the edge of the field in a smooth fluid motion.


Mathias always speaks in Teal.

Charles "Chip" Mason

Name: Charles "Chip" Mason

Race: Human/Elemental

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Height: 5' 10"

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Class: Cyber-Technician


Born to a normal family and raised with a normal life, Charles Mason was just your normal guy. As a child he did what children do, played all day long. He watched some television and played board games with his friends. At around eight he was introduced to video games and computers. Taking to them with a keen intelligence, he quickly became very proficient where either was involved. By twelve he was the assistant to the computer technician that oversaw the computer networks at his community school. Charles always had a knack for finding the source of any problem where electronics were concerned. Once located, he was also able to almost always fix the problem in a short time period.

At age sixteen, while still in high school, he was hired by a local computer repair shop down the street from his home. The shop made enough to get by on and usually little extra, but in the last month the owner had acquired more work than he could keep up with. Within six months of his hiring, the repair shop had completely turned around and acquired a reputation for performance and reliability which brought customers from all over the city to give them work. After high school, Charles continued to work for the now thriving computer shop. His skills had improved significantly and he had been promoted to head technician allowing the owner to focus solely on running the business end of the shop.

After a year he decided to go to college and continued to work for the shop in his spare time. He excelled at his studies, especially where electrons were concerned. After six years he graduated with a masters degree in computer science and a minor in electrical engineering. There after he returned to the computer shop and started a small programming business on the side. He would take odd contracts to create specialized programs for people and businesses that had need of them.

By this time the computer shop had grown to be quite large with around a dozen employees. Eventually Charles' programming business began to draw attention and he soon sold it to his old boss to add to the shop.

Throughout his work, Charles had become increasingly skilled with electronics. In fact the further he worked with electricity, the better he became with it. Computers and other electronic devices began to react oddly at times when he was around. Some times his hands seemed to glow while he was using a computer. Most dismissed this as the glow of the computer monitor reflecting off of his hands. But that didn't account for his speed and efficiency when operating a computer.

His reputation for programming has gotten him more than a few large jobs for big corporations and even a few government contracts. He still works for the shop from time to time. Mostly when they have special requests that his boss asks for him to perform. For the most part though he is a freelancer. His intimate knowledge about computers and their operations usually brings people to his doorstep with contracts. As he doesn't have to go looking for contracts, he usually has time to dink around and just enjoy life.


Charles stands at five foot ten inches with green-blue eyes and sandy brown hair. He has average features and could be easily missed in a crowd. He is soft spoken and intelligent, catching on quickly to most problems and activities.

Unbeknown to Charles or any of his family, their ancestry is not entirly human. There have been a few elves and drow in their family line. This might account for the general slenderness common in their family. Their skin tones have been rather worn over the generations and his family is now no more noticeable than anyone else. The pointed ears have almost entirely disappeared from their family. This, however, is not the only genetic difference in their line. There was at one point in the families history a different kind of being that joined the family. One who's genetic traits pop up every so often and this time just happen to have manifested within Charles.

(No I will not say what or who. You will just have to find out. =P)


Charles has discovered that he has the ability to manipulate electrons, mainly in their use in electricity.

Some times electronics can react oddly to his presence. Nothing terribly note worthy as he has become proficient at hiding his ability, but odd little quirks such as a screen glitch or some other insignificant glitch.

He has the natural ability to cause electrical bolts to issue from his hands. He can also cause significant electrical disturbances in the area around him.

During his experimentation he found that he can transfer his entire being into an electrical format that allows him to traverse all manner of conductors and even access the virtual world. Such access usually manifests itself as a physically intractable environment. Mostly because of his choosing.


Currently Charles does not carry any weapons. His electrical abilities are his main form of offense and defense.

He is known, however, to use higher technology than would be expected and he can pull various gadgets out of....somewhere. Probably a phase field or a compression storage sack or possibly even a spatial rift. You really can do a lot of neat things with electrons.

(I haven't really decided how he does it, but he can do it. And one day there will be an explanation for it.)


Chip will speak in this color of text. Unless I decide to change it later.... Very Happy

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