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The Sinister Spire


Each of you has been specially selected for your talents and abilities....  You don't remember the actual discussion but you do remember the chance for glory, the chance to prove yourself, the chance to rid the world of a few more undead, the chance to find wonderous treasure that makes the payment of 500 gp (each) seem like a pittance.  The chance to retrieve a king's bones and fulfill an ancient prophecy...glory, honor, treasure, and freedom from oaths to find the bones.  

Odd that, you remember swearing that you would find seemed natural at the time, you solemnly swore to find and return them to the inn where you were last night in Kingsholm.

That meeting occurred last night....this morning you woke up, dazed and thinking about your personal reasons why you must go find the bones.  You consider your companions in the early morning light before setting off.... you met them last night, late, after accepting the assignment.  

You get to know them a little on the road as you discuss your quest.  Enough to learn personalities....

Now you're in front of a slanting hole in ground, looking around at your companions and wondering who's going in first.....will it be the irritating gnome?  Or perhaps the dwarf?  After all he's a natural in underground tunnels.  Or even the rogue....a trap just inside?

((describe yourself and whatnot and then do whatever you're going to do.  I'd prefer to keep OOC out of this thread in in the other thread.))

Background from your meeting in the inn....

A yuan-ti pureblood sorcerer named Xeron was part of an evil consortium known as the Vanguard of Sertrous.  The Vanguard sent him in search of the tomb of the forgotten king, hoping he would recover the magic items said to lie with the king's body, as well as the king's bones.  Xeron and his underlings succeeded, but their activities attracted to much attention.

A day ago, a party of adventurers confronted Xeron, defeating the sorcerer and his band.  A couple of the robbers had moved through a small hole in the floor of the tomb, carrying with them the magic items and the bones.  Where the opening leads, none now living know.  The situation would be bad enough simply because the items stolen from the tomb should not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.  However the actuality is worse.

Prophecy has it that the forgotten king might return from beyond death to aid the realm in its most desperate hour.  However, if his bones are not recovered, the prophecy might never be fulfilled.  Worse, the prediction could be perverted to evil ends.  

Your contact knew where to begin and if you delay, you'll never find bones, but you have the talent, the knowledge and the ability.

Rasphiak shrugs his pack a little higher on his shoulder and narrows his vivid green eyes as he looks around cautiously and suspiciously. He's been like that the entire way- watchful. Perhaps even paranoid...
He is, however, an excellent speaker. He's told a number of tales of his adventures on the way, though one would be hard pressed to figure out if he is telling the truth, or making it up as he goes. Certainly they're fantastic- but they're also very real.
He's avoided any mention of how he got his powers, or any of his personal convictions or feelings, but a keen observer might realize that something is very troubling to him...
El Jaspero

A short, fat gnome peers into the hole and hitches up his bright yellow pants. He scratches his nose, large even for a gnome's, then mutters something likely vulgar in Gnomish before pulling a half-smoked cigar out of his shirt pocket.

"Well?" he asks in a voice somehow both gravelly and nasal. "Which one of you fearless young souls is going to get off his duff and find out what's down there?"

He fires up his cigar and looks around impatiently.
Draken Frosthand

Damian adjusts a pair of glasses on his face with his left hand, and answers to the gnome.

I think either our dwarf friend or the elf should lead the way, we don't know what kind of creatures and traps might be down there.


He chuckles silently.

Elias studies the hole with his blue eyes. He's not really paying attention to the others at the moment, just looking at the hole. He wonders if there's a trap, but doesn't check it just yet. In fact...he figures it may be kinda funny to let one of the others go inside first, especially if there's a trap.

But he doesn't. He needed this group. To get to his money.

He looks up from the hole and studies each of his companions.

Regak glances at the elf and tugs his thick red beard thoughtfully before answering. His eyes wander from one member of the hastily-assembled party to the other as he speaks. His voice is deep, and rough, and booming, like cracking stone or a hammer-struck anvil. It perfectly suits his stocky, heavily-muscled body. He truly is the epitome of dwarfdom.

"I grew up underground. Of course, our tunnels were nicer than this. Smooth walls, decorated with a millennium's worth of carving and plated in silver... Not some ragged ditch."

He shrugs and uses an armored hand to adjust his ram-horned helmet.

"I'll lead the way."

One human, he thinks, holds himself strangely. The gnome's a ponce. The elf's got the look of a back-stabber. And the other human seems... almost trustworthy.

"What's the marching order?"
Draken Frosthand

The best order would be you (Regak), follwed by Elias, who could help you with any dangerous creatures that might cross our path, as well as searching for any traps and hidden passages, then I will follow ready to help you if needed, then our arcane friend and finally the gnome can be in the hear, protecting our backs.

As he speaks, he points towards each other and takes out his prayerbook and considers using a minor divination to find out about dangers ahead.

(Sorry, for some reason I was thinking it was "Silas")

Elias listens to them carefully, not bothering to correct the man on his name. It was probably better if they started calling him something different anyways...

Rasphiak shrugs.
It might hinder my ability to line up a good shot if I'm in the back, but hopefully the passage will widen later on.

Regak nods, once, to Damian.

"Good thinking, human. I thought the same."

He walks (back straight and posture perfect) to the entrance of the tunnel and peers inside, tugging his beard with an armored hand. His pupils dialate as his darkvision activates itself through instinct, allowing him to see just about 60 feet into the blackness. He squints and looks for any indication that the tunnel might widen later on, as well as any other information that he can gather at a glance*.

"Elf," he says, glancing at Elias out of the corner of his eye, "come here and check the entrance. I don't want this tunnel collapsing on us the moment we step inside. Traps, too. Can't be careful enough these days."

((* Need me to make a roll? He's just looking around at the tunnel, is all. Does it widen? Is it natural? He's just trying to get a general feel of it.))

Regak is a dwarf.....which explains a lot.

Lightless space gives way to Regak's darkvision, revealing a restricted, steeply sloping tunnel that is maybe 5 feet wide and 7 feet tall. Posts of green wood hold up the walls. The air is damp, stinking with rot. If the slope holds, the tunnel likely surfaces hundreds of yards to the north, though how much farther it penetrates to the south is lost to the darkness.

Rasphiak peers over Regak's shoulder, activating his warlock power See the Unseen to look into the darkness after him.
Doesn't look especially inviting, now does it?

"Dug fast," he says, "picks and magic. A rough, shoddy job; done in a month. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less." Something about the walls, and the way that the wooden posts hold them up, is familiar. He runs it through his head. "Ah. It's an exploratory shaft. A really bad one, but that's what it is. They were looking to mine nearby."

He looks back to his companions and his pupils shrink to their normal size.

"It's cramped; only about five feet wide and seven tall for as far as I could see. It slopes, too, so we'd best watch our step. It looks like it surfaces again a few hundred yards to the North, but I can't promise that it does. I couldn't see too far South."

He turns his gaze to Rasphiak and nods, dourly.

"No. Not inviting at all. Crude work. Shoddy work. They took no pride in it."

Elias steps back over to the hole and peers in, searching for traps.

Entrance trap check (1d20+10=29)

The hole is at it appears to be, no traps...

Do you all go in? With the suggested order?

Regak looks at Elias.

"Find anything, elf?"

Looks clear.
Draken Frosthand

In this case let's go, we must finish our mission as quick as possible.

Damian still waits for the elf and the dwarf to go.

The dwarf nods, brusquely, and steps inside. His pupils dilate as he walks in far enough for the others to follow him into the narrow passage. He shakes his head.

Such shoddy, shoddy work, he thinks.

As you walk down the tunnel....Regak, Elias, Damian, Rasphiak and Heggle the gnome is last.

As you descend the steep passage (about 45 degrees), you find one fissure that probably leads back to the surface, otherwise it keeps descending until the air seems to pulse ahead, bringing with it a scent like that which precedes a storm.

((everyone can make a Spellcraft or INT check))

As you come to the bottom, the roughly hewn tunnel widens into a terrace, at least 20 feet wide and long, with a ceiling rising 8 or 10 feet. The porch has no far wall, instead opening into a great, echoing hollow. This close to the cavernous rift, the air seems charged as if a great storm is imminent. The walls of the opening ascend and descend, moving closer together as they rise into darkness, forming a wider space as they go downward. Two humanoid forms lie unmoving near where the terrace drops off into the hollow.

((It's basically a ledge and you have to either go up? to the ceiling? or down to the will require a way to get down or up, no ladders here))

Spellcraft: 1d20+6=14

Rasphiak peers down at the two presumably dead bodies, wondering if there was anything good to loot off of them...
Search: 1d20+2=19
Draken Frosthand

Spellcraft: 1d20+11=23

Damian stands idly arround.

Perheps an Augur could tell us the best choice.

Int (1d20+2=1Cool

Elias starts idly searching the area, for traps and anything else of possible value.

Search (1d20+10=27)

Regak looks around, attempting to discern the origin of the strange, almost ozone-like smell that emerges from the cavern. His skin prickles like skin tends to do when the body realizes that something strange is afoot.

"What is that?" he asks. "Does anyone else feel that?"

Intelligence Check: 1d20+0=3

He knows next to nothing of magic; that skill is rare among his people and even rarer in his family line. He has a distant cousin that can turn people's hair green, but that was about it.

He shakes his head and decides to not worry about it. There were two (three? Does the gnome count?) practitioners of magic with him. If this smell, this feeling, were magical in origin... his companions would figure it out. He turns his attentions to the 'humanoid figures' near where the terrace drops off into the hollow.

I wonder what happened to to them, he thinks.
El Jaspero

((Int check: 20))

Heggle sniffs the air suspiciously. "Ugh. Which one of you didn't bathe this morning?"

Damian and Heggle know that the area is an Earth node.

Elias finds faint tracks, apparently from a medium humanoid creature wearing boots. He can follow them and finds out they lead off the edge of the terrace, as if the creature walked out into empty space.

Rasphiak searches the bodies and finds a dead halfling in violet robes and the toppled statue of a wide-eyed female goblin. Two bags lie nearby, though those bags are now empty. In his hand, the halfling yet clutches a message written in squiggly script in the Yuan-Ti language.

If anyone looks over the edge, and unless they have light, they probably cannot see the bottom.

Sophistemon, make a heal check if you want to figure out why they died.

Regak sends a look to Heggle.

"I bathe daily, gnome, whenever I can."

He thens proceeds to kneel beside the bodies and looks over them for wounds, in the case of the halfling or clues as to the origin of petrification, in the case of the gobliness.


Heal Check: 1d20+2=15

As he puts his thoughts together he glances at Rasphiak.

"Grab the bags, human, and the note. You never know when you might need cloth and paper."

The halfling was shot with several arrows, which were removed, and he was bitten in the face by a few tiny fanged creatures.

I think I'll go investigate this pit, alright?
Rasphiak activates his Spiderwalk ability (as Spider Climb) and moves to start going down slowly and cautiously, trying to see what he can find.

((He still has his 60ft darkvision, so that should help))

Elias takes 20 to search both bodies.

20+10 = 30.
Draken Frosthand

Damian walks out to Regak to look at the bodies.

You require any help?

Regak shakes his head.

"No. Look here."

He points to each of the puncture-marks on the corpse in turn, speaking as he does.

"Arrows. And then they were torn out. Also..."

His pointing finger focuses on the bite-marks that the halfling sports on his face.

"Something bit him. More than one something."
Draken Frosthand

Let me take a closer look my friend.

He does so, and his player waits for wxdruid to say what skill tests would fit the need.

As Rasphiak climbs down he can finally see the bottom, it's 150 feet down from where the rest of the party is. The hollow's smooth floor is roughly circular. The air here is alive with energy and thick with the smell of developing lightning. Small holes puncture the walls near the floor, opening into a dozen small tunnels that run off into lightlessness. Dull dust is thickly heaped around the edges, thickest near the holes.

As he stands at the bottom he can feel the power, the energy of the earth node. He realizes it's been used within the last week (and he knows if he makes a successful INT check DC 11 + spell level when casting within the node he gains a +1 bonus to his CL, if the check fails the spell acts as normal). If he rests 8 hours on the floor he can use a 2nd-level spell slot to instantly transfer themselves and willing allies to the other earth node.

Elias finds nothing else

There are no other causes of death for the halfling, the statue is just a statue and has always been a statue.

Rasphiak tilts his head and slips off of the wall to the ground to investigate the room further, deciding to do a quick scouting before heading up to inform the others. He makes sure to pay special attention to the holes in the wall.
Search Check: 1d20+2=8
While he does this, he activates his Detect Magic ability and focuses it, trying to catch a glimpse of anything other than the node.

When Rasphiak sifts through or kicks through the dust he'll find it is made up of thousands of disintegrating empty shells shed by insects (make a knowledge nature check).

When you look down the tunnels (they are 1 1/2 foot in diameter)....The walls of this constricted tunnel are oily with a layer of black grit. An offensive odor hangs in the air within it. (another knowledge nature check).

Do you just look down the tunnel? or go inside?

Rasphiak simply looks down the tunnels, not bothering to go inside yet. He'll let one of the others find traps either by searching for them or stumbling across them.
Plus, it looks like going down there alone would be a prime way to get eat by insects. While Rasphiak is all for the cycle of life and death, he'd rather not experience it personally today. As such, he starts climbing back up towards the others.

Regak looks up from the corpse.

"What did you find, human?"

He puts a hand on his knee for stability and stands up.

"Anything interesting?"
Draken Frosthand

Seeing there is nothing else to find about the corpses, Damian looks out for the warlock.

Indeed, did you see anything interesting down there?

Elias waits quietly, surveying how each of the others acts.

Rasphiak makes it back up to the others without incident. Now going up? or going down?

Rasphiak dusts himself off.
There's some kind of magical node down there. Increases casting ability, and seems like it might be able to transport us to another node like it.
But I saw some signs of insects... possibly dangerous ones- and in large numbers. There was a tunnel but I didn't go down it.
El Jaspero

Heggle puffs a noxious cloud from his cigar. "Of course it's magical here. It's an Earth node. What, don't you know anything?"

He eyes the shaft. "Dangerous insects down there eh? Guess you'd best find out what's above us then."

Rasphiak reminds himself that Heggle would die more swiftly if he was always so loud, so he can resist the urge to kill him, and just watch him die later.
He starts climbing up, just to avoid him.

Regak thinks.

Bugs? Might explain the bites... but not the arrows.

He looks up at Rasphiak.

"Human! Be on the lookout for archers!"

He shakes his head.

"And for anyone else!"

As Rasphiak climbs up, he finds it is cone shaped and the at the top there is no way out or in. The top is about 40 ft up.

Elias sits down and waits, pulling out a couple of caltrops to play with as he waits.

Rasphiak does a careful search, if only to try and keep away from Heggle...
Search Check: 1d20+2=17

There is nothing up on the ceiling other than ceiling. Everyone has found everything they are going to find on the ledge and the ceiling.
El Jaspero

Heggle looks up the shaft. "Well? Find anything?"

No I haven't. Why don't you go down there and check on that earth node and make yourself useful?
And get eaten by insects, if I'm lucky.

Rasphiak starts climbing down.
Draken Frosthand

Damian nods and mumbles something that is probably mildly offensive.

Are you two done with each other? If so, i sugest we go to that earth node and find out what is on the other side.

Indeed, he is sugesting using the teleportation of the node.

And i really find it odd that an arcane caster like you didn't notice the node just by the smell my good man.

Damian smiles mildly.

Rasphiak looks at Damian and just frowns at him as he continues back down. As usual, he doesn't reveal his thoughts on the matter- namely that he thinks they're both being a bit arrogant.

Elias gives a small grin as he continues to play with the caltrops. This group seemed interesting. Though the gnome was more annoying than the rest...
El Jaspero

((Is there anything to tie a rope to?))

Heggle looks around. "I can only assume one of you knows a spell to get us all to the bottom safely?"

Yes, there are some rock outcroppings that look sturdy enough to tie a rope to.

I'm afraid you all are on your own.
Rasphiak starts climbing down again.

Regak grumbles at the human and takes a rope from his belt. He unwinds it and attempts to tie one end to an outcropping.

((Should I make a Use Rope Check, Wxdruid?))

Yes, if you're climbing down on a rope, make a Use Rope Check, Rasphiak should have told you how far down it is.

Regak looks at his companions as he moves to climb down.

"I'll hold the rope steady when I get down there," he says, and swings over the edge and starts descending.

Use Rope Check: 1d20+10+1=17

((I took ten. I hope that that is okay.))
El Jaspero

Heggle stands at the edge and looks down at the descending Regak. "If you run out of rope, holler. I have some more." He puffs his cigar and waits for someone to either hit bottom or need rope.

Rasphiak and Regak made it down to the bottom, now for the rest of you.

Regak, as promised, holds the rope once he reaches the bottom.

A small shiver works its way up his spine as he, like all dwarves, loaths not having his feet on solid ground.

He counts the stone beneath him as a blessing.
El Jaspero

Heggle gives the rope a long look, then shakes his head. After a moment he sadly stubs out his cigar, tucks the remains into his vest pocket, and starts climbing down the rope.

Rasphiak suddenly realizes something.
Wait... someone'll need to get the rope back down to us.
He realizes that the task would best fall to him.
Damn it.
I'll go back up, I suppose.

Sighing to himself, he starts the climb back up, making sure to stay out of the way of the rope.
Draken Frosthand

Damian, complaining a bit, descends the rope after the gnome.

Times like this I wish I had studied a bit more the incantation that the arcanists use to fall slow and safely...

Damian needs a use rope check along with Heggle.

Elias climbs down.

Use Rope Check (1d20+11=13)
Draken Frosthand

Use Rope Check (1d20+0=13)

No modifiers as far as I know.
El Jaspero

Use Rope: 10

Regak climbs down without incident and holds the rope for Heggle. He also makes it down safely. Damian follows Heggle and climbs down in safety. Elias is the last one down safely. As they look around they see that hollow's smooth floor is roughly circular. The air here is alive with energy and thick with the smell of developing lightning. Small holes puncture the walls near the floor, opening into a dozen small tunnels that run off into lightlessness. Dull dust is thickly heaped around the edges, thickest near the holes.

As the two spellcasters (Heggle and Damian) stand at the bottom they can feel the power, the energy of the earth node. They realizes it's been used within the last week (and they know if they make a successful INT check DC 11 + spell level when casting within the node they will gain a +1 bonus to their CL, if the check fails the spell acts as normal). If they rest 8 hours on the floor they can use a 2nd-level spell slot to instantly transfer themselves and willing allies to the other earth node.
El Jaspero

Heggle fumbles in his pockets, muttering to himself. "Aha!" he cries, producing his cigar stub. "Now we can get to work."

He fires up his stogie and thinks a bit. "Well I suppose we'd better use this node then. Doesn't seem like much more than weird little holes down here."

((Being a 3rd-level bard, Heggle has no 2nd-level spell slots to use for transport.))

Rasphiak presumably unties the rope once Elias is down, then he climbs back down after them, again, then rolls his eyes at Heggle.

Elias looks around, and searches, taking 20 unless something stops him from being able to.

((20+10)) = 30
Draken Frosthand

Damian, on the other hand has second level spell slots.

I will need preparation to activate this. Are you willing to wait?
El Jaspero

Heggle shrugs. "I've got plenty of cigars." He eyes the walls. "But maybe we should do something about all them holes while we wait, in case there really are critters in there."

((Is there anything down here we could use to block the holes? Rocks? Glue? Bug bombs?))

As Elias sifts through the dust on the floor, he finds it is made up of thousands of disintegrating empty shells shed by insects (If anyone has Knowledge Nature, now is the time to roll). A few of the shell fragments indicate that some of the creatures were a foot or more across.

There is lots of rocks, no glue and no bug bombs. hehe

Does Anyone go into the holes as they look around?
Draken Frosthand

(That would be my call)

Damian examines the shells.

Knowledge (Nature) 1d20+11 = 22

Elias stays away from the holes and waits for the others to decide on a course of action.

Damian finds out that the shells were left by cockroaches and apparently some rather large cockroaches...
Draken Frosthand

Umm... Cockroaches?

He shrugs and turns back.

As I said before, if we intend to use this node, I will need to rest and prepare here for a night.

Rasphiak frowns, then raises a finger.
But your resources are limited. I too can transfer us, and I'll lose nothing from it.

In the middle of this discussion...

An offensive odor, musty and sickening, suddenly intensifies to a nauseating level. A vibrating thrum, as if thousands of minuscule feet are rustling on stone, comes to a crescendo as every one of the open warren holes spews a bristling swarm of black cockroaches. Roaches quickly cover the floor. Giant cockroaches, hissing and eager to feed, follow their little cousins from the warrens.

There are three types of cockroaches, the two types of large biting ones and the smaller swarm ones.

Please place where you are on the map as the cockroaches come out and roll your init.


Rasphiak is in I7.

Regak, who is standing in square G-5, raises his axe with a grunt and prepares for battle.


Initiative Roll: 1d20+5=14

((I just can't seem to roll high...))
Draken Frosthand

Damian stands in F-5.

Initiative 1d20+0=18

This does not bode well.

(On the other hand Soph, I am a lucky bastard with the rolls. Very Happy )

Elias stands in F-6, and draws his longsword.

Initiative (1d20+7=16)
El Jaspero

Heggle puffs on his cigar in H6. Well, come on you crybabies. Don't let me get eaten by a pack of bugs," he says as he draws his sword.

Init: 21

When the swarm emerges from the warrens, they cover the entire floor of the earth node with a bristling, vibrating sheen of tiny forms. There are so many that it is impossible to kill all of them. The swarm heads unerringly for you, and all of them STINK! You can see where the 3 of the big ones are beginning to come out, tunnels 4, 8 and 10.

((You can crunch your way through a square filled with a carpet of roaches without difficulty. However, the carpet increases the difficulty of Balance, Move Silently and Tumble checks by 2))

Order of Initiative

Heggle 21
Big giant cockroaches
Damian 18
Elias 16
Regak 14
Rasphiak 11

((We work it this way, everyone can post, in whatever order, make your rolls, etc and then I will organize them all into one battle post. If you feel something needs to be changed and I agree, I will retro an action. This is basically, kill the bugs...))
El Jaspero

"They're just bugs! Come on, put up a fight already!"

((Bardic music: Inspire Courage +1))

Rasphiak swiftly fires off his Eldritch Blast at one of the larger roaches (the one from tunnel Cool.

((Adding on the +1 from inspire courage...))
He then scoots to K8 and climbs 10ft up the wall.
Draken Frosthand

Damian uses his Fiery Busrt feat on the corckroach coming from tunnel 10.

(5 ft. radius burst of fire, reflex save DC 16)

Damage 3d6=12

He then moves to G-6, standing adjacent to both Regak and Heggle.

Elias swings his sword.

((Adding +1 from Jas))

Attack (1d20+6=13)
Damage (Longsword, +1 Masterwork) (1d8+2=7)

Regak grips his axe and, bellowing, makes his way to the nearest giant cockroach and, when he gets there, swings his axe towards it segmented, many-limbed midsection.

Attack and Damage Roll (factoring in the bonus from Inspire Courage): 1d20+9+1=18; 1d10+3+1+1=6

((Please. Just... just forget about me. I'll only hold you back.

*Sobs like a child*))

Heggle sings… Inspire Courage +1

One giant cockroach comes out of tunnel 8 and tries to bite Rasphiak and misses as Rasphiak dodges. Another giant cockroach comes out of tunnel 4 and moves to bite Regak and the bite skids off all that metal he’s wearing.

A unusually large cockroach comes out of tunnel 10 and tries to bite Elias and misses. One unusually large cockroach comes out of tunnel 11 and tries to bite Damian and finally one succeeds…(damage 4). The cockroach tries to trip Damian, and completely fumbles. An unusually large cockroach comes out of tunnel 3 and heads straight for Damian, bite attack…it gets a good bite (damage 7). It also tries a trip and fails. An unusually large cockroach comes out of tunnel 9 and tries to bite Heggle, (Attack 22, damage 7), it tries to trip the gnome…(make an opposing STR or DEX check.)

Damian tries to fry the unusually large cockroach that came out of tunnel 10 and it dies in a blaze of glory.

Elias swings his sword at the one that came out of tunnel 11 and his sword slides off the carapace.

Regak swings his axe at the closest one…the one from tunnel 3, he slices and the cockroach looks severely damaged.

The swarm takes over the floor, looking for anything prone…Everyone gets to make a FORT save for the stench for all cockroaches out there. (Sophistemon add in a +2 to your save)

Rasphiak hits the cockroach from tunnel 8 and it makes an AoO as Rasphiak retreats up the wall and misses him as he climbs out of reach.

Cockroaches are labeled by which tunnel they came out of.

-------End of Round 1--------

Order of Initiative

Heggle 21 (d:7)
Big giant cockroaches - 5 left
Damian 18 (d:11)
Elias 16
Regak 14
Rasphiak 11

((You mean to tell me that I actually hit the dang thing? Well, will wonders never cease.))

Regak gags as the oder of the millions of insects assaults his nasal passages and attempts to prevent it from bothering him. A bother, to be sure, but certainly not herculean.

Fortitude Save: 1d20+7+2=26

Should he manage to avoid being adversely effected by the Eau de Cancrelat he will exhale noisily and, gripping the haft of his weapon tightly in two hands, attempt to sever the massive blattodea's connection to the mortal coil. He swings at the same coackroach, the one from tunnel 3, and...

Attack Roll: 1d20+9+1=23

Should he be successful in striking the beast...

Damage Roll: 1d10+3+1+1=9

((Huh. That's still not great but at least it's getting better, right? And I might stop typing out all of the number and just integrate the link into the narrative, if that's all right with you, Gwen.))

Fort Save: 1d20+5=15

Rasphiak bites his lip, leans out from the wall and suddenly grins.
Return to dust and mold, vermin.
He shoots a blast of eldritch at the one he had damaged. (Number Cool
1d20+6=8, 3d6+2d6+1=24
And then he probably misses. Badly.
Infuriated, his eyes glow and he flings another blast at a speed that seems almost impossible, it glowing even brighter and more furiously than the one before it. (Again at number Cool
1d20+6=23, 3d6+2d6+1=27

(Two uses of Mortal Bane, one of Quick spell like ability)
Draken Frosthand

Fort save: 1d20+6=24

Damian directs his fiery burst against the cockroach that came from tunnel 11.

Damage: 3d6=7

Burn in the holy flame!

Fortitude Save (1d20+3=10)

Elias swings again.

Attack (1d20+6=7)
El Jaspero

Sorry, I've been sick the last couple days.


Dex check: 6

Fort save: 25

I'm going to assume that Heggle's tripped, unless that is one lousy roach. He'll attempt to Tumble to F7, drawing his rapier as he goes, and take a second move action to stand: Tumble 21.

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