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Things Pru is no longer allowed to do on the forum.

This is a list of comedic activities that will yeild no positive result. Let's not try to devolve this into a flame war.

1. Try to get petitions signed for a 'Post-Modern Town'
2. Try to justify the nature of temporal physics using thirty-two kiloton explosives.
3. Mix Energy Drinks together to try to emulate caffeine powered bullet time.
4. No, We do not believe that there were gender bending potions in the water supply when I got there. (Yes, that brings the total to Love, Agony, and now G-B.)
5. Cannot run through Town, in the rain, screaming at the top of her lungs, while wearing a pink and purple polka dotted teddy? - I can explain that one, just not really well.
6. No longer allowed to assign nick names to people in the [adjective] [animal] format of Metal Gear Solid, even if the Druid 'Dire Wolf' worked out fine...
7. Never, ever will be allowed to post Affy/Maggy slash.
8. Not even if it's "Tastefully Done."
9. No longer allowed to switch first and second person.
10. Clothes Dissolving Spells should not be taught to minors.
11. There are few things X-Ray vision should be used for, unfortunately, microwaving burritos isn't one of them.

Add to the list as need be.

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