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The Timeline (Enupnion Setting)

Ok, having a timeline, even just a rough one, is really practical in my mind. So here I suggest a very rough and simple one, just to have a basic idea of how the history of this world looks.

I'll be doing the times in Moon Reckoning (MR) Very Happy Where the moonpocalypse is year 0. Seemed appropriate

-3000MR First large civilisations arise around this time

0MR Moonpocalypse! One of the moons blow up, causing much chaos and destruction as the world is showered in fragments of the moon and a lot of magic fails. Some technology may even fail too, and the seas are probably heavily affected as well, perhaps causing floods and stuff.

50MR People begin to harness the power of the moon fragments

100MR The heretics are driven out, separated from the rest

110MR The heretics attempt to steal or take by force the moon fragments that the moon clerics keep

150MR The Great Moon War. Heretics and Moon Clerics fight over the moon fragments.

200MR The Great Moon War "ends", with great losses on both sides.

1500MR Present Day

Can I suggest MF (Moon's Fall), or perhaps FR (Fall Reckoning), instead of MR?

In the immediate years after the Fall, most survivors separate into distinct groups, mistrustful of the other settlements,each blaming the other countries' obiously evil technologies for the moon's destruction...

Anyway, personally, I'd like a little longer between the Fall and the present day... Give it a little longer for the myths about the destrution to form, perhaps? Maybe not.

A few extra millenia added to the date of the present day would be good.

*Goes back to plotting the creation of the icey ones of the north*

Ok. Would 2500 sound better for the present day? Or should we go even further?

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