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The Old Town Reunion Party!

I was suddenly struck by mild melancholia when I remembered all the old people and the good times we had in Town long ago. Perhaps because Town seems so quiet and all lately. But then I had a brilliant idea... at least, I think it's a brilliant idea. Lets hold a big party, but not just any party... a reunion party, where we get all the old people and their old characters back in Town for a time.

So here's my idea...

First we set a date. I would have loved to arrange this for the anniversary of Town, but that was a little less than two months ago and it needs to be soon, but not too soon (we need time for the next part of the plan). So instead I'll be blatantly egoistic and offer July 17, MY anniversary in Town, as the date Razz It's a good date, because there is about a month until then so it gives us time, and it's in the middle of the summer vacation so there is a good chance people may have some spare time around that date.

Second - and this is the most important part, because the whole idea depends on this working - we go out and round up all the old people, both the ones who are still active or semi-active and the ones who have not been seen in ages. People like Sneak, Trog, El Jaspero, Alarra, Mortia and all the others. We do this in a simple fashion: If you know some of these oldies, or atleast know how to contact them, do so. Point them to this tread, and tell them to contact all the oldies they know. In that way we create a chain, which will hopefully manage to get to everyone. Below I've tried to make a list of those I would like to see return for this party. I may have missed some, so if you can think of someone, please don't hesitate to tell me and I'll add them to the list. We'll make a list of those who can (or hope they can) come to the party, so we know roughly how well the plan is going. So please also state if you'll be joining the party.

Then, on July 17 the party begins, and it'll last as many days, weeks or years as we care to keep it running. There is no set limit, but I would hope for atleast a week, to allow as many as possible to participate at least for a few hours. The party will be held in a very special place. Not just any tavern, but the very first tavern there was: Sneaks Milk Bar. Maybe the old Arena can see some action too, while we're at it. Perhaps we could hold a great reenactment of the fight which started Town, between Lykan and Mortia with Indurain and everyone there. I think that'd be awesome Smile

There is one final twist to the party. Aside from bringing all these old people back for one last bad-ass party old-Town style, we will all (old and new players alike) arrive at the party with our very first character, the first character we ever introduced to Town, the way they were back then. Continuity, Plot and History are all rewinded three years or so for this party. Or alternatively, if your first character doesn't seem appropriate for this, then your most famous or well-known character from back then or something. Whatever seems to fit the idea of the party best.

Anyway, let me hear what everyone thinks of this.

List of potentials (no particular order): The list was composed partly from my memory, from a quick glance through the list of members here on Enup and from a glance through my archive of old GitP Town posts, so I may have missed some and I know some of the people on this list are still active or semi-active here, but I've simply included everyone I remember (or think I remember) from back in old Town. If you see yourself on the list, just post and we'll know you've been here and know the plan. If you know how to get in touch with any of these people, please contact them, point them to this thread and tell them to contact everyone they know in the same way. May be a good idea to also post here about who you contact, so they don't get drowned in invitations Smile


El Jaspero
Mortia De Luna Draco
Death, your friend the Reaper
Atreyu, the Masked Llama
The Librarian
Destro Yersul
Murky Pool (the Red Thing)
Moon Called
Thes Hunter


I guess noone liked that idea Crying or Very sad

But it's still my 3 year anniversary here in Town today, so I'll try to make the best of it. Imagine... three years. It feels like more, with all the great moments I remember. Although, now that I think about them, I don't remember all of them as well as I'd like. Ah well. I'm still around, even if it's been mighty quiet lately.

Sorry Deadly =P. Haoppy anniversary =D

Thanks, good to see you around too, Exy Smile
Orange Zergling

Aw man, I never saw this until now...

I wish I could go back to the old days of Town but not be such a noob. I learned a ton since then and if I put my mind to it I might be half-decent roleplayer now but the interest just isn't there for me anymore... Sad

Happy anniversary though. Razz

Heh, thanks. And it's not too late for this idea... we could just set a new date. But I'd need to know that there's support for it, otherwise it's never going to work.

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