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The Poetry Corner

Okay, well there's three reasons I'm making this and I use them as a contingency in case there is already one of these.

Firstly, I was blind temporarily and didn't see the other one! Honest!

Secondly, I'm too lazy to keep looking! Honest!

Thirdly, I want to rule the poemverse too!

And now the real reason:

I just wanted a place where people could show off their poetry, should they write any. I'm already prepared to post a bunch of my own.

My Protector

A simple A,B,A,B Rhyming scheme. This is a love poem to somebody who I was formerly in a relationship with, and may yet be in a relationship with.

My Protector


With gentle hands I stroke your face,
Each curve I memorize.
The smallest bump, with fingers trace,
Now lost within your eyes.

My fingertips, they tremble now,
Our eyes locked in a gaze.
My heart beats faster as I vow;
Iíll keep you through the haze.

I inch my lips closer to yours;
But one thing on my mind.
I want to touch forbidden shores,
And make my love defined.

Finally I kiss you now,
My fingers on your chest.
And in the end Iíll ask you how
Did you become the best?

Youíll whisper between heavy breaths,
An answer that is true;
And answered I can now take rest,
But donít want to lose you.

Your loving-touch and caring-eyes
Have drawn me to your charm.
And I know if we join our lives,
Youíll keep me safe from harm.

This is a study of love, done after losing the above-mentioned relationship.

Love is Joy


Love is joy
Blindly trusting somebody
Having them trust you
Love is blind?

Love is blind
Giving yourself to someone
Letting them have you
Love is giving?

Love is giving
Giving them the chance to go
To find their happiness
Love is letting go?

Love is letting go
Knowing that if you can
Theyíll always be yours
Love is knowing?

Love is knowing
Giving all the second chances
And never regretting them
Love is chance?

Love is chance
A risk for a big payout
Risking personal anguish
Love is risk?

Love is risk
Joy in uncertainties
Overlooking doubt
Love is joy.

This next one does not follow a rhyming scheme, just like the previous one. It is also about said relationship, and perhaps all of them will be.

Warlike, Hammer Defender


Warlike, Hammer, Defender,
My source of power,
The one person who can bring me strength,
And youíre across the country.

I want to be near you,
To hold you and kiss you,
Your breath on my skin,
And your voice in my ears.

Itís intoxicating just thinking about it,
I feel so close to the highest peak of existence,
I want you to be with me,
And I can feel you slipping away.

Why do I feel you slipping away?
Why do you seem so increasingly distant?
Why am I feeling heartbroken, yet in love?
Itís because I donít know what is to come.

Youíre outspoken,
Youíre beautiful,
Youíre enigmatic,
Youíre free.

Iím shy,
Iím cute,
Iím subtle,
Iím prisoner.

ďWe will hold one another,
Whisper sweet words,
Let our breaths mingle,
And weíll join as one.

I donít care how far away you are,
I donít care if I have to leave my friends,
I donít care if my family objects,
My life is a puzzle, and youíre the missing piece.

If it takes a year, or two,
If it takes every cent I have,
If I nearly die trying,
Iíll be with you, so help me god.Ē

Or maybe I will not,
I had already lost myself,
You were all I had to lose,
And I never had you to start.

So I sit and wait,
I think and project,
I slowly become stone,
Becoming blind to your charm.

I miss you less and less,
By the hour.
I miss you more and more,
By the day.

No comment.




Mistakes are those little things,
From which everyone learns.
Those things that cause such fragile minds,
To feel the sting and burn;
Of a mistake.

Without mistakes youíd never grow,
Or become what you wish.
And they have a sweetness too,
Like candies in a dish;
Of mistakes.

Mistakes can hurt the ones you love,
In turn theyíll hurt you too.
But those who love you will forgive,
All the pain caused by you;
By mistakes.

If realized and set to right,
Mistakes can often bring,
Happiness for those involved,
Like paper cranes on string.
Some mistakes.

Wait too long, or fail to see,
A mistakeís foul display;
And you will quickly realize,
That which led you astray.
Big mistakes.

Mistakes can be taken back,
And wrongs can be set right.
Let one linger for too long,
And your actions might,
Cause mistakes.

Those that truly care for you,
Will always let them slide.
Those that donít will hurt you back,
Out of their foolish pride.
Small mistakes.

When you realize mistakes,
Act quickly or lament.
Act with whatever it takes;
Before the wounds cement.
Permanent mistakes.

If youíre quick enough to see,
A mistake yet to dry,
Find a way to smooth the slate,
Or always live a lie;
With your mistake.

Casual friends come and go,
True ones stay through strife.
Friends and lovers differ here,
As true love lasts through life.
Confused mistakes.

Hurt can bring about mistakes,
And youíll act on instinct.
Always remember those who say,
Your lives are ever linked.
Rash mistakes.

Look over your life and find,
Every mistake youíve made.
Through them your friends have been thinned out,
The ones who love you stayed;
Through mistakes.

Mistakes are life, and theyíll follow everything. Some actions will be mistakes, others will not.

This next one is about how I'm chasing after somebody... and perhaps I shouldn't be. It's about confusion, but it again has a peculiar scheme to begin with, and then goes more traditional. It's weird, enjoy.

Full Circle


The past has passed,
The present is presenting itself,
The future is far beyond sight,
Looking uncertainly at my path.

Should I tread towards,
The paths we walk converging,
The steps we take synching,
The trials of life weíre taking?

There is strength in numbers,
There is emotion in my heart,
There is no way to deny it,
I want to do this.

To walk together,
There is no doubt in me,
There arenít any two ways
There isnít room to talk.

This isnít like me,
This action Iím taking,
This choice made for me,
By something I canít control.

My steady heartbeat racing.
This is what I want.
This long-abandoned road.
This short-forgotten feeling.

And I remember now,
And I can see it now,
And I feel it stronger now,
That feeling I had.

That sense of belonging,
And it is with me now,
And it is fiercer now,
And it is purer now.

Losing my grip,
Losing my mind,
Losing control,
Finding myself.

Binding that sense,
Losing that hold,
Losing this block,
Losing the sanity.


The choice is made clearer.
Every day, more and more.
I feel so much nearer.
Every wave upon the shore.

I know where I want to be.
Where I want to rest my head.
Now I can so clearly see.
I glimpse the things left unsaid.

The things taken for known,
The things that neednít be said.
Sometimes these things arenít shown,
And through this tears are shed.

I know where I want to be.
Beside one I hold dear.
To comfort those close to me.
Quelling even the unseen fear.

My arms held tight around.
Drawing them even nearer.
I hold back every sound.
And Ďere the choice is clearer.


In the symphony of silence,
The ineffable noise of quiet,
The heartbreaking sound of nothing,
The soul-rending scream of the deaf.

The made-whole whine of bliss,
The heart-warming crash of joy,
The accolades of the wordless,
In the cacophony of love.

Te Amo~
Tu amore~
I loveÖ

I can't say it yet, or it'd be meaningless... so I'll wait.


Critically Failed.


Critically Failed

Since Iíve met you, there have been a few times,
Where youíve gotten through my mental layers,
Like the pages of a Playerís.
Iíve forgiven all your crimes,
As youíve forgiven my transgressions,
Every time I caused you pain,
Is like the downpourish rain.
And itís like several failed sessions

One to twenty, one to twelve, oh to nine,
One to eight, one to six, one to four.
Never again will I be your,
And never will you be mine,
Only effect that weíll always critically fail,
Our saves against: Will, Reflex, and Fort,
Like the aging docks at port.
May one day prove too frail.

Skill checks to avoid things that,
Can give heavy stress and pain
Nevermore again.
Staring always at,
The lost loves and forgotten mates,
For the sake of those who care,
Will no longer dare,
Unworthy to the fates.

The voice of gods speak down and
With malice or factuality
That the reality
Is in your hand.
Critically fail to resist love
No second chances
The feeling enhances
Away weíve been shoved.


Penguins Steal My Sanity


Uncle Joe, sits down and smokes his pipe.
His wife standing beside him, longs to gripe.
Their son, my cousin, proclaims with a scream,
The only Emperor is the Emperor of ice cream
His sister, primps in the mirror, curse her vanity.
One by One the Penguins steal My sanity.

the wall of stone is still standing tall
nothing can topple it, nothing at all
alas for the man who doesn't know it exists.
he crashes into it, when its hidden by mists.
Still the wall stands, mocking my humanity
One by One the Penguins steal My sanity.

In the world of sea, with the murderous whale
the absent-minded child, almost showing his tail.
the humans in the arena, drenched and cold
a giant mass of plastic and rope, not for the old.
floating at the top, a lone manatee.
One by One the Penguins steal My sanity

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