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Tiben's Characters

Race: Wood Elf
Class: Tiben (closest thing to it is a Rouge)
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Neutral; He often does what he thinks is best which is not always socialy acceptiable. Somewhat crazy
Age: Young adult
Height: 3'2
Weight: 74lbs
Hair colour and length: Blue, in a ponytail that goes to the mid-back
Eye colour: Blue
Weapons: Short sword, Fire Balls, and other items he seems to find around town.


[Common Knowledge]
-Is generaly considered to be insane
-Is normaly quite friendly
-Has been know to have some wild and impossiable ideas, that somehow work
- Has the ability to ignore the laws of physics, and mostly everything else

[Ongoing Storylines]

Tiben speaks in blue

Race: Mostly human
Class: Barbarian
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral Good, Has good common since with a good heart, but not terrabely intelligent
Age: 30's
Height: 7'8''
Weight: 349lbs
Hair colour and length: Grey with white spots, falls loosely to his solders, also has a full beard that goes to his chest.
Eye colour: Grey.
Weapons/ equipment: Dented and scratched breastplate, rusty chainmail, a full helm, a heavy wool and wolf fur cloak, and a Giant stone maul name Joesive.

[Common Knowledge]
-Tries to do what is right, by either what he is told, or what he fells is right
-CAN (if he ties) figure out what's happening around him
-Thinks Joesive is his friend
-Speaks with a thick Russian accent
-Doesn't always understand what is being said
-Has a loose grasp on common
-Speaks in dark blue

[Ongoing Storylines]

Gnome: the Elven God of Madness
Race: Elf God
Class: God
Alignment and Temprament:Choatic Neutral, He's the god of madness he does things that are considered crazy, and only does them for that reason. He also had the best stories...
Age: Infinetly old
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 210lbs
Hair colour and length: Sliver, long and hanging loosely down his back
Eye colour: Black
Weapons/ equipment:A rainbow coat, a smaller red coat, a feathered hat, a scarf made of the cosmos, a pair of striped pants, and a cane that he uses mostly for effect
Born a God, son to the elder Elven gods. He started as simply a fresh figure head of the godly family, until his madness was discovered. He was then banished from the family and had to go find followers of his own.
Unfournitaly most mad people don't think that are such, so he got the offical title of the God of Highly unlikely events, and small fuzzy animals.
He arrived in town by being summoned by his dedicated follower Tiben.

[Common Knowledge]
-Does whatever he wants whenever he wants
-Is the classical sence of a god, being that he can do mostly anything and is invinable to everything except other gods, and god weapons.
-Has an affinity for rodents.

[Ongoing Storylines]
The House of Gnome

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