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The Graveyard of Failed Characters

Just a general issue I've had with the town essentially since it began. I create about 1-2 characters each month, in hopes that I can get them latched into some other storyline, or at least get some other players involved in that character's plot. It's bugging the crap out of me that they either fade into nonexistance, or fall into groups that I'm already part of. So... I dunno what I wish to accomplish here by stating this, but it's something I really need to get out of my head.

So... Uh... Assuming that this thread doesn't flop right away, any thoughts on the matter? Confused

I just fling characters like that back into Town at random. I don't always need storylines for my characters, though it does help.
Shadow of the Sun

I'll be more conscious to accept your characters now...

*points at his soon to be starting evil organization, the Cabal of Grammaton*

I sometimes have this problem as well, of keeping Characters involved. Gwen is my longest running character (and my first), she's still around because she has several jobs in Town.

Other characters have just faded away.....

I consider pretty much all my characters to be failures in one way or another...

I never seem to be able to play them like they're supposed to be played, and they always end up somewhere strange where I'd never have imagined them.

I also find it rather hard to get characters involved in new groups. Some of it is because I'm just bad at involving my characters unless something big happens to drag them along with force. But I think it's also because there's a general tendency to not pay as much attention to the characters of others, especially new ones, as to your own characters and their plot(s).

It can be a real pain in a certain place to get others to care about your character and interact with it in a way that says "I'm interrested! I want to know more! I'll scream like a little girl if you don't tell me more right now!" It's like telling a great tale, and the audience only wants a summary, if that much, so they can get on with something else. There's very little enthusiasm at times, or so it seems.

*Looks through long rant....* I'd better cut here, to avoid ranting wildly on.

Its a problem that will only get worse the more in happens and it ingrains itself in people's thought processes. All of this is just my speculation, but I think its a good theory.

People are reluctant to pay attention to newer characters for a couple of reasons

1) Newer characters are a bit harder to interact with. The RP'er doesn't know anything about the new character so most can't just randomly strike up a conversation.
2) They are harder to DM for. DMing for Town can be prettty hard, you really never know who will show up, so you don't know how to prepare for it. This is especially true for new characters. What can they do? Do they have special abilities?

3) Maybe its just me, but its hard to remember all these new PC's that show up. Especially since so many of them are winged females, its a struggle to keep them all straight. Walking into Trog's, my thinking is usually "Okay, Kyrian is playing some new person I don't know. I've heard the name of this character of Vael's, and I think I know who Rebonack is playing, but I'm not sure. Ooooh, its Greeny. I'm familiar with him, so I'll go talk to him." Its a level of familiarity and comfort for the RP'er.

4) Its a self inflicting problem. If new character A appears and no one interacts with him much, then new character A disappears and new character B appears. If no one interacts with new character B and he disappears, then when new character C show up, people are thinking "Well, he's just going to disappear in 2 weeks when his player gets tired of him."

I think in Enupnion this problem will be lessened once some of the habits of old Town die away.

I have the exact same problem. My solution: Perseverance. I continue to post as my characters even when they have nothing going on.

Its really hard to do sometimes.

But, I now have all of my characters involved in interesting things except for one.

I try my best to do what Geomancer does - even if it means a change in my character, it's all for the fun of it.

A couple of my characters have just simply stopped existing...

Geomancer wrote:
I have the exact same problem. My solution: Perseverance. I continue to post as my characters even when they have nothing going on.

Its really hard to do sometimes.

But, I now have all of my characters involved in interesting things except for one.

This sums me up exactly. For the longest time Morbius didn't do ANYTHING.

Speaking of which, when you get back you need to breathe new life into Morbid Towers.

I am back. Kinda sorta. Not sure when I can post. Since Morbius has kind of seperated from it, and really doesn't want to be around lunatics anymore, I'm thinking of putting a robot Morbius in charge.

Orange Zergling

I have the opposite problem. Plots in need of participants.

I'm thinking I made the Zerg invasion a bit too powerful, either that or there have been way too many destroy the world plots lately, or both. Anyway, it's kind of boring to just go around killing random NPCs with no resistance. And if there is resistance, the people can't fight for over a couple rounds. I suppose this is partly my fault, choosing the Zerg instead of some other invading force, because they're so numerous and powerful in a fantasy setting.
Plus the Cerebrate thing was kind of a flop, only one is really playing their position at all right now.

So if you want to participate... by all means do so.

I might have participated in the resistance, but I've honestly not been able to figure out what goes on, where it goes on and who are involved where and how. Much of it probably has to do with me not being very active here when it began. Oh well Sad
Orange Zergling

You'll actually find there's really no politics going on at all, Zerg dont really negotiate with outsiders. Sometimes not even with eachother. I mean, sometimes a Cerebrate holds a grudge against a particular person or place and continually sends stuff there, but that's about it.
So really, all you need to do is start defending and/or attacking. There may be some form of 'parlay' later on, though, if circumstances permit.

Hey, I'd like to think I've provided a lot of resistance for the zerglings, and KNAVES has suffered from a huge attack. There is resistance, I'd say it's just going to take a while before more people start fighting back. Unfortunately, as always, people have their own plots to run as well.
Orange Zergling

Yes, that's a good thing, I'm happy someone is doing something. Also, big conflict in the Streets last night... that's good too... That does seem to be the case with waiting and individual plots though.

I do also have a backup to end the plot in case people dont find out and replicate what is needed to permanently evict the Zerg from the planet, but I'd rather not resort to that.
Destro Yersul

Destro, as always, is going to defend his beloved town down to the last breath. And as a lich, that'll take a good long time.

Heck, his house could probably withstand a siege for a good amount of time.

Along the lines of zerg eviction though, he won't be much help. Not a psion, you see, and I seem to remember those being required. That or the death of cerebrates via Dark Templar.

Hm...I've been trying to think of a solution to that. Unfortunately that has shown up as a distinct lack of activity from Kveldr, but rest assured, he is not finished with his attacks.

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