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Role play your nation with others in this thread.

The most noble ruler of the most respected nation of Sammealin takes a sip of tea whilst reading the morning news. Elections where coming up but he wasn't too worried about that, being the sole benefactor to the only major party in the nation has it's benefits.

Not that he didn't try to be a good ruler, nay he strives every day to live up to the title Imperial President. It's just that he can do a much better job without having to worry about being voted out of office.

He puts aside the paper and picks up a report on the output numbers of Sammealin's biggest mine. Deprivatising the mining industry proved to be a gold mine and seriously increased Sammealin's military standing with other nations in the region.

The Imperial President of the Esteemed Democratic Empire of Sammealin George Gardens smiles as he sips his tea.

"God-King Karlin, we have the figures for the new ship-"

"Can't you see I'm busy?"

God-King Karlin shoots a threatening glance at the man who just wlaked in, who bows his head fiercely in apology. Karlin was indeed busy, sucking away the last remnants of life of a finely rolled cigarillo. As soon as it is gone, the leader of the appropriately named 'Badguy' leans back in his chair, releasing a plume of smoke from his mouth with a satisfied sigh.


The messenger nods quickly as he takes the folder underneath his armpit and splits it open, reading the paper tucked inside.

"God-King, Karlin, Sir, um, we just received another shipment of armaments. 30,000 new guns, 200,000 boxes of ammunition, and-"

"What about new recruits?" Karlin interjects.

"Oh, um, let's see...In the past week, we've had 254 more Badguys sign up for active duty, sir."

"That's not what I meant." The God-king taps his fingers on his desk, growing more impatient with this briefing.

"Sir, I thought that you said we were going to stop that..."

"...To save face. Didn't you get the memo? The most lucrative part of building an unstoppable army simply cannot cease, it must be done with a...subtle touch."

"But sir, if the public or, by God, any other nations find out that you were to continue taking slaves from allied nations for your own army...You would incite a war." The informant says, gulping.

"And by the time that happens we'll have a full army ready to fight for our nation." Karlin reasons.

"But, I, sir, you..." The messenger is at a loss for words.

"Are you disrespecting my authority, boy?" Karlin asks, cocking an accusing eyebrow.

"Wha-No! I'm not sir, I just-"

"You just thought you could tell me how to run my own nation?"

"It's nothing like that! I-"

"Get out of my office."

The messenger says nothing more. Instead, he deeply bows and departs. God-king Karlin pulls another cigarillo out of his pocket.

"Ha, a little warfare, who's afraid of that? We're the big, bad wolves, not them." He says, lighting up.

Imperial President George Gardens looks back at the paper and frowns. Three more children missing?

"Branderson! Get the Security General in here! I want a report on this rash of kidnappings!"

The Security General and the Imperial President have their meetings within closed doors. Its a secret so I'm not posting what happens.

Four Zeppelins fly to the four borders of the nation, and then fly back.

Three days later a chipper young lad with excellent credentials is applying for a job in Karlin's office.

God-king Karlin looks at the boy.

"Tell me again why this...chipper lad is in my office?" He asks, not sounding very amused.

"Well, sir, he has excellent credentials, and everyone who has seen him so far would have been remiss not to show them to the next one up in the chain so...He eventually found his way to you."

Karlin cocks an eyebrow.

"I'm sure you're going to be a great soldier, boy, but I really could care less about your resume. You're dismissed."

"I'd be the best soldier in the entire army but my talents would still be wasted there." The man say cheerily.

"And what do you mean by that?" Karlin still doesn't sound very amused.

"If you'd chance a look at my credentials you'll see I've been to every major military training academy and graduated at the top of my class in each one. Most competent intelligence profilers place me top in the region. To throw me out now is to carelessly toss away the most important and powerful tool you've ever had at your disposal."

The man grins.
J. Muller

((Is it your intention, Nevr, that I mentally imagine God-King Karlin's lines being read by George Carlin?))

((That's who he based him on. =P))
J. Muller

((I assumed so, yes.))

((Why aren't you posting IC?))
J. Muller

((I haven't even written up my country yet. Hang on whilst I do so.))
J. Muller

((Right, it is done. Here we go, then.))

In the study of his mansion, Emperor Roland IV sighed as he looked over the progress reports from his zeppelin yards. The expansion of his air fleet was going well, but that didn't make the reports any better reading. Still, it was good for a ruler to keep up on events within his empire.

He finished with what he was reading and picked up another report. This one recorded the effects of his program of incentives and encouragements for scientists. The idea was intended to draw the world's best minds to Landsvall--especiallly those whose research was of interest to the military. He saw that it was going well--the aeronautics department of the Imperial University had recently gained the talents of two new scientists. They would do well in Landsvall, where those who lent their scientific talent to the government and got results were rewarded well. It was a policy that in the seven years since he came to power had led to promising advances in everything from mining to missiles. And some of the projects were just now starting to show signs of a breakthrough ahead...

He took a sip of his wine, the exquisite beverage imported from one of the surrounding countries, whose climate lent itself extremely well to growing grapes for wine. He took another sip, enjoying its fine taste. He considered for a moment buying the vinyard so that only he could have the wine. It was one of those things that he felt was the privelege of emperors, and only emperors.

The door opened, and he looked up. One of his servants. "The Empress has returned, sir."

Roland put down the report and got up. His wife Ulla had been at a dinner for some sort of charitable endeavor. He walked from the study to the front room in time to see her enter and take off her fur coat. The garment had cost as much as a small car. He smiled at the top of the stairs, looking over her slim form, blond hair and unmistakably Landsvallian features. He still remembered the day, at his sixteenth birthday party, when he had seen her among all the other daughters of priveleged Landsvallian families, and known that he would have her. She was, he thought, not unlike the wine--rare, beautiful, something fit only for an emperor's enjoyment. He considered for a moment how wonderful it would be if he could simply buy a factory and have a steady supply of Ullas...

all of Sammealin is in an uproar over the missing children. Whispers spread throughout the country of one of their neighbors possibly being responsible. Talk of war.

Enlistments quadruple.
J. Muller

Ah, yes, there is that matter of the kidnappings.

The next day, Roland goes to the weekly meeting of the highest government officials. Among the things they discuss there are the rash of kidnappings, which the Landsvall intelligence service attributes to Badguy. He orders the intelligence services to focus on defending the nation from these incursions and gathering more information. He also directs them to make a list of important scientists working for foreign governments and look into the possibility of kidnapping them, since with Badguy's proclivities the crime would most likely be blamed on them.

As he considers the spreading talk of war between Sammaelin and Badguy, he does what he always does when considering war between two of his neighbors--how to turn the situation to his advantage. Certainly there is money to be made selling armaments to both sides (he always has thought that war was the most profitable of enterprises), but there also might be territory to be gained if he played his cards right. He directs his top military staff to begin drawing up various plans and strategems for the invasions of Badguy and Sammaelin both. He also directs his propaganda minister (ostensibly the Deputy Minister of Education) to begin preparations for a propaganda drive themed around defending the Empire from foreign incursion.

((About the George Carlin question: Yes. Yes I do.))

God-king Karlin studies the boy.

"Fine, then. Minister, I want you to keep tabs on this boy and give me progress reports on him every two weeks. Got it?"

"Yes, sir." The minister says before ushering the man out.

God-king Karlin takes a swig from a flask held underneath his desk before reading the reports of Sammaelin's furor rising over the rash of kidnappings.

"They want a war? A war will come." He smiles, rubbing his beard thoughtfully as he plans strategems.

A few days later, on all the radio stations and television channels, commercials talking about Sammaelin's falsely perceived goodness, their rashness on trying to start war without any provocation, and other such misdeeds attributed against them play throughout the week.
J. Muller

((Just to clarify, Roland's not actively planning to invade anyone, but he's directing his generals to draw up plans just in case he decides to in the future.))

Sammealin runs a slew of counter commercials telling about kidnappings and things of that nature. A bit of presidential money in the right pockets have all of the major news networks running long standing bits about Badguy's crimes.

The capable young man in the God-Kings service proves his worth time and time again with any project they give him.

Meanwhile most of the smaller towns and cities in Sammealin are strangely emptied of people.

More propaganda springs up, accusing Sammaelin of intense overreaction to a crime common in every nation in the world, accusing the Imperial President Gardens of being a hotheaded fool, and some even accusing the Sammaelin government of attempting the use of the False Flag policy just so that they can start a war.

In response Sammealin broadcasts an escapee of the Badguy kidnappings, who goes on tv looks adorable and talks about all the horrors he has had to endure.

The Badguy propaganda has absolutely no effect on this Sammealin population who seek justice.

The Badguy propaganda isn't trying to persuade Sammaelin's, so the government doesn't really give a damn.

Meanwhile, the population of Badguy are galvanizing to the idea of war.

It should be noted that Sammealin has made no outward attempts to protect itself from a Badguy invasion.

Sammealin does petition its other neighbors who have been hit hardest by the kidnappings to put a trade embargo on Badguy.
J. Muller

Roland starts running a propaganda campaign of his own, this one targeted internationally, towards scientists. The ads highlight how nice Landsvall is and how the Empire is a great place for great minds to research and pursue their discoveries.

He also orders reinforcements to the garrisons of Landsvall's colonial holdings on the continent to the south, with orders to begin annexing more territory to expand Landsvall's territory.

((Just a point of interest: are we assuming that Landsvall, Badguy, and Sammaelin all border each other? I've been assuming so.))

Empress Alexandra sits in her throne room, dictating notes to a nearby scribe. "...and lastly invite the leaders of the neighboring nations to the next feast. I want to be ceratin to extend a warm welcome to them all."

The young man sitting at the base of the dias finishes writing, gives a deep bow to his Empress, and quickly exits the room to follow her demands.

As the large double doors close behind him, the Elven empress smiles. "Let them come, so that I may know who I am dealing with, and so they will know the might of the Illumarian Empire."

((I've been assuming the same thing, J))

Over the next few weeks, outposts among Badguy's borders will begin to increase as more soldiers are sent there.

The Imperial President George Gardens scoffs at the dinner invitation. "A feast? Does she think I am a fool? If she doesn't try and assassinate me Karlin will. Scribe a letter."

"Most Honorable Empress Alexandra,
Most regrettably I must decline your offer..."

God-King Karlin considers the Empress' offer.

A letter is sent to her abode.

"I will be delighted to attend.


The Empress looks over the replies she has recieved so far. "One no and one yes. Well mother always did say to only expect half the people you invite to attend. I wonder if anyone else will refuse."

((I know there's more than just us planning to play, so I think I'll hold off on the feast until the world fills out a little bit. Does that sound fair to you guys?))

The letter continues:

"...Please accept my Chief of Foreign Affairs in my place..."

((Sounds reasonable.))
J. Muller

Emperor Roland receives the invitation. He replies:


Empress Alexandra,
I must regrettably decline your gracious offer, as an important and unavoidable affair of state will render me unavailable at the time of the feast.

--Emperor Roland IV

Empress Alexandra continues to sift through the replies. "Well, at least the Imperial President had the courtesy to send a replacement."

All metal stops flowing out of Sammealin. This might have an impact on any of the neighboring countries who may have relied on it.

God-King Karlin expected as much. Imports increases exponentially into Badguy in expectation that more nations will follow suit.

All the water originating in Sammealin that flows into Badguy becomes contaminated.

A small epidemic breaks out. Propaganda ensues. Now, pretty much the entire nation of Badguy supports going to war with Sammaelin.
J. Muller

Landsvall is entirely self-sufficient as far as metals go, so they are rather unaffected by Sammaelin's sudden cessation of metal exports. In fact, Landsvallian mining companies almost immediately move in (under Roland's direction) to take up Sammaelin's slack in metal exportation. Very shortly, some of the neighboring NPC countries ((I'm assuming they exist)) find themselves buying metals from Landsvallian companies. The Landsvall stock market goes up as a result, and in general the economy is doing rather well.

George Gardens goes on the news and has this to say to the people of Badguy. "Your Government took our children and ruined our way of life! No punishment is to severe for those who do thus. Cast the blame to your leaders for throwing you into this peril. We will not stop weakening your country until our children are returned!"

Of course, the hard-nosed people of a nation kept under close watch by the government are not swayed in the lightest by this development.

A letter is sent to the leader of Landsvall.

"Esteemed Emperor Roland IV,

Tension is escalating between The Republic of Badguy and Sammaelin. President Gardens has resorted to extremely underhanded measures, including propaganda, trade embargo lying, and even contaminating the water supply to try and weaken our state. I ask you as a leader who believes you are fair and just to weigh your opinion on this matter and, if possible, declare your allegiance with Badguy.

God-King Karlin"

The man with good credentials continues to be incredibly impressive and altogether trust worthy.

Seeing a gap in the market, Illumarian metal production increases, as does her military preparedness. The Church of the Sun sends aid to those effected by the epidemic, but the government takes no official stand in the conflict, hoping to remain neutral.

A public message is sent to Illumar asking for aid. "-After all, we are not the only ones who have lost children to this criminal regime. Surely the parents in your own country who have lost children seek justice."

A message is also sent to Illumar.

"...You have seen how low that Sammaelin will stoop to reach what they believe are justified goals. Now, make no mistake, I am not asking you or your government to take sides, quite the opposite, in fact. I ask you not to support either of us if you wish not to, and to deny Sammaelin any aid for their criminal intentions.

God-King Karlin"

A letter to both Badguy and Sammaelin.

My fellow world leaders,

I have decided to remain neutral in the conflict between your two nations, for now. However, I cannot, and will not, stop the humanitarian efforts the Church of the Sun has put forth. I pray that the situation can come to a close peacefully and that those who are lost will be found.

Her Royal Magesty, Empress Alexadra of Illumar

Presumably parents who lost children in Illumar aren't happy about this decision.

Deep in the Capitol building of Castle Coffyn (capital of Anglarctur), Supreme Commander Nathaniel Coffyn steeples his fingers and glances around at the four others seated around the table. On his left sat the second most powerful man in the country, Minister of Security Jacob Erikson. Head of the country's secret police and intelligence organizations (the army took care of the regular policing), it was his job to make sure the law was enforced, and protect Anglarctur from internal threats. He didn't look the part. Jacob is a tall, skinny, and generally bookish looking man. A pair of large glasses sits upon his nose. The black governmental uniform didn't look very impressive on him. Still, he was widely known throughout Anglarctur for his dedication and efficiency, and in more informed circles for his ruthless elimination of anything that threatened the current government.

On his right sat a woman of far less power, and thought to be far less important. The short, blonde woman seemed to be a perfectly normal government official. Her grey eyes showed none of her constant readiness, and her form didn't seem to be especially muscled. Luinia was her only name, and she was the Minister of Trade and Foreign Affairs. A truly unimportant ministry, due to Anglarctur's long history of isolation and self-sufficiency. That wasn't her only job, and far from the most important one. Not a single soul outside of the four Ministers and Nathaniel Coffyn knew, but she was in fact a skilled bodyguard. Her position provided her an excuse to accompany him on visits out of the country.

Sitting next to Jacob Erikson was the Minister of Truth, Jack Antura. Jack was responsible for truth in all it's forms: the spread of what others might call propaganda to the people, the regulation of the arts to insure they never went against the true greatness, and the uncovering of truth through state-sponsored science, most of which is dedicated to weapons technology. Antura looks completely normal. Ironically, he was so nondescript that it stood out as rather odd. Certainly not the kind of face you expect to lead a nation, which may have something to do with why he's not as famous in Anglarctur as the other Ministers.

Finally there was the Minister of Wealth Boris Gentry. His uniform had to be specially tailored to fit his extreme obesity, and even then it looks kind of stretched. Having lost most of his hair as he entered his forties, he decided to completely shave his head. This didn't really work out well, leaving him looking like an overgrown baby. A really fat and ugly overgrown baby. Still, the man retained a very good head for economics and math, and was instrumental in keeping the economy of Anglarctur running and running well.

"I believe you are aware of what has been going on recently. Shall we prepare for war?" Jacob asked in his soft, almost soothing voice. His voice was always like that; even during the occasional personal interrogation.

Nathaniel considers the matter for a few moments, before speaking in a low, powerful, and above all commanding voice. "We shall prepare for war, but the time is not right to begin our conquest." Turning to the Minister of Truth, "I want the propaganda efforts increased. Focus on the defense of our nation for now; we don't want to get the people riled up for invasion too early." Jack replies with only a nod. Turning to Jacob, "Begin intelligence operations in neighboring countries. Nothing serious for now, just a few eyes here and there."

"So, Boris, is our economy well prepared for this? Will a tax increase be necessary?"

Boris shakes his head. "No, we should be able to prepare our defenses without increasing the tax in any significant fashion. Should you decide to invade, though…"

Nathaniel interrupts him with just a nod, enough to cause immediate silent. "Then this meeting is at an end."


Propaganda begins to go up in all manner of media. Most of it focuses on the rising tensions in the world today, and how Anglarctur needs to be prepared to defend its superiority.

Meanwhile, a number of spies are dispatched to the other nations. They have credentials that show them as immigrants from various NPC countries. If they gain entrance, they will assimilate into society, quietly watching what's going on and ready to act if necessary.

Nathaniel receives the invitation from the False Empress, as Empress Alexandra is called in Anglarctur. He decides to accept, so he can size up this country for later invasion. For he must invade it eventually, with the populace so filled with hatred against the inhuman. Still, it is doubtful that Anglarctur's...attitudes have yet reached the rest of the world on any large scale, so he might as well attend.

"Empress Alexandra,

I am pleased by your invitation and will he happy to attend.

Nathaniel Coffyn."

((Sorry, posts will be much, much shorter after this one. <_<))


Any intelligence officials who make it to Sammealin's borders will find it suspiciously unguarded. Any towns they happen to come across completely deserted.

((Meh, most of it probably should have gone in the country profile.))

Jacob and Nathaniel converse over wine by a fire.

"Word from our intelligence operatives brings...strange news. The border was hardly guarded, and the towns are utterly deserted."

The Supreme Commander creases his brow. " must have to do with the tensions between Badguy and that country."

"Yes...but how? I will send the spies into the larger cities to see if they find any clues there."

Nathaniel nods, and they proceed to talk about less important topics.

The larger cities are deserted as well.

On the other hand, Anglarctur spies will find it extremely hard to infiltrate Badguy as its borders are heavily guarded.

((Agreed, and ouch, Inhuman false Empress?))

Getting into Illumar probably won't be too difficult, so long as they travel by sea, as the surrounding desert is nearly inhospitable. They will have difficulty infiltrating the higher levels of governement and the chursch, as those positions are held almost exclusively by Elves.

((Yeah, Anglarctur doesn't like nonhumans. Especially the thought of nonhumans ruling humans.))

The Anglarctur spies in Illumar don't try and infiltrate the higher positions, for now simply acting like normal citizens.

Meanwhile, the spies quickly cease trying to infiltrate Badguy, but report back to Anglarctur with the resistance that they encountered.

The spies in Sammaelin head for the capital, getting more and more confused by their findings. Assuming it has one.

A letter similar to the one sent to Landsvall is sent to Anglarctur, asking for their support.

Meanwhile, the mysterious golden boy (Geo's character) is assigned as a squadron leader, given five highly capable soldiers to order.
J. Muller

Roland responds to Karlin's letter:

Esteemed God-King Karlin,

While it is true the Sammaelin's methods here are not as honorable as I expected from President Gardens, the fact remains that they were not the only victims of your kidnapping program. Though some would see vengeance delivered upon you by the mighty hand of the Imperial Air Fleet, I have decided that Landsvall will remain neutral in this matter. I would recommend against taking any action that would disrupt our nonaligned stance.

Emperor Roland IV

The nation of Landsvall is meanwhile involved in other matters. Specifically, a dispute with a neighboring ((NPC)) nation.

Landsvall has many natural resources in plentiful amounts. One of the things it lacks in good supply, however, is petroleum. And while the zeppelins of the Imperial Air Fleet run on steam, the land vehicles of Landsvall run on gasoline, most of which must be imported.

Fortunately, it does not need to be imported from very far, since a small neighboring country named Norfeen. has very large supplies of it. Supplies that Roland decided were so nice that he'd buy the companies that extracted and processed it and sell only to the Landsvall government for its use, then just refund the money to the government. Other exports provided for civilian use, so everything went rather well for the last few months while Roland essentially gave himself gasoline.

The sudden cessation of petroleum shipments to the nation the petroleum came from, however, did not go over particularly well with the Norfeenians. It went over quite less well once they discovered that since Roland owned the companies that were selling the Landsvall government petroleum, the Empire had essentially annexed the oil fields. This was something the Norfeenians did not appreciate. They demonstrated this recently by cutting off the border with military forces and seizing control of the oil fields, in response to what they called "Belligerent Landsvallian imperialism."

The Landsvall response was an armed one, and the events that followed would go on to be described by Roland as a "splendid little war."

Just before dawn, several air wings of the Imperial Air Force penetrated Norfeen's airspace, accompanied by a fleet of zeppelins from the Imperial Air Navy. The bombers proceeded to rain down bombs on Norfeen's few air bases, in one fell swoop knocking out a significant percentage of Norfeen's air force. Simultaneously, other bombers, backed up by a powerful artillery barrage, hit the Norfeen military forces at the border.

Shortly after dawn, the barrage ceases, and the Norfeen lines are attacked by a wave of Landsvall armored troops, their tanks punching wide holes though the disorganized and damaged defenders. The Norfeen forces that remain are quickly encircled, and the Landsvall columns of tanks and mobile infantry continue their advance into Norfeen.

Meanwhile, the Landsvall zeppelins, having steamed quickly into the country, reach the capital of Norfeen by late afternoon, at which point the elite troops of the 1st Air Mobile division land in the city and take control of several key buildings, including the president's office.

Before the first day of the war is over, large portions of the capital are in the hands of Landsvall troops, the skies above Norfeen are undeniably under Landsvall control, and a significant amount of the Norfeen military has been either killed or captured.

Another letter is sent to Landsvall.

"To refuse the call for aid because of alleged slights is unbecoming, but if that is your decision than I will honor it.

God-King Karlin"
J. Muller

Oh, yeah, and any spies that try to infiltrate will find it entirely possible as long as they don't try anything.

((Out of curiosity, who has been effected by the kidnappings? Everyone?))

Illumar quietly begins to send out spies of her own into Sammaelin and badguy, although they will probably find the same things that the others have found. Diplomats are also sent to both countries, hoping to ease tensions and investigate the kidnappings and the source of the epidemic. Finally, the Illumarian Police begin launching an internal investigation for similar occurances within the borders.

((Every neighboring country))

((Hmm...considering that I forgot about the kidnappings, I think I'm going to go with Anglarctur and Badguy not bordering each other if that's okay with you Nevr.

As a side note, I may not actually be around for the feast. Going on vacation soon.))

Nathaniel Coffyn sits in his study and considers the letter from Karlin. From what his spies had heard, the tensions were probably the fault of Badguy. But that hardly mattered. Badguy could prove to be a powerful ally in the future...

A letter is sent to Badguy.

"To the Most Eminent God-King Karlin,

Having reviewed the situation and factors involved in the current tensions between your country and Sammaelin. Of course, I would expect similar aid from you in the future should our country be attacked. In fact, I believe a more official alliance could prove beneficial to both our countries. Perhaps we could arrange a diplomatic meeting?

Supreme Commander Nathaniel Coffyn."

The next day, another letter is at Anglarctur's doorstep.

"I am indeed intrigued by the notion of alliance. If you will have it you can be in my office as early as tomorrow to discuss our terms.

-God-King Karlin"

A reply is quickly penned and sent to Badguy.

"God-King Karlin,

As much as I would enjoy coming to visit your country, I am afraid I cannot take the time away from governing to do so. As I cannot expect you to do what I will not, I would suggest we meet in a small country about halfway between our countries by the name of Metingston. If this is not agreeable, I shall send my Minister of Trade and Foreign Affairs to your office in my place.

Supreme Commander Nathaniel Coffyn."

Another letter the next day.

"Your conditions are agreeable, I shall arrive in person to Metingston, as I assume you too shall."

There is a date for the meeting underneath that. Once more, it is signed by God-King Karlin.

Continuing the trend, the next day a letter arrives in Badguy confirming that Nathaniel shall be arriving in person and that the date for the meeting is acceptable.

"Fetch the Minister of Trade and Foreign Affairs, then instruct the necessary people to begin preparing for a state trip to Metingston." Nathaniel watches from his throne as a servant hurries off to find Luinia. A few moments later, she arrives and promptly stands at attention and salutes. With a nod from Nathaniel, she relaxes.

"Yes, Commander?"

"We are heading to Metingston soon. Make your preparations."

She nods. "How likely do you think..."

"Not too likely. I don't trust Karlin, but I don't think he has a good reason for that just now. But be prepared for that situation anyway."

Luinia nods again, and with a final salute heads out of the room.

At the date of the meeting, Karlin is sitting in the agreed upon location. His own Minister of Foreign Affairs is at his side, along with two bodyguards.

Nathaniel Coffyn enters the agreed upon location, dressed in a simple crimson military uniform with the symbols of his station. Luinia also enters, followed by two bodyguards dressed in similar military uniforms. The three bow respectfully and Nathaniel gives a nod.

"Greetings, God-King Karlin. It is my pleasure to attend this meeting to establish an alliance that can benefit both our countries." The Supreme Commander gauges Karlin's reaction carefully as he seats himself, as do the others.

((And now, sleep. Night.))
J. Muller

The Landsvall military begins the next stage of its conquest of Norfeen. Their main columns continue their advance, while more forces are shuttled in to the captured capital. Another landing force also takes possession of the oil fields.
Destro Yersul

Meanwhil, the High Lords of Skyre have convened. Five men enter the council chamber one by one, each taking their appointed seat.
Plenty of war going on up top recently.
It is not a new thing. Wars come and go.
But it is a good thing. War is very profitable, when one plays their cards correctly.

The industry of Skyre goes on. Building, manufacturing, refining...
Cards, yes. But how would one know which cards to play?
And which order one should play them?

The factories in sector eighteen have recently been re purposed. Production of weapons and ammunition has begun on a vast scale.
It's quite simple. The speaker leans forward. We start by playing neutrality. Follow that up with business relations and superiority, and you have the beginnings of a good hand. Another of the lords catches on. And then we play mass export. Followed by profit. The first speaker smiles. Bada bing, bada boom. Straight flush.

God-King Karlin looks rather less impressive than his public image would have you believe. A man who just broke through his sixties, his hair and beard are greyed with age, though for dignity's sake his hairline is merely receding instead of full on encroachment. Similarly dressed as his counterpart, Karlin's attire is more formal and less militaristic and a very dark grey. A trenchcoat hangs off of his shoulders, his arms not inside of its sleeves.

"Please, Commander, you may address me as Vincent." He says with a slight smile.
Destro Yersul

A sound plan. Find out who's preparing for war, and I'll send envoys to them.
Shouldn't be difficult. I'll notify our information gatherers.

Shortly thereafter, a hatchway opens above ground. It sits at the middle of a crossroads, near the edge of Skyre's territory. A metal platform rises up to hatch level, accompanied by the clanking of chains. On the platform sits a small jeep, painted black with green trim. The jeep drives away, and the platform and hatch close behind it.

A little belatedly, Illumar discovers that children have been dissapearing in the Eastern Desert. The dissappearances had been overlooked until now because of violent sandstorms in the region. These reports, coupled wityh Sammaelin's claims have promted the empire to scry for the missing people.

Also Skyre should recieve the Empress' invitation some time soon.

By contrast, while Nathaniel may not be the god-like figure he is potrayed as in propaganda, he remains an imposing figure. Nearing seven feet in height, he matches this in broadness and muscular stature to make a giant of a man. The commander's hair is short and black, and his blue eyes are calculating. He looks to be getting on in his forties, the various signs of age beginning to show through in minor ways like the occasional grey hair or wrinkle.

"Then you may call me Nathaniel." At this, Luinia's eyes widen ever so slightly, a very small sign of her great suprise. The bodyguards remain entirely inexpressive and stone-faced. "I believe the first matter to be considered is the tensions with Sammaelin."

Spies sent to the Sammealin capitol find it, like all the other cities deserted. They should probably have a rather difficult time getting there, what with the almost vertical climbs and lack of roads that any car could use. Also the subzero temperatures.

An envoy is sent to the High Lords of Skyre. He requests military aid against the criminal land of Badguy in return for letting them be the only other country to profit from Sammealin's mines which output every metal or gem imaginable.

"Yes, of course. You see, there seems to have been a rise in kidnappings in Sammaelin lately, and President Gardens has decided to place the blame on us for our supposedly dictatorial style of government. What's worse is that he went so far as to contaminate all water that flows from Sammaelin to Badguy, causing an epidemic of severe influenza and bacterial infections."

The spies manage to reach the capital after great struggle, and head back to Anglarctur upon finding it deserted.

Back at the meeting...

Nathaniel listens to Karlin, then nods. "It would seem that the obvious aggressor in this situation would be Sammaelin. Do you expect to be going to war with them, then?"

The question was more of a formality than anything else, as from what Nathaniel heard war was inevitable at this point. It was only a question of when, and who would fire the first shot.

Illumar sends a message to Badguy

We have recently made some internal investigations, and found that some of our younger citizens have gone missing near our border with your country. Although this seems to support the claims made by Sammaelin, we will not take any actions if you can provide a possible explanation for the dissappearances.
Destro Yersul

The Illumarian messenger arrives in Skyre shortly to deliver his message. The High Lords consider the content after it has been brought down. We can't leave the country unattended, especially given the war plans. I can go. It is my civic duty to maintain the relationship with foreign countries. Alright. Before you go, you should meet with the envoy from Sammealin. He arrived this morning, requesting military aid. Alright. Can I assume we provide equipment and overseer personnel, but no actual soldiers? That would be a safe assumption.

The envoy learns, while in Skyre, that the standing army is fairly small. The High Lords do, however, promise delivery of a large amount of military hardware and access to instruction in its use.

The envoy quickly returns to Sammealin.

"I expected no more from them." George Gardens says. "What about Badguy? Any news of their advance? I'd thought Karlin would have attacked by now."

"Perhaps he needs further incentive. He could be waiting for us to make the first attack." The Security General replies.

"Very well, launch an attack, but it better not be too costly." Gardens says.

"I will send a small contingent of our most devoted troops. They will not balk to find out they will not be returning alive."

A military zeppelin begins the long flight to the Sammealin, Badguy borders.

((I suppose that Sammealin gave up on taking the moral high ground when they poisoned the water supply. Razz ))

While Nathaniel Coffyn is in Metingston, rumors begin to brew in Anglarctur, not very widespread and mostly dismissed. They are rumors of rebellion, of dissatisfaction with the current regime. It's doubtful that any other countries hear of this, due to both the obscurity of the rumors and the general isolation of Anglarctur.

The Minister of Truth takes his dinner at a small restraunt in a city near Castle Coffyn by the name of Karrin, amused by the notion that no one in the diner knows just who is sitting the corner table. Nearby, he notices a pair of men furtively whispering about something. Possessed of exceptional hearing, he listens what they discuss.

They are discussing the rumors of rebellion. Importantly, they seem to be entertaining the notion that the rebels may have a just cause. Jack Antura has a rather strange reaction to this.

He smiles.
J. Muller

The Emperor's propaganda drive begins to show its effects. Recruitment is up for all areas of the military, and civil morale and spirit is high.

Meanwhile, the conquest of Norfeen is completed by Landsvallian armored divisions. Oil shipments resume as normal. The speed with which they accomplished the conquest is touted as a testament to Landsvallian military prowess, and popular support for the short war is high. The fact that the nation in question was rather small ((about 1/3 the size of the Netherlands)) does nothing significant to lessen the Landsvallians' high opinion of their military.

((...And I'm off. Leaving tomorrow morning on the first of two trips. Won't be back until late August.))

Illumar also sends a message to Sammaelin.

We have found some evidence that your claims of kidnappings may have some truth behind them. We still await an explanation from Badguy, and should they prove decietful, you can expect the support of the Illumarian Empire.

"Well, Nathaniel, what is your opinion on this matter?" Karlin asks.

"From what I can see, war will come one way or another. You should wait for Sammealin to attack." Nathaniel considers for a moment if he should tell Karlin about what his spies found in Sammealin, and decides that it could help to establish trust.

"I have some information that leads me to believe they are setting some kind of trap for you. A number of shall we say, travellers from my land recently entered Sammealin. They found all of the cities completely deserted, even the capital."

Karlin cocks his brow.

"Really, now? Are they attempting to goad me into attacking so that they will have a reason to retaliate and not suffer any casualties, I wonder?"

Sammealin sends this message to Illumar.
We hope that after you see the truth as we have, you will aid us in our fight against these child stealing aggressors.

Meanwhile the zeppelin near the Badguy border has unloads the platoon it had been transporting. The lightly armored group of highly trained soldiers make their way to the Badguy border.

The Empress is pleased by the reply from Sammaelin, and wonders if Badguy will send the explanation she requested.

Nathaniel frowns for a moment, thinking.

"Perhaps. I can't really think of what else they might be doing. But a bigger question might be where they are hiding all of those people."
Destro Yersul


So, how much are we sending to Sammealin? Mostly tanks, around twenty of them. A couple trucks full of weapons. Do you think we should send... that? It isn't tested yet. Exactly. This could be a perfect opportunity for a field test. And we have the blueprints. Maybe one of the smaller versions. I'll load it onto one of the trucks. The speaker motions with a hand, and one of the guards standing nearby peels off to go inform the techs.

They find themselves being fired on by Badguy border patrol.

"Hmm...Something of such a wide scale, would that be done just for fear of war?" Karlin questions.

The platoon returns fire with high powered rifles, that they seem to be concealing somewhere on their person. They take cover behind a crag of rock.

Most of the border patrol are firing with standard issue rifles. A few, however, begin firing mortars at the troops that border patrol definitely should not have.

The mortar lands among the crags of rock, blasting them to smitherines. The return fire from the platoon stops.

The fire from the Badguy troops, however, does not.

The smoldering rocks continue to get shot up then I suppose.

The Badguys stop momentarily, waiting for a response. A small contingent begins to advance.

Those smoldering rocks sure aren't doing much about the advance. It's like they don't even care.

The troops surround the rock. One of them begins to bark.


A rock shifts, and a single wounded man stands up, raising his arms in the air. "Don't shoot." He says weakly.

"COME OVER HERE, NOW." The soldier shouts. They keep their guns trained on him.

The man takes his first step. Bam, bam, bam! Gunfire rings out from above them. Bullets whiz into their midst.

Two of the troops fall. The other scatter, shooting at the air.

They'll see the Sammealin platoon somehow hanging from the rock face with one hand and shooting with the other. One takes a bullet to the chest and falls off the cliff face and to the ground.

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