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The Hamlet

A few people that I've spoken to like this idea because it means everyone would be within the same general level of power. There may be one stronger than another, but there would always be some chance to overcome.

More or less.

The idea is pretty simple. Characters are limited between roughly level four and eight for those of you familiar with d20 mechanics. Weaker would be fine, but above eight for a PC is pretty much no. There's a reason for this.

My reason is pretty simple. One of the biggest problems I have with the Town proper isn't the inanely powerful characters. It's the fact that death means nothing. It's about as much of an inconvenience as getting your nose bloodied at the bar.

Anyway. This would make things a little bit more down to earth. A little closer to mortal realms rather than the opulent halls of Mount Olympus.

Deadly and I were also hoping to make the setting a little bit more defined than Town's. TO that end we were wondering what you, the prospective players, would like to see?

Hey I have an idea for an orginization, sort of, that fits into hamlet power level, I sort of thought them up with the Hamlet in mind. The only thing that worries me is lack of players. That seems to be the thing that kills subfourms here. If no one else is playing in it it isn't fun.

Well, I'm most certainly going to play in the Hamlet if it's being reborn.

As for rules, I'd really like to see supernatural transparency in place here. I don't think it'll be much of a problem at this low level, but better to have it from the beginning and remove it later, than have to add it at some point in the future.

And theme/atmosphere.... I'm somehow tempted to make it a Western setting. My former Hamlet characters, Schnick and Stick would fit perfectly as outlaws in such a place.

I might play in the hamlet...assuming I can make a decent character.

And I like that idea of a western setting, a little western town sorta seems right for it, in my opinion.

So a dusty little hamlet out in the middle of nowhere?

I get pictures of a town springing up around one of the few rivers running through an arid area, surrounded by scrub lands. Little tumble weeds and the odd rock outcrop sticking out of the ground. All this would beg the question of why there's a hamlet in the middle of nowhere.

Other ideas: Quaint port city. Preferably with some kind of Lovecraftian horror slumbering under it to provide the players with ample aberration offspring to kick around when they feel like it.

As said before, I don't want it becoming a 'let's avoid certain characters' subforum.

NecroPaladin wrote:
As said before, I don't want it becoming a 'let's avoid certain characters' subforum.

That's not my intention, atleast. I just want an option for those who enjoy low-level play, that's what the Hamlet was originally meant to be.

That wasn't the idea I had in mind. I didn't think this would be a good idea because there wouldn't be any Maph'teys or Aesas or Sunns. I thought it would be a good idea because it would allow for RPing opportunities that aren't really as much of an option in the Town proper.

That said, start brainstorming ideas!

I think there should be a sizable kobold force near the hamlet...that would always make for somewhat decent plot opportunities...
Conniving little lizards....

I love kobolds, I should make a Kobold PC sometime.

Anyways my orginization is something like a combination of a MASH unit, a hippie comune, temple, farm, and homeless shelter.

Hippymancers would have to use 'herbs' as material components for their spells. I think we all know how such herbs would be utilized.


And yes, it's true. Kobolds are amusing. This would imply that there are some mountains nearby with reasonable mining opportunities. That would certainly give the Hamlet a reason to exist.

A mining boom town.

I like that idea. It would also, by some coincidence, directly create strife between kobolds and Hamlet if the two decided to mine in similar areas.
This also gives dwarves an excuse to be around...
Yay [language=crappygoblincommon]dwarfeses![/language]
*has been reading too much R.A. Salvatore lately*

Will Hamlet be located on an Earth-like world in terms of geography?

I don't see why that would be needed.

Though I think it might be nice to describe the surrounding geography of the Hamlet. You know, that way we'll know what directions things are in. And what sorts of other things would be in the area.

I would imagine that the metals that are mined by the Hamlet would be floated down the River. Probably to the City that would exchange said metals for goods.

That's one idea anyway.

Sounds reasonable to me. Perhaps dwarves have a smithing business nearby as well.



We have several people showing interest thus far.

We need more.

The Chilli God

Hoo-kay, *Puts hand up*
I have one PC who's done nothing for a few months and probably would be able to do more in a place more suited to his size (assuming that he gets smacked around by a vampire, first).

By the way, when you mentioned kobolds, the first thing that popped into my head was Pun-pun, probably the mechanical comparative to Gent.

And yes, Pun Pun would also be low enough level to work in the Hamlet. But quite clearly that build would be abusing the intent of the sub forum.


All the support we can get would be nice.

I've been told we need ten forumers to vote their interest before we get the sub forum >.>

I vote I will do it.

Well, as my posts have already suggested, you have my support.
Destro Yersul

Following in the footsteps of using Destro for everything, except modern town, I'd probably play a younger version of Destro. Not Necromancy, not a lich, just a standard issue necromancer/wizard of around level 7, in D&D terms.

What say you?

I'd definitely be in for Hamlet.

I've got a few character ideas which would work better here than Town...<.<

Gets my vote.

Now to create some low level drow to plague you all...Twisted Evil
Shadow of the Sun

Well...westerns ARE my favourite genre of movies...I'll join when it starts, but whether I'll stick with it is less predictable.

I definitely will use the Hamlet. I find that I am less proficient at making (as well as dealing with) very powerful characters that are oh so common in Town. Even in Town I have tried to make death more serious for many of my characters - Baeleck is a prime example regarding the fact that when his parent's died, neither of them could be physically resurrected. He clings to life.

You can most certainly count me in.

I'll vote yes as well, obviously. I think that brings us up to 8 so far (Actually 11 if you count all who've expressed interrest).

And before we rush off to create the forum, having defined the rules and the setting would be nice.

I really like the idea of a port city with some abberational horror lurking. Aboleths come to mind, in fact. I also like the idea of mountains, so perhaps it could be mixed. Lots of rivers, maybe a lake, and then the deep mountains with underground seas where horrible things can lurk. Kobolds could worship this lurking horror, perhaps.

Here's what I wrote up recently as an OOC thread for the Hamlet, including the rules. Are these rules acceptable or should they be changed?


Welcome to The Hamlet

The Hamlet is a low-level setting for freeform roleplaying. It is a place to roleplay and have fun for those who want a setting without gods, god-like beings, spells of uber power or weapons of universal destruction everywhere. It is meant to be light-hearted, fun and full of adventure, and aside from the normal rules and the restrictions detailed below, you are free to play as you wish.

The Rules
These are the special rules applying to The Hamlet, in addition to the normal forum rules

Power level 1 to 2 only
No regular character can be of a power level above 2. In D&D terms that means no character above level 8. Power level 3 (up to level 12) is reserved for very special cases, like the main villain or as part of a longer plot/adventure to find some mysterious hermit who can return your friend to life. It is expected that you ask before creating a character of power level 3, so that everyone can have a chance to discuss it first.

You don't need D&D stats for your character, just keep the power level in mind. Any mention of D&D levels anywhere is simply to provide a guideline.

Limited complete immunities
Being immune to fire because you play a fire elemental is ok, but complete immunity should be limited or completely avoided as much as is reasonable. Ask yourself if it's really necessary, and if it improves fun or not.

Complete supernatural transparency
Magic, psionics, incarnum, seid, abracadabra... it's all supernatural powers that manipulate the universe in some way, methods may vary but the effect is the same, and as such they all affect each other.

Limited wealth and resources
It is expected that we all have limited gold, items and other resources. There are no hard limits, but noone has unlimited wealth.

Death, Immortality and Resurrections
No immortality. If you're killed, you die and stay dead unless raised by magic or other means. Outsiders and such do not return on their own after a time. To be returned from the dead will require some form of plot to find someone who is of sufficient power to do so. This is normally restricted to the spell Raise Dead and other spells of similar power.

Have fun
This is the most important rule.

If you wish to discuss anything related to The Hamlet, post it here. This also includes if you wish to bring in a character of power level 3, or if you're in doubt about the rules.


I'd do the Hamlet again. Maybe create a new character, seeing as the old one was uninteresting. Hmm. *Plots*

Also, the rules look fine to me.

So, another vote for Hamlet.
Obsidian Blade

The Hamlet sounds like an awesome idea to me. You have my vote, no matter the setting.

I know I had a character in the Hamlet....I just don't remember who it was.

EDIT: after looking through with the help from Deadly....never had Hamlet character. I'd only said that Jess was my best that time.

I like the idea of this - if we were to completely get rid of the Town to do it, I'd say no, but since it will be going alongside of the Town I will gladly make a character or twelve for it.


I know Deadly and I are happy to see all the support.

Which means we still have some hammering out of the setting.

Thus far, this is the general idea that I'm getting. There's the mining boom town. A small inland patch of civilization in the middle of otherwise inhospitable surroundings. The reason for its existence? There's gold in them thar hills. As has been suggested, there could be trouble with kobolds in the mines.

Everyone keep a close eye on your babies. Because everyone knows kobolds just love babies.

The mineral wealth from the mines is floated down the River on a barge to the Seaside Town. Or it's carried overland via cart. Here stuff is exchanged for goods and brought back to the Hamlet. Look out for the creepy fish people though.

Sounds good? Any other thoughts?

What era in technology and general knowledge of the universe do we want to be at?

*looks up from 20 new character ideas.* huh? sure.

That's up in the air, really.

I can see either a standard d20 high fantasy time frame working. Though a mid-1800s level of technology may very well be entertaining. I don't want to nail down anything specific, not yet anyway.

I want to know what the players want out of this.

Anything works for me. You know I'll have at least one character with technology, and likely one with guns. It's all about bringing guns to a knife fight...

Personally, I'd like to see something a little different from Town. The whole 1800's thing sounds interesting, and it would certainly fit with the whole mining town idea better than the traditional fantasy setting.

I personally prefer standard high fantasy, with low tech. But that's just me

Should we have a basic map of the area?

I'm still fine with a fantasy setting. I'd like a map though.

*Looks expectantly at deadly*

Yeah. It's very difficult to do high-tech with D&D fantasy. You have to create ways that people use magic to enhance technology, plus it's just difficult to have guns AND magic.

I'd prefer fantasy as well.

As for maps, it'd be a bit difficult to keep it up to date if you did the actual hamlet, what with new threads being made all the time. A map of the surrounding area would be nice though.

Baeleck wrote:
*Looks expectantly at deadly*

*In high pitched voice* Me? I'm no artist

I'm thinking a map a bit like this, as in just the surrounding area with only the most important marks on it, like the Hamlet itself.

Deadly wrote:
Baeleck wrote:
*Looks expectantly at deadly*

*In high pitched voice* Me? I'm no artist

I'm thinking a map a bit like this, as in just the surrounding area with only the most important marks on it, like the Hamlet itself.

I know, but you're good at making up maps, such as the one of Arya. Simple, but good, IMO.

Something like the map there would be good though, yes.

Aww, thanks Very Happy But I suck at mountains, and it sounds like we'll be needing a lot of those

True, mountains would make sense with the whole mining thing. What is the climate going to be, though? Cold, temperate, warm, or what?

I think relatively warm and arid fits the atmosphere best. Not quite a desert, but perhaps close. There might even be an actual desert not too far from the Hamlet, perhaps on the other side of the mountains.

Sounds like fantasy is the way to go then.

Considering the fact that this is a low level, and thus a fairly low magic setting having slightly more focus on technology would make sense. Remember that the Greeks figured out steam power over two thousand years ago, they just didn't know what to do with it.

Magic wouldn't be incorporated into technology because quite simply magic isn't very advanced due to the fact that only a few people have experience with anything at spell level six or above.

Maybe not highly advanced engine systems, like trains, but some level of simple technology.

I'm ok with a simple level of technology, especially for mining and other practical purposes, less for weapons. Dwarves in particular seem like good candidates for inventing machines for mining and such

I think dwarves would be good in the Hamlet - we don't get many of them in the Town. A lack of the more noble races (thinking specifically of elves) might fit better with the scenario. I'm not saying to completely exclude them necessarily, but a dwarven/human society strikes me as a good base for the Hamlet.

I would have thought a simple steam train sorta thing might work...maybe a very early version or something...

Something that breaks down loads maybe. Or works on magic as well as steam. I would have thought dwarves could make something like that.

Ah well, I went ahead and made a very rough map of how I think the basic surroundings might look. It's not very good, but perhaps it can be used as a start

I placed the Hamlet at a lake, near mountains, because I like the idea of something horrible and abominable hiding in the deep, underground seas, coming out at night to take away foolish people out on the sea, or couples snuggling on the beach.

The mountains to the east could be infested with kobolds and stuff, making it hard for the humans and dwarves to properly mine it's riches.

Even further east, or perhaps to the north, could be a desert, and to the south could be some forests or so, but I've left that out and kept the close surroundings rather arid and empty.
The Chilli God

Did I vote yet?
Now I did.

I don't like planning, though, so I'll sit back and let the rest of you come up with something.
Btw, nice map, Deadly. Very Happy

I don't think a forest would really fit in... if anything, I think something like this, a sparse, semi-wooded, semi-arid habitat would fit better.

That's how I see it too, but that doesn't mean the entire world is without woods, they're just not close to the Hamlet. That's all I meant.

Oh right ,we're thinking outside the box here. I gotcha Wink

You can think OUTSIDE the box??....must learn this one.

Now all we have to do is bother Vael until he makes the sub-forum.

*waits and stuff*

Anyone up to the task of writing our decisions down nicely and orderly so we can post it in the new forum for all to see?
The Chilli God


-Mining Boom town, the result of ores in the nearby mountains. Western-style culture.
-Sizeable Kobold force near the hamlet, nestling in the eastern mountains. The Hamlet and the Kobolds are in competition for mining spots.
-Dwarves are present, with smithing profession.
-Ore is traded to Town from Hamlet, floated down on a barge which comes back with finished goods from Town.
-Fish-people in the nearby lake. Lock the doors at night, people.
-High fantasy.
-Basic technology, simple steam-powered machinations that can be used to transport ores to and from Hamlet.
-Deserts to the north, sparse woods far to the south.
-Add in Deadly's Rules

Yep? All that's needed is to fluff it up like a pillow.

Aah, I can't decide if I want my guy to take up the position of Local Adventurer's Merchant or Deputy Sheriff...

Ok, here's what I wrote up quickly. Unless others have things to add or change, I'll just post this along with the rules once the forum is up

The Hamlet and the World
The Hamlet is actually more of a village or small town in size, located at the shore of a small lake and river, and surrounded by mountains and arid steppes. It's a recent settlement on the harsh frontiers of the world, but is quickly growing as a result of the rich mining opportunities and great wealth of the surrounding mountains.

There's a sizable desert region to the north of the Hamlet, and more fertile and civilized lands to the south, but that's all many days of travel away.

Others than just humans have seen the possibilities of these mountains, however. Both dwarves and a large number of kobolds war for the chance to mine it's riches. The dwarves of the mountains work with the humans, sending ore and gems down the rivers to the Hamlet and other nearby settlements.

Rumors of even worse things hiding in, or even under, the mountains persist. The full truth of this matter is not known.

The world of the Hamlet is one of high fantasy and magic, with a basic technology centered around the mining industry and other hard tasks that machinery can handle well.

The next question is this.

What sort of things would one expect to find in such a village?

Obviously there would be plenty of miners. The odd character off seeking adventure. Those who care for the mining equipment. The mercantile with outrageous prices where in most people will gain their supplies.

A saloon, of course. Complete with a piano, card players, and the finest company money can buy. The majority of children someone may find in the Hamlet proper would probably be aptly dubbed brothel sprouts.

This doesn't preclude ranchers living nearby, as well as the homesteads that such things imply. The best land, of course, would be near the river and lake. Just watch out for those horrors from the deep places of the world.
The Chilli God

Dammit, Deadly simu'd me by about half an hour, but this is what I managed to write up.

It has very little agricultural potential, except for the lands far to the south that force farmers to make long treks to deliver what produce that they can coax out of the earth. It is far-removed from any of the main routes of travel. The landscape is harsh and arid and the steep mountains that encircle it are imposing, with monsters lurking behind or underneath any shadow in the environment.
Why, then, is there a prosperous village right next to the lake and its steadily-flowing river that both sparkle in the light of the unforgiving sun?

The answer is easier to figure out once one observes the sun-baked mountains more closely. They'll find several carts resting on rail tracks. Most of them are empty, and all of them are worn and gritty from months or years spent inside the extensive cave network in the mountains that has been carved out by the populace since the Hamlet's founding. Some few of them, however, are laden with valuable ores. Gold is most often spotted, though other deposits have been found inside the towering peaks of earth, such as copper or iron.

Such ores are transported every evening by a rickety old steam engine that barely looks as though it can even hold itself together, much less pull a half-dozen or so carts back to the settlement to be settled onto an equally-rickety barge. During nighttime, the engine undergoes tiring maintenance, and in the morning, it is sent back up to the mines to await the next load.

It is this day-by-day activity that has allowed the Hamlet (a misnomer of a name, given that it is slightly bigger than any real hamlet would claim) to prosper. Since it is far out of the way, it is often not given its due attention by the wealthy and the powerful that lounge in their extensive luxuries back in Town.
However, many dangers plague this settlement which would be considered haven only by a few. Cunning and wicked kobolds that dwell in the mountains across the east have had their greedy sights set on the Hamlet for a very long time. They crave the gold to be made from those mountains, much better than what they can produce from the underground caverns of their own territory.
The surrounding lake and land cannot be called much better. Vicious fishmen raid any ships that dwell too close to their sights, and unnamed terrors lurk deeper in the wastelands and steppes, so it is rumored among the populace, waiting for the right time to strike.

The people take this constant danger all very stoically. Humans and dwarves both have banded together to fight for access into their mines, and they share a renowned sense of community spirit. Each looks out for his or her other, since their enemies are many and powerful, making it utterly foolish for anyone to strike out on their own. While dwarves bring their ingenuity to the culture of the Hamlet, humans have brought in an excess of their common magical potential, using minor spells for many minor chores on a regular basis, and to protect their homes and friends from any strife.

Welcome to the Hamlet.

Ha, I knew I could make a 500 word essay on that.

Heh, yours is much better, Chili God. I'll use your excellent essay instead Smile

And Rebonack, I don't think we want to detail it all too much now, we should probably just work out the details as we play. We have a basic idea that seems to work, part of the fun is probably to play out the details. But otherwise what you summed up sounds ok to me.


It looks like everyone has about the same idea.

Now we just have to keep poking Vael until he makes the sub-forum.

Soph and I are thinking that we have one too many subforums as it is, and we'd LIKE to just combine all the 'mini towns' into one forum.

And I say that's a bad idea. It'll just create a mess and cause confusion. One more subforum doesn't really make much of a difference, and I don't think many more are likely to be suggested anytime soon.

I actually don't think we have that many subforums as it is. I honestly can't see a problem.
The Chilli God

I think he means to keep Modern, Meta, and Hamlet as individual boards but shove them into one subforum to tidy up the front page.
Like Alpha, Beta & Gamma on the Pbp's over at GiantitP.

At least, I hope that's what you meant. Shocked

Well, that seems like it would be somewhat... confusing. Especially since the Modern Town does have a fair bit of activity.

I suppose we could just add [Modern] or [Hamlet] tags to everything buuuuut.

I don't want to speak for everyone here. Considering that most of the people who post at the Modern Town have been displaying interest here I suppose we can just see what they have to say.

We could do the mini subforums like Chili suggests.

That would be ok. I just don't want to combine all of them in one forum, that's IMO quite simply a bad idea.

Sounds good to me.
The Herald

I have a question. Do Town and the Hamlet coexist in the same world? The reason I'm asking is because I might want to have a character who starts off in the Hamlet and, after gaining some power and expertise there (i.e., reaching the power cap), moves on to Town.

Well, as I see it they are separate, but I don't think that'd stop you from having your character disappear mysteriously at some point, and reappear in Town under unexplainable circumstances. That'd probably not cause any harm. But if they coexist it sort of invalidates the idea of low level, because in theory people from Town could just go to Hamlet, or their actions could affect Hamlet, like one of the various world-shattering Limos-style plots. I personally think we want to avoid that by keeping them entirely separate.

Deadly pretty much hit the nail on the head.

If the super powers from Town could come here, or if Iames blew up the sun, or whatever, then it would really rain on the poor Hamlet's parade.
The Herald


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