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Therarde and Co.

Name: Therarde
Race: Half elf, the other half is unknown.
Age: Unknown, looks around 30.

[Stats and Description]
Therarde is definitely part elf. Nobody can really tell much about the other part, least of all Therarde himself. Because of this, he has many similar features of an elf, but is larger, bolder, and slightly stupider than most elves. He wields a large sword that he uses with two hands. Wears a dark green cloak, and black plate mail. Chaotic Good. Has a strange star shaped tatoo on his chest. Has an eagle that follows him everywhere.

Born in a cave in the middle of nowhere and left there, Therarde soon became self-sufficient. He learned to hunt, how to fight, how to survive. He rarely asks for help from others, even when he can't do something alone. He never admits defeat, and would stab a turtle with a spoon until either he made it through the shell or the spoon broke, in which case he would go at it with his bare hands. Decided to stop at town on a journey to find his parents. Apparently was wandering through the forest one day when he got shot by an arrow. He stumbled around blindly before landing in the town, where he was nursed back to health.

[Common Knowledge]
Has an iron liver, and will go to great lengths to prove it. Can do stupid stuff, especially to try to prove himself. Hates orcs and goblins in general. Can cast pretty much an infinite amount of 1st and 2nd level ranger spells, although with a bit of mental fatigue. Also, don't spill his drink.

Name: The Hacker
Gender: Male
Class: Hacker
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Description: Wears a long black cloak, black boots, black bandanna, and huge red goggles that cover most of his face. Has no weapons, save for a mouse cursor that he can control through pure willpower.

Backstory: Once one of the most feared hackers on the internet, this man found a way to use virtual reality to simulate actually entering the internet, allowing his hacking to be even more efficient. However, on a raid on a huge software company, his system was shorted out. He didn't have enough time to get out of the virtual reality and was knocked unconscious by the shock. When he woke, he was in the town, with a little mouse cursor and a whole arsenal of powerful hacking related attacks.

Common Knowledge: Speaks in a low, mysterious tone.

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